Monday, August 19, 2002

I can be so happy, watching my movies, having a friend over (Zoe this time) and then suddenly I can be made so unhappy and stressed out, and on the verge of psyching out/screaming/crying.

It started about 40 minutes after Zoe arrived. Alison, a lady who looks after the twins arrived with them and her evil daughter Joanna in tow. They were all hyper and as per usual I was the one who had to discipline Joanna, instead of her mum. Zoe got stressed with them and made her excuses and left. They never listen to me, and do exactly what they know will annoy me until I crack. And don't try and say they are only children. They are not. They are the spawn of Satan. And I am not joking.

And while I verged on breaking down, I was roped into, very much against my will, a scheme to entrap Alison's husband. A dastardly scheme in which I had to talk to a call centre agent (bah I hate those people!! And don't try to tell me that I am one of those people) and pretend to be him to get some phone numbers he had called. I said I wouldn't until she nearly cried. I gave in.

So now I feel really stressed and dirty.... I don't like people who snoop, I have enough of that from my so called "family". Fucking awful day off this turned out to be. Most days it feels like I can't win. All I want is a simple life. Just for a frigging day. Will someone just give me a break!!

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