Saturday, August 17, 2002

Finally two days off have arrived...... Sunday and Monday will be relaxing.....

Work has been mighty dull.... high points being trips to Tesco's with ben..... woohoo (that is sarcasm by the way!).

Had a team meeting yesterday which went on for ages with subjects as engrossing as the height of the speed ramps at the entrance and our low club class sales..... woohoo.....

Rebecca rushed up the duty supervisor today shouting (she never speaks quietly) "Who is Jason Kay?" I say I am. She puts a call through to me number and low and behold it is Matt Glasspole...... grrrr... asking about free tickets.... :o)

Chris leaves for Sunderland on Monday... :o( and Matt for Europe... :o( but Sam is back soon :o)

And hi to everyone one who has been talking to me on AIM..... I love that!!

Went to Gee's last night.... Elliot and John stayed the night..... Elliot really can't handle his drink.

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