Friday, August 02, 2002

Happy Birthday Pete. I Hope You Have A Good One.

So Mum has taken her day off today, to coincide with mine. Tony may well be off too. Joy of joys. Thus instead of having nice relaxing day, no hassle, trying to cheer myself up, I am going to be stressed out. I feel physically ill at the prospect. I think I might just go back to bed.

These people, who call themselves my family, restrict what I can look at on the net (i.e. my old fav blogs all of which I haven't read in months), ban me from my own AOL account, snoop in my room when I am not there, read this blog even though I asked them to stop, and hide any evidence I am gay.

Well I have had it up to here *hand is held above his head* with it. They say they have banned me from my fav sites to "protect the twins". Well newsflash I didn't look at porn. Tony does. In fact I found a thing in the My Documents folder which was a cartoon of a man "mowing" a "pussy" entitled "The Best Job In The World". Where the twins could easily see it!!!! The worst Tony ever found was a pic of two fully dressed men kissing. (That was from Closet Boys site a site I can no longer view)

And if I wanted to look at porn, they have no right to stop me. I am 19. I have my own AOL account (JKay8838) which they won't let me use. And then they wonder why I a) run away, b) attempt suicide and c) cut myself (well I used to).

I hate them and I hate all my family. I have had enough of them. My friends and Stephen like my mum. Well they can have her if they want. I am a human being, I have rights. And soon enough my "family" (what a f***ing joke) [I apologise for yesterdays swearing] will know that I am about to go completely apesh*t.

*A Little Later*

Blogger is not loading up this post. :o( This day just gets better and better, does it not?

So reading the Herald today and an 18 year old from Capel, who was a loner, had few friends, had known he was gay since 1998 and who's only joy was attending church was jailed for gay rape (on a 15 year old) this week. I feel like if only there had been a friend for him he probably would never have done such an awful thing. I know there are so many lonely gay men in this town and district (of which Capel is a part). I can only imagine what would have happened to me if my friends hadn't been so great. So many people who need to know that what they are is not wrong, so many people who need a friend.

In other more upbeat news Lee and Tim of Skuba "fame" are opening up a "spiritualist church" at the Portland Hotel (which in their so kind words is "not for backpackers"). This is why I don't like Skuba. It is shallow. It isn't for all people. It is aimed at cool people. Note to Lee and Tim... Folkestone gay population can hardly be called cool. Most of them are "straight" (if you know what I mean) and spend their time cruising. They don't want a prissy bar for freaky "beautiful people" where they can sip cocktails and chat about style. They want a drinking hole where they can down a few beers, chat about the footie and then pick up a shag. Understand?

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