Sunday, August 31, 2014

A New Cat In Our Life

Yesterday we (Jim, Ian, Ayden and I) awoke early for what would be a very long day. After dropping Ayden off at New Romney with Chris and then dropping Ian home in Hemel Hempstead Jim and I headed up north to Preston. Our mission was to collect the latest addition to our household: Jefferson the Maine Coon.

Our mission was going very well until Keele service station when we got stuck behind a wide load leading to an hour and a half of traffic jams. It was unpleasant but we got to Preston just a little after 1pm. Jefferson's breeders had a house choke full of extremely beautiful and friendly Maine Coon's. Whilst he attempt to hide behind a sofa we made a fuss of his delightful Mum. When we moved to another room to see his Dad (a very handsome fellow), his Mum followed us, jumped up on a cat tree and gave me a quick swat on the back insisting I return to stroking her chin!

Jefferson was in the cat carrier without any issue and we headed home. He meowed for about 5 minutes before becoming the most well-behaved kitten or cat I've ever had in a car! He was an absolute angel. 

We stopped off at Mum's, Jefferson escaped and hid under a cabinet then we collected an unsuspecting Ayden from Chris'. Stopped off at the Golden Bowl in Hythe for a takeaway then we headed home. Tired and exhausted we stayed up a little while to keep an eye on an extremely nervous Jefferson!

This morning I came down and though he remained extremely wary he had used his litter tray (an awesome cat, I'm telling you!) He agreed to a few belly rubs on the sofa so I think he is coming round. His purring is tremendous!!!

Ayden is being very good around him but Jefferson is not so sure about Ayden. I'm sure he'll grow to tolerate him in time.

Nearly 10 years since I left my home and my Angel cat (who at 15 is still pottering around Lympne flitting between families!). Finally, I have a cat again. Or a cat has me anyway. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

13 Years Of Blogging... Yes It Is Another Blogaversary

My oh my Dearest Constant Reader. We've been together for 13 years now! Sheesh... tempus fugit and all that rubbish.

It all started here. We've had a few adventures since then haven't we?

There was the post about my first, and last, game of "Nervous" at university. Remember that time I nearly killed myself in Italy? My first dumping (at a fairly decent age though considering my naughty history). Then there was the time my first date with Jim just got an "also ran" mention on my Livejournal. Then there was the time Jim made me chase after some sex workers in Prague and I fell in love with him. Then came a crazy period from 2005 - 2008 of living in London, working at Euroffice and having the time of my life with Jim (Prague again, Warsaw, San Francisco, Bangkok and Thailand twice) (summarised as part of my "2000 Posts" celebration)

And what about popular posts? My oddly popular Brent Corrigan post, my blog on the Oak Island Money Pit, the surprisingly influential look at the differences between marriage and civil partnerships, my look at the first few issues of DC's New 52, the time I was all proud of my sexuality and the real winner... Giant Spiders which was written in seconds (and you can tell) but got tens of thousands of hits.

My blogs have somehow got themselves into letter pages, newspapers, a boost from WWE when people were encouraged to search for "Randy Orton gay" and have waxed and waned over the years.

But, Dear Constant Reader, I always return here. My personal blog may not get many posts any more but I tend to find that there is a direct inverse correlation between number of blog posts and my mental well-being. Thanks for being there when I needed you, and I know you'll be there in the future too.  

Now on to the obligatory Charles Dera pic... Traditions must be kept!!