Saturday, August 10, 2002

OK guess who I saw in Safeways yesterday.... yes I did see Zoe, but she works there..... no not Lily Savage.... oh come on it is easy....... MT of course..... ok don't say "Who?"...... the most gorgeous man in all of the God's great creation.... yes him, the one I stalk....

Oh he makes me so horny. I have no emotional attachment. It is purely a sexual attraction. Oh my God's is he hot!! He makes me go weak at the knees, among other things.. :o)

I went out to Wetherspoons last night. It was fun. John and Elliot stayed the night. AOL still annoying me and crashng regularly. Oh well.

I have been placed on Priority One on the Internet Enquiries Line at work.... which means I have to deal with a whole new.... genepool of stupid people. Joy....

I am on overtime from next week... even more joy.

Thanks to MrA and Sister Mary Matthew for your reviews. :o) And Happy Brighton Pride Day everyone.

Ok this is my site of the day: True Porn Clerk Stories. This is a hard to navigate but highly intelligent journal of a clerk in a porn video rental shop. Go read and fall in love with the writing.

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