Wednesday, August 21, 2002

My Australian accent problem is under control, in a way. As long as I concentrate on what I am saying......

There are three types of straight blokes. 1)Those who have a problem with my sexuality, 2) those who it doesn't worry, and 3) those who see it as something they can use to their advantage, with a little flirting. Ross at work is one of the third category.

Ross came up to me today "Hi Jas" he said as he slumped into the chair next to me (he was in the year above me at school and I used to walk home with him so, like all that, lot he calls me Jas).

"Hello Ross, what do you want?"

"Well I have a favour to ask," he leant forward and touched my hand thus overloading my logic circuits. And so that was how, five minutes later, I was agreeing to do a late on Friday instead of an early, with an extra dollop of overtime as well. Grrrr....... darn straight men who are so at ease with their sexuality they aren't above flirting!!

Off done Gee's in a mo to see Sam..... he has some interesting stories!!!

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