Wednesday, October 29, 2003

For Service and Devotion

Got train to work from ramsgate again on Monday. Halloween preparations are gathering pace at work (I'm organising as always.... how many jobs do I have at work?? Floorwalker, Fire Warden, Social Committee Representative, and some people want to make me Union Rep)

Nothing interesting has happened so far this week.....

Except!!!!!!!!!! IDS (the leader of the Conservative party) has been forced into a vote of confidence. If he loses my MP Michael Howard might stand for leader. Scary! Vote IDS!!! Howard is truely evil!!!!!!!!! At least IDS has someting of an aura of decency about (compared that is to Howard).

Right must dash... off to work....

Sunday, October 26, 2003


Wednesday night Gareth stayed over, Thursday I went out with John and Zoe to Ashford. I came second in bowling (woo!) and Zoe bought a bowling pin... very cool. We braved rain and hail to get to McDonalds and Spoons before heading to Cineworld to see... Finding Nemo... again.

Friday I applied for a new job in my company, wish me luck! Also wandered to train station caught train to Ramsgate, watched telly and ate Gareth's food. He and Jon had gone to London for the day and got back about 1 am. Skipped overtime on Saturday as was very tired. After as cooked breakfast (mmm...) Gareth and I spent the rest of the day doing.. nothing at all! Watched some movies (the Living End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Also saw I Think I Do with the gorgeous Alexis Arquette.

Now watching England Vs Samoa in the Rugby World Cup.. can't decide who I want babies with... the English team or the Samoan....

Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Yes people you may look on that and say "Ooo...." I am feeling rather happy at the moment. Why? Life is grand. I can't list all my friends just by toes and fingers anymore. I have finished off any hint of fiscal problems with the taking out of a loan and the opening of a savings account. I have a boyfriend!! I can go on and on telling you how good life is at the mo.

So here is what I want to say: thank you. Thank you to all my real life friends who read this. And all of those who don't. To all my online friends who have listened to my whinges and whines and put up with my annoyingly self centred outlook on life.

So have a drink on me.... well ok.. not with my money... but buy yourself a drink and pretend it's from me to you as a thank. And if you don't drink... shame on you! :op

Interesting things... am having a meeting with the Director of my division at work.. hmm.... I've only been there 8 months! Angel is missing again. Probably going out tomorrow night. Forgot I was supposed to be moving to Ashford with Sarah. I am absent minded.....

Monday, October 20, 2003

Fireman Jae

Oops. I forgot to tell you about the most exciting part of the week! On Friday I did some first aid fire fighter training (you what?). I got to put out fires and stare at cute fire instructor (drool running down my face as I keenly answered all his questions) for the whole morning. I am now fire marshall for my team. Woo!

Ok Saturday Jon, Gareth and I went off to Canterbury, and had a few drinks at Bar 11. I felt really old in there! (am only twenty so that is saying something!) gareth and I briefly went to the Beer Cart Arms which was very scary for a change. (Scary - straight)

After that we headed to Caddies where there were like 3 other people. Oh yes looks like Girls and Boys (that scary, scary place. Also very hot) has stolen all the business. So we left early, got a kebab and Gareth stayed over mine.

Sunday Mum was in one of her moods (involves lots of cleaning) so we made an early escape, headed for Canterbury, did some shopping *Jae proudly glances at his copy of Halloween 4)* and had some fish and chips. Mmmm...

Went to Asda's where Gareth bought the biggest TV in the whole world! He he... had fun getting that in his little car. Got to his, had dinner, watched Crush (another weepy movie) and Catch Me If You Can. Went to sleep. Awoke at some fiendishly early hour (6 in the morning is scary!) and I walked to Ramsgate station and got the train to work.

Floorwalked all day and was rushed off my feet. Just watched Halloween 4 which is not as bad as I feared.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Strange Days

Ok week has been.... slow. Exciting things included:

Wednesday me and Zoe went to see Finding Nemo in Ashford which ROCKED!!!

Thursday me, Jon and Gareth went out in Folkestone. Went to Skuba, Chambers, and the Leas Club. Hugged Lee the owner of Skuba... ekk!!!

Friday. Realised that Sexy New Guy is the guy Gareth used to stalk in Manston Tesco's. What a small world!

Went out with Zoe and Elliot to Chambers, Leas Club and Spoons and also saw Jodie and Russ.

Saturday... work... blah!!!

Off out again tonight...

Monday, October 13, 2003

Critically Thinking

Saturday consisted of: work (surprise!!) and a nice evening over Gareth's. The family is back from the villa in Spain.

I am begin to feel really detached from my mates in Folkestone, can't wait for Wednesday when I will have enough money to go out and about properly again!

Sunday me and Gareth meet Jon in Canterbury and we had a very gorgeous roast dinner at Bar 11, followed by dessert (oh how civilised!). Mine was a white chocolate cheese cake with fresh toblerone topping. Exactly how fresh Toblerone differs to none fresh I have no idea. But it was orgasmiccally good!!! mmmmmm.....

We went to cinema afterwards, and found only thing on was Cabin Fever. Jon politely declined to join us in watching it. Gareth and I regretted our decision to watch it even before we saw it. We felt we should of offered to come watch a DVD with Jon. Our regret only grew after we watched it as we realised it was a great big pile of poo. It is somewhere between About Schimdt and *grates teeth* The Hole on my list of worst movies of all time. It was piffle, the meanderings of a particular gross child. Not scary. Not funny. Not worth the price of a ticket.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Space to Let

Having no money, credit or time this week to do anything beyond go to work, work and go home. I have little to report beyond:

1) was told off by train conductor for using Westenhanger and ruining his plans to have the Westenhanger services discontinued.

2) cute guy at work keeps saying hello... yay!

3) me and Stacey are planning night out for Friday involving much drinking and fun

4) have decided the Conservatives are not to be worried about anymore. They couldn't win a general consensus let alone a general election.

5) erm... am bored.... bored...and doubly bored.. haven't seen any of my Folkestone mates in way too long...

Monday, October 06, 2003

Never An Easy Way

I always forget how much hard work relationships are, and no matter how many I have I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that relationships are all about compromise. This weekend I decided my current relationship was worth the hassle of all the shit that comes with sharing your life with someone. *fill space with sickenly sweet lovey-dovey stuff*

So Saturday me and Gareth stayed in and I cooked a meal for us to eat while we watched I Am Sam, which was quite good. Made me cry (finally something that proves I am gay... I cry at movies!! Woo!!!)

Sunday. We headed to Gareth's to get his suit (he had an interview today) and then headed into Canterbury to get him a shirt and have a Starbucks. Stopped at Sainsburys and got some stuff for dinner, and finally headed back to mine via the scenic route (Alkham Valley).

By five dinner was ready and Zoe and Jon had arrived. It was very nice and thank you to them for coming!!

Jon disappeared and returned with Saul (and some beer.. mmmm....). After dispensing with beer Zoe headed home and us four blokes headed for Maidstone and the Queen Anne. (Not so interesting fact said pub is about 100 yards from where I was born! WOO!). It was quiet but nice (quiet is always good on a Sunday). We were joined by Neil (see London Pride) and a French guy.

Then some guy in leathers arrives and like children we run to the other end of the pub for a better view. Some (Gareth and Saul) hide at the back and giggle lots as guy begins to strip. It was most fun, specially when he said stuff to ME!!!! I turned him down as I am a wimp but hey... who cares??

he he..

Work was hell today. I was floorwalker for the newbies and have never been so busy. Did get an uninvited (but not unwanted) "Hello Jason How are you?" and a cute smile from Sexy New Guy (yay finally we have a replacement for Sexy Dutch Guy!!!)

Saturday, October 04, 2003

And Ye Harm None Do What Thou Will

That above statement summarises just about everything I believe in. I am constantly confounded by why very few other people seem to regard this statement as fundamental to a happy life. Why does it matter to anyone if I choose to marry someone of my sex? What does matter if I choose to have more than one spouse? What does it matter if I choose freedom over security?

Sometimes I worry that both sides of the politcal spectrum have missed out on what really matters. Pushing back Government controls and giving people real choice in how they live their lives. Society is but a grouping of like minded individuals. Why can't several hundred peaceful societies co-exist in one nation? Working towards a goal of peace and prosperity. Something only the ignorant, the afraid and the stupid would argue against.

*rant over*

OK... do I just attract wierdos or something? Do I just have this look that screams "TALK TO ME!!". Got on the train yesterday and sat opposite an extremely cute Italian, with the nicest bum ever... (glimpsed as he moved some bags). And he just looks at me and goes "Wanna see my Prada shoes?" "Not really" I say. "Wanna see my Prada trousers?" I don't think I need to go any further wth this conversation. It would only be me who sat opposite the gay, Italian, Prada enthusiast. Joy.

Yesterday the cutest bloke at work (one of the new guys) was buddied up with me for final training. Ooo... he is ssssoooooooo gorgeous.... I was most happy sitting there being teacher.. he he...

Gareth staying over at mo... yay!!!! Oh you are all invited to a cordial dinner at mine tomorrow.. around five. Followed by trip to Queen Anne for a drink and possible stripper action. How can you resist?

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Home, Home On The Range

Last night I was delighted, no, thrilled to be awoken at 2am from a most peaaceful slumber by an Angel (cat) creeping (loudly) through my blinds. You can only imagine my joy to discover she had brought me a friend, a very much alive mouse. Oh the fun I had kneeling on my bed screaming like a girl (hmmm... that is actually normally quite fun) as she playfully tossed the mouse up to me. How lovely...

It is a pink fun day at work tomorrow.. am I the only gay man not to have anything pink to wear???

Go see Peter Tatchell's take on the criminalisation of underage sex (as in sex between two 15 year olds). Bloody Government.. always interfering.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hold Very Tight Please

Ok firstly forgot to say I saw Chris from February at a supermarket in Dover on Monday. Good to see him.

Today I have mostly been investigating the new train situation. Instead of running once every so often they now run once every hour from my local station... woo! So I caught the train into town to get my haircut. On the train I noticed everyone seemed to be listening to one conversation in the carriage so I tuned in....

"So they like, tied me up and and all that right and started really laying into me. 'Cause the CCTV didn't pick up nothing but my legs waving in air." Ah he really didn't realise everyone on the carriage was mesmerised by his cnversation... he he.. I think if he continued to talk so loudly on a crowed train for much longer I would of tied him up and beat him.

Anyway thanks to Connex and our conservative parish councillor Shirley Newlands for getting trains to run so regularly!!!

In the news: blah blah blah blah... same old same old... abused children, complaining car owners, the fact that stupid parents still want to not immunise their kids against a bloody awful illness... somedays I think I could make up the news and get it fairly spot on...