Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tis Pay Day

Dear Constant Reader,
Today is a watershed. It's my first pay day of the new year. And I'm determined it marks the start of a new outlook for me. I am going to keep to a budget (£100 a week, although this week it shall only be £80.00 as I spotted some iPod accessories I liked. Rather than buy them I took the money off my budget for saving... see good or what!). I'm also toying with the idea of giving this blog some structure... Tuesday Totty, Manic Mondays (for my rants!), Friday Funnys... you get the idea. We'll see whether I can be bothered...
Yesterday at work we found our normal lunch pub closed (it's now under new management) so we headed to Wyvil's (where the foods not too bad, and the service has improved; it's now just slow rather than abusive). There I was pondering at the fact that as well as some fellow old pub refugees there were a hell of a lot of gay men in the pub. I then noticed the rainbow triangles newly fastened to the windows... hmph does Vauxhall really need another gay pub? I spose if the business is there... Today again to Wyvils... those barmen are cute...
Jim gets a new car tomorrow.
Customers are pissing me off.

Same old, same old.
Tomorrow, we start anew!

Monday, January 30, 2006

What's Hot In Jae's World

Dancing on Ice. But I just don't know why

Stefan Booth possibly helps...

American Idol - Hilarious. I want the cute cowboy to win!!!

Season two of Lost although Ana Lucia is very annoying (Love this blog). Hooked again... can't wait for the next episode (thank God for torrents...)

Surface. Hello!!!

Supernatural. Seen two episodes so far and it looks cool. Is it so wrong to wish for two brothers to get it on?

Monk as always...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Aquarium

When I was just a little boy I used to be taken to gardening centres all the time by my gardening conscious mother. I used to spend ages in the little pet shop areas staring in wonder at the tropical fish in their tanks, and wishing we could afford to own some.

In July, Jim and I got an aquarium which has sat in the front room ever since populated by black tetras, neon tetras, catfish and clown loaches. Now it hadn't really captured the same joy as those pet shop tanks. The catfish and loaches spendt their daytime in hiding while the neons and blacks swam slowly back and forth... it had none of the energy and life I had hoped for.

Jim had a fab idea a couple of days ago; we'd take the children to Pets At Home and each could choose their own fish. Yesterday we came back with 4 colourful guppies. And what life they've brought as they've explored their new home. The neons and the blacks have stepped up a gear to assert their supremacy... It's great... I'm actually enjoying just sitting and watching them.

And today... they've started to mate. LIFE AT LAST!

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Page 11 of the Guardian. Look at that my second appearance in a newspaper... :o)

Now Army Investigates Gay Porn Allegations... I agree, people should not be starring in porn while they are members of the military. It is certainly not respectable behaviour and is certainly conduct unbecoming.

But the American military's response is rather horrid...

Maj. Todd Vician, a Defense Department spokesman in Washington, said the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy states that "homosexual orientation alone is not a bar to service, but homosexual conduct is incompatible with military service."

"We define homosexual conduct as homosexual acts or verbal or nonverbal communication that a member is homosexual," Vician said

Oh well that's ok then...

The Third Man

I've decided that I'm going to get behind Chris Huhne for leadership. He seems to be sane, hasn't gloated over the other contenders problems and has some reasonable policies. As long as when he says he wants to use the tax system to tackle sins like pollution he doesn't mean he's going to put taxes up on fatty foods or drink in some nanny state move.

Simon Hughes on the otherhand used a husting to gloat about his new found gay pride by comparing his "private predeliction" to those of Lloyd George and Churchill!!! 1) calling your sexuality a "private predeliction" makes it sound shameful and 2) comparing yourself to Churchill and Lloyd George is say just a little arrogant considering you aren't even party leader yet...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Holocaust Memorial Day (UK) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Holocaust Memorial Day (UK) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We remember.

A Policeman Being Honest?

Warning Brain Dump Ahead

Sir Ian Blair says what he thinks about Soham and racism. I actually must applaud him, even if I think he is a tad naive about the media. Saying this kind of thing is likely to cause you a hell of a lot of trouble as the media scum pounce. But it did need to be said.

Think about it for a moment... how is it that the Soham murders were given so much press attention when children are murdered all the time. The reason? Because the victims were pretty little white girls who lived in a pretty little village. I have nothing but sympathy for the victims parents, family and friends. But they must realise that the media didn't choose to cover the story because they felt it unusual or frightening but because it'd sell well to their demographic (white, middle aged, family people). Sir Ian is just being honest.

Imagine what the story would have been if the victims had been poor, black Londoners whose parents were drugged up junkies (but there were no connections with crazed religious practices, that always sells). Would there have been such an uproar? Answer that question honestly, and then think about how disgusting Britain's media machine is. The kids would have been just as sweet and innocent but their story wouldn't fit the required picture. You know it would have got one page, deep within the papers and then it'd be forgotten about.

We after all still live in a country where cheap homophobic jokes are used as front page headlines.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

News International, gays and Lib Dems from Guardian Unlimited: Organ Grinder

News International, gays and Lib Dems from Guardian Unlimited: Organ Grinder

Oh wow.... a revelation. How much more must I bleat on about the evils of News Corporation??? Surely it's common knowledge that Murdoch is the devil incarnate... now I must get round to closing my MySpace account...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Gay revelation 'is leader test'

BBC NEWS | Politics | Gay revelation 'is leader test'

Simon Hughes says "he was not afraid of dealing with things". Erm... he's 54 years old... he has been in politics since 1980... and he comes out as bisexual in... 2006. If he took this long over this imagine how long it'd take him to "deal" with something truely frightening.

And he came out only after he was scared into it by the Sun. How on on Earth does this show leadership skills? It certainly shows he's afraid of things, and that he isn't willing to stand up to the media. He even gave into News Corporations usual gay blackmail "We know you're gay, either talk to us or we'll spin it negatively".

Simon Hughes loses more of my respect by the minute. First he's too far left for me. Then he comes out as a hypocrite and now he tries to spin his sexuality, of which he is so obviously ashamed, into a positive for his campaign????

I've said before... DON'T VOTE FOR SIMON HUGHES.

Simon Hughes - The Bastard Son Of A Bitch

Sorry for my recent language but the Liberal Democrats (my own party!) are starting to piss me off. Simon Hughes is bisexual. You'd expect me, being highly prejudiced in favour of homosexuality, to being cheering for him. I hate his guts. I hated him before he came out, and I hate him more now.

This twat's election campaign in 1983 is infamous for the high level of homophobia directed towards the Labour candidate (and my own personal hero) Peter Tatchell. This, and the fact people I know who know him say he is a horrid person, set me against his leadership bid.

But for him to now come out and admit he has had homosexual relationships in the past... IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. And he gives his story to the Sun. Of all the flipping newspapers it would have to be the News of the World's sister paper.

Sure I was bit disturbed today when BBC Breakfast painted his bisexuality as some kind of (their word) "scandal". It sure is a scandal... but not because he's bisexual but because he is yet another Lib Dem hypocrite. Charles Kennedy lied to us, the Lib Dem "shadow cabinet" lied to back him up, Mark Oaten lied to his family, and Simon Hughes lied to his constituents. You don't have to tell people you are gay if you don't want to that's your business... but you do have to make sure you don't do anything that conflicts with your lifestyle... such as tell off judges for having rent boys (hi Mark!) or launch homophobic campaigns against openly gay opponents.

My membership is up for renewal... do I jump the sinking ship? Or do I head down the street to Greenwich party HQ and lend a hand at the pumps?

Menzies Campbell... please save us from the hypocritical poofs and lushs!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Nobody Loves Me

Google Ads doesn't want me because of my ault content. :o( Half naked men isn't adult content... in my opinion... ;o)

OK everyone, click on my blog renter on the right as he is feeling lonely!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Feel So Dirty But It Must Be Said - The News of the World is evil!


I'm linking to a News of the World article. It makes my skin crawl. Now I haven't read the News of the Screws in quite some time, not since I've been old enough to buy my own paper (the Guardian). But I used to wonder even as a child why on Earth gay people would choose to talk to this paper.

Let's face facts here... News Corporation, the NoWs owners, are no friends to gay people and are not supporters of gay rights. Some stories in these tabloids have shocked me. Not because of the content but because of the hate filled message usually blantantly spelt out in childish capital letters.

So I must say to the young men who helped the NoW get this story on Mark Oaten... you fucking traitors. You tosspots. Have you NO SHAME??? Sell your story to a quality paper, even the Times. Have them break it. It needed to be said but really it should of been investigated by people with more than half a brain. Did the Jews sell their stories to Der Stuermer???

Message to all gay men and women. Don't support homophobic publications!!! Or I'll hunt you down and shoot you.

Good day I'm off to watch Fox News, fair and balanced don't you know? :op

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh My God... The Liberal Democrats are... liberals!!!

OK... Mark Oaten has an affair with a rent boy (although I'd say it was really an escort as he was 23, and last I checked that's no boy!). Naughty boy (Mark Oaten's obvious immaturity with regards to his personal life is a signal for us all to refer to him as boy)! he he... I would soooo have voted for ya. If you'd not cheated on your wife.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Oaten resigns over rent boy claim

OK... who's gonna be the first to resign over cannabis use? Come on Lib Dems... you're giving us all a bad name!

God Bless The Whale. Can I be the first to ask for a permanent memorial by Battersea Bridge?

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

Well obviously Dear Constant Reader you're not coming with me (unless you really want to, you're paying though). Jim has in the last few seconds booked us a holiday in May to... Thailand! Woo... it's on a whole new continent and everything.

We will be spending 4 nights in Bangkok, 3 nights in Chiang Mai and 8 nights on Ko Samui. It's gonna be great... sun, sand, bars and Thai men. Can't wait.

Second picture courtesy of Cute Asian Guy

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Whale

BBC NEWS | England | London | Concern grows for stranded whale

Poor thing. I hope it gets back to it's pod who were spotted off the Thames Barrier on Thursday. This goes to show the Thames pollution is improving... seals, porpoises and now a whale. All praise the clean up!

See a Wikipedia article about the species of whale here.

I love this quote from the BBC: "But at 0830 GMT on Friday, a man on a train called in to say he might have been hallucinating, but he had just seen a whale in the Thames." I feel like that some mornings too...

Budgets, Holidays and The Future

Hmm.. ok I am dead set on budgeting all this year. This doesn't mean poverty but means cutting down on totally unnecessary spending (mainly thinking when shopping for food... not shopping for things as needed at the corner shop as opposed to buying things from a supermarket). My budget for spending money will be £400 a month and I will not take more than that out. Or else you'll have to shoot me.
Got home to find Jim watching Thomas Cook TV, and getting excited over a summer holiday. He wants 14 days of sun and relaxation which would be rather nice. Cuba is the current top of the pops but Mexico (please read this as Meheco which sounds far more fun). I've just gotta try to think of it as a holiday not an experience. Otherwise I'll spend no time resting and far more time exploring. And I don't think that's what Jim is looking for in our main holiday... and I'll admit I really want to relax somewhere nice too.
Hmm... well I was planning on leaving my current job this year to find something better but events of the last few days mean I am more than happy to stay a little longer. So Jae is going to spend the year getting a nest egg together ready for holidays, adventures and the buying of nice things. Yay!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm Holding On To All The Handrails

It's been one of those mornings!!!
Last night I headed out after a very successful day at work (shh... it's a secret) for some customer service team building drinks. Twas a fun evening but I drunk too much again (I did request diet Coke's but no one listened).
Woke up this morning with a not too bad headache and the quickly disappearing memories of a dream I had about visiting India in search of curry. All very normal. Got to the train station and there was a 6 minute delay... no bother I thought. 6 minutes turned to 10 minutes then to several cancellations. I then did the near unthinkable... I caught a DLR without a ticket. I don't think I can quite convey into words the discomfort this gives me. I  had to force myself onto that train, and then the ticket collector came and stood next to me for the whole journey. I almost burst out crying while shouting "I have no ticket, arrest me!!!"
Anyway finally got to Lewisham... where the trains were delayed. DELAYED!! Grrr... I then went from one platform to another (repeatedly) missing trains till I finally caught a train to Cannon Street. Went to get off at London Bridge... the doors were out of order. SOB. So I've decided the Gods do not want me in work today... I've been walking slowly down stairs gripping handrails, like a sailor on deck in rough seas, and purposefully avoiding black cats and ladders. I just can't wait for this day to be over... and it's only just begun...

Monday, January 16, 2006


Who is that new cutie on the right hand side? Tis Nimrod from Surface. Ain't he the sweetest little baby? Wuv him...

OK from next month I'm on a budget... I will have £100 spending money per week. Not that stingy a budget I know but it'll do for now...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I So Wanna Be Invaded By Eddie Cibrian

So I sat watching episode two of Invasion last night and pondered where I had seen the lead Eddie Cibrian before. I pondered for at least two seconds before I went on to IMDB... he was in But I'm A Cheerleader playing the awesome looking Rock... mmmm.... I love the satisfaction IMDB can bring to you.

Invasion is ok so far, but Surface is my new love after Lost. Come on how could I not love it? I spend half my internet surfing life reading up on cryptozoology... this series ticks all the boxes for me. Strong "takes no BS" female lead, cutesy teenage boy subplot with just as cutesy Nimrod, all American male lead, crazy scientists, army conspiracy, and 200 foot sea monsters who can kill in oh so many exciting ways. Sure it's done on the cheap, but I'm a Doctor Who fan... I can live with this!!!

What is it with all these one word titles Lost, Surface, Invasion? I actually quite like it.

Stardust. Stories like this restore my faith in humanity... when we put our minds to it we can do some pretty impressive things, beat that dolphins! :op

Saturday, January 14, 2006


This is class!!! - Stolen from Mr Stevie

Jim didn't seem in a very good mood with me this morning, I'll have to wait till he gets back from Hemel to find out why (no doubt my drunken snoring was to blame...)

Been watching Surface and Invasion. They are not actually that bad.

Strange isn't that once Pat Robertson realised some of his comments might leave him out of pocket he apologises? Bizarre coincidence, he is a man of God after all, and they never do anything wrong...

Ain't That Just The Way

I am very poor at the moment. Comes of having been paid ten days early last month... forty days without a pay cheque? It's just wrong.

So went out to the Beehive for a drink, and for once loads of people came with me. Spent the evening have drinks bought for me every time I even mentioned heading home. Also spent the evening making fun of the straight guys and having the barmaid guess which one of them was gay... :o)

The accounts manager lost his boxers to a hen party. It was one of those sorts of evenings.

Now must go sell my body for cash.. see ya...

EDIT God Save Gordon Brown. I love the Union flag and the United Kingdom... I haven't seen someone say something like this in ages. Hats off to him! God Save The Queen!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Bad Samaritan

I crossed to the other side of the road today. It had been one of those days, you know what I mean and as I walked out of work I ended up behind a drunk. The part of Vauxhall I'm in is right near the station, and a homeless centre that seems to house only drunk homeless people.

They normally spend their days in the park, or under the rail bridge, launching missiles at unwary American temps.

Well the one I was behind staggered from one side of the pavement to another, fell onto a car and then rolled onto the floor. I have NEVER seen anyone quite so drunk. I stopped and asked after him. My immediate impulse was to rush to his side and help him up. Then he mumbled something drunkenly at me. And all my sympathy washed away... I saw he was fine and I walked on, albeit with the angel on my left shoulder scolding me something rotten. Then the two most annoying people I had ever been stuck in a lift with (they spent the journey down admonishing some poor girl because she only had two lights on her bike not three) notified the homeless shelter that one of their charges was lying in the road.

Now would you have stopped to help him up? I feel bad that I didn't but what would I have done? Tried to help him up and have him drag me to the ground too? Was it my fault he was too drunk to be walking, and completely out of his mind?

I am going to have to work on my sympathy. 5 years ago I would have helped him, and admonished a world that allowed such people to go on being homeless and alchoholic. Now I'm just "Serves him damn right for drinking too much". Can I be so heartless to really wish him not to have the brief joy the drink brings him, when his life is obviously horrid?

Please God... no...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Hughes enters Lib Dem leader race

Not he of the homophobic tendencies, if he wins I'll have to vote Labour. My God what am I saying?? If he wins I'm going to have to find myself a grassy knoll near Westminster... phew, that's the less extreme option.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Colin Farrell Has Sex With A Woman Shock!

Yes you read it here last... Colin Farrell had sex with a female on camera. I was obviously devastated. Next thing you know they'll try and convince us Prince William is a breeder (God forbid!)...

People this is not a news story! Sex tapes are so twentieth century...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jae Loves The Interweb

I love my new 24 meg connection. I just downloaded something, and it came down at 1.5megs a second. I was impressed... considering it wasn't the only thing being downloaded at the time!!! Mmm... porn is sooo easy now, and copyright law? Who needs that huh? :o)

Go check out Brent Corrigan who is getting sexier by the minute!!!

I have a new tenant on the right hand side, you know the drill! Click and make Jae happy! Last week was the most successful yet which cheered me up no end!!

I am reattempting to read At Swim, Two Boys for the third time... this time I WILL FINISH IT!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006


Yesterday I saw a brilliant German movie called Sommersturm. It was made even better thanks to gorgeous actors and the subtitles we used which were far better than any official subtitles... I can't really give an example but the phrasing was just hilarious!

It's a great coming of age/coming out story set around Tobi (above right) and his love for his straight best friend (above left) set as they compete in a rowing tournament. Luckily for Tobi there's a team called "Queerschlag" competing as well...

And Hanno Koffler is soooooo my fave member of that team.... cue totally pointless pics...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brokeback Mountain - A Lot More

Brokeback Mountain

God, this movie lingers with you! So I thought I'd talk about it (it's a Sunday and none of you read this on a Sunday so I can be a little self indulgent today).

I've been reading other interpretations of the movie by other people. A lot of these have said "this isn't a gay movie, it's a great LOVE story". Which I will agree with to an extent. It is a great love story. A beautiful, heartbreaking and sexual love story. But to ignore the underlying gay themes would be to reduce the movie in a major way. This is a movie about a love story set against the background of poverty, closeted homosexuality and the power of nature. So to say it's a love story, or it's a gay story, is wrong. It's a well rounded drama.

The scenery is AWESOME and the camera work on this movie is amazing. It made sheep look dramatic. That's an achievement!

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal both act their hearts out in this and really escape any preconceptions I had of them from previous movies. Michelle Williams far exceeded my expectations of her, considering some of her other roles that really stank! Anne Hathaway to get an Oscar? She wasn't bad but she didn't blow me away!

The story was touching. To see Ennis Del Mar (Ledger) fight against his feelings for nearly 20 years made me really feel for his character. I wanted to reach in and beat him round the head at some points though for being an idiot. I wanted to shout "Run away with Jack and join the gay Rodeo" several times. Alas... Jack Twist (Gyllenhaal) was so endearing, though his never failing love for Ennis and his devotion to a dream that would never be was devastating.

It's interesting that this movie spends most of it's time detailing the emotional fallout of Ennis' struggle (broken homes, bitter recrimination, and violent outbursts), which at the time was actually fairly rare. The way Jack lived, as a closeted man who slept with other closeted men all of whom are like him married, was far more the done thing back then. It felt to me that Jack was fooling himself a lot more than Ennis was. Ennis ended up pushing people away to avoid hurting them. Jack didn't seem to care who he hurt in pursuit of his dreams. Although I have to say he could of beat his wife with a baseball bat and not hurt that emotionally void creature.

The movie doesn't end the way you wanted to... that's why I like it. No happy endings here.

Jack Twist: That's more words than you've spoke in the past two weeks.
Ennis Del Mar: Hell, that's the most I've spoke in a year.

Brokeback Mountain @ IMDB

Go see this movie now.

EDIT: Straight people are weird (see here and here). Are straight men so girly and weak nowadays that they can't even sit through one minutes of seeing... erm... well not much actually... there's a shot of two men in clothes moving against each other... Woo... no big deal! I have to put up with your shitty sex scenes in sooo many movies. I'm not worried I might turn straight. Are you so emasculated as to actually think it possible for you to turn gay? If you think that then you probably are a little bit of a poof.

Big props to the straights who don't moan!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Brokeback Mountain Broke My Heart

I went to the Picturehouse today and saw Brokeback Mountain. All I can say is this; it is excellent. It is also one of the most heartbreaking movies I've ever seen (and you all know the high quality of the movies I watch... Maximum Overdrive, the Great Outdoors, and Eurocreme Dreamboy USA ;o) ). It is not my normal type of movie I'll admit (being a massive horror fanatic) but it made me cry. More than once.

Go see it, be you gay or straight (there's more than one breast shot boys, take your girlfriend and make her think you're fucking cool!).

Cheer Up Charlie

Goodbye Charles Kennedy. You fought for us Lib Dems. You lead us to victory (twice!). You rallied the troops with speeches which were filled not with hate, but with carefully thought out arguments. A reasoned and responsible leader of the party.

And now take a break, get some help, and stay with us! We'll still need you, and whoever takes over better make sure they consult you.

Now again may I just say... please God, NOT SIMON HUGHES!

Charles Kennedy Must Go; Simon Hughes Must Not Win!

As the saga of the Liberal Democrat leadership battle continues I've been thinking about the options for an eventual successor to our beloved leader Charles Kennedy.

Let me make it clear... I think Charles Kennedy did a fab job up until the May 2005 election in securing the Liberal Democrats their best result since the 1920s. He deserves a place in our history as the leader who was able to capitalise on the unpopularity of both the Prime Minister and the Conservative opposition. But he hasn't progressed us any further. We are still a party who's beliefs don't quite add up on the economy. Are we liberal or social democrat? Do we want to tax or do we want to end the tax burden? We need to know if we are to hold on and then increase our share of the vote at any future election.

It's time for him to go. It's time for new blood to take over. But that shouldn't be the spawn of Satan... sorry.. Simon Hughes. His disgusting campaign against Peter Tatchell in Bermondsey many moons ago does not endear him to me. And what I've heard ,over drinks with certain Lib Dems in Shepway, about him makes me fearful of the kind of leadership he'd provide. See this Independent article about him. He comes across as... slimy... sorry if that's a bit of a slur, I'm just putting my feelings into words. Do not vote for this man should it come to it.

We need a moderniser. We need Lembit Opik... (JOKE!)

Ed Davey for leader. Pass it round.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Lib Dem Drinks Alcohol Shocker!. I don't think Kennedy should stay. Not because he's an alcoholic (even though who'd want an alcoholic Prime Minister), but because he's been a crap leader. But... The Lib Dems I've met all like a drink or twelve, so let's face it, it wasn't a surprise.

As Sam (M) said in a text to me yesterday "Ed Davey for leader!".

Went to Jim's Reuters leaving do last night and got, shall we say, slightly inebriated. It was held at the North Pole (long way to go I know...) and was pretty cool.

Tonight went to the Beehive with Sam (R), Alex and Scott for a quiet evening. Was good to actually chat to Alex and Scott who are the new boys on the block at work at the mo.

Work is soooo busy at mo. Monday sees the start of a new company... so you'll get double the chance to chat with me on the phone!!! :o)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In Need Of A Catch Up

Today was busy at work. Phew, glad it's over... till 6am...

Lunchtime went to the Kennington Lane cafe with Andrea and sat there for half an hour in the dark due to a power outage. They are just sooo depressing aren't they?? Wandering back to work and we were accosted by the cutest, most hyperactive puppy I have ever seen! Running between our legs, attempting to trip us over. Bless it.

Went out to Lavendar with Sam, Peter and some others. Was cool.

Hmm... feel like a random picture...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jae Has A Kerazy Idea

New Year, new ideas. If you want to post to this blog (as regularly as you want) please let me know. I'm opening the blog up to anybody, to any subject. If nobody wants to, that's fine. I'll just cry myself to sleep... ;o)

I'm bored!! Jim isn't here, and I don't know where he is. So ask me a question, any question. Any subject, no taboos. Go on, you know you want to!

Oh and click on the blog at Rent My Blog on the right... GO ON!!! What have you got to lose? It's the safest link over there, no naked men...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Stupid Humans

Sometimes I think humans are too stupid to continue as a species. I was reading this Reuter's story and wondered how we have managed to last even this long.

How can you have gone through life without someone telling you "never get between a parent and their child"? Were these people born in a box? Did they not know lions had claws and were carnivores?

And these people are allowed to vote. That is scary.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The First Post

New Years was spent in Dorking with Paul and Jane. Had a lovely time.

New Years Plans:

1) apply to the Gay and Lesbian Switchboard as a volunteer.

2) take over the world

3) post on this blog daily!

4) save money. No spending so much at lunch time. Either stop buying so many magazines or get a subscription to save money. Eat less junk, cook more. Hmm...

5) cook at least one meal a week from scratch.

6) visit at least two foreign countries.

Happy New Year everyone! This year I'll try to get some content to put some meat on this blogs bare bones...

Blessed Be

Jae x