Tuesday, August 13, 2002

When I told Ben I was thinking of going to Paris next week, he said "Hey if you want someone to go with you, I'll come!" This I think showed how uncomfortable I am still with him even though we are good friends. If Pete, Laura or anyone from the group had said that I would have jumped up, hugged them, and began making crazy plans for a 1am ferry crossing and mad dash for Calais Frethun station..... when Ben said it I said "Ur...yeah... maybe...." Although this shows I do at least feel close to my mates.... it shows it takes a long time for me to be comfortable with people especially if they aren't really on the same wave length as me. I.e. slightly, not mad, but individual? Is that the right word? Not all of my friends are "individual" but all have a certain sense of fun and silliness. Ben I don't think quite has that. Or maybe I am not giving him credit where credit is due?

Maybe I think too much..... maybe I should just loosen up, huh?

And I still know what a Vauxhall Vectra is..... must stop thinking car/eurotunnel related thoughts!!

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