Sunday, March 30, 2008

London Needs A Change, But It Doesn't Need Boris Johnson

Before I write anything about the London Mayoral election I want to say one thing. I like Ken Livingstone. I believe he has a genuine love, and concern, for Greater London and it's people. And I believe he has done a good job, to a point.

However he has had two terms as Mayor and it is time for a change of leadership, his team has become bogged down in allegations of cronyism and corruption and he is no stranger to gaffes. On a personal note, his support of right wing crazy religious folks who support some pretty controversial ideas means I'd prefer to see him step down.

Boris Johnson's campaign has been going well and is about to enter it's final stage. My first and most major issue with Mr Johnson is his lack of connection, and prior concern, for the residents of this city. He isn't a Londoner. He is a candidate placed here by his party to take advantage of his popularity. This is underhand. We need someone who has real understanding of the culture and operation of London.

On top of this he is little better than Ken Livingstone when it comes to gaffes and there's a reason he was once forced out of the shadow Cabinet. He is not a safe pair of hands. Do you really want him dealing with important members of our community and making important decisions???

Here's a nice snippet from his Wikipedia page illustrating what kind of "humane" individual Mr Johnson is...

Johnson became embroiled in controversy when he was recorded agreeing to supply the address of News of the World journalist Stuart Collier to former schoolmate and convicted fraudster Darius Guppy in order to have him beaten up as a result of knowing too much about a failed insurance fraud.[35] Johnson asked how badly Collier was to be beaten up, and Guppy replies "He will probably have a couple of black eyes and a... cracked rib or something like that". The conversation ended with Johnson agreeing to supply the address. Despite the call from Guppy, Johnson did not alert the police and the incident only became public knowledge when the recorded telephone conversations where summarised in the Daily Mail. Collier was not attacked.[36][37] [38] Johnson retained his job at the Telegraph but was reprimanded by its editor Max Hastings

Lovely. Let's NOT elect him as Mayor.

Then there is Brian Paddick. I'm not going to pretend he has vast amounts of political experience. But he has had a lot of leadership experience in the police, plenty of experience of dealing with finances, crime and community relations and a genuine case of being a Londoner through and through. He cares about this city, and I have no doubt would be a truly excellent Mayor. Yes he's had a couple of controversies, but unlike our friends Livingstone and Johnson these have been exaggerated and in some cases fabricated completely.

Brian Paddick would be a breath of fresh air, one our city desperately needs.

On election day vote Paddick 1st, Livingstone 2nd. Keep Boris OUT!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jae Goes To The Farm And Other Stories

So... Thursday lunch time Arwen, Sarina and I decided to do something a little different... we went to Vauxhall City Farm! It was great... lots of bunnies, chickens with strange hair styles... even some ferrets. Next weeks adventure: Battersea Dogs Home.

Olivia and Morgan left the company yesterday which was sad. Had a few drinks after work and missed my train because I was taking too long to say goodbye to Olivia. D'oh!

Second Life... too much fun.

Watching QAF UK today... makes me remember being 16!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Instant Karmas Gonna Get You

I'm in a little bit of a funk right now. Don't know why. Works not fun, nor does it excite me at all. The house is a mess and needs a good clean. Life is a little dull. So firstly... let's all look at an uplifting story. Those kids sure are awesome!

Secondly... things to do....

1) Tidy house.
2) Hug Jim more. He needs more hugs, and I do too.
3) Sleep
4) Find an uplifting and fulfilling job Keep at current job.
5) Cut back on Second Life. I've managed to be really good the last two days. I will persevere to ensure I maintain a Real Life.

OK... weird story... Titi from Folkestone (mentioned a lot back on my old LJ, friend of Hedley) messaged me this morning and requested a webcam chat. I foolishly opened it to find him masturbating for the camera. I quickly closed that window... what ON EARTH was he thinking? I didn't bother to ask as I left messenger pretty damn promptly. Men...

Roll on the weekend...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home and Back Again

So... sorry I really don't feel like blogging at the mo. I don't know if it's this darn illness or just the usual blogger blues.

On Friday, after buying chocolate and seeing Jim's kids in Hemel, we went to my parents house and enjoyed a weekend in their company (plus my Nans on Sunday). I saw Zoe and Lee on Saturday and we went to see Jody and her baby son William (who whilst being a darling is awful cheeky! ;) ) It was good to see Zoe.

Otherwise nothing exciting has happened. There was snow but it didn't lay. I'm obsessed with Second Life and I think I've started to turn Jim on to it to. Sorry Jim!

I haven't felt this non bloggy in a long time. I apologise humbly reader and I am trying to get the good feeling back. But hey I've been doing this for 7 years, I know there are peaks and troughs! Love ya.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

I'm off to visit the folks for a couple of days and escape the internet. Still feeling crap but I'm sure some chocolate will cure my ills! But I'm not leaving you without letting you see the following, humourous, Aussie video...

I wish you, Dear Constant Reader, a happy and peaceful Easter. Hopefully when I return I shall be in a better blogging mood.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Virtual Reality - Here Be Dragons

Being stuck indoors, off work and bored out of my skull I've moved on from just an addiction with Second Life into a very deep interest in Web 3.0 phenomena such as the metaverse. And I was happily reading my weekly edition of the Economist today found a very interesting leader... Break Down These Walls!

There is a lot of controversy in these virtual worlds... do they become the next stage in the evolution of the internet or do they descend into being places to live out lives little fantasies?

To be honest I think it's kind of nice to see somewhere fantastical. Second Life has some extremely interesting places where dragons roam and Stargates appear. And I think that that can be something that remains a part of the evolution of the coming 3D web interfaces.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gurkha Rights

A cause close to my heart (and my home town) is the cause of Gurkha rights. Spearheaded in many way by the former PPC for Folkestone and Hythe, Peter Carroll, it is a cause that needs more publicity.

Sure I'm going to admit that Mr Carroll is not only a Lib Dem, but is also the PPC I supported over a period of a few years with my occasional leaflet drops and doorstep canvassing. So I'm not really going to say much against him.

But the how can it be fair that Gurkhas who retired after 1997 get equal pensions with OTHER British soldiers (and let's make it clear they are British soldiers, just because they come from Nepal doesn't diminish their cause in any way) whilst those who retired before 1997 get one sixth the amount and face deportation from this country? It's not. Just because they were once based in Hong Kong (then a part of our Overseas Territories) and since 1997 they've been based in the UK doesn't mean their service to our country should be treated differently.

We're not talking here about residents of an overseas territory. These are people who weren't "resident" where they were based (Hong Kong is a fair distance from south Asia) and are still based in country away from their homes. Equal rights for all of our serviceman, past or present, NOW!

Still feeling shitty. Still trying to figure out if I like Second Life or not.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arthur C Clarke Passes On

Arthur C. Clarke passed away today at the age of 90. His legacy in the science fiction (and science fact) field will live on for many years to come.

He shall be missed.

Devastation! Captain Birds Eye Has Died

Everyone knew him. You couldn't eat a fish finger without thinking of him. He was already sorely missed.

Now he is gone forever.

Farewell Captain Birds Eye!

Sorry Dear Constant Reader!

I have been very bad. Sorry... I know I should post daily. But I'm not so well at the moment. I will be back with boring, irrelevant commentary on rubbish as soon as I can be (i.e. later this evening when I see something really dull to mention...)


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Second Life

So I gave Second Life a go today. I signed up ages ago, but have only just got around to playing it. And I have to say... it was a little dull. That place is full of commercial stuff, and everyone seems to be selling things. So have you, Dear Constant Reader, had a chance to play this sim? Any thoughts or suggestions?

In other news... today was the Ides of March and Scientology was officially buggered by the second wave of protests against the Co$ practices.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday L Ron Hubbard!

To celebrate why don't the higher ups at the Church of Scientology (Co$) let Kate Olson go home to see her Mum? She didn't get to go at Christmas, so this release would really be in the spirit of this amazing day.

Oh yes, and if you feel like celebrating yourself just wait until Saturday when there shall be lots of cake on offer at some parties all over the world being held by our friends Anonymous.

Bishop Stands Up For Christian Values

Finally! The Bishop of Motherwell has finally stood up and said it (in not so many words); Christianity is a religion of deep hatred. This level of honesty is startling considering how most Christians seem to ignore all the hateful bits of the Bible.

He made this historic step when he accused gays of abusing Holocaust memorials by daring to remember their fallen.

"The homosexual lobby has been extremely effective in aligning itself with minority groups.

"It is ever present at the service each year for the Holocaust memorial, as if to create for themselves the image of a group of people under persecution."

I mean... how dare we! It was only a few thousand people who died. And just because the survivors were not just not acknowledged but actively persecuted as homosexuals after the war, doesn't give gays a place to play in Holocaust memorials! Sadly he didn't go on to ask why Jehovah Witnesses, Communists, liberals and those Jews turn up to these memorials as well. Bloody hangers on, that's what I say. Only those persecuted Christians (sorry... Catholics) should be allowed to attend these memorials. They were the true victims in all this.

I'm sorry for the sarcasm and the rather hateful attitude towards Christianity here but please... sometimes some people say the dumbest things. Criticise homosexuals all you want, but don't try to make out 1) we are an organised group of people with the same political aims (a scandalous libel on par with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) nor 2) suggest we don't deserve a place at Holocaust memorials. Every human being on this Earth deserves a place at those memorials, especially those there to remember particular groups who suffered.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jae Loves Space

So hey looks like we might be getting a new obsession front moving in from the south, ready to sweep away the lingering Scientology obsession. Space!

I blame Isaac Asimov myself. Or maybe it was the launch of the Jules Verne ATV. Who knows...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Step Too Far?

**EDIT. OK, so it's not children, just teenagers, but most of what I said still stands!**

As you should all know, I'm an ardent Royalist. I believe a constitutional monarchy provides a good balance between tradition, patriotism and democracy.

However, something inside me recoils at the idea of children having to pledge allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen and to this country. I think children should NOT be made to pray in schools, let alone be forced to pledge allegiance to a monarch and country they still do not have the knowledge or reasoning skills to fully understand.

An oath is not something that should be entered into lightly. Teaching a child that an oath is just a run of the mill event that all must partake in, lessens the value of such oaths.

I think our leader says it best...

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg said there were "far better ways" of creating a sense of belonging for teenagers than asking people to swear allegiance to Queen and country.

"People should not feel that being British is about swearing allegiance - it should be about taking an active role in society," he said.

Stephen Green Is A Homophobic Bastard. Shocker!

Ian Watkins (H from Steps) has been told he is no better than Jeffrey Dahmer. The culprit behind such a ludicrous statement? Everyone's favourite friend Stephen Green of "Christian" Voice.

I've dealt with this "lovely" man before, and it is such a pity that Ian Watkins would go to such lengths to promote his documentary as to give publicity to a man not only crazy enough to believe in a man in the sky, but also insane enough to think anyone gives a shit about what he has to say.

Shame on you Mr Watkins! DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!

On another note I am off work ill. Fun.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Melly Kay: Still Remembered

It's been 7 years, but it doesn't seem possible to have been so long. I miss you so much Melly.

In your memory, here's a little tribute... first up... Shaven Haven. These guys were fun, I remember Raymond being obsessed with you and my Mum. Chickens! :D

There's nothing, other than the smell of pencil erasers!, that reminds me more of you than Billy Idol's White Wedding...

The hours I spent rummaging through your eraser collection will live with me forever...

Auntie Melly, you shall always be in my thoughts. x x

Jae Loses his Voice

I went to be with slightly sore throat and awoke with a really sore throat. Hmph... I hope it clears up by tomorrow as there are several people I mocked for losing their voices over the last few months, and I don't want to let them get some payback! ;) Well I'm not feeling too good as it is at the moment... going to work is looking less likely which each passing moment.

I've begun the process of cataloging all the books I own using LibraryThing. 63 so far, I didn't even realise I had that many lying around the house and I haven't even begun to properly look yet.

I apologise, I've forgotten where I yoinked this one from. That boy is absolutely perfect. I am deeply impressed.

Scientologist celebrity sues Daily Mail's parent group. It's like Stalin versus Hitler.... one of those matches where you just can't wish for either party to come out of the fight happy.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Como te gusta mi pinga

Brings back nice memories of watching Trick when I was but a young lad.

A Visit From The Mormons

Darn Jim. He is always right. So a little while ago I ordered a Book of Mormon as part of my "how many free books can I get off the net?" (Answer: A LOT!). Jim was not very happy to find the book when he got home one day and warned me that I had no idea what I had just got myself into.

Well today his forecast has come true... two cute Mormon missionaries visited. Aww... they were cute as can be. Mormons are so friendly! Not like those dour Jehovah Witnesses (who I do love dearly, their opinions on the Bible leave much room for healthy doorstep debate). Anyway... I do doubt they'll come visit again, although I'm sure Jim will beg to differ.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Goodbye Peter

Whilst enjoy a few drinks at work this evening I received the news that Peter, a member of my team at work, had unexpectedly passed away. I broke the news to the guys I was drinking with and after a few numb moments we started sharing our "funny" stories of him.

I'm not going to pretend I ever really got on with him. I didn't. But he was full of life, young and the source of many amusing/worrying/terrifying stories. Even the times he drove me to the point of getting up from my desk and walking out the room to calm my anger seem funny in retrospect.

I'll remember him for those funny times such as when he "accidentally" rubbed his crotch in the sexy new starters face, or the time he came out of the Riverside bar with a bag full of cocktail glasses, or for his inability to handle any irate customers without being just as irate back.

I'm not a believer and won't say anything crass like "I hope he's happy where he is". But I will say goodbye Peter... you partied hard.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Il Bordello

Last night Jim and I went out in Wapping with Mark and Jo and visited Il Bordello for dinner. As always it was an absolute treat. We finished off at the Captain Kidd pub for after dinner drinks.

On the way to the Thomas Moore pub to meet them I got stuck on the District line, and whilst I pondered the wonder of the tube network I spotted that the adverts on the train were plastered with stickers. Stickers with the Anonymous logo on it attacking the Church Of $cientology. They get everywhere! $cientology may well be doomed...

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow, I'm working 11 hour days at the moment... exhausting, and not pleasant. Did have a nice lunch with Sean at the Kennington Cafe today though... glad to see they still remembered me, and my usual lunch choice too (Tuna melt panini with chips).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kudos To Ellen

Covering a story that the main media organisations missed/ignored.

Oh Ellen, I shall always love you!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Taking Pleasure In The Small Things

Ian Paisley is to resign as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and thus as First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Oh I can't tell you how pleasant that news story was to read. How the words practically danced across the screen as I read them. The homophobic bastard is to leave his position of power and maybe the people of Northern Ireland might actually give moderation a chance at the next election now he isn't there reminding them of the Troubles.

He failed to save Ulster from sodomy. Thank the heavens.

We've Got Them On The Run

As I'm sure most of your are aware, I consider myself human first, European second and British third. The European Union is something I deeply respect, even if I do think it needs serious reform.

However the constant debate and cynicism caused by the Eurosceptic "majority" (yet to be tested) in this country is causing our political system to stagnant as we just go over the same old arguments time and again.

It's time we put a stop to this with a referendum. The original referendum was for entry into a body that no longer exists (the EEC). It's time we had a referendum on whether to stay in or pull out of the EU.

The Lib Dems are the only people willing to say the time is now. But the Eurosceptics are too scared, because whilst they know their rhetoric wins them votes, leaving the EU would be to our detriment and not our betterment and the sceptics know it.

It's time to put your money where your mouths are. It's time we end this bloody debate once and for all.

Monday, March 03, 2008

*SHOCKER* Gays Break Up Families!!

OK. What on Earth is the Right Reverend Jonathan Gledhill on about?.

You all know I agree with him, albeit for different reasons; i.e. a civil partnership isn't a marriage and thus should not be called that. Instead we need TRUE gay marriage.

However the following section seems truly bizarre:

Speaking about so-called "gay marriages", the bishop said: "Most of my gay friends would want to distinguish between marriage, which is something that happens for a man and a woman, and a civil partnership, which allows you to be committed together in a kind-of household for life with your gay partner.

"I think I'd want to make a distinction. It's a bit careless to call it marriage, in other words."

He said the status of marriage itself was under threat, adding: "I think it's just that our legislators have got a bit careless and they've not noticed that some of the things that they've done have not helped home life in our country.

"I think the consequence is that an awful lot more people are having to bring up children on their own that would love to have a partner there."

What on Earth is he on about? He is not making sense! Is he really, honestly suggesting that civil partnerships are causing some children to grow up with only one parent? Now sure he's logic is likely to be flawed; he believes in a man in the sky who is constantly spying on humans actions AND thoughts. I mean with that kind of belief he's like to be a little weird. But the suggestion that civil partnerships break up heterosexual marriages is not just wrong it's insane.

Are they any other laws he could possibly be talking about that assist in the Governments aim to destroy married life?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

One Good Thing To Come Out Of The News This Week...

...Prince Harry is back in the country!

He is moving on from the armed forces and into Government, working for the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Eurovision: Keep It In Perspective

So before the annual moaning about Eurovision being unwinnable begins lets all take a look at the following page, sent to me after a post Eurovision post last year. It shows quite clearly that whilst there is some block voting, the overall result is not affected.

And, in addition to this, the semi final has been split into two with a mixture of countries in each. Each country will only be able to vote in ONE semi final which may have some interesting affects on the finalists. Part of the problem last year was that good acts from places like Switzerland and Austria simply never made it to the final .

So here's to Eurovision... 3 months and counting.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

And The Winner Is...

So the votes are in, the decision has been made... the act representing the United Kingdom at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade is...

Andy Abraham.

I am deeply disappointed with this result. Michelle Gayle (the runner up) should have won. Her song was far more likely to win the ESC than his. But Andy was voted in, probably due to his extremely high popularity from the X Factor. Alas.

But no sour grapes... he is our candidate. Let's offer him all the support we can.

Bring it home!!!

Michelle you were robbed!!

Eurovision: Jae's Decision

Well with John Barrowman as one of the judges it was very hard to pay attention to the songs but I did my best... I was not as successful as esctodays live blog


Sang Mr Gorgeous. Wow. They were bad. They were out of tune and the song was mediocre.

The Revelations

Sang It's You. Very Banarama. Again a little out of tune. The judge choose them to go through to the public vote.

Rob McVeigh

Sang Owe It All To You. Not bad, if not my type of song either.

Simona Armstrong

Sang Changes. I was amazed to find that this was my favourite act out of the first four acts. Obviously the gorgeous John Barrowman agreed as she was put through to the public vote. Did I mention he was on the panel?

Andy Abraham

Sang Even If. Forgettable. I will say however his voice is amazing and the song is well done. But I just don't think it's Eurovision material.

Michelle Gayle

Sang Woo (U Make Me). Fun, but untamed. John Barrowman liked it so it can't be all bad. Michelle was put through to the public vote.

So for the public vote we have The Revelations, Simona Armstrong and Michelle Gayle plus Terry Wogan's "wildcard" choice from the losing three acts... Andy Abraham.

Personally I like Simona Armstrong's rather crazy "Changes". It's fun, she's crazy and that's enough for me.

Why You Need To Vote For Brian Paddick!

UK Eurovision Selection Preliminary Notes

This years Eurovision selection show "Eurovision: Your Decision" is a little different and urge you to read their info page to see the massive changes that are being implemented.

So tonight we have...

Michelle Gayle

Singing Woo (U Make Me). The 30 second sample I've heard probably doesn't give the song the justice it deserves so I will reserve my judgement until tonight.

Rob McVeigh

Singing Owe It All To You. I'm not a big fan of ballads but this is actually quiet refreshing. Rob will be our first, and certainly not our last, reality tv refugee on the night.

Simona Armstrong

Singing Changes, pretty good. From Romania so not exactly a patriotic entry but certainly would help to infuse our entry with the spirit of Eurovision.


Singing Mr Gorgeous. Very Girls Aloud sounding. Not bad but a little cheesy. We did cheesy last year and we saw how that turned out (even if I do stand by my love for Scooch!). Our second reality tv dropouts of the night here, coming in from Pop Stars: The Rivals (where... Girls Aloud were formed!!)

Andy Abraham

Singing Even If. This is not a bad song, I'm just not a fan of Andy's style (nothing against the man himself). Andy hails from X-Factor 2005.

The Revelations

Singing It's You. The BBC says their song is "soulful, classic pop". I say this is a rip off of Abba. Not in a bad way but I can almost hear the strands of Waterloo in the background.

AH! Jemini just got shown on telly... *sob*. Do you think we could have all videos destroyed of that mess of a Eurovision entry?

Last year I got the feeling that Making Your Mind Up was really just a place for a bunch of has beens to try to reclaim their glory. This year is refreshing in that the only real "has been" is Michelle Gayle. It'll be interesting to see who wins.