Friday, August 23, 2002

So it all started here one year ago.

A lot has happened since then in my life and in the real world, September 11th, the Queen Mum is dead, I turned 19, ran away to Europe, briefly went to university, split up with Stephen, became head receptionist of Faulty Towers Hotel, was unemployed and now work in a call centre. Strange what can happen in a year?

Like the amount of name/design changes this blog has had!!! Hundreds and hundreds!!

My original reader was me. And for months it remained just me. Then Pete and Laura and my university flat mates started to read it. It was my method of communicaton to them when I ran away.

Then one day at work I became bored, and I started to post regularly. A few weeks later a strange email arrived entitled "Farty Towels". Mister Alan (who I think is the coolest bloke in the world, he is funny, but sweet as well) had found my blog on Google. And he made me realise that reading other peoples blogs was more fun than writing my own...... Sister Mary Matthew (possibly the nicest person in the world) and Karen (I love Karen!!) plus some more friends (like Sam) soon started reading regularly....

And since then really so many nice people turned up.... each and everyone of my daily reads, I really do read daily (and the Folkestone ones more often!!) and I think you all rock!! Hello to all my readers thanks for sticking with this, even though I do whing too often and I complain a lot, and just when you think I am cheerful I turn out to be miserable!!

I love you all!!!

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