Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I am feeling lonely today. Not in a "oh woe is me" depressed way though. Just feeling a bit.... serious? I think that best descibes my mood. I want a man. But can't be bothered to look for one. Not just yet have therapy to finish before I start looking for a relationship!! But I want sex, someone to talk to who won't get bored (hard to find I know!!), a cuddle once in a while. Maybe I am looking for a relationship come to think of it. Bugger.

Anyhew how is everyone? What have you been up to since my comments went dead? I had a nice day at work, eyed up some muscular workman who seemed to be wearing jeans and tops many sizes too small giving the impression that they had at some point expanded incredible hulk style in their clothes..... very nice effect may I add..... :o)

I think I am about to have fish and chips *purrs with happiness* Oh and Scooby has decided that at night my face is the perfect place to hunker down. Am not amused..... Especially as once moved to my stomach he decides to purr like a tractor..... Grrr..... :o)

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