Sunday, December 30, 2001

Dear Blog,
So a new year approaches and what I plan to be a whole new start. I am changing everything from my blog to where I live. Jill and David split up which was a shock as I can't remember a time before they were together.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Dear Blog,
Yesterday was very traumatic. Steps split up. Need I say more? I am still reeling from the shock.
Christmas day didn't bring me the usual festive cheer but it did bring something else. I've got myself a..... how do I put partner (I am trying not to use the f word here). Great fun all round anyway!!!!!!!
Anyhow this blog is more trouble than its worth!!!! My mates take it way too seriously!!! Comments that I barely register are dissected and analysed until their entire meaning changes. Come on guys take it with a pinch of salt. When I insult my mates it is only a select group of them (those outside the group will know who they are).
Anyway I have major plans for this blog from January the 1st. It is to become Jay Kay On the Run. That is all I am letting on at the moment I shall explain more on the 1st or 2nd.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

Dear Blog,
Been back to Brighton this weekend as I said I would. Me and Lauren came down on the train met up with Dave and had a take away. Then me and Lauren went to the Event 2 for Carly's birthday celebration. She was in "high spirits" to say the least.
Spent Saturday shopping and then came home today.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Dear Blog,
Ok so 1 time only was not what I meant. I'm back again.
I "home" at the moment. Doesn't feel like much of a home. I don't have a bedroom, I lost my bank card (more of which later) and for the second year in a row Jason "the spirit of xmas" Kay doesn't feel Christmassy. When I got home on Friday I was really excited to see my cats, my family and my friends. I quickly realised that everything I remembered about this place was in fact wishful thinking.
Folkestone is a hell hole. No shops, crap bars and clubs and the people here are not as nice as those back in Brighton (this means people I meet on the streets not my mates who read too much into this blog). My mates are as always warm and funny. But they (a "select" group known as the "World" do anyway [yet more clarification on request]) bitch about each other constantly. Why? Because there is nothing else to do.
I went back to Brighton on the train on Saturday (i.e. the day after I left). Supposedly this was to get some bags I had left behind. Really it was to get me out of this place for a while. Some where on this 8 hour round trip I lost my card and my passport meaning I am stuck in this shithole without any money to leave. My parents laughed when I asked for a £50 week long loan until my new cards arrive tommorrow when I would pay them back. ITS NOT LIKE THEY HAVE GIVEN ME ANY MONEY WHILE I WAS AT UNI!!!!!!
So I hope my block mates are having a very merry Christmas and will have a very happy new year. I shall try to have as pleasant a festive period as possible. I am going back to 33c tommorrow for a party with Lauren and possibly Dave from 33b. Can't wait.
Oh and Anna sorry to upset you but I am just writing as I saw the events and I would have said these things to your face but if u didn't notice I did not see you between writing that Blog and the bitchy letter you posted under my door (by all means be bitchy but why not try doing as you want me to do and say those things to my face). I noticed you wouldn't open your door to me to allow me to be discuss these things and I felt the Christmas party was neither the time or the place to be nasty to you. That is my defense over to you.

Sunday, December 09, 2001


The following blog contains references to an "illness". I would like to clarify this. At around 1p.m. that Thursday I took a MASSIVE overdose of various pills in an attempted suicide attempt. It was daft I know that now but luckily the doctor didn't spot it so I managed to avoid getting into any trouble that time. I didn't stop throwing up until about half one on the Friday morning.

Dear Blog,
"Well Jason" is not how we open blogs arounds these here parts!!!!!!! I have a suspicion that ??? is not your real name.

Any way I'm back for 1 time only to up date u while I find someone to carry this thing on. Have continued to go out clubbing (I know this is my third week in a row!!!). Tuesday I went to the Event 2 (quelle surprise) it was fun. But Anna turned up (which I didn't mind much) then she started coming on to me which I did mind.... a lot. What is it with girls coming on to me. They are always doing it. It makes me want to puke (maybe thats what the problem was!!!!!).
Luckily (okay not so luckily) I fell ill on Thursday so she left me alone. When I say ill I mean dying!!!!! I was throwing up like every five minutes, oh how I laughed. Luckily the girls in my flat are lovely and really looked after me (thanks Gabs and Sarah H) and phoned the doctor.
He diagnosed me with gastric flu (wrongly) and gave me an injection. An cruel evil injection in the arse. He never told me about that part when he said "Do u want me to give u an injection to stop the nausea?". In the arm yes in the
In other news Mark and Sarah H are an item. They make a lovely couple although I must warn them that Haagen-Daz is not a breakfast food (they had "breakfast" in bed this morning)!!!!!!!!
Zoe is away as her nan passed away. I never thought I would say this but I miss her (she is good at keeping Anna away).

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Well Jason,
What is there to say. We;re all very upset that u are not continuing your recordings of the antics Flat 33. Get your arse in gear as it will be a joy to read in the future. When u all are old and grey u will look back on thus and be remembered by all.

Take care and i hope to see an update soon.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Dear Blog and those who are reading this,
The last couple of weeks have been "interesting". went clubbing tuesday,friday the thursday and friday. The first Saturday I got so off my face I can't even begin to remember what happened!!!!!!!! This last Friday Karen and Bills friends took their drunken turn. Got talking to Anna from flat b this last monday which was interesting. Nice girl if a bit clingy.
This will be my last log entry. The reason for this is tragic and shall become clearer to those who know me in the coming days.

Will miss you.
Jason Kay

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Dear Blog,
Went out with Lisa and Cheesy last night. We all got incredibly drunk. Cheesy was off his head and in the end I persuaded sober, straight people to care for him as I wasn't in a state to do it. He throw up all over his bathroom.
Cheesy is weird boy. He gets his clothes off at any oppurtunity, he acts like a five year old and he can't handle his drink. He is also the most camp straight person ever. He confuses my gaydar no end.
Felt terrible about letting him get so drunk as it was Lisas birthday and it should have been her day.

Monday, November 19, 2001

Dear Blog,
I went out to Asda today for the first time and becuse to get there you need to go down the bypass to the motorway I started thinking of home. Its got to the point to day where I am just too homesick for words.
Lisa from Flat A (and Maidstone-home) is 19 today.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Dear Blog
I am still not quite over what happened on Friday. Cheesy Dave and me went to the bar alone and he basically said he couldn't believe what we all did. It is just strange and I really can't describe it. Not only was it surreal ;but being able to touch the one u fancy yet know it means nothing to them is just hurtful and upsetting. God it was strange!!!!
Really boring night in which the most exciting event was the trip to the Union bar with Cheesy (never thought I'd say the union was exciting!!!). Realised just how boring straight blokes r. (Playing computer games while getting stoned may sound interesting; it isn't).
Everyone in the block is back today will they be told what went on?

Saturday, November 17, 2001

Dear Blog,
To start off with I was so not enjoying the cocktail party in Flat B it was really dull. And there was this girl (a strange girl who I only vaguely know) called Carolyn who despite knowing I was gay kept asking to let her give me a blow job. Kieran found it amusing. I did not.
But then.....
Oh my God!!!!!! U will not believe what I did last night!!!!!! Imagine six people drunk and in my communal area (me, Sarah H, Mark, Karen, Cheesy and Zoe). We decide to play a game called "Nervous" where u must try to make the other person nervous any way u can. We all went a bit to far. There was a lot of touchy feeling Sarah put her hands down Marks pants, Zoe gave Cheesy a hard on and I got to enjoy feeling up Mark and more importantly Cheesy (who refused to shout nervous until I told him too as I was getting rather scared). I also managed to undo Karens bra in under 5 seconds (a record?). God it was fun if a bit surreal. Spent £52 quid on alcohol for the block which is very empty this weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Dear Blog,
Friday night was....interesting. My 4 remaining flatmates (the others are away) went out with falt a into town to do some clubbing. I stayed in as I'm still feeling awful. Flat B invited me down to watch telly with them. Alls well so far. But then Andy ("Bill") ,drunk on a bottle of vodka, decided he wanted to cook some "fried goats cheese". The result was a major fire when the oil caught light. Those of us who were sober put it out with a fire blanket and left the building. Thats the fourth time our block (just 3 flats) has set the fire alarm off in 4 weeks (twice this week). We are just so popular down at the accomadation office I can tell you!!!!!

Friday, November 09, 2001

Dear Blog,
Yesterday night Sarah H from my flat got exceptionally drunk and it would seem slept in Dominics room (flat 33b) we are 33c. Oh my god!!!!!!!
Am still bored. Oh so bored.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Dear Blog,
My mum and Debbie made an unexpected visit today. I had to hurriedly de-gay my room (not fun!!!!). Am very very bored with very little to do other than watch movies and go to the union bar with my flatmates. I really can't do clubbing today!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Dear Blog,
Officially ran out of money today (impossible as that may seem). What I have spent it on is beyond me. Any how will have to get a job pronto if I am to survive let alone live.
Have no idea what I am going to say to Steven about his revelation. What can I say? I really don't want a relationship right now but I feel quite alone here in Brighton. Any way the large party my flat had a few weeks ago continues to haunt us. Today we were fined £45 to be paid by the 15th November for a fire extinguisher let off by some arse in our corridor. I have no money to pay for that!!!!!!!!!
Flu continues.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Dear Blog,
It was Guy Fawkes Night last night and I had so much fun. We went to a huge display in Lewes; it was brilliant. The bonfire was HUGE and the fireworks were awesome (they looked like the kind you see in Disneyworld adverts). The crowds were just incredible. There was a parade which creepily put me in mind of the Nuremberg Rallies (patriotic songs and people with flame torches). A giant Osama bin Laden on the loo was blown up (why? was he involved in the gunpowder plot too). Was upset to see many US flags flying after all this was the one truely British festival of the year (and George W. Bush is President for fucks sake). Anyhow it was fun!!!!!!!
Oh my God!!!!!! Steven has been phoning and texting me basically saying he is madly in love with me!!!! So after breaking up with me in July he wants me back!!!!!!! Why? For what purpose? He is so annoying especially because I think I may be starting to love him too......

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Dear Blog
Sick with flu/cold today (and yesterday) it is very annoying especially as this week is going to be my week off!
Have got some work to do (an essay and a presentation) but other than that I've got a free and easy week where I'll be staying in lots to save money.
Nikki, Sarah Hs friend, was down again this weekend. She popped Cheesy Daves cherry in October (lucky thing). My flat seems rather subdued for once (maybe last weeks 200 person party knocked them out) and so I've finally got around to spending some time with myself anyway I'm ill and better be going back to bed.

Friday, November 02, 2001

Dear Blog
Yesterdays blog was the sweet innocent one created for Sarah H who was sitting right next to me. Todays will be the truth. Okay so my flatmates are very nice. But they are also very...normal. They are homophobic without meaning to be, they see everything from a straight prospective. They are already placing bets on me turning straight before xmas. That really hurts.
Also I have already got my first crush on a straight bloke named David (known as Cheesy Dave).
I have fallen out with my mum and have a feeling I may not be seeing her very often from now on. I feel very lonely here at university.
The good news is my course is great;I love it to bits. The people on my course are brilliant and even have a sense of humour!!!
Brighton excellent although I have nearly run out of money so fun will have to wait until after my next loan installment (January)

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Dear Blog
So I have started at the University of Brighton doing Social Policy. I live on campus in an eight person flat with Karen,Lauren,Gabby,Sarah H,Michelle,Kieran and Sarah C (six girls ahhhhh!!!). They are a great, funny bunch who I like loads. Our flat is kind of a communal area for half the campus (ok thats an exaggeration but it is busy). Among the regulars are Jo,Zoe,Mark,Cheesy Dave,David and many more. So I've already got drunk a large number of times, spent lots of money which I can't afford and generally had a "cool and groovy" time (as my friends from home would say!!!!)
I'm really missing my friends and even more so my cats (we have three now Millie,Angel and her son Scooby).
I'll fill you in on any interesting events once I find the time but from now on this web log will be daily.
Things of note: have joined NCH,bought Kylie "Fever" and £19 of chocolate all while drunk.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Dear Blog

Its official;I loath my brother and sister. Not only are they the spawn of Satan (my stepdad Tony), but they never ever listen to a word I say.
Still no word on Bob. Millie, our oldest cat, has moved into his hutch (bizarre but true)
Am supposed to be going out tommorrow, don't know if I want to.
Pet peeves: Radio Kent listeners and the Australian Government.
ICQ: 123578373

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Dear Blog

Matt came round on Monday evening and we watched Masters of the Universe (Dolph I LOVE YOU). There is something odd about that boy (and I'm not talking about his shoulder length hair). He acts oddly around me i.e. sitting uncomfortably close or being a bit too touchy feely. Is this Matts ignorance of social etiquette or something deeper? Am I being a little too selfconscious?
Mums getting on at me to contact the uni about my accomadation. She fusses far too much. One of the major reasons I want to get away from here (Folkestone Kent).
My cats two kittens are staying!!!!!! This will mean that there shall be four cats prowling around this house from now on. No word on Bob the (evil) rabbit who disappeared on Sunday.
Got caught by Jevohah Witnesses today but thankfully they only wanted to know if I had got into uni (oh how considerate)
Pet peeves: AOL adverts with "Connie". Robbie Williams in the closet (he is on holiday with his "flatmate"). ICQ: 123578373

Monday, August 27, 2001

I've been visiting my nan most of the day up in Snodland. On the way they I tried to spot anyone on the M20 who was smiling. It is afterall a bank holiday. Not one, not even a fake smile just glum faces for the entire 45 mile stretch.
Must say Lee and H in Steps new video look particularly hot (Lee as a doctor-scrummy)

Sunday, August 26, 2001

if you want to contact me my email is: and my icq number is 123578373
So its Sunday!!!!! News: Big Brother SA started today (which is good) Apologies: I take back what I said yesterday about my friends they are really a nice bunch of people (what a guilt trip I have been on today) Dislikes: Drivers (selfish) Compensation culture Not very British is it.Whoops I'm so stupid/drunk I fell over in the street. Lets sue the council and nick all that money my friends and neighbours paid in taxes. Wheres their stiff upper lip huh? I hate fuss and simply can't understand this whole desire to sue anyone for anything.
Anyhow I have been too cruel to my mates and I wholeheartedly apologise to them.
Between having fights with the computer I've been making a fuss of my babies (my cats + two kittens) who are just too adorable.

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Today is the 2nd anniversary of me losing my virginity. I lost it to some bloke called Mark(29) on my parents bed; the night before I got my GCSE results. It was so arkward but the best sex I've ever had. The best part of it (strangely) was the buildup, the secret meeting, the car journey to my house etc. It was just so exciting.
I don't know why but sometimes I wish I was still in the closet; those days were exciting and slightly adventurous. Now days the closest thing to excitement is getting slightly drunk at karoke every Friday. I never have any of those old anonymous (and orgasmic) sexual encounters that I once had when I lived about five different lives. Maybe my time in Brighton will remedy this.
Got quite drunk last night and realised that my Folkestone crew are not my kind of people. I think its time to move on once I'm at uni and do one of mine (now famous) personality/life changes where I become a completely different person. (last done 26th Feb 1998)
I feel like its time for a little chaotic living (sex,drugs,alcohol).
One other thing: I must remember to discreetly lose contact with my family (yawn worthy right wingers).

Friday, August 24, 2001

Okay I've just taken my five year old brother to the barbers. The most amazing thing happened. Not one person stopped me in the street to 1) mention the fact that I'm 6'8" 2) to convert me to some crazy religion (anyone out there know what the "Life Church" is?) 3) sell me car insurance (I don't drive) or 4) argue with me because I buy the "pinko" papers. That is the first time this year this has happened.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Its the 23rd of August and I'm entering stress mode (a mode I often find myself in). What do I need for uni? Am I going to finish the course? And (most importantly) will I have enough money to satisfy my coca cola addiction?

In other news I got stopped in the street and told how lucky I was as I was about to recieve the "Good News". I hoped that I had won something (preferably lots of money or a holiday to Fire Island).

No such luck.

I seem to attract religious nuts,crazy people and old ladies(usually all at once). Is this a gift or a curse? Its like everytime I breath I send out a signal that attracts oddballs. Anyway enough about oddballs, after I've got the rest of my life to talk about my mates!!!!