Sunday, August 18, 2002

:o( It is a sad day today. Two people from my group are leaving, for quite long time.

Chris, Pete (with tonsilitis), Zoe and Matt came round for me, and after a quick stop at Safeways, Matt said "au revoir". He and maria (his girlfriend) are heading off to Europe tomorrow (copycat), and I probably shan't see him (and his rather bright shirts) for many months.

After that we headed for Chris' house. It was empty as his family were moving out. We said our goodbyes, with Pete hugging him to the ground, and Zoe near tears. Well she is going out with Chris. It is sad, Chris is off to Sunderland. We shall miss you Chris!! Come visit. And look after Pete at uni. And say hi to Molly (that is his dog by the by) for me.


Anyway had a Chinese take away over at Zoe's and watched Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. A bit somber really. In one month it will just be me and Zoe left in this town. And has anyone seen Sarah recently I think we have misplaced her....

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