Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Look here!!! It is my blog as it originally was!!! 12 months ago.... when no one read it.... no change there then!!

Last nights BBQ at Zoe's started off really nice, there was twister and dizzy sticks and our group scared everyone else there with our sense of fun (we do this all the time...). Although Jody and her boyfriend seemed to go out of their way to sit near us.... the fools!! But by the end Zoe got in a mood with Chris then had a go at me for "not paying". May I add I had paid £5 instead of the "couple of quid" I was asked for. I don't like being "told off" at the best of times especially when I have done little wrong. But instead of arguing I walked home.

Today no one I liked was at work. They are all off or on holiday. :o( Oh well made some new friends to compensate :o) Hopefully Ben will be in on Friday as I haven't seen him in ages. And I miss having good conversations with him about which guys are hot etc.

Jenny asked if I wanted a permanent job, so I said yes. I got really good scores on my latest call assessment. Woohoo!!

Tony's parental settings (ha!! He beith not my father!) have banned me from Emmsy's site!! Am not a happy chappy!!

But to try to make up for that lose (as if I could!! Emmsy rawks) I found this site which is really well designed and the writings none too shabby either.. go see.....

Hi to my Blogson Pete. Thanks Pete I am proud to be your father... just don't expect maintenence....

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