Saturday, August 31, 2002

Spent most of the day talking with Selanni and Reena.

Near the end of work a lady phoned. She was on the train already. I checked her ticket. It was day trip. For August 17th (don't ask me how she got past the extremely vigilante check in staff). And there was no dog put on the ticket despite the fact one would be travelling back. And thus she wasn't actually booked on a train on the way back. Which is a problem as there is no availability on the way back till 01:45 on Monday!! And her ticket will have expired by then, and she will be stuck in France until Monday. And she will have to pay £197.50 to get home. :o( I told her to get off the train!! But too late the connection was broken as she disappeared into the tunnel.

Marie Anne, myself and my supervisor wished you all the best Ms Sceeg. Poor you.

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