Saturday, August 31, 2002

Wah!! Got work in like 6 minutes.... tomorrow is my day off. Will 1) update site with new fangled pages (a cat page devoted to Millie, Scooby and Angel is definetly in the pipeline!) and 2) go see Jon who I am currently texting with... This means..... sex...... joy!! Sorry but this has been like the longest celibate period of my young life since I was a virgin.

Supposed to be going out to Lucy Langley's birthday BBQ. Me and Laura have made tentative plans to make it as exciting as Sarah's birthday BBQ ("I am not weird... I am gay") Shall be fun.

Must speak to Stephen haven't heard from him in ages.

Ben, and Becky were not out last night. Suspicious. Think I was duped by Benjamin. Hmm....

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