Sunday, August 11, 2002

Oh John how naive you are... this blog is for me to tell people all the things they don't wanna hear!! :o)

Thanks to Pete and the rest of my Hardc0re Readers for reveiwing my blog so nicely..... cheers me dears....

So I went to the Leas Club last night it was Seans birthday. It was "pleasant" accept for being told off by Sophie for some contravention of group political lines I was previously unaware of. Not that I am actually going to stop breaking group rules, as they are just silly.

Ben didn't go to Brighton yesterday his boyfriend let him down. Ben described sexy, gay Toby as the new Most Boring Man In The World..... and voted me scariest...... just because I am really tall and am rather wierd, he considers me scary.... oh well he said it adds character.... hhhhmmmm....

Working a 50 hour week this week... woo and a hoo..... you can tell I am really excited *waves arms in air sarcastically*

Big hugs to everyone who reads this today... I love you my Sunday readers... you rawk (as there are like two people who visit here on a Sunday!!)

Right I am off to cook myself a great big Lasagna because I.... can.....

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