Monday, June 30, 2008

A Weekend In Kent

Saturday Jim and I set off to Kent to visit the parental units. But first we had to get the car washed, and made a return to the Polish hand wash place down in Lewisham. My favourite from last time was topless, proving I was not wrong to assume he had a fabulous body. I'm liking this trend away from automatic car washes to more old fashioned versions... Automatic = bad. Hand wash = porn. Goodness.

Anyhew... we made it to Lympne and settled into the parent's house, Jim did his usual computer fixing whilst I enjoyed watching the boring programmes I dare not watch at home. Jim and Tony went out to get supplies for dinner and bumped into Paul O'Grady at the local farm shop. As you do (he's a local).

We had a lovely BBQ with some gorgeous steaks bought in Greenwich. I mean... really gorgeous. They were scrumilicious.

Saturday night we watched Doctor Who and Big Brother as a family with Beth and her friend Amy chatting NON STOP throughout driving me crazy... AH!!!

Sunday Jim made a humourous error of wondering if there was a fishmongers nearby, which caused my entire family to descend into mocking him... well they do live by the sea, in a fishing town!!! :D George, Jim and I headed into town and went to the harbour to get some fish for dinner and bought some computer games in town. Stopped off at the service station near my parents village to pick up a Starbucks. If I'd known there would be a Starbucks, a HMV and a WHSmith in my village I'd never have moved to London!! :D

Dinner was gorgeous, fish cakes.... Kenyo, those recipes will be on their way soon!!

Good weekend really..


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The Stolen Earth: Doctor Who 4.12

Spoilers are more than a constant threat in this post...

OK guys. I thought that I'd never know true happiness. That perfection, true perfection, was beyond the capacity of human kind. But now I know that I was wrong.

This weekend's episode of Doctor Who was a fanboy's dream. It had:

1) Daleks.
2) Davros
3) Crossovers! The remnants of Torchwood and Sarah Jane and Luke both feature. AWESOME!
4) Blasts from the past. Harriett Jones, former Prime Minister and the Judoon.
5) Links to rest of the series (bees, the Shadow Proclamation)
6) Companions! There was Rose (not so exciting) and MARTHA!! (molto bene!).
7) Action
8) Peril
9) A cliffhanger that is verrrrrrrrrrrry classic who. Sarah Jane and Torchwood face down two sets of Daleks who are preparing to exterminate and the Doctor is regenerating (kind of).

Can it get any better??? YES! The story was well written, the pace intense and some deeply emotional scenes (Harriett Jones, former Prime Minister :( )

Plus John Barrowman was it so plenty of perving allowed.

If I was to fault this in anyway it was that I felt that Martha was sidelined, as always. She is my favourite of the new series companions, although Donna is catching her up. But that is really nitpicking.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and you head does not nearly explode when the Daleks first come over the radio screaming "EXTERMINATE", then I'm afraid you may need to get yourself some therapy. It was truly awesome...

P.S. My guess for the conclusion to the cliffhanger is: Sarah Jane and Torchwood don't get killed and the Doctor regenerates... into himself... thanks to the much seen hand in the jar. Just a guess but if I'm right you all owe me a fiver. If I'm wrong I do not owe you a fiver? Good deal? ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008

More Pchy

Witwisit Hiranyawongkul Again... Well come on... he is beautiful!!

MeMeMEMEEEEEEEE... LOOK AT ME!!!! The Friday 5

Oh Dear Constant Reader, I have nothing exciting to note at the moment beyond the fact I'm slacking on my Thai (unless counting to 10 will allow me to hold a conversation). So it's time for another meme (blame James!!)

The Friday Five

1) what is one thing about you that you hate?

My social awkwardness. I would just love to be one of those people who knows what to say, when to say it and who to say it to just at the right moment. I'm not talking about being a social butterfly, but being able to gain friends quickly. At the moment it takes me weeks of work to make a friend as I awkwardly put out feelers to see if they too would not mind talking to me about rubbish.

2) what is one thing about you that you love?

My imagination. I know, that's a bit intangible. But it's been a constant companion for many years. If I'm bored or alone (like when I'm commuting) I'll be day dreaming away. And it's not sexual fantasy I'm talking about! I really will make up stories in my head... perhaps relating to people around me, perhaps not, and sometimes I'll just imagine some famous singer has walked on the train and started singing their greatest hits (very Ally McBeal-esqe I know, I think Ally McBeal and I would have a lot in common!)

3) if you had to change one thing about you what would it be and why?

It's hard to choose just one thing to change... Sure a complete lifestyle change or body makeover would be great. But one thing... hmmm... Maybe that I had a stronger will power. I am so weak when it comes to diets, shopping etc. The ability to not only say no but also not mind saying no would be welcome!

4) what is one word that you would use to define yourself?


5) imagine what you would look like in a perfect world...what do you look like?

In a perfect world... I'd be 5'8", blonde, slim, maybe a bit like Mitch Hewer with an impeccable dress sense. I would use this new found boyish beauty to sleep my way around the world. ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Luke has tagged me! Nooooo... I've avoided being tagged in one of these meme's for so long, at least since I relaunched this blog three years ago. So let us all firstly boo at Luke for his meanness! Booooooo... ;)

So here we go...

The Rules

-Link the person who tagged you
-State the rules in your blog
-Tell 6 quirks about yourself
-Tag 6 other bloggers
-Leave a comment on the blogs of the people you’ve tagged telling them they’ve been tagged and to go to your blog for details

1) I don't know how tall I am. You may see me write 6'8" one day and 6'10" the other. There's two reasons for this. The first is practical. The last physical I had the nurse was very, very short so we agreed a guess would suffice as there was no way she was going to be able to see the measurement, and I was taller than the ruler anyway...

The second is simply that I don't care. I'm not like one of those people who are 5'11 AND A HALF. Being 6'8" is just as impressive (or not) as 6'10" and so I don't bother seeking out the exact answer.

2) My legs have a life of their own. Jim will tell you that not only do I move my legs CONSTANTLY in a back and forth rhythm that drives him to distraction, I also tend to knock anything freestanding within my legs reach (2 kilometres radius) flying.

3) I pretend my obsessions pass quickly when in fact they linger at the very centre of my being forever. From dinosaurs at the age of 3, through the Sixth Former and MT and down to my current obsession with Pchy.... none of them ever go away.

If you think I don't still know what a parasauralophus is after 22 years, you'd be gravely mistaken. If you didn't think I still spend time every year enquiring as to who the Sixth Former was, then I'm afraid you don't know me at all!

4) Until just a month or so ago I had trouble sleeping if the curtains weren't fully drawn or the door to the room wasn't completely closed. This stemmed from issues arising from the Shadow Man and a rather ghoulish incident involving a room with no curtains and a vengeful former step father. Looks like I'm over it though. Hurrah!

5) Despite not believing in an afterlife, a God nor even anything supernatural (I'm putting the Shadow Man down to a hallucination) I am still superstitious. I cannot pick up a knife if I drop it (thanks for that one Mum... learned behaviour is EVIL). And my over excited imagination is full boogieman in closets and behind curtains. I know... it's weird!

6) I give 5% of my income to charities and causes I believe in. It kind of just happened but now I see it as a way of life. Each one represents a thing that makes me happy.

WWF: Nature
War on Want: A move to end great suffering across the world
Amnesty: Freedom
The Lib Dems: An imperfect but well meaning attempt to bring liberal values to the country.

I always add an extra charity or two whenever I get a pay rise, keeping the 5% rule.


I don't do tags on others... just as I don't pass on chain letters nor send on idiotic emails (if you don't send this to 2 million people in five minutes you'll DIE!). But as a general rule, if you are reading this... you ar TAGGED!


Today has been an awful day at work, so far. Which is weird as it's quiet, and I'm not busy. But I would say today has been one of the worst working days for me.

The customers have been so nasty, and for no good reason. Sure I only take the bad calls now since I stopped doing any other work which might explain the meanness. I have just got off the phone from a Scottish lady, reporting a problem with her order a month after delivery!! She was so sarcastic and rude I almost cried. And I've had far worse than her. I just stopped and told her off for talking to me like that. That shut her up thankfully but I don't think she quite understood that she had been acting like a bitch. And I don't normally let customers get to me like that.

And fraudsters have been calling all day. I wish I could get rid of them by going "Look, I know you're a fraudster so just get off the phone". But of course I can't, I just have to do a merry dance with them acting like they are proper customers. Which drives me crazy.

And the stupid questions I've been getting all day from colleagues. AHHHH!

I was so positive yesterday but today I feel like rubbish. Grr....

Bill O'Reilly's Malign Influence Reaches The Shores Of The United Kingdom

Man the barricades! Call up the TA! Bill O'Reilly's coming!

The other night Jim and I were watching telly when an advert came on for Heinz Deli spreads. It was a fairly normal advert, the premise of which was that by using the deli spread the Mum was emulating a New York deli chef. To illustrate this the Mum's place was taken by a stereotypical New Yorker in a chef's outfit making lunch for the kids and husband.

It was clever, as clever as an advert can get anyway, and watchable. At the end, for humourous purposes, the husband goes to live and the deli chef asks for his goodbye kiss. Which was a very light smooch. Jim and I laughed and I thought nothing more of it.

Seems Bill O'Reilly, in a country that the advert wasn't even shown in, was disturbed by this show of affection. Some people it would seem have trouble understanding the subtle nuances of advertising. Some crazy people thought the advert was in support of gay marriage. Bless them, for their stupidity.

So the advert has been pulled thanks to him and 220 complaints from messed up folks. They think this is disturbing? I'll tell you what is disturbing... the NSPCC adverts. This was just funny.

What really gets me about this advert is Heinz feel it's ok to use gay material for humour but are not prepared to defend the advert when the crazy homophobes appear. Either put up or shut up. If you can't stand the heat Heinz, don't go stirring up trouble!!!

I like companies that are brave enough to be different... and stand by their campaigns. I can't stand companies that are sooooo profit driven they don't care what they do in their search for profit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Labour Solve Homophobia Problem: Gays Be Discreet!!

I wasn't going to mention the disgusting story about Jacqui Smith that has come out this week. Mainly because Liberal Conspiracy says all that needs to be said.

But I couldn't keep silent when I saw this quote:

Yesterday the Tories added to the chorus of criticism of Jacqui Smith.

Stephen Crabb MP said:

"The Iranian regime has a dreadful track-record when it comes to the treatment of homosexuals and other minority groups and is more than willing to use torture and the death sentence to punish offenders.

"Asking minorities to live their lives discreetly is to give in to the tyrants and bullies who sustain their positions through fear and coerced conformity.

"It demonstrates both an unelevated view of the importance of human rights and cowardice in championing our own system of values."

This is from the Tories???? THE TORIES???? I knew it... I've fallen into an alternate dimension.

Anyway... I think we should ship Jacqui Smith to Iraq and tell her to be discreet about being the British Home Secretary. Grr...

Dear Constant Reader Meet My Future Husband

He's not far off 20, so I'll give him a couple more years before we settle down... ;)

More pictures of Pchy (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul) can be found from today's yoinkee

The "Doesn't The Internet Make You Scared Of Going Out Your Door Sometimes" Post

spEak You're bRanes - Focussed mainly on some of the more retarded posters on the BBC's Have Your Say site

Fundies Say the Darndest Things! - Your brain shall explode if you read more than one page of this in one sitting.

Evolved and Rational - An atheist deals as best she can with more religious craziness...

Call centre workers Facebook group - I know that there are plenty of stories of bad customer service, but I find bad customer stories far more therapeutic. Read the posts on their discussion board and I dare you not to weep.

The Darwin Awards - An oldie but goldie. Honestly if this does not prove to you that us humans are just stupid animals and not divinely created beings then I feel you are missing the point.

Computer Stupidities - Even for those of us who only dabble with computer tech, this site will make your eyes bleed. My favourite:

I work for the computer help desk of a large university. One of our more memorable clients is infamous for what I can only describe as techno-paranoia. The last time she called to tell us we were going to have to do something about the "Internet Communists." She was convinced that they were getting into her PC through her television and putting typographical errors in her word processing files. "They weren't there before," she insisted, "and I don't make those kinds of mistakes!"

Reminds me of so many customers I've dealt with. So many of them claim that our company gets their postcode wrong. When I point out, as politely and diplomatically as possible, that we don't enter their postcode but they do, they claim that that is impossible.

A long time ago at TVW I remember hearing my least favourite colleague (Dear Constant Readers may remember David C) say to a customer who had just said "I don't make mistakes" the following ill advised gem:

DC: "Have you got a pencil there Sir?"
Cust: "Yes"
DC: "Does it have a rubber on the end of it Sir?"
Cust: "Yes"
DC: "Why do you have a pencil with a rubber on the end if you don't make mistakes?"

Shut the customer up anyway...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Is She After????

"hello jay jay u ok it's ur likkle sis beth i miss u and hope u come home soon i luv u loads and hope u had a fad b'day i hope all ur wishes came true mine certainly did and that was seeing u i was so glad to see ur happy face when u blew out ur candles nd i hope u can come down soon ur blue room is ready and waiting for u
(by the way lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve ur jacket soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo retro

any ways g2g ove u lot's and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

love ur
likkle sis

I had to cut down the o's and xo's... they went on for quite some time...

I Want That One!

Yoinked from World Asian Beauty

Doctor Who: The Lite Episodes

Sorry for missing some reviews again. Naughty Jae!

First up we had "Midnight", the Donna-lite episode of the season. This featured the Doctor heading off on a tourist trip and ending up finding trouble. No surprise there then! The episode was "ship in a bottle" esqe featuring paranoia and group psychology as the broken down tour "bus" is attacked by something unknown and manipulative.

Now this episode was very good in parts but suffered from high "boredom" factor at some points and a predictability when it comes to the reactions of the terrified travellers who begin to make stupid decisions.

I won't be watching this one again.

Then we have this week's episode "Turn Left" which is the Doctor-lite episode of the season and is an interesting (if some what cliche) look at the concept of those "what if" moments in life. In this case the seemingly meaningless choice for Donna of turning left (and meeting the Doctor) or right (and causing the end of the world, possibly universe). It went back over some of the key moments in Doctor Who since the "Runaway Bride" but these events are shown from the perspective of Donna who lives in a world in which the Doctor is now dead, because he never met her.

It was actually quite good, if slightly slow to get going.

I won't give away any more plot details but the episode marks the proper return of Rose, who is just as glum and annoying as ever. Bring back Martha is what I say. Pardon? They are bringing her back next episode plus: Jack, Sarah Jane, more Rose, Luke and the other SJA crew and Gwen and Ianto???? Wow! Could it get more crowded? Daleks and the End of the Universe too???

Me thinks this is either going to be rubbish or the most awesome thing in the entire of creation. A bit like Donna... :D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Say It Best, When I Say Nothing At All.

This comment about the findings of a recent "gay brain" study says all I had privately thought.

Growing Up

I forget that the twins are growing up so quickly. I remember them as babies, first holding them in my arms one snowy morning in 1996 in Maidstone Hospital. And I've not always been there for them as a big brother, caught up so much in my own growing up experience.

But now they are 12 years old. They are no longer just my little sister and brother. They are becoming adults.

George set up his own Facebook profile today which kind of hammered home how much they are starting to change. And how much I adore Beth and George (despite all their faults!).

Firstly George's about me section:

"my name is george with a totaly cool brother called jae!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'll forgive his failure to capitalise and spell, mainly because I believe it may be the best About Me I've seen anywhere on the net ;)

And then he's got some weird picture as his profile picture, suggests on his profile he likes drumming, horses, the X-Box 360 and girls and joined the group "Remembering Lawrence King (Murdered Because He was Gay.)."

I know, I know, this is going to sound silly. But I hardly ever think of George (or Beth) as an interesting individual. They are just my little brother and sister. I need to change my views on them... I need to start treating them like the adults they are going to become.

God, I'm sounding old today...

Friday, June 20, 2008


Alexandria was removed from the Big Brother house as a birthday present to myself. I slipped Big Brother a couple of pounds to arrange it. It made my day. A new house mate enters the house today.

There is a guy at work who I feel so sorry for. He has never done customer service before, and his degree (a good one) is in microbiology (he's on holiday here, so don't complain that degrees don't get you good jobs ;) ). He's very smart, and very articulate.

Sadly he has one minor flaw. His honesty and willingness to treat customers as grown ups. He tries to reason with them, as if they are reasonable people. He is polite, and even sympathetic. But he also expects his customers to act like an adult.

This is unreasonable expectation, but it fills me with joy to hear him trying to explain to a customer that although he appreciates that the goods were 5 minutes late, there is little reason for them getting so very angry when they could discuss it like civilised people. It is a wonder that he is not so jaded by working in service that he can still hold out hope for an intelligent conversation.

Bless him. I like that optimistic attitude. It makes me think there might be some hope for humanity yet.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My birthday hat!

I love birthday hats!

At Waterloo Napoléon Did Not Surrender

Instead he got his arse kicked on this day 193 years ago. But he did not surrender... Also on this day in the past... Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic and in another blow for women's liberation, in 1983 (a good year!), Sally Ride became the first American woman in space. Winston Churchill made his June 18th speech and on the very same day Charles De Gaulle made his appeal to the French people and launched the French Resistance.

Why am I mentioning this? Why it's as a subtle way of getting to the fact that also on this day a quarter of a century ago, in the old Maidstone Hospital, one Baby Kay was born at 11.26pm 18th June 1983.

This year work can't possibly forget it's my birthday like they usually do... Arwen (I guess as no one is here yet but she has been dropping excited hints) has decorated my area of the office with Happy Birthday Jason signs and bunting. Gotta love that.

As is standard check out Jae's birthdays past...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Euro 2008 Experiment: The End

After my last update I lost both matches. So no more money left. Game over. :(

Internet No Like Jae

The internet went down at home last night. This has made me realise just how addicted to the net I am. I go from Plurk to Facebook and through my blog list and just go round again when I'm finished. How sad... must try to wean myself off of net.

I walked to work without any idea of the news this morning, which meant I was a lot more careful than usual... you never know when the zombie invasion will begin, or a plague will ravage London. Gotta keep your wits about you (hence why I need CONSTANT internet access... paranoia is a wonderful thing...). Noticed a 20th Century Fox film crew setting up on the Albert Embankment. If they are still there tomorrow I'll investigate further.

More proof homosexuality is predetermined. I think it's great scientists persevere with these studies despite the fact homophobes will never accept them, and homosexuals kinda already know the results... it just shows human curiosity is endless.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

On Saturday Jim and I headed down to Lympne to see the family. We had a nice lazy day hanging around the parents house, saw Doctor Who (review later on Dreaming of Chong Nonsi) and had a family gathering around the telly to watch Big Brother.

We stayed the night in "my room" (lies, it's George's former room and no matter how often Mum refers to it as my room I will not accept it ;) )

The next day was lazy to start off with, with Jim being rather too helpful around the house. Gave Tony his father's day gift and card (a Greek phrase book to feed his continuing Crete obsession and a £10 Waterstone's voucher).

Rather late in the afternoon the family began to arrive. Uncle Nick and Auntie Martine came bring with them Rhys (the first of the birthdayers, 16 on Tuesday, and he is now getting huge as is the Kay way. Wow.), Fran, Nan (the second of the birthdayers, she turned 70 on Friday), Great Aunt Joy and Auntie Shena (a relative of my Grandad). Then Uncle Graham turned up, which was an unexpected surprise; he doesn't often grace us with his prescence.

Of course there was also Mum, Tony, Jim, Beth and George plus me (the third and final birthdayer who is 19 for the 7th time on Wednesday). Tony put the BBQ on and a very large meal was had by all, supplemented by Jim's rather delicious potato and crab meat salad thingy. Yum.

After stuffing our face with that we then had the birthday cakes, plus other desserts. My families eyes are far larger than their stomachs.

Presents were good, I was pleased to make my Nan angry with the nice voucher we got her for M&S (in my family it's seen as a mission to annoy others by giving too much).

I thought I escaped this practice but as well as my Stephen King book (Blaze), Mum also slipped £40 into my card. Sneaky. I was not amused. She has this thing about spoiling me, and I don't like it.

But a good day was had by all and for once I wasn't chomping at the bit to escape. We had some good funny family stories (such as my Grandads rather awesome last car drive through London before his death... it involved a crash, fire and a missed plane).

Good to see everyone, and I'm annoyed to now be here back at work. Grr...

Friday, June 13, 2008

David Davis Continued

Lot's of posts... can you tell I'm bored at work. I'm going to Kent for the weekend which should give you a break.

I don't like David Davis and I hate the Tory party. Just take a look at this post to see multiple reasons to not like David Davis.

But despite this, even despite his homophobia and support for 28 day detention, I am a firm supporter of David Davis's campaign against the 42 day detention. He is drawing a line in the sand and saying "No more". Even those of us who have drawn the line way off to the left of him and way back a couple of years are still behind him and opposed to the authoritarian state... and can support his attempt to stop a worsening of the situation.

If he wins then he gets back into Parliament and the actual make up of Parliament stays the same. If he loses then we progressives, liberals and libertarians may as well abandon hope for liberty.

It's a clear choice, and I've decided to put my hopes in Mr Davis igniting a flame in the hearts of the majority who support the 42 day detention and change their opinions during what shall be a well publicised campaign.

On a related note one of the most stupid arguments, and intellectually redundant ones, in favour of 42 day detention that I've seen goes along the following lines.

"The police want 42 day detention. We should trust the police. So we should give them this power."

Now to me this is fairly obviously stupid. The police are around for a very good reason; the maintenance of peace and order. They are not there to make laws, they are there to enforce them. Just like any organisation, even Parliament, we cannot put 100% faith in their actions and desires. Police, for quite obvious reasons, would love to have as much power as possible. Not because they are evil, but because to them it would be the most efficient way to do their job. That is why we have the CPS, and the Justice Department, to help ensure some prospective is given to their desires. They are not wrong, but someone needs to ensure they don't get too over enthusiastic with their desire to protect us from even the possibility of harm.

There's another good post at the same blog as above regarding how the police like to do things. The police are only human beings, subject to the same stupidity as the rest of the population (including myself!), and thus we should ensure their power over others is limited to only that which is absolutely necessary.

And finally... I hate people who discriminate against atheists. Those of us who follow the theory of evolution (which is not all atheists before a fundie arrives!) are often tarnished with the criticism "well evolution led to Eugenics, thus you are a Nazi". Now this blog posts an article entitled "Atheism as a cover for racism".

The article itself mentions the BNP, who "defend Christian Britain". This is taken, quite rightly, to be an underhand racist reference against Asians (and others!). Exactly what on Earth does this have to do with atheism? No actual quotes are given to support the "atheism as racism" argument. Grr... and worse still when I think of believers, I sure as hell don't think of Asians or Africans. I think of white Brits and Americans. Sure I'm happy to occasionally be more ethniccaly diverse and rally against foreign Muslim fundamentalists or the homophobic Anglicans of Africa. But in doing so I am not referring to their race, I referring to their stupidity. This does not infer all Muslims, Asians, Africans nor even Pacific Islanders are stupid (just as the fact I think of white fundamentalists when I think of fundies mean I infer all white people are stupid). It infers that those who subscribe blindly to hate should be opposed whether they exist in this country or pedal their disturbing wares abroad.

OK all of the above is a bit of a lie. I think everyone is stupid. But that's specieist not racist. But you get my point.

What A Wonderful World

I've been following the trial of these young murderers for a while. It's a sadly all too believeable story of two young people being brutally attacked for no apparent reason.

The judges closing words on the original trial moved me greatly, so harsh were they. I have to admit they were more reserved than I would have been. I do not believe in the death penalty but in this case I really do think life should mean life. No one who could possibly do that sort of thing, even though they are so young, should ever been allowed into the public sphere again.

I can at least get a narrative understanding of "planned" or "opportunist" murders. There's a sick and twisted reason behind those. But random, I mean truly random, attacks such as this baffle me. Were these boys really so filled with hatred of "others" that they were willing to go that extra leap from abuse to murder? Or were they just so mentally warped that there was no reason at all? I just can not begin to comprehend their actions.

And now there is this murder in a supermarket. So someone abuses you in a car park. Do you:

1) Call the police as you felt it was so terrible that it warranted further action
2) Walk away, it wasn't so bad as to need the police and you'll survive.
3) Get your husband to go up to this man in a supermarket and "pay him back"?

Personally I'd always do number 2, unless the situation was very severe. But the lady involved stupidly did 3. And her husband got the wrong man. Just went up to a stranger, didn't even question the man as to why he abused his wife (or obviously confirm with his wife that he'd got the right bloke) and punched him so hard in the face that he died.

I hope they go down for a long, long time. Stupid x 2 plus violence = deserve a nice long spell at Her Majesty's pleasure.

Honestly if Jim was abused, I'd be angry, but if Jim wanted retribution I'd be smart enough to counsel that he contact the police immediately. Hot headed violence leads no where but jail.

My Most Stupid Customer Ever

Today someone called and was rather angry. They asked to speak to a manager and so, lucky me, they come through to my line whilst I was busy enjoying BBC News. The audacity astonishes me!

Their complaint: they had ordered a M&S voucher from us and the item they had bought using this voucher was now faulty. I politely asked if they had, perhaps, contacted the company they purchased the item from?

No. It was not their job to do that.

When I informed them that we simply sold the voucher and once that voucher had been used, and their transaction complete, our responsibility for what happened from then on was negligible.

They did not like this at all.

They moaned on for 10 minutes about it. I couldn't really believe it. It truly astounded me the sheer stupidity and laziness of this one individual. Thus it reminded me why I need to find that new job asap.

P.S. Customer gave up arguing in the end, as they realised I was simply not going to engage in a debate and just agreed with them on every point bar the actual responsibility of the company. Customers hate it when you agree with them. She went away and shouldn't ever bother me again. Learning a little pop psychology sure helps in this job.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two News Stories Of Interest

Firstly, the latest season of Big Brother is getting some good write ups. I have to agree this has been a much better start than last years boring season and a couple of others were pretty dire. Let's hope it stays interesting.

Secondly, and more importantly, David Davis has resigned from the Shadow Cabinet and as a MP. What makes this announcement even more interesting is he has done so, supposedly, over the issue of civil liberties and the 42 day detention scenario.

I say supposedly, because I remain cynical of Tory politicians. But I hope I'm wrong and wish him very well indeed if he really is taking a moral stand.

My political outlook has changed completely as of yesterday. I was a Lib Dem who was willing to give the Brown Government the benefit of the doubt over most issues. I was hoping the 42 day detention bill would be thrown out of the Commons, and I was praying this would lead to some serious changes in the outlook of the Cabinet.

As of today, I'm now a Lib Dem who is not going to give tacit support to the Brown Government. I am going to try to go up to Henley and do some leafletting for the Lub Dems if I can and I'm willing to face the prospect of a Tory Government after the next election if it means reversals to various draconian pieces of legislation Blair and Brown have brought in.

Of course I doubt the Tories would want to remove the legislation. It's the kind of thing that's right up their street, and I suspect their opposition is more politically motivated than based on any sort of support of freedom. But one can dream!

Let's hope the Lib Dems take Henley but give a clear run for David Davis in Haltemprice and Howden (as long as he agrees to getting little support from the Conservative Party).

Yes guys, that's right... you just heard me offering some kinder words than usually about the Tories. You know Labour has gotten itself into trouble when I'm starting to warm to the Tories.


Oh my, the Labour party supporters surely can't dig themselves any deeper? Oh yes they can.

This has been a quite extraordinary day. We began with it [42 days] apparently being a problem for Gordon Brown... Before we know it we have Tory division and confusion... David Davis sounded slightly unhinged.

Way to not score political points there.

Lee McQueen Wins The Apprentice

In a shocking, but pleasant, result Lee McQueen managed to clinch a job with "Surallan". Hunkiest Apprentice winner yet? Oh yes... Sure he lied on his CV but hey, I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating biscuits!!

Euro 2008 Experiment: Mixed Bag

The first match between Portugal and Czech Republic went my way but the second match didn't. Nevertheless, thanks to some good odds, I'm still up and have put £17.50 on each of the two favourites today.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So hopefully you all are aware (if you're British at least) that tonight sees the vote on the Government's latest piece of illiberal legislation.

Reading the Nick Robinson's BBC Blog I almost spat out my Diet Coke upon reading his take on what Gordon Brown hopes from the vote.

He wants tonight's vote to be the first symptom in the story of his recovery. The moment in which he is seen no longer as a ditherer but as a principled leader who took a stand.

Now obviously this isn't Gordon Brown saying this, but if that is how Gordon Brown feels then he has lost even the last gasp of my support for him. A draconian piece of legislation would mark his administration's recovery??? Maybe a bit like the Reichstag Fire Decree marked the upturn for the Nazi regime just as it's support began to wane?

And this piece of legislation would show him to be a principled leader??? The mere fact that this piece of legislation is set before Parliament is a sign he is severely lacking in the principles department.

We are selling out to the fear of terrorism... grr...

The Euro 2008 Experiment: A Fresh Start

So with the aid of my spur of the moment £5 bet (taken from my first winnings on the original £4 bet) on Spain, my experiment limped on another day...

Spain won, so I put all the money onto Sweden. And they won too! Woo... leaving me with the grand total of £24.05.

I've split that up on today's games, £12 each. Fingers crossed today goes well!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alexandria OUT!

The little evil threesome that is Alexandria, Sylvia and Dennis have struck again in the Big Brother house.

Alexandria flew into a manic bitch fit at several members of the house over some badly cooked chips. Sylvia showed her two faced side. And Dennis was on top bitching and mocking form whilst the three of them were gathered around the bath, like three witches around a cauldron.

Honestly, I think Alexandria has issues. Big issues, and she needs to get out of the house and deal with them. She is a snob, a bitch and a nasty piece of work. Get her out!!

Big Brother did tell her off for bullying, and at one point it was quite clear that even the voice of Big Brother doesn't like her so much.

Please get her out.

Big Brother: He's Got A DISABILITY!!!

I honestly don't know how Mikey felt about Mario's outburst, perhaps he takes this sort of thing in his stride, but it made me very uncomfortable.

Mikey, in case you don't know, is the first ever blind housemate on Big Brother. He has a job, as a radio producer, and appears to be a lively individual with plenty of friends.

So when Mario began his rant about how Mikey takes priority over everything because of his disability I felt slightly confused. Mikey is blind, not mentally disabled or physically incapable of doing things himself. Sure he might need some friendly assistance, but I wonder how he feels about being treated like a child. Personally I also think it was bloody wrong to put Mikey and his blindness at the centre of an argument.

Perhaps he does accept this kind of thing in the spirit it was meant. It's obvious Mario means no malice, nor does he mean to condescend. He is concerned for a friend. But I can't believe people still react to people with a disability in this way.

Maybe it's because I was used to being around the mentally and physically disabled (thanks to my families line of work) from a very young age that makes me feel very uncomfortable about this sort of treatment.

What do you guys think? Another thing that really annoys me is the way some of them speak to Mikey, as if he was a "bit slow", as they say. Being blind does not suddenly lower someone's ability to comprehend language. Grr... rant over...

Here's an interesting article about the reaction to Mikey's blindness...

Euro 2008 Experiment: Disaster!

So France went and drew against Romania and the Netherlands thrashed Italy meaning I lost both matches!!!

Thankfully I made a mistake a couple of days ago which means I'm still in the game... I had beat £5 of my winnings on Spain, who play today, accidentally. So all my hopes rest on Spain tonight, if they don't win then I am buggered.

And so early on as well... d'oh!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Blog Post? Already???

So along with the increase in blog posts around here, other things are happening in my life. I’m applying for new jobs in a bid to increase my salary, some of these jobs are offering silly money for a position exactly the same as the one I am in currently. That is a good sign. And customer service is not a part of the business world likely to be too adversely affected in any downturn. Sure there will be less jobs, but there will still be jobs going. My dream of changing jobs to something that interests me more has been placed on hold. I have a better dream now, and all I want is a job which will help fund that dream. If it pays more, then count me in! And a change will do me good. I’ve been looking at CVs today and there are all from people my age and I have far better employment histories than them… so I don’t feel so bad about moving on after 3 years here.

At the same time I am doing my utmost to work out ways of making even more money, from gambling (see my Euro 2008 experiment) through paid consumer surveys and even crazy competition applying (50 competitions entered this weekend).

Sadly my moral stand against too many adverts on blogs is going out the window. Once I’ve settled on an advertising programme that is not too intrusive (I hate those sites that have Google ads between their posts and stuff) I will be adding it to my blog. I apologise to you, Dear Constant Reader, for this capitalist invasion of this personal diary but I promise to try to put any money earned to good use. But those reading this via a feed reader do not worry… I will not be doing that annoying thing of “more after the cut off” that is becoming increasingly common on other feeds in order to force readers to visit the actual website. That is silly from a “reader relations” view point and I am just very thankful to you for reading!

And in great news… I am really losing weight. Last week I discovered I had gone down a notch on my belt. Today I found that, although not quite so comfortably, I’m down another notch!!! I haven’t had any alcohol in weeks (a couple of pints since getting back from holiday), and chocolate is now becoming a warm and fuzzy, but distant, memory. And yes I am still eating! 3 meals a day, and good meals too!

So there you have it guys… changes are in the air…

Things to do this month:

1) Be up to a “tourist” level of Thai speaking by end of the month (greetings, numbers, dates, basic questions and answers).
2) Apply for at least 20 new jobs.
3) Start actually using my savings account.
4) Spend as little money as humanly possible.
5) Lose a stone by the end of the month
6) Pretend that I am not 25 this month. Let’s call it 19 + 6.

The Euro 2008 Experiment

So on Friday I logged into my Betfair account, and finding I had 4 pounds there I placed a bet on the Czech Republic to win their Euro 2008 match on Saturday. Winning that, I also bet on the other game that day. And won.

Sunday I "reinvested" those winnings into the two games played and won both times again.

So I'm now on £30 odd pounds and so I thought I'd start a little experiment.

Using Betfair I am going to place bets on every Euro 2008 game, always choosing the favourite to win (regardless of my heart's desire), and see if I can make some money.

The rules are:

1) I can't add any further money to my Betfair account beyond the initial £4 that was there to start with.
2) I must always bet on the favourite to win. No strange bets on the correct score or on the Asian Handicap
3) I invest all winnings, split evenly over each days games, to the nearest pound. I must do this the day before the games to get the best odds. No hedging my bets.
4) I keep playing until I am out of money (have less than the minimum £2 bet in my account) or until the final.
5) If my winnings go above £200 (keep dreaming Jae) I must cash £100 to my bank account immediately and then play again with the remaining £100.

As this game is only going to effectively cost me £4 I have no problems with following these rules... I'll give daily updates on my progress.

Wish me luck!

Who's The Biggest Bitch In Big Brother?

So it's been a few days and people are beginning to show their true colours. Firstly an apology...

I thought Luke was going to be terribly annoying, but he hasn't been so bad and seems a lot more intelligent than I had given him credit for. So I apologise for the my knee jerk dislike.


Alexandria: Wow. She is even more arrogant and nasty than I had imagined. She is a very cynical, difficult and unlikeable individual. She is my number one dislike. I hope she does something really awful and get's thrown out. She's a self important arse.

Dennis: This one goes between "horrible" camp displays (I love campness, but this campness is the wrong side of "bitch") and morose bitching. If he isn't dancing you'll find him sitting in a small group, looking like he is sucking on a lemon whilst bad mouthing anyone who isn't there. Get him out, he is making the self obsessed Dale and Stephanie look likeable in comparison!!!

Sylvia: Is a mini me version of Alexandria but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt as I think Alexandria is a very bad influence.

So those three are my least favourite contestants and I hope to see the back of them as quickly as possible... sadly none of them are up for eviction as Mario, Lisa, Luke and Stephanie failed their task. This was mainly due to Stephanie being a terrible actress and not exactly being interested in winning. I hope she goes simply as I think the other three tried a lot harder to stay in.

And then there is Michael. I don't agree with the bookies who have him as a favourite. Don't get me wrong... I think he is great! But after the last few days I get the impression a few more weeks of him will really rub people up the wrong way.

Finally... Kathreya!!! Oh my God... she is "Hirrrrrrrrarious" as she would say. Cookie power!!! And she is so nice, spending her time talking about how such and such person isn't all that bad when others are bad mouthing them. Love her. She has a lot of "dinity". ;)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Contenders READY!

Remember Saturday evenings on ITV? Do you remember Gladiators? Oh it was great... muscular men, determined contestants and, of course, John Anderson as referee. Well it's back... on Sky One. I vaguely heard about it's revival but decided to avoid it in case it ruined my memories of the good ol' days. And also... I have issues with Sky (well with Rupert Murdoch and his news empire's homophobia).

How wrong I was to avoid it! I caught some adverts this week showing the lovely Atlas and decided "Hey, I'll give this a go". Brilliant, just as good as it used to be! I know, this is not exactly high brow or worthy television.

But it is fun!

Now I can sleep easy with dreams of a Gladiator sandwich...

What's A Doctor Who Fan To Do In 2009?

So firstly we should all be aware that Doctor Who is taken a break next year and instead of a series there shall be 4 (including the Christmas episode) special episodes instead.

Fine I thought... there's still Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

But now we find out that Torchwood series 3 will only be 5 episodes and may only last a week!!

2009 is going to be a Doctor Who drought!!

Please explain...

Ignoring what this Reverend is saying, which is pretty stupid (I'm sure the many charities and local Governments would be shocked to hear that the Church of England is the main source of welfare in this country), what on Earth is she wearing?

A dog collar with an open, bare neck?? Surely this defeats the point? She looks like some sort of porn star in a terribly bad porn movie. I have never been to church so maybe this is how it's always been, but I can't help thinking it's not exactly becoming of a Reverend.

Anyway... the reason for the interview is this story, in which the Church of England cries out to be listened to. "Muslims have special rights etc. etc.".

Well here's what I say... the Government should not pander to religion. It's time to disestablish the Church of England and free them to do what they do best (answers on a postcard...). And then the Government can also stop listening to unelected Muslim "leaders" and start treating people as individuals rather than "groups".

Personally I think that's a fair thing to do.

Creature Feature

My favourite creature in the whole of the current natural world is the Great White Shark. Indeed I love it more than frogs, tigers and even old world monkeys. I have been obsessed with them since I was very young, and I remember my most favourite possession as a child was my giant shark book.

That picture above is the best picture I've ever seen of one of these beautiful creatures. It takes my breath away with it's beauty. I used to have it as my desktop at work until they decided everyone should have a "corporate" background (yawn... let's turn everyone into drones...). Gorgeous. I am desperate to see one in the wild, that would be truly amazing.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

There Goes My Fiver, Cheers Hillary!

Yeah, Hillary just cost me a fiver! How inconsiderate...

But honestly, it is a shame. I was a Clinton supporter, possibly because I've watched Commander In Chief too many times and was hoping Hillary would morph into Geena Davis at some point. But Obama will do well enough I'm sure, and hey even McCain beats Bush hands down.

I have just one problem with Obama... his religion. No one really believed Hillary when she said she was a praying person. But Obama... he really is a believer. And hopefully there'll be nothing wrong with that. Maybe after 8 years of Bush and his Christian Presidency, I'm just a bit suspicious of someone so into God.

Hey... it's America. What was I expecting? A progressive humanist?? HA! We should just be thankfully the Democratic candidate is a tolerant, progressive Christian and not a crazy fundie.

Forest Of The Dead: Doctor Who 4.09

Well last weeks episode was brilliant and it was going to be a hard act to follow. But follow it they did and what a conclusion!!

We have lots of running about, the scariest monsters either featured in Doctor Who (the Vashta Nerada, they are completely invisible, feed like piranhas and live in shadows), the saddest last 10 minutes since Human Nature last season, and a conclusion where EVERYBODY LIVES! Yay... makes a nice change!

River Song was a brilliant character and worthy of being the Doctor's wife. The supporting cast's acting was high quality. The exterior shots for the library were of such a good quality that I have to believe they are the best special effects in Doctor Who since it began all the way back in 1963.

Marvelous, simply marvelous.

However... I have to say I'm not looking forward to the end of the season. I love Donna, and based on both what has been said in the show, and some spoilers, I get the feeling we are not going to have a happy ending to her story. Plus I'm not a big Rose fan. She was a great character whilst she was around but I was glad when she was gone. And of course she's back, stealing the limelight from Martha (who I miss terribly) and Donna (who I'm going to miss terribly).

And after the Last of the Time Lords, I'm worried this season ending won't be even sillier.

Oh well... I'm not making the show, and if the final show has got David Tennant in it, it can't fail to be fun.

A Slapper Never Changes Her Knickers

So just when we thought "Yippee, that horrible Reverend Paisley is no longer First Minister of Northern Ireland", it is made quite clear to us that whilst there is a change in leadership, the DUP is still the same old backward, skygod loving, and deeply offensive party it has always been.

The wife of the new First Minister has gone on record as calling homosexuality an abomination. Now whilst I might not agree with a police investigation of her comments (what a waste of police time, if they are going to start policing crazy skygod believers delusions they aren't going to have much time for real police work) I do think her husband should either distance himself from them or come out as a loony, religious bigot just like her (and Rev. Paisley).

These people are weird enough to make even a patriotic Brit like me think "Hmm... Sinn Fein can't be all bad" or "Northern Ireland, what is it good for again?" It's the 21st Century and the people of Northern Ireland are still electing people based on their religious delusions rather than on their merits for the job (unlike the rest of the UK where we vote people in based on the fact they are not Conservative rather than on their merits). I just hope that someday soon a secular, sensible party (that rules out most of the parties in the Assembly then...) gets the chance to show them what a real Government is like.

I know I for one shan't be spending any time or money visiting that province whilst it remains the most racist, homophobic and intolerant part of our Union.

In similar news from the last few days Tony Blair falls off the deep end and promotes religion as the solution to the world's problems. Hmm... personally I think the solution to the world's problems will begin to come about when people start making their religion a private matter, and not something for a secular Government to concern itself with. Imagine that... a world where fairytales aren't forced upon Governments by overexcited believers and thus then forced down the throats of innocents non-believers. Imagine the Governments of the world ceasing to worry about religion and starting to worry about... poverty, disease, education... the list goes on.

Forest Gate

In search of a new eBay purchase Jim and I headed north of the river.


After quite a bit of getting lost and calling the seller we finally arrived in what turned out to be the middle of Forest Gate. (just off Green Street)

I have never been to that part of London before and I have to say... wow. It was like being in a different country... some mad cross between the Middle East, South Asia and the Caribbean.

I felt a bit sad for the folks living there, hanging around in their little cultural niche. It's a shame really... but hey great if you want to have a curry, explore the amazing "Veg., Non Veg. Restaurant" (whatever that is) or just experience a little bit of a different culture without the expensive flights.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Brother's Missing Dermot

Just watching Big Brother's Little Brother. I find Zezi Ifore to be quite fake and annoying, and George Lamb to be fairly same old, same old. I think he was produced in the Channel 4 quirky, English TV presenters of the noughties factory.

It's just not the same without Dermot O'Leary and I think it was a mistake to continue the show without him. It would of been a good opportunity to create a new format mid evening show.

Alas... anyway... I'm getting a bit bored of the over use of previous BB housemates. Last night's Big Brother Launch Night Project was ok, but that was more than enough Nikki for anyone. To have her and 29 other housemates appear on BBLB is a bit much. There are the past.... focus more on the current housemates!!!

Hmm... Dale is not actually as hot as I thought he was. Good.. he's too annoying to be attractive.

Note to housemates: calling yourself flamboyant or eccentric means you are neither.

Scrapheap Challenge drops Llewellyn

I can't believe it... Robert Llewellyn is Mr Scrapheap Challenge. He brought just the right mix of zany enthusiasm and downright disdain.

Such a shame...

Kathreya Rocks My Socks

Best Big Brother contestant of the last two years, Kathreya, proves her worth once again... from Digital Spy's BB Updates

11:08: Mohamed tells Kathreya that she reminds him of a Pokemon character. Delightedly, she thrusts a fist in the air as she declares herself to hold "cookie powers".

I think she must forever be known as Cookiechu.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Big Brother 9 Launch

I used to love Big Brother, but over the last couple of years I've lost interest. Tonight I made a decision to at least watch the first show of the latest season (has it really been 9 years??? I feel so old!!). Let's see what we get.

Big Brother's Official Site
BB9 Wiki

It's nice to see Davina has decided not to be pregnant this year. As they showed the auditions I thought; there are so many people weirder than me.

This years theme is Zero Tolerance. BB has a jail, and solitary confinement this year. Interesting... Lot's of rules. Hmm... two very different bedrooms, one plush and one harsh.

16 housemates? Wow. One of them has gotta be fit...

I like the new diary room chair. Here we go...

Lisa and Mario.

A couple?? I hate the booing... why on Earth do they boo people they've never even seen before? They seem nice..


A student who doesn't drink or do drugs and wears suits? Oh dear... *WARNING*WEIRDO*WARNING*. He says his friends say he looks like Justin Timberlake????? His friends are blind.


Arrogant little self obsessed bimbo. Possibly may be referred to as a bitch by tomorrow.

Something is going on... the four housemates are off to the diary room.

Secret mission time...

The four of them must hide the fact Mario and Lisa are a couple. Mario and Stephanie must pretend to be in a relationship...if they fail to hide this fact they will face the public vote. If they win the rest of the house will face the vote.


Motormouth... short...


Kind of hot but "admits" he is arrogant. So... let's hate him. "if there's any fanny in there I'm gonna nail it". Charming. As Davina says "His mother must be very proud."


Another arrogant person, maybe my type of person doesn't apply to be on Big Brother. SHE'S A PRACTICING CHRISTIAN??? Maybe she needs to reread her Bible.


Dance student. Need we say more? I don't think so... I spoke too soon... also wears stupid hats...

He'd invite Hitler to a dinner party??? Oh God...

Oh no, I just remembered... no Dermot O'Leary this year! Why did I decide to watch this again? Without his My Future Hubbyness on BBLB what is the point?


A blind comedian. Well that's a bit more interesting. Likes wearing women's clothing. Speaks Danish. This guy is one to watch...


Born special she says... hmm... arrogant again.


Arrogant. How many more... Well his dad has a boyfriend... random fact to bring up there...


Love the afro... not. Feels like we're back in the 70s here.


I cannot understand her... but she looks fun.


An Albino British-American. Seems to have his head screwed on.


Oh woe is me... I have a baby... I can't have fun. Sorry girl, my Mum was there and never complained. She doesn't like abortions, immigrants or meateaters. She is not going to be fun. She's Catholic and says she's slightly psychic??? READ THE BIBLE.


She's THAI!!! She needs to win! Sawatdee khrap!! Oh yeah... this one is a winner... Look at those clothes! Look at the poses! Look at those shoes!!

So I think we know who I want to win...


Dale strips naked and stops talking.
Rebecca stops screaming.
Dennis turns out to be nice.
Kathreya to win.

Oh my, just found out Kathreya lives in Kent.... SHE MUST WIN! A Kentish Thai. What is better than that???

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hello Old Friends!

So I am now cross posting thanks to That means I can easily reactivate my Livejournal and Xanga blogs (now that's a blast from the past! Feels all warm and fuzzy being back!), and even blog on platforms I've used for other purposes but not blogging before.

Yeah... it's true, and Jim was so right, I'm a linkwhore. Although I think it's better describe as "blogwhore".

Is it me or is this Tory racist or at the very least being a hypocrite?

So what your saying is white Christian immigrants should be okay. It's the controversial ones we should worry about? Now I agree with him that the Poles have down much for us and I wish those Poles in this country the best of luck. But I simply don't know what he means by "more controversial" immigrants?

Is he perhaps suggesting those brown skinned non-Christians? So he basically accuses the BBC of being racist and then is racist himself. Confuzzling.

Now I believe we should be discussing how we assimilate the people coming to this country and the cultures they bring. But in an atmosphere not tinged with racism, or stupidity. Let the BBC start setting the news agenda rather than following tabloid crazes (bird flu last year, Poles this year etc.) and let the Tory party stop being so frigging racist and maybe we'll get towards a serious discussion on immigration and it's effects.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Minister Should Be Sacked

You know, Dear Constant Reader, that I consider myself British. I take great pride in the unified history of our great country (and in the individual nations histories before that). I support the Government's idea of a British Day as a way of 1) getting an extra day off work and 2) celebrating this countries great heritage.

Now personally I think it'll just be an excuse not to go to work, and I highly doubt there's enough British patriots left among all these nationalists to do much celebrating. Nevertheless I think it's a good belated effort to try to instill some pride in the Union.

Sadly the Government seems intent on allowing easy shots to be taken by the cynics and nationalists. Today we have Liam Byrne calling for the holiday to be on the current August Summer Bank Holiday... which Scotland doesn't celebrate!!! So... 1) it's not an extra day off for England and Wales, it's just a rebrand. Hardly in the spirit of generating any sort of buzz and 2) he made a hugely stupid gaffe.

Now ever since I got my very first diary when I was about 11, I've known that the various constituent nations of our Union have a slightly different set of Bank Holidays. Now I'm sure the minister has a diary. Surely it wouldn't have taken too much effort to at least know Scotland wasn't celebrating and point that out in the press release, showing he acknowledged that fact. Oh no, instead we have the SNP putting in a few choice words to give the Government a swift kick while it's down due to it's numerous other difficulties.

Mr Brown, take control and give us what we all want... another day off!

I say we have the Friday (just to be random, Monday may be the traditional day but Friday is so much more fun, a nice beginning to a long weekend) closest to the 18th June off. That was the day Winston Churchill gave his Their Finest Hour speech.

"if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour."

It's in the Summer, in a month when we don't have any other bank holidays, and is in memory of a day which is auspicious for the entire United Kingdom.

Yeah... I've still got my Churchill obsession...

Oh The Wonderful Paper Round Of Yore!

It would appear that newsagents are struggling to get paperboys (and girls). Reading that article made me get all nostalgic for my old paper round.

Funny thing is I used to hate the bloody thing. Up at silly o'clock in the morning and then out into the cold. Then there was the waiting for Roger, the shopowner, to actually open up. This could be any time from 6.00a.m. until 8.00a.m depending on how drunk he'd gotten the night before. Then we'd spend our time sorting out the papers and magazines before loading them up into extremely heavy bags. Then the battle with the letterboxes, dogs and crazy people would begin.

I started off on Round 4 (the boring round with a house on it that was about a mile away from the rest). Then I got promoted to Round 3, the largest round (hence more Christmas tips), the round with the highest ratio of crazy to sane people. And I finished off my time on Round 2, the retirement round which involved far too many copies of the Daily Express and the Daily Star. Old people need to stop reading smut!

But I was doing the paper round at a time when I was just realising who I was and the hours (Round 3 was VERY large... used to take an hour on a weekday and 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday) I spent doing the round allowed me to have some really nice "me time". And the fact the Sixth Former (the subject of my unrequited affections at the time) lived on my round made it even more interesting.

I remember every single person on my round had their own preferences for delivery. Some expected you to open their unlocked front door and throw the paper in. Some expected you to use magic and fit the Sunday Times through their keyhole letterbox without taking it apart. One, described by the guy I took the round off of as "The Cowboy" due to his habit of wearing a cowboy hat even when in his dressing gown, used to always meet me at his door. I think he must have waited for me all morning, every morning.

The sad fact was, I really didn't need the money (I was 13 and I never really wanted much). My parents had signed me up to give me some "responsibility". As soon as I'd get paid every Saturday I'd have spent all my money on magazines before I'd even left the shop. Roger must have loved me.

Those were good times. Day dreaming my way through the morning, free to drive crazy on the roads as there wasn't any traffic that early. Bliss.

Stupid Is...

God, today has not been fun so far. Whilst I continue to work on my company's wiki, I am constantly interrupted with customer related issues. I wouldn't mind this, if it wasn't for the fact each of these issues brought to me has either highlighted a colleagues complete incompetence or a customers complete stupidity.

Case in point. We don't do exchanges, never have. It'd simply mess up our supplier's warehouse procedures and our accounts. A customer attempted to argue with me that we used to offer exchanges with free delivery. She wasn't so nice, hence why I was speaking to her now, and so I decided not to make any exceptions for her (nice customers always get exceptions from me... I can't be bothered to toe the party line if someone is polite to me). I came back at her (politlely of course) with evidence that the replacements she received were ordered by herself and sent her old emails from us to her clearing showing no exchange was ever arranged. Then she had the audacity to accuse me of lying, when it was her lies and stupidity that was being questioned.

Glad I did not make any exceptions... I'm not prepared to encourage this kind of stupid behaviour.

Grr... it's been like that all day. There has got to be more to life than this.

In happy news... I'm losing weight. Yay!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm Addicted To Social Networking

I can't stop joining things today... first there was and now there is Plurk

Jim's right... I really am a linkwhore.

Retro Style

On the train to work there was a rather overweight guy, looked like he was in his late 40s, wearing a suit and HAD ROLLER BLADES ATTACHED TO HIS RUCK SACK.

I would have paid money to see him in action on those...

Silliest question of the day "Please see link attached: are these Jiffy Airkraft bags?" attaches direct link to a page stating some completely different product.

Repeat 5 times. With 5 different completely random products. Sometimes I really do lose the will to live in this job. So glad this is no longer my normal job, I was just lending a hand.

Walking to work bonus of the week: getting to perv at all those muscular runners on the Albert Embankment.

Favourite song of the moment: Ticket (Day Trip) by Chukiat Sakweerakul.

Emotion: elation... work is over soon.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

This Has Got To Stop.

I'm just sick of it. Disgusted. Outraged. What I hear you ask??

Well Prince William has been seconded to yet another part of the armed forces; this time it's the Senior Service.

And I'm not going to put up with it any longer. It is disgusting how dashing and handsome this boy looks in uniform, and each move sees him wear ever more gorgeous looking uniforms. This time it's his naval outfit, I mean come on!! That's too sexy for words.

Stop it now Prince William or I simply will not be held responsible for my actions.

Blasts From The Past: The Loft Story

You know there is nothing quite like reading old posts from this very blog. I was only 19 and just about to move from Folkestone to Lympne.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

The loft has always been my space. So it was my duty to start the moving out process there. I didn't realise it would be so emotionally draining.

Firstly I had to go through over 500 letters.... from my Canadian pen pal, the SFX saga, Stephen, and random bods.... I threw the SFX lot straight off. Then I lovingly perused the others. It was really sad to peer through the dusty remnants of my past. People I had loved, lost, hated, treated badly. All were there in my letter collection. I miss getting letters. At one point I used to get 10 a day (that was during the SFX penpal scenario)!

Then I got a surprise. A letter from Melly while in hospital. From my more mature point of view I see it was really a cry for help... although at the time I treated as Melly being her usual fun and silly self. I cried when I saw it. Sobbed. Melly I will always love you.

Then I went further back, uncovering old journals, my own version of ancient texts. :o) So many entries. So much stuff I had forgotten. Then I found a porn collection of shocking quantity. I can't even remember it, but it was up there. God it must be like 5 years old! Threw it out anyway.... which was good for me really as with the current parental settings I haven't seen porn in ages, yet was restrained and grown up and didn't even give this collection a passing glance as I chucked it. Except one that said, "When the fuck did I get you?"

I realised that I have almost 1000 issues of 2000AD! Ouch have decided to throw out my entire mag collection to ensure I have space for my comics at my new house.

Then finally as I moved the boxes aside I found my old hideaway. It consisted of a mattress, a bunch of books, a writing pad filled with my stories, a torch and my Book of Shadows. I hadn't been there in years. My Book of Shadows and a Dean R Koontz book (half read) were left open. It was like one day a couple of years back I had been called out for dinner..... and never gone back. I sat there for a while reading my Book of Shadows, and wondering what happened to the nice quiet Jae who once sat up here reading. When was he replaced by bitchy, loud Jae?