Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Baby Is Home

And He Brought Reeses.

And movies.

And Hunter Parrish.

One of the above may be a lie (says Jason while eating Reeses and watching movies).

I did a tidy bedroom thing yesterday. Wow.. what a difference!

Now everyone remain calm. Doctor Who is on tonight.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ordeal

I hate visiting the barbers. It's true. I don't know why but I've got several theories:

1) allowing a perfect stranger to get up close and intimate while in the possession of scissors and automatic moving blades. 2) having to keep up a conversation for half an hour with a perfect stranger, when you dislike small talk intensely. 3) sitting in a chair made for midgets while a woman half your size attempts to direct you to move your head up and down and to sit lower in the chair so she can just reach your hair on tip toes. 4) men waiting at the barbers tend to take on the least appealing male characteristics; a loud love of football, stupidity and a deep and impassioned defense of territory.

The only good thing is that the barbers is the last place in the country where the power of the British queueing system still holds complete authority. Just you try to go before someone else! EVIL STARE OF DOOM FOR YOU! Oh let's take our mind of this and look upon someone gorgeous...

Oh my God... I've managed to avoid day time TV all week... until today. OH MY GOD! Do people actually watch this? Property shows, This Morning, and the promise of Loose Women... oh no... AH but here is Anthony Stewart Head to save us...

Why do people watch property shows??? My brain starts to seep out of my ear at the mere mention of anything less than Grand Designs (which is just about bearable as it's about slightly interesting properties). Oh wow! It's another BOG STANDARD semi detached house. It's not like I see one of those a million times a day!

Sad News: I've gone off Charles Dera. I've seen him in straight porn and discovered to my horror that there is nothing that puts me off a guy more than seeing him having sex with a woman (it also put me off my dinner). Eww... It gives me a whole new respect for Ex Gays.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sliders - So Much Potential

With so much time on my hands and so much cleaning to do I needed some work displacement activity... and found it in Sliders. Oh how I used to love this show. I love it despite it's obvious faults, and just wish the bloody network had let it live up to it's potential.

Imagine the limitless possibilities... and we got two dino worlds in just five seasons! Scandalous!

There could have been a topless Jerry O'Connell world!!

Or maybe just a Brent Everett world, filled with clones...

Oh Brent Everett... I'm starting to remember why I fell in love with you before Brent Corrigan...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sailor Confesses Guilt

It will be interesting to see this sailor explain this when she returns.

And would the media stop harping on about how she is a female and a mother and a wife. The 14 other sailors are probably sons, husbands and fathers as well, let us try not to forget about them! Fucking biased media.

And Tony Blair? Could you perhaps nuke Iran to teach them a valuable lesson? Oh sorry is the kidnap of our people not quite a sufficient reason to go to war, completely different to the weapons of mass destruction Saddam had...

Back From Folkestone

Monday I buggered off to Lympne to annoy my parental units. The family seem happy to see me, the cats seemed quietly pleased and Noodles the dog was so happy she peed herself. Nice to know I have that affect. Spent a few hours beating my brother and sister at Mario Vs Luigi on the DS before Sam arrived to take me off on my first of three meetings.

Sam, along with Mike, took me to the Tiger Inn. It's a pub in Stowting. Previously Stowting had been known me only as being tremendously small and for having the smallest school I'd ever seen (along with the smallest game of netball I've ever attended in the smallest playground ever). The Tiger Inn was actually quite nice, there was a jazz band and hops sprinkled liberally over the walls and in my lager. Sam amazed me with his funny stories (he really needs to get a podcast!). Thanks for the evening Sam.

Went home slept, woke up on Tuesday and basked in the glory of Sky Digital for five minutes before realising the universal truth that there is nothing ever good on telly. Headed to town and wandered around for a while, up to the Leas, down Remembrance Hill around the harbour. Folkestone looks nice when you don't live there. Met Laura and had lunch with her. It was brilliant to have a good couple of hours chat with her. Went home, thrashed George on Mario Vs Luigi before Zoe arrived and I went to Bar Vasa with her.

Bar Vasa's food sure is NICE! I don't think I've ever had a bad meal there.

It was great to see Zoe.

And then today I headed back here to home, and realised as we passed London Bridge that I finally felt like I was properly coming home for once. London. Home. Sheesh... who would have thought!

Monday, March 26, 2007

I Wish I Was 14 Again

I hate growing up. I really do. Just watching Buffy at the mo, getting all nostalgic for the late '90s and for Xander and Riley...

You know, being a teenager wasn't all bad. Sure the manic depressive outbursts and the whole coming out thing weren't fun. But the being naive, and everything feeling a bit like an adventure, was pretty darn nifty.

Being a grown up is just not the same. Nearly 24... :(

Oh well.. at least I still have the mental age of a 12 year old. Being mature is soooo overrated. Life, after all, is too short.

Oh, I've stopped myself eating snacks to try and lose some weight as promised in my New Years Resolutions... God, it's amazing how hungry I get... Growl!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jae Has Been To The Tate Modern

After a plan to have a picnic in Hyde Park fell into disarray John salvaged the day but suggesting we go to the Tate Modern. I duly met John, Vixie, Elliot and couple of their mates at the gallery.

It's been a whole since I've last been there and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to make an embarrassing confession. I'm going to sound very uncool and caveman like but... I just don't get it. I'm not saying everything was horrible. There were some works there that I absolutely adored. But 90% of the art in there I can say I disliked. I'm more your realism kinda guy. Boring but true.

One work, however, I can see I truly, deeply love is Rodin's "The Kiss". It works on two levels for me... I think it is a gorgeous piece of art portraying a romantic embrace. And on a more puerile level Paolo is the perfect man. Those thighs, those arms and that back... oh he is just BEAUTIFUL. It was a good few hours anyway, nice to see them all.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

First In, Last Out

Sorry for my two days of blog slackness. I have been busy at work. Sorrrrrrrrrrrry.

Went out drinking with work last night and for the first time since I joined the company I picked up the tab. It's not so much fun drinking alcohol paid for on your card. Oh well. Expenses will fix that problem... I arrived at the pub first and was the last to leave. Customer Services represent!

I have now got two weeks off work. I am going to spend the weekend tidying the flat (very slowly...) then Monday I'm going to plonk myself on a train back to the wilds of Kent. Mum phoned me on Thursday to say my sisters horse had to be put down. My little sister is going to be soooo upset it's unreal. All she does is talk about her horse. :( Beth, if I ever get enough money I will buy you another horse.

I have found a new addiction. Facebook. Being that I work with loads of Americans I had always thought of Facebook as an American college thing. Even when I heard it had opened up to everyone I still didn't bother checking it out. So when I heard Pete and Paul at work talking about it on Thursday I didn't pay much attention.

Then yesterday Kallie ordered me to sign up so she could add me as friend so I did. And within seconds of her adding me Sarina had too, and by the time I had responded to her I'd been added by a couple of more people. It snowballed from there... :S

Add me if you want to.

Isn't Myspace rubbish? It's so slow, it's so ugly, and it's owned by Murdoch. Come over to Facebook where it's nice and clean and fast and fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Read The Mirror

After the fall of Piers Morgan (someone I am unable to stand for more than a few seconds) I had considered the Mirror to be the best of the red tops, and would happily choose it if placed in that most hideous position of only red tops to read. NO LONGER! They are just as bad as the Sun!

They again accuse the BBC of duping the public over Scoochs song. Lies, lies and damn lies! Just see my last post. Grr... Now what am I going to read in the greasy cafe????

Flying the Flag is available to buy on iTunes. I beg you Dear Constant Reader to go and buy it before this Sunday, and to tell everyone you know to... Support the (Eurovision) Troops!!!

I really, really miss Jim. I've been doing 12 hour days at work trying to get my projects finished before tomorrow... (EEK!) and coming home to no Jim is just really making this one of the worst weeks in a long time. Without him to cuddle up to work kinda makes me sad.

Love ya Jim!

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Leave Scooch Alone!

OK people. This is getting silly. Some blogs (and some particularly useless news organisations) are actually believing the Justin Hawkins lies that Scooch tricked the public by not showing their backing singers. Let me address this now

1) We knew they had backing singers.
2) The Eurovision rules state that they are allowed up to six band members.
3) I don't think the dance routine would have looked too good in front of two motionless backing singers hence why they were not on stage. It's called "entertainment".

All I see on the Youtube comments and in the blogosphere is despair that Scooch won. Tough luck folks, they did. They won because a majority of voters wanted them to. Now it's time to suck up the bile and get on with supporting them, just as I had to with that god awful Daz Sampson rubbish. Sorry to dis you Daz, you were a good bloke. But I never really did like your song...

Flying the Flag is a fun song, from a fun group who are proud to go to Eurovision for their country. Bid them well, for no matter how badly they do they are flying our flag remember!

And the Mirror needs to lighten up!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Guy Burnet and Some Sour Grapes

Oh Wow! Once upon a time I used to watch Hollyoaks just for Guy Burnet. And I'm lead to believe his character Craig in Hollyoaks is about to have a gay relationship. Sweet dreams are mad of this! The actor playing his on screen beau, James Sutton, is also rather dishy. So I'll be catching up on Hollyoaks for the next few months...

Aww... poor little innocent Justin Hawkins and Brian Harvey aren't happy to have been beaten in a fair fight with Scooch. Now let's not be too mean to them both but sheesh... they were worse singers than Scooch that night! I agree with's article... Beverlei Brown was the highlight of Justin's performance.

And racism?? Oh Justin please, how low can sink before reaching the absolute bottom of your steep journey back to obscurity?! Out of the last three acts one was Javine! Now if I remember correctly she was a gorgeous black girl... And in the last ten acts there has been 2 black soloists (Imaani, we love you!) and Precious who had a black member. That's a pretty high representation so I don't think racism is an issue.

Sour grapes? I think that might be closer to the truth!

I miss Jim. :(

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Does Anyone Care??

No offense but will the BBC give it a rest?. Sir Terry made a mistake, he's over it, the fans are over it, I don't here poor Cyndi querying it and I sure don't hear Scooch complaining? So why do they keep bringing it up?? Come on BBC, time to put that in the past and start bigging up Scooch! Send them to Europe, fly them to the capitals for open air concerts! Promote them until the the very last second! Let's get over the error and let's get that bloody trophy!

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Leave Terry Alone

Poor Terry Wogan hasn't been having a very good week. He has responded to criticism of the Making Your Mind Up gaffe when he accidentally announced the wrong winner. It's a mistake, move on.

However I am a bit preturbed to see posts making fun of Fearne Cotton for the mistake. If you are going to make fun of someone about making a mistake maybe you should get your own facts right... DUMB! I've seen at least three blog posts making fun of her so far. Did they watch the programme??

We love you Terry!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Jim left the country today for two weeks in Boston, USA. :( I will miss him so much, even though he probably won't believe that. Love you Jim. xxx

Today is Mothering Sunday so I have spent the day with my mother and family down in Lympne. OK... traveling by train is getting silly. The service is fine, but the passengers are so dumb it hurts. I arrived at Greenwich station to find a group of nine fully grown adults gathered around a ticket machine unable to work out how to work it. It turns out these were actually 3 separate parties so I can't blame genetics. Perhaps Southeastern need to start night courses on their machines for the deeply dumb? After sorting them out I stood in my normal spot on the station whereupon someone asked me what platform was for London Bridge. I looked above me and checked the Departures board was working. It was. I pointed at it (not more than a foot above my head, if they were looking up anyway they must have been able to see it) and said pointedly "THIS ONE".

It was, however, lovely to see my family and I look forward to going back down in a weeks time for a few days with them. Glad to see Angel cat still remembers me. Less pleased to see Noodles the dog still remembers me. More pleased to note Tinkerbell cat treats me as a mere stroking machine and doesn't give a damn who I am. \

Having had time to ponder the Scooch victory I see it as being quite startingly out of line with the last few songs. I wonder if the public weren't just sick of the celebrities turning every television show into another edition of the soap opera of their lives. Brian Harvey, Big Brovaz, Justin Hawkins and, to a lesser extent, Liz from Atomic Kitten are all tired celebrities being wheeled out to give them one more chance. Maybe that is what lead to a Cyndi and Scooch sing off. I, for one, am totally bored of seeing failed celebrities constantly trying to reinvent themselves. There is a reason they are failed celebrities.

Now Scooch could be considered as doing exactly what I just moaned about except ask a group of people and almost all of them will never have heard of them before. So I wouldn't call them celebrities. ;)

Scooch, I am 100% behind you but I do have one reservation... PLEASE DON'T DO A JEMINI! PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Now let's see the video!

How can to you not love that?

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

And The Winner Is....

Scooch and Cyndi were through to the final sing off... I almost fainted. No Hawkins, No Big Brovaz. Thank the Lord I thought! A dream ticket..

And then Terry announced it was Cyndi... cool I thought.... HE WAS WRONG! Scooch won! Oh poor Cyndi... Terry that was MEAN! But my heart jumped! THIS IS GREAT!

See Scooch's Myspace page for more...

COME ON BRITAIN! Come on Scooch, we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Making Your Mind Up - It's Time!

You gotta speed it up, and then you gotta slow it down
Coz if you believe that our love can hit the top
You gotta play around
But soon you will find that there comes a time
For Making Your Mind Up

Well Hawkins and Brown are tipped to win. But it's still up to us to decide... here's what I thought of the acts. The final result is just a couple of hours away.

"Why don't we invade the Balkans?" - I LOVE TERRY WOGAN!

Audience is a bit dull... but this is being filmed in Maidstone... come on Kent show some vigour!

Liz McClarnon - (Don't It Make You) Happy!

Very Dusty. I like it. Good voice, good looks, catchy? Maybe not. But hey certainly a good start to the show!

Ooo... John Barrowman is judging. PHWOAH. And it's Mel! Oh I love her hat....

Brian Harvey - I Can

A "colourful few years" since leaving East 17? Terry you are being very reserved for once! Embarassed by Bucks Fizz? Bless...

I feel sorry for him but he can't seem to hold a tune, his voice keeps breaking and this song is just not doing anything for me.


Big Brovaz - Big Bro Thing

I think it probably was quite good but this is soooo not my sort of thing. Got the Indigo feel about it (Indigo being a crap nightclub down in Folkestone).

Eurovis... love it Mel!

Cyndi - I'll Leave My Heart

Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond anyone? Good, not Eurovision material I'm afraid. But she seems really nice and wow, she can sing.

Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)

Never going to win. Jim hates it....

I LOVE IT. Thank you Scooch... I've missed you!!

Proud to be British.. you go Mr Barrowman!

Hawkins and Brown - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

I've put three quid on this. Even though it is bollocks. The British public will pick this because they know Hawkins. I don't like him.

Liz is the one I want to win because I think she could do us proud. Scooch is the act my gay little heart wants to win, just because I love them.

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One More Week

Yesterday... I don't know how I got that drunk. Honestly. I only had a few. Just a few.

But let's go back to yesterday lunchtime first for a story of horror, pain and disgust. I went to the vegetarian cafe. I haven't been in over a year and I think some strange force over took me when I agreed to go with Paul, Kallie, Jessica and Simon. Imagine walking into someone's front room. That's what walking into the veggie cafe is like. Imagine a woman named Naked Ruby not finishing her meal so popping outside to scrap it into the gutter. That is the veggie cafe. Imagine the cook appearing from the kitchen, expressing shock at having customers, and quickly writing up the menu on the blackboard.

I choose Thai Green Curry,imaging the sweet taste of the Thai Curry with the crunch of properly cooked vegetables on a bed of properly boiled rice. What I got was a tasteless mush. Kallie wouldn't admit it wasn't nice, I think she thought my complaints about the cafe and its food were based on some anti vegetarian streak. They were not. They were based on an anti bad food streak.

Anyway... after work we headed to the Riverside for some drinks. I only had 4 or 5 pints but I got BLADDERED. Really drunk. I got home and headed straight back out the fried chicken place up the road and drunkenly demanded food. LOTS OF FOOD. Of late I have been losing my appetite. Not last night.... mmmmm....

For news about everyones favourite boy, Brent Corrigan, check out Rants From A Mysterious Place and Jason Curious. Looks to me like he is suffering quite a bit so maybe send him some love as well over at his blog.

I just saw my first new 20 pound note.. Very pretty.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jim Recommends...

IClash Music. Check it out...

Jae Recommends...

Mark Dalton.

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Back To Bangkok?

Jim went off to hospital unexpectedly yesterday, but was back home by the time I arrived. Amazing how worried I get about that kind of thing.

On Tuesday Jim and I were discussing holidays and of course Bangkok was mentioned. I didn't realise just how much I miss Bangkok until it was brought up again. Reading my blog from the time (check out May 2006) I now remember just how much of a good time we had. So we have provisionally stencilled in a return in May 2008. Which would be LOVELY!

Holidays plans coming up: Jim is off to Boston, USA for a couple of weeks on Sunday so I may have a week off work and go down to Folkestone for a few days. Mmm... home cooked meals, nights out with my mates and the SEA.

In July/August Jim, Ian and I will be heading to Brittany for a week staying in what looks like a beautiful bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere. I haven't been to France in a long time and as our last proper holiday was May last year I am very much looking forward to it.

It's too hot at work at the moment, it's very sunny and our landlords won't turn the heating off. With our air conditioner out of action I am now spending my afternoons barely working at all. I don't like heat when I'm working. It's my belief I'm descended from people who lived within the Artic Circle... the colder, the better is my opinion. Walk in freezer... that's what we need!

Spring must be arriving, the butterflies are out and pidgeons have started to get disconcertingly amourous with each other in public. Can't wait for summer, all those topless men... Not that'd I'd perv of course. Purely mentioning it because of it's a sign of the summer... yeah... that's it...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Bad Customer Experience

It's amazing. For the first time ever I am not happy with a company! Wow I feel like a real bastard consumer (even though I didn't get angry or anything like that).

With a marked change (for the better!) in my financial situation over the last couple of weeks I decided to get a new phone, a Samsung X820. Very nice. Jim wanted one too and we found a good deal with The 3G Shop. I applied and knowing how fraud checks work (after all, it was my job until a couple of months ago) I wasn't surprised when I got a call the next day (from a lovely sounding guy) asking me to send a copy of my passport and bank statement. I happily obliged and sent it in this morning. Obviously I didn't want to show my transactions so I covered those up (as my company allows our customers to do, we only want to confirm you are who you say you are before parting with our expensive stuff).

I phoned them up a little while ago just to check up on things. After a few minutes the agent told me they'd received them but couldn't accept my statement... they wanted to see the transactions! When he told me this I could tell from the fear in his voice it wasn't something he agreed with and obviously something he was used to be abused by the customers for.

I didn't abuse him (he seemed like a nice chap). I just cancelled my order and took my money elsewhere. In the grand scheme of things that's far more effective.

Darn silly rules if you ask me. The company I work for has one of the lowest fraud rates for online business' and one of the best customer service track records. 3G have got a bloody jobsworth in their fraud department who's probably costing them more in lost sales than saving in stopping fraud.

20 Quid!

I'm not working today *does little dance*

A new twenty pound note is introduced today bearing the image of Adam Smith
. I saw it and immediately thought I'd seen a similar design before...

Could this be the Bank Of England slowly getting people used to design? Please let it be so!!

Euro, Pound, Adam Smith

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Documentary Evidence

Over the last few weeks I've been watching documentaries galore and I know feel very, very scared of the United States of America! ;)

First I started with Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Watching Louis in action can be slightly uncomfortable because he comes across as quite insincere. It was quite funny watching some of the crazies predicting the end of the world "by 2000ad". He he... bless them.

Then came a Michael Moore overdose. Roger and Me and The Big One. Their you are agreeing with Moore, sympathising with the people he is talking to and then suddenly he goes and does something pig ignorant or rude and you just think "arsehole". Hey Mr Moore I agree with you about the corporations being bullying bastards but maybe you should learn some manners yourself.

After that I moved on to the truely disturbing stuff: Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price and An Inconvenient Truth. While the Wal-Mart documentary was fairly predictable (Wal-Mart BAD) the Enron documentary was brilliant. If you watch one documentary this year make it that. But prepared to be terrified by the awesome overreach of some money hungry bastards. I spent the whole of An Inconvenient Truth imagining just how wonderful it would have been to have Al Gore as the President of America. Intelligent, compassionate and quite a looker in his youth! If there was an Al Gore 2008 ticket I think I'd fly over and volunteer!

And now I've just finished Jesus Camp. OH MY GOD! How can this type of child abuse be allowed? The kids were completely brain washed. Shocking. Any suggestions for future documentaries to watch would be welcome. I'm just starting on The Corporation...

Brent Everett is gorgeous. Brent Corrigan and him together... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett and Charles Dera? I think I'd pay many hundreds of pounds to watch that movie...

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Charles Dera Does Porn!

So as you should know I've got an obsession with Charles Dera. Well look at him! How could I not have an obsession for him? Jeez I get an obsession with pretty much anyone tall, dark and handsome so it had to happen.

There I was scanning the blogs for pictures and I come across (LINK NOT WORK/STRAIGHT SAFE) this story. Wow. Charles Dera in straight porn. I think I might just give up my straight porn ban for that!

I still love Brent as well though.

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Never Been To Vauxhall On A Saturday

It's amazing how quiet Vauxhall is at the weekend. During the week it is a hive of frenzied activity. The shops at the station are closed now, the crowds gone, even the homeless seem to be strangely absent. It's quite spooky.

I sit in my office with someone else on the other side of the room listening to the radio and trying to find the energy to do some last minute work.

It's been two years but the memory of weekend working is returning... and it isn't pleasant.

Hmm.. been spending some time today listening to Eurovision 2007 songs. Hmm.. some stars like Cyprus' entry but gosh some of those songs are awful.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Gotta Love The Tories

I am not racist, says Tory MP

Patrick Mercer can probably be summed up with two words; foot and mouth. Bless him but he seems to equate the fact that bullying occurs in the Army with a strange belief that it is acceptable. To the general public bullying in the Army might be a sign of a lack of discipline in the ranks. But then again Mr Mercer was in charge of the battalion so that might not surprise anyone.

He also seems to not have even a little bit of an understanding of the climate in this country with regards to racism. 50 years ago he might have got away with saying some ethnic minority soldiers skive off work by claiming racist abuse. Any astute politician would know you just can't say that kind of stuff any longer.

Even thought he is absolutely useless it's such a shame David Cameron sacked him; Mr Mercer was only saying what a lot of Conservative voters believe.

Tories; you have to love them!

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So... last night I just about made it to the end of the day at work. I just wasn't cut out for working in business. Too much stress over insignificant things, I'll never comprehend it.

We all went out for drinks to Bush Bar in Shepherds Bush. It's been over a year since we last went there. It's still pretty good, even if the mojitos have gone down hill at least since my last visit.

After many drinks there we headed to the Ethiopian restaurant as before. This time I was a bit disappointed with the food and the atmosphere. I was growing extraordinarily bored, a state I find myself in more and more.

So I kind thought I'd start moving people on to somewhere else, so I stood up... which is when I bumped into Sarina coming to find me... she had thought exactly the same thing. That is how we end up in the Walkabout. Haven't been there in a while.... Antipodean men are so Gorgeous.

Then I got a taxi home with a couple of other south east London based colleagues.

I am so bloody bored/stressed/sick to my stomach of deadlines at mo. :( I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up in a months time when everything is ok.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

John Inman: Rest In Peace

John Inman has passed away. He played Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served?, one of the best known UK sitcoms in television history.

Who hasn't said "I'm Free" at some point in their life? So today spare a moments thought for him and for his partner. He was one of televisions great poofs from the good old days.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If You Go Into The Woods Today

Oh God. I have a bad feeling about today.

After almost forgetting my door keys for a second day running I headed off to the station a few minutes late. Halfway there I realised I'd forgot my wallet (this is why I never used to have a wallet, you could never forget it if you didn't have one). So I stomped back to the flat got my wallet and headed back down the stairs to find the door had jammed. One minute of frantic pulling later and I was out.

I had a feeling maybe I should just call in sick.

So I get to the station to find no ticket booth open. I don't mind I avoid them and prefer the machines. Sadly because no ticket was open all the STUPID people who can't use machines were gathered around the ticket machine in a very confused state. I could hear the train approaching and decided that they were a lost cause (normally I help them) and went to the permit to travel machine. There was a 40 odd year old business man there. Oh God I thought...

Now for those who don't know a permit to travel machine has a coin slot, a button and a ticket dispenser. THAT IS IT. It is not hard to operate.

But this man couldn't operate it. I grabbed his money shoved it in the machine and pressed the button. I handed him his permit and as I created my own he asked in a posh voice "What do I do with this?".

His voice reminded me very much of someone I currently know and hate. I find a lot of business men are THICK AS TWO SHORT PLANKS. He sounded like a petulent child, so I spoke to him like a parent does to a 2 year old. "You take this permit to the nice man at the station you get off at and you hand it to him, pay the remainder of the money and he'll give you a ticket."

Rather than notice the sarcasm in my voice he thanked me, as I sped past him, my Halo Jones book fluttering in my hand, and jumped aboard the train...

I arrive finally at Waterloo East and wait behind all the people who didn't get tickets or permits as they get told off and fined. Finally I get to the ticket collector and he is shocked (in a good way) that I had got a permit to travel and was polite to him. "Don't get many like you..." he mumbled as he got my ticket.

I rushed to Waterloo and caught the train to Vauxhall. I waited in line for my Guardian... a line filled with other people who just didn't know how to queue. There was two people serving, and there was three queues. Grr...

Get to the ticket barrier... my ticket didn't work... the ultimate in commuter embarassmment.

I get to work... I'd ordered stationary yesterday... and along with the normal order was three HUGE bubblewrap rolls. They had the correct customer address on them. But they ended up here. Way to go US! So I've queried that already.

And now there is an email in my inbox that makes me believe I'll be working all weekend... it's 08.25 can I go home yet???

I'm only here because I'm going out tonight... that is the only reason....

Let's cheer ourselves up with some (very dumb looking) beefcake...

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Jae Becomes A Grown Up

Yesterday I received my first credit card. Don't bother warning me that about the risks, I've got my own case studies for that one! I have it in order to be able to buy lots of clothes all at once and pay them off over a period of time. Clothes for me have become an unaffordable thing (High and Mighty isn't the cheapest) and it's got to the point old clothes are wearing out faster than I can afford to buy new ones. I will not be using it for frivolous purposes!

And I received confirmation of my new savings account. I'm going to put aside £100 a month for the time being. I'll increase it as and when I can.

Gosh... I even had to contact a customer service department (something I've always prided myself on not having to have done) as my card didn't arrive first time. My credit card companies customer service was great and sorted it straight away. But then again I know the main cause of bad customer service... the customer.

My favourite podcast has returned! Sparkletack has been away for so long. Great to it back with an awesome cast about the San Francisco Spite Fence. Go listen!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Day

Work. Why do I have to do it? When was it decided that we would all have to work for a living and that money was the most important thing in the world? Can't I just have a piece of land somewhere and live out my years in peace and quiet with nothing to do with this strange alien creation of Capitalism? Hmph. Got a project to complete at work and it's starting to stress me out. God Lord... and this one person at work is driving me mad at the moment with their incessant stupidity. I may be on hiatus for this project but I've been doing customer service for five years. It's stressful and a bit like banging you head on a brick wall but it isn't difficult. It's not rocket science!

Oh well...yesterday I received my once a month parcel from Amazon with Beth and Georges birthday pressies, Man In The Middle , The Complete Halo Jones and (last but certainly not least!) The Complete Case Files of Judge Dredd Part One.

Judge Dredd cheers me up, nothing like a bit of pessimistic future shocks as the Mighty Tharg would say.

Had dinner with Jim at the Cafe Rouge last night. Pah... bad service, ok food. Not going back there again! Did see a new Texan place had opened opposite the Greenwich Picture House. They had hats on the tables. Big hats. Jim worryingly wants to go. I'll take my camera so you can share in my horror. I think the cute waiter we saw trolling around inside was part of the reason for Jims interest.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eurovision 2007 - So Far

Location Thanks to Lordi winning last year in Athens with the brilliant "Hard Rock Hallelujah" the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest is to be held in Helsinki, Finland

The Presenters

Jaana Pelkonen
Mikko Leppilampi

Semi Finalists

Not everyone makes it to the Eurovision Final. A Semi Final will be held on 10th May 2007. The Top Ten from the semi final will go onto the final and join last years Top Ten and the Big Four; France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. It's nice to always be in the final... sorry guys! The links will take you to a video of the song.

Albania: Aida & Frederik Ndoci "Balada e gurit"
Andorra: Anonymous "Salvem el món"
Austria: Eric Papilaya "Get a life - get alive"
Belarus: Dmitry Koldun "Work your magic"
Belgium: The KMG's "Love power"
Bulgaria: Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov "Voda"
Croatia: Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic "Vjerujem u ljubav"
Cyprus: Evridiki "Comme ci, comme ça"
Czech Republic: Kabát "Mala Dama"
Denmark: DQ "Drama Queen"
Estonia: Gerli Padar "Partners in crime"
FYR Macedonia: Karolina "Mojot svet"
Georgia: Sopho Khalvashi "My story"
Hungary: Magdi Rúzsa "Unsubstantial Blues"
Iceland: Eiríkur Hauksson Ég les í lófa þínum
Israel: Teapacks "Push the button"
Latvia: "Questa Notte"
Malta: Olivia Lewis "Veritgo"
Moldova: Natalia Barbu "Fight"
Montenegro: Stevan Faddy "Ajde Kroci"
Norway: Guri Schanke "Ven a bailar conmigo"
Poland: The Jet Set "Time to party"
Portugal: Sabrina "Dança comigo (vem ser feliz)"
Serbia: Marija Šerifovic "Molitva"
Slovenia: Alenka Gotar "Cvet z juga"
Switzerland: DJ BoBo "Vampires are alive"
The Netherlands: Edsilia Rombley "Nooit meer zonder zou"
Turkey: Kenan Doðulu "Shake it up sekerim"

The Finalists

Armenia: Hayko "Anytime you need"
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Marija Sestic "Rijeka bez imena"
Finland: Hanna Pakarinen "Leave me alone"
France: Les Fatals Picards "L'amour à la Française"
Germany: Roger Cicero "Frauen regieren die Welt"
Greece: Sarbel "Yassou Maria"
Ireland: Dervish "They can't stop the spring"
Lithuania: 4Fun "Love or leave"
Romania: Todomondo "Liubi, liubi, I love you"
Russia: Serebro "Song # 1"
Spain: NASH "I love you mi vida"
Sweden: The Ark "The Worrying Kind"
United Kingdom: Scooch "Flying The Flag"
Ukraine: Verka Serduchka "Danzing"


OK, I've been listening to these songs for a while and I have to say: I think Sweden is going to win. But I do love the UK, Romania, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus and even Israel. So I think it'll be a close fight.

Sexiness wise: Spain and Belarus. Yum!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Oh I don't feel so good. Not good at all. I am NEVER going to drink again. Honest.

It all started with work drinks at the Riverside. I put back a few pints and talked rubbish. At about 8 Sam America, Phil, Sam's Friend Justin and I got a bus to... Clapham and the Kazbar. It was nice in there and we met up with a couple more people... one of whom was Sam's scary flatmate Sara. Uber scary.

We then went to the Two Brewers where I got very drunk, acted very tall and acted stupid.

Got an unlicensed cab home with some Jamaican guy where we talked shit about gun crime, homophobia in Jamaica and how gay men are the best people in the world.

I was drunk. I don't know what his excuse was.

God I was drunk.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bits And Bobs

John Amaechi was on the Daily Show the other day. What a lovely guy! And 6'10"... same height as me... phwoah...

Greece has unveiled their Eurovision song Sarbel's "Yassou Maria"


Up close with the UK hopefuls

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