Monday, June 30, 2003

A Few Things

Firstly, Mum knows about Gareth. Strange as I didn't tell her, but I m not too secretive so I can see that she has obviously put two and two together and got a synopsis of my love life. This of course means I can be a bit more open, my parents getting info from me is like drawing blood from a stone! So well done to them.

Secondly, work has been very strange. There are loads of new people, and most of the people in my "pod" of 4 desks have been moved away. :o( Oh well new friends to make!

Thirdly, erm, I am back at work as you may guess from the above paragraph. Hmm... I definetly need to become a gentlemen of leisure as work is way too much like hard graft for my liking!

Fourthly, you may have noticed that in the last month and a half my posts have become a lot less regular. Sorry it's just I have been pretty busy... normal service will resume!!

Hmm... this is good news but also shows that this government really is too scared to be truely original. I completely agree with what Peter Tatchell says:

"It is a pity the government has opted for an unimaginative, watered down version of marriage, instead of having the foresight to devise an entirely new, modern legal framework for partnership recognition."

The Guardian has the document to download in full.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Holiday End

Hmm.... was feeling down, then G came and got me. Stand round his so am a happy chappy now.

Thought my phone had been quiet all weekend.... as I headed home suddenly 15 messages all arrived at once from the last two days!! Sorry to any one who didn't get a reply!!

Work tomorrow.... I hate working!!

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Insert Sickly Childrens TV Song Title Here

Yes I have been downloading even more kids TV themes, such as Galaxy High, David The Gnome, Denver The Last Dinosaur and Bravestar. Fun!!

So yesterday.... Zoe got her car fixed, so me, her, and Pete drove up to the Park and ride just outside Canterbury, and got a bus in. I bought stuff and we met John, and woo, Canterbury guys are HOT! Also went to a T.K Maxx, where I suffered from a phobia of being kidnapped and sold at discount. Eek!!

Zoe dropped us off back in Folkestone, and we went to Spoons, McDonalds, the Leas Club, the Harp Club (like my old student union it was dark, dank, and smelly) and then back to Spoons where I saw Mel from work, and the lovely Julia who was last seen at the works do where I got off my face drunk.

Today I am in a really bad mood. I mean, breaking things kind of mood. :o( Hmm.... mainly over money stuff (when am I not depressed over money stuff!) Means I don't get to see Gareth today which makes my mood even worse. :o((

Friday, June 27, 2003

Richard And Steph To The Rescue

Last night Zoe came and picked me up from home, we stopped and picked up Pete and headed for Spoons, John joined us and we had a meal. After that for old times sake we headed down to Gee's, I played on the jukebox (as always).

Growing bored we made our way to the beach where we talked shit for about an a hour all about childrens TV shows of yesterday year.

Then it got cold so we retreated to Pete's house. Leaving Pete there Zoe gave John a lift home. As we got on to the A20 Zoe's lights began to fade.

We pulled into a dark and scary layby, and switched off the car. Zoe called her dad (Richard) who came and decided we needed to get it going again as we couldn't leave it there all night. So Zoe's mums car arrived with spark plugs and we got the car going really quickly.

From the layby it is about a 2 minute drive to my house. Thats if you are travelling at snail speed. We formed a convoy Richard at the front, Zoe in the middle and Steph (Zoe's mum) at the rear. All 300 yards later, in the middle of bloody no where the police flashed us and pulled us over!!! And Zoe turned the car off!! Eek!!

Well anyway they understood the problem, we got the car going again after much trying and drove it to my house where it currently sits.

Poor Zoe's car.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Froca Choca Mocha

Zoe has done a most great job of describing yesterday so check out her version here. All I can add is that the computer at the science museum said I had a female brain, my science museum web page is cool and this pic rocks

Today I got a train up to see Gareth and it was great. We went and got our normal mcFlurry, scoped some people, then picked up his mate Rianne who is lovely and went to the cinema and saw A Guy Thing (after pizza hut). Most cool. Gareth thinks we had a straight guy interested in us. Mmmm....

Monday, June 23, 2003

Dream A Little Dream With Me

Things really do seem to be rather dandy right now. I have a job, a permanent one with a contract. I have a boyfriend who is fun and gorgeous and many other things. (Yes the one on the left is me, see sometimes I show my face!) I have lots of mates, and prospects are good for future funness. In fact no time since 1998 has been so pleasant. Just thought I'd share my mood that, I am sure you'll agree, is much improved of late. :o)

Today Zoe came and picked me up and we went shopping in town. We had lunch at Spoons. All very nice. She bought a handbag, I bought The Birdcage, You've Got Mail, also Insomia by Stephen King and some Dean R Koontz book (think it's called Strange Highways).

Off to London tomorrow to visit musuems and do intellectual stuff with Zoe and John.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

And That Was The Weekend That Was

So Friday after completing my last post we all headed to... a bar... and drank more. Hmm..... noticing total theme going on!! Is that what you meant Gert?

Then we went to Naomi's house so she could put clean clothes on, headed to Chris', then made our way to Devonshire Cat and then Corporation which was great, but mainly cos of the company and not the place itself. Smelt of dope. Danced badly. As always! Headed home, via triple cheese burger bought from dodgy greasy burger stand.

Got up early next morning and headed to Ramsgate via... long train journey's and some barging on tube. Took days (well 6 hours... ) Got to Gareths, Jon joined us and we headed off to Canterbury (that is Bar 11, Oranges, West Bar, Beer Cart Arms and Bar 11 [again]). Everyone seemed to be dressed as cowboys (or I was having drunkern delusions). Drunk copious amounts of JD as was going to be dancing later and needed to be drunk... but didn't get JDrunk, just normal drunk (please note I just copyrighted JDrunk). Jon, being our designated driver for evening, drove us to Woodys (forever Caddies in my head) the gay club that is strangely in the middle of nowhere! Danced, saw sexiest cowboy in world, was joined briefly by lady named Michelle, and had a really good time.

Today I went to cinema with gareth to see Bruce Almighty (ok film). two blokes from caddies last night were there too. Just got home... zonked out!

Memories: Pete smashing bottle in Interval for no reason, Pete discovering suitcase of porn lying round Sheffield, discovering the world is a giant film and most people are extras (I got to be a guest star!), and topless cowboy.

Friday, June 20, 2003


Wednesday Gareth took me out to Canterbury for my birthday. Much fun! We had a drink in Bar 11, before we moved on to Rizzi's, a restaurant for a very lovely meal, Italian no less, and then to the Beer Cart Arms, where there was much moshing and scariness. Stayed over he's.

Got up very early and Gareth took me to train station, station lady put me on wrong train so had to change at Ashford, got to London and tubed to St. Pancras, got a train to Sheffield which was delayed (joy) scared train manager who was cute by lusting after him in a dribble dribble Ellie style! He he....

Got to Sheffield, was met by Adam. Very random! Chris and Pete turned up as had been hiding upstairs. We headed for shop, then Chris' house, started drinking, went and meet one of Pete's mates Naomi, who was lovely and took her to Chris to drink. Then we all headed out to Case Bar which was fun and drunk even more. Headed home, drunk more, Pete and Chris cooked sausgaes, went to bed. Woke up smelling of bloke, went to shop with Chris, then everyone else got up, headed out to uni to first send Adam off to Leeds, then caught a tram (!!!) and then to try a patanosta. This is scary lift like thingy which was much funness!!!

Then meet up with Naomi and headed off to uni bar, drunk Snakebite Black.... mmm... then came here... mmm....

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Jesus Where Fort Art Thou?

This story makes me sick. Money does not get you salvation for bigoted, cruel and rather unchristian homophobia. If you are to be homophobic, do it properly. Don't flounce around pretending you really aren't that bad. Homophobes should at least be proud to be scum, and be prepared to take the consequences. I have at least a begrudging respect for those who stick hard fast to their beliefs. Those who are hypocritical and offer conciliation on one hand and offensive homophobia on the other need a good "straight bashing", where a bunch of flaming queens wander drunkenly up to them and use their sharp tongues to make fun of their clothing, parentage and looks.

Homophobes shall always be about, we need to defeat them by logic and good arguments (not to be supplied by me then!) but hypocrites? They just need a good telling off for being so silly.
Crave Anyone?

Yesterday was my birthday celebrations (I'm 20 today!!!!!!) and as per usual birthday requirements I had a fabtastic time!!! John and Zoe came over to pick me up and John gave me his gift which was Alanis - Jagged Little Pill (replaces my old one that disappeared... cheers John!!). We went to the cinema in Ashford and saw Anger Management which was far better than I had thought it would be based on the trailiers. Yay! Then we were at a loss for what to do next till I mentioned bowling. So off we went and needless to say Zoe (as always!) thrashed me and John right royally. :o) After that we had a drink at Ashford Spoons and headed home to.. erm... McDonalds.. where I got a Big Mac meal.

So feeling hungry we headed off to Bar Vasa for a meal. Which was really nice (the Big Mac meal was just a snack.... he he...) and delicious and stuff. Zoe gave me her gifts which are a key ring bottle opener which says "My Cat Drove Me To Drink" and some CK Crave.... extremely thoughtful and nice and stuff.... and her parents sent me a card too.... it seemed everyone was having a birthday in Bar Vasa.

We headed off to Spoons which smelt and was hot. Laura and Sophie joined us which was great. We moved swiftly on to the Leas Club, which was cool. Then Gareth stopped by outside to give me my present for the morning (so sweet) and Zoe came out and meet him... see he does exist!!!

Zoe gave me a lift home, slightly tipsy tho I was. Thanks to all 5 of you for being there for me. I couldn't ask to know nicer people.

So presents: Gareth got me Chirstina Aguillera (sp?) - Stripped, a dairy milk bar, some pepsi max (so knows me!!) and a huge bottle of CK Crave (again thoughtful... I know too many thoughtful people...). Mum and Tony gave me £50, Beth got me a Penfold teddy to go with my Danger Mouse one, and George got me an FCUK smellies thingy. Lead to much amusement this morning as Beth sat on bed pretending to read the bottles.... "F-U-C-K". Of course I gave her a concerned brotherly look through my tears of laughter. Also £10 from Nan and £10 from Auntie Martine. Miss Melly again today. I wonder if I'll ever stop missing her.

Conservatives ahoy! Eek Oh well that's probably the harshest criticism I've had in two yearsof blogging so can't complain.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Hoochie Momma

Friday was my last day at work for two weeks. Got my present which was a Justin Timberlake album. Yay!!!! After work gareth was running late, so wandered up to Skuba, had a drink, randomly phoned Nan and also Pete. Then Gareth arrived, we had a drink at Bar Vasa, then went for a meal at Brewsters. After that, (apologises to Zoe and John who I stood up) we went food shopping and then got to his house. Gareth had bought me a yellow smiley face thingy that made funny noises when you waved it around. Most random!!

Saturday, we went shopping in Maidstone where there were some utterly fine bois. I bought a history of the USA, Christine (Stephen King), some Calvin Klein "Crave" to replace that which i bought during my Eurotunnel sneaking shopping trip so long ago, and we had a good time.

Did you know that there is a HUGE gay cruising ground lurking invisibly off the road between Maidstone and the M2 near Detling? And it is incredibly busy during the day time. Was most intruiged. Wouldn't you just love to know, how gay cruising grounds appear? It's just so random.

Sunday we went to Whitstable for a drink, then down to Ashford cineworld to see "Identity" (quite original and very watchable) and then had a Pizza Hut. Got back to his place after a detour, and watched Six Feet Under.

Just got home now after a nice train journey. Was a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Hey Big Spender

It's my birthday in a week.....

Oh and completely unrelated.... here's my wish list
The Man With The Scar On His Neck

Lympne is scary. Currently a village rumour has started which goes thus "There is a man with a scar on his neck asking young boys to go off to the woods with him to help him find his puppies".

I have a few problems with this rumour. No one seems to know where it started 'cept "some" boys reported he had approached them (no, no one knows who these boys are). But maybe it is true. In which case children should be warned "Don't speak to strangers" as I was when I was ickle. But no. The adults in Lympne tell them the whole story, and this obviously leads to complex questions like "If he hasn't got any puppies what does he want us to find?" Then the adults make it all sexual.

I thought we were supposed to be trying to not sexualise these children???? *shakes head in incomprehension* This nations obsession with paedophilia continues to worry me.

Zoe came round last night and we watched "Dude Where's My Car?" which as you know I lurve...

Gareth is away in Cornwall at the mo.... and semi incomunicado... :o(

Oooo.... scariness... was just leaving work and Simon appears from the coffee machine room..... ah! Very unexpected! Hi Simon!! Does he work for Folkestone and Dover?

Monday, June 09, 2003

Ain't Nobody Does It Better

On Saturday Gareth came and picked me up after work and we went to Ashford. We had a Pizza Hut meal, a little drive, and went and saw "Bringing Down The House" which was very good. Then I stayed over his place after a drive that involved a McFlurry diversion.... mmm....

The next day after watching Attack of the Clones and Jeepers Creepers ("Where'd you get those peepers?") he dropped me off back home.

One week till my break. Am trying to get a second week off as well. I haven't had a break in a year!!!!!

I am on a mission to spend as little time in my house as possible these days, as may be seen by the now fluctuating frequency of my posts. The reason. Family is driving me slowly, but quite surely, to an early grave, and they make me deeply unhappy when I am at home.

9 Days Till My Birthday. I shall be 20. Yay!! Two decades of moi.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Do Fish Ever Get Thirsty?

I have been very lax of late. But remember lot's of blogging usually means I am unhappy so hey this can only be a good thing!

Zoe came and picked me up after work last night and we went to Blockbusters and rented Erin Brocovich (sp?). I haven't seen that movie in a while, and remembering how good it is I must implore you to go watch it. It is so cool. And Julia Roberts kicks butt.

Plans: after work tomorrow am off to see Gareth, possible plans for a trip to London on the weekend of the 21st, highly probable trip to Sheffield in my week off, Stacey wants me to go to Thorpe Park with her also in my week off, take over the world, and have my birthday!!!!!!! Busy few weeks. :op

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Don't Need The Sunshine

Gareth came and picked me up after work last night and we went down to Bar Vasa where Jon joined us. We went off on random trip to Tesco's, got a take away chinese (hmmm... Gareth paid for it again sneakily) and then went and ate it round Jon's. Drunk way too much. Had a great evening.

My brain is over working.

Have been following Gert's encounters with customer service people with amusement. Being one of those faceless, first name only customer service people I have to defend our kind! At both call centres I have worked for I have found all but the barest minority of agents go out of their way in search of an answer for a customer query almost constantly. I occassionally do too.

This is despite the fact I find constantly the people you talk to treat you like a barely out of school, inarticulate, and rather rude young lad no matter how nice, sympathetic and knowledgeable you are. They don't listen. They are impolite and lack even the most basic of social ettiquette. Whether they come from Surrey or from Luton they seem to have only the smallest amount of knowledge about basic concepts (like how to write "Not At This Address" on an envelope). I'm 19 and I had a greater understanding of how to pay bills, and use the postal service than people in their 30s and 40s BEFORE I worked for a utility!!!! I have found the best way to deal with customers is to deal with them in a polite but totally professional way, not to make special allowances unless they are polite and treat you like a human being, and to make sure that their query is answered in such a way they never need contact us again.

Rant ends. *breathes*

Probably seeing Gareth again Saturday! Yeah! Still no news on whether I've got that job that I was interviewed for *crosses fingers... no customers!*

I really missed Melly today. Very random but true.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Makes Me Much More Harder

OK on Saturday I caught a train up to Ramsgate to see Gareth, after quick spotting of Zoe at Safeways. We bought some pizza from Sainsburys, watched last weeks Six Feet Under, and listened to some music. Among other things.... :op

On Sunday we rented out The Signs from Blockbuster which was ok, and I bought Children of the Corn 2 which I am watching now (don't go into the corn you fools!!!!!!). Had a great time with Gareth as always.

Last night got home, Zoe picked me up from the station and me, her, John and Elliot went to Spoons Had fun.

Work went really quickly today. Ewww.... flying pieces of corn.. ouch....

In other news... have found myself fancying Craig from Hollyoaks... am seeking therapy.. :op

Ten minutes later... slaps wrist... I need hand cuffs or something....

EVEN LATER... and you thought I was sick... Guy Burnet who plays Craig in Hollyoaks is nineteen... phew! Now I don't feel so dirty... yay!