Monday, August 19, 2002

I am now so frigging annoyed. Mum knew the situation with Alison, even know that Alison would ask me to help her. When mum phoned to tell me Alison would be coming round to go on the net, she didn't even warn me.

So I feel horrible. I have broken one of my cardinal rules.... NEVER SNOOP. I did it because a supposedly responsible older person emotionally black mailed me into ding something I find morally irreprehensible. That makes me sad, and also angry at myself for letting her do it.

Mum should never have allowed me to be put in that situation, or at least given me some info on what to expect. Now I have helped someone I don't really like (I think she is a truely awful mum) snoop on a man I 1) hardly know and 2) THINK MAY WELL BE INNOCENT.

And now mum is treating it as a joke. I have done something that I loath people doing to me. I have done something that goes against my religions respect of personal privacy. And mum keeps calling me the arch deciever and the like. This is not a game. This is a relationship. Children are involved.

Why did she put me in that position huh?

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