Saturday, August 24, 2002

In a rather surreal incident Mrs Lloyd, an old french teacher at school, has just been in my house berating me for not staying at university. Two questions really. 1) Why was she here? 2) How did she know I had left university? Me all confuzzled.

In other news, the folks want to move to.... Lympne.... :o( This is my worst nightmare. I can't afford to move away from them yet. And Lympne, if there is a centre of the universe, that town is the place furthest from. Really am feeling bad now. Lympne?! I must find a way to get more money, a flatmate and a new flat. That is not a joke. This is serious. I (secretly) like Folkestone. It is big enough to satisfy my need for stuff, and close enough to London, Brighton and France to provide easy escape routes by train, bus, chunnel or ferry. I want to move away in the long run, but I was perfectly happy here.

Lympne. Quite literally I will die before I willingly go there.

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