Monday, August 05, 2002

Not much to report. It is Tony's 34th birthday and Millie's 8th. Bored at work. Day off tommorrow. Hi to everyone who commented!!

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.31

1. Ever considered just deleting your Blog and not doing it anymore? What prompted that and what stopped you?
Yeah. Usually when I feel like I have to edit stuff as some of my friends read this and I can't really be as truthful as i want. But what stopped me is I am addicted to this. It is just something I have to do!!

2. How about a quick review of the last movie you saw?
I last saw Goldmember. In breif. It rocked, go see.

3. What's your favorite gadget? Are you lusting for any new ones? Will you ever be satisified???
Gadgets... I like gadgets but I can't really say I have a fav or want one even...

4. Saturday night I played "UNO" for the first time in years, I mean it has been over 10 years since I played it. It was great fun, but it really made me want to learn how to play Backgammon again. What "table game" do you enjoy playing most with other people? Have you played it lately?
Something fun? On a table? I can't think what I like to do that is in fun and can be done on a table... can you? ;o)

5. About a year ago I was obsessed with loosing weight, and I dropped pretty low before I got a handle on things (I've actually gained about 8 pounds of it back, and it is still a struggle sometimes to not try to loose it). Thankfully, I like fattening sweets and buttery popcorn too much to live like that for too long. Have you ever been obsessed with something so much that it was close to causing you physical or mental harm? If not, have you known anyone else who has?
The Sixth Former I obsess over him way way too much. And Star Trek. And Doctor Who. And Steps. And blogs. And.... hhmmm I think I may have a problem with obsessions....

6. Did you grow up in a family or community that displayed racist or prejudice attitudes? Did it influence you in any way, either toward or away from those views? How did you manage to avoid it, or did you?
After recent events do i even need to answer about prejudice? As for racism,most of this country is racist, although I am not, as it would be rather hypocritical of me to judge when I myself am judged.

7. Good grief, I am starving! You got anything to eat around here?
A nice big roast dinner....not for long though.. bye...

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