Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Got The Job... Damn Spoilers!

Yesterday I was in the middle of watching an episode of Airline (Satellite TV Rule 1: An episode of Airline is on at least one channel at any given moment in time) in which Leo received a phone call telling him he hadn't got his promotion. At the very second he got the news my phone rang, and I was informed I had got the promotion I was after. 

With the pay rise involved with that, the standard 3% pay rise we're likely to get once the union sees sense, the bonus I get in February and the tax changes next April things should start looking up in my bank balance over the next few months! Good news for once Dear Constant Reader. 

I have a new husband (conservatively numbered 52033). He's not like most of my husbands, more in line with the more twinky set such as Brent Corrigan a few years ago, but wow isn't he cute? Goes by the name Cody Cachet for now (until I've worked out that whole marriage equality thing, and that polyamourous marriage thing too).

 On that front the new year brings about the Westminster consultation on marriage equality (pencilled in for March so expect it to start in September), so keep an eye on my politics blog for all the normal marriage equality news. 

Oh, in case you hadn't noticed I now have a new easier URL for this blog: http://blog.jaekay.net. You're welcome ;)
If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

It's been a busy week. Monday I had an assessment for a new job I've applied for. It involved 2 roleplays which are my least favourite things. The first one went well (in my opinion) but the second one I felt I came across as rushed and uncaring. 

Tuesday was my works Christmas party. As part of the changes (including the new role I've applied for) our teams are being broken up and mixed around so we had our Christmas party early so that we all got to enjoy each others company one last time. It was at the Brickfields, and whilst the starter and dessert were lovely, the main course was dry and vaguely unpleasant. I received a present of 12 cans of Stella Artois (classy as always) with a free DVD! But I also found out I had successfully passed the assessment and was through to the interview stage.

Wednesday was just one hell of a busy day we work with one of the other teams having their Christmas do, meaning we had to pick up the slack. 

Thursday was interview D-Day! I hate interviews only a little less than roleplays but feel it went okay. I will find out on Monday whether I've got the job or not. Well I will do if they remember to phone me as I'm off this week! 

Friday was the last day of work for a whole week and thus seemed to take forever to finish. I got home to a find Jim had gotten very adventurous with dinner and was serving hare! Turns out I don't like hare. 

Saturday was very random indeed. I simply asked what Jim would like for breakfast and, before we even knew it, we were on the HS1 to Greenwich. Getting off at Stratford, we walked through the new Westfield shopping centre and were very impressed. Given our many trips to Stratford International during the construction, it was a nice not to have to get a bus through a construction site but instead take a sedate walk past some gorgeous shops to get to Stratford's DLR station. 

Our initial plan was to get breakfast at Maggie's in Lewisham but we decided instead to have an early lunch from the little Thai lady's shack that had been our weekend haunt when we lived in Greenwich. We were shocked and appalled to find she was no longer there! Many years of good food and humourous "misunderstandings" over Jim and I's relationship ("Where your Dad?") have thus come to an end. We had some Thai food from her replacement but whilst it was lovely, it wasn't half as good as little Thai lady's spin on Indian cuisine. 

After that disappointment we made our way up our old road (which hasn't really changed at all in the last 18 months) and plopped ourselves down in our usual seats in the local! It was good to see Dennis, and Pamula the cat, and the various other passing characters who still frequent our much missed drinking hole. We stayed for a few hours, chatting and drinking and around 7pm we called it a day and headed back up to Stratford. 

The timings didn't quite work out, and there was no DLR waiting to whisk us to Stratford International at Stratford station. So we wandered back through Westfield, past the ice-skaters and shoppers and settled ourselves in at Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant which turned out to be staffed by quite appealing waiters who served even more appealing food. We had the Wahaca selection for two, a Queso Fundido to satisfy Jim's curiousty for cactus and a sweet potato side. I have a huge appetite and even I felt the Wahaca selection was a LOT of food for £20.00. The sweet potato side was gorgeous, the Queso Fundido was alright and the Wahaca selection went from tasty to orgasmic. The quesadilla was awesome and the refried beans that came with it was excellent. Affordable and tasty, the only thing I find strange (not annoying just weird) was how apologetic our waiter was. He apologised for the wait when we were served amazingly quickly. And then seemed really apologetic when he collected our mostly clean plates (there was no way we could finish it all) as if he'd left us there for ages. We were in and out in half an hour (due to need to catch out train) so we really had nothing we could be upset about! Very odd. Also their mojitos were top-notch and up there with the best I've had. Plus their tortilla chip nibbles are worth the visit alone. 

Both train journeys there and back were packed, so Christmas has truly arrived! Shoppers everywhere. I did get that "London" feeling I used to get but the usual good vibes are now very much kept in check by the memories of the commutes, the noise, the people, the smells etc. etc. London is no longer the paradise I once thought it was. It's now a place that has a lot of good things to do, but one I don't want to hang around in. Folkestone always seems a little bit nicer after a visit to London. Home sweet home. 
If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I've just not been in the mood for blogging of late, which is usually just a temporary situation. But just to keep things ticking over... 

I went to Plymouth this weekend for the HMS Iron Duke Reunion party Saturday night

No, I've never served on the Iron Duke, nor in the Navy. 

The A303 is hideous. Littered with animal corpses every few yards. 

Yes, I know it's ironic that I say this even though by being in a car on the A303 I was part of the problem. 

Went to the Little Chef in Popham for breakfast, just to see what Heston Blumenthal improvements were like.

I can report that it was one of the worst cooked breakfasts I've ever had. Strange taste to the eggs, nasty bacon, the black pudding was it's only saving grace. 

Plymouth's nice. 

Except for the couple in the room next to us who had extremely noisy sex. Yuck. 

That is all for now! 

If you feel benevolent and particularly generous, this writer always appreciates things bought for him from his wishlist