Thursday, August 15, 2002

Tired..... very tired.....

Becky left work. :o( I kind of guessed but she texted Emily today to say she had. :o( *sobs*

Joy of the day: phoned up another department at work today and said "Hi it's Jason in reservations... is it alright to transfer a customer through to you?"

"Why hi Jas how are you, it's Jeremy here?" a lush aussie accent said. As if I didn't know. I think jeremy is like the sexiest man on earth (bar MT and He-Man [hi Greg by the way, thanks for the chat!!]). Plus I have a weakness for Aussies.

"Uh, hi, um, fine thanks, yourself?" I spluttered

"Fine glad to hear you are getting on okay since you came and buddied with me"

He remembered me!!

Watching Coyote Ugly... which is great and I love the Aussie in that too.... *swoons*

Thanks for your comments guys!!

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