Friday, January 31, 2003

They Had It Coming!

I went and saw Chicago at the cinema last night. Twas great!!! May I sing you a song? No? Fine shall hum to my self in background *hums while typing*

Then when me and Zoe came out of the cinema we found it had been snowing! That's twice in one year! Wow! So today of course this meant all the frigging mental people who hadn't paid any attention to the weather forecasts of the last week got stuck on the motorways for 12 hours..... and blamed the Government! Hello! Tis winter..... snow is to be expected, and snow causes disruption...... thats the whole fun of it!!

And then they phoned up the call centre..... "As its snowing we don't have to pay amendment fees do we?" Errrr..... let me think "YES you do!" You should have made arrangements or been prepared to pay the fee! tut!! This world is kerazy!

Tis Justin Timberlakes birthday today according to Zoe...... happy birthday! Now come and unwrap you present...... hehe....

Oh poor Stacey..... I found a note pinned to my desk today "I AM BLUE WITHOUT YOU" written in blue and with a sad face drawn on. I want to give her a hug and tell her everything will be ok. :o(

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Where Is Everybody?

Seems its just you and me again blog, everyone else has buggered off!

OK so last night Peter (I won't use his surname anymore as I really don't want to pop up on the search engines!) came round to meet me. He is in charge of our local Lib Dem party (from now on LD) and is our prospective parliamentary candidate. He came round with a bloke called Shaun, and we chatted about what I could help out with. Am now Lympne's only LD willing to deliver leaflets. Previously they had a 76 year old with a pacemaker from Hawkinge doing the rounds! Also invited me to a Chinese evening on Saturday.... don't know if I should go yet. And Sam he finally worked out I was your friend!!!

AH! I have a couple of days off work, and now my phone rings!! It was somebody dumb called "Leon.... thats L-E-O-N" (I would never have known....) for Tony wanting to know Bob's phone number in Spain. I think he means Bill, my grandad. He was most dumb, and started talking to me as if I was Tony after I had categorically stated I was not!! HELLO!! I hate phones. And people.

Where is the snow they promised? Hmmmm........

I know there are other things I wanted to say, but I've forgotten...... I'll be back!!

Two Minutes Later

I'm back!! Go check out this blog as its rather good!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Jae Is A Great Big Lush

On Tuesday night I phoned Stephen, who is fine. Hmmm...... seems he doesn't really mind if I sleep around. I have yet to decide if that is a good or a bad thing. I am going to ponder it some more.

Yesterday went to the Leas Club with becky, we chatted for a while about nothing as always! I was in the middle of saying something when someone caught my eye. Some really fit guy wearing a gorgeous top came wandering down the stairs. Then I realised..... it was MT. Oh I had forgotten how simply gorgeous that boy is! Of course whatever I was saying was now lost as my brain had turned to slush. Around half nine, ten o'clock Arron and Rob turned up which was great. But by this time I had drunk way too many Stellas and as MT was there had lost all power of thought (he kept bending over, how can you expect a boy to concentrate under such conditions?). So sorry Arron and Rob for my state!!

I am skiving off work today, as couldn't be bothered to go.

Monday, January 27, 2003

In A Daze, But Still Being Positive

Work was so strange today. The morning it was all really bad customers, causing me to dream of throwing a sicky. Then the new temp agency lady came round, and really didn't impress me. Sure we get a rise, and perhaps a kind of commission..... but she really didn't seem up to her job. I ran and phoned my current bosses and almost shouted "Help! I'm A Temp Get Me Out Of Here!".

Stacey is sacked as of Sunday. :o(

The office was so hot today that I could barely think. Then got told I am part of a new experiment in call standards..... can't go into it... but it is a really good thing!

On way home had to pick up twins from a family friends house. They live on the Leas. Mum parked up outside their flat, in a small car park bit on the cruising area. And I had to sit there while all these other men, just out of the office looking for a quickie were sitting in their cars cruising.... me...... JOY! Or not.....

Am off out with Becky tomorrow.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Down In The Ghetto

Without Prejudice was on last night. Oh yes it was very homophobic as always, but this time at least the gay man got to the last two, despite being in a relationship with two men.... (I want two boyfriends!.... oh wait I have two..... *glee*)

Three years ago I made a concious decision to stop going out on the scene, and make friends out in the real world, and if they happened to be gay, even better. I didn't want to be ghettoised, or prejudiced, and I thought people had moved on enough to mean being gay meant very little.

So here I am after three years, and I realise just how stupid I was. I have begun arranging meetings with other gay guys my age down in Folkestone, as I tentatively step back out onto the scene. My mates are the best in the world. And I love them loads! But I also need some gay mates, who I can chat to, annoy, oogle over men with and generally have a laugh with. When I am with other gay men (and gay women for that matter) I feel far more at ease and secure.

Going to straight places is great..... but it always leaves me feeling a tad isolated. Anyway I just thought I'd write down that my experiment is over, I am heading back to the ghetto (on a part time basis, as of course I love going out with my friends way too much to stop!!)

Help Tony's family is here, and they have already mentioned my height..... you'd think after ten years they would have got over it... but no they sit there and stare like dumb cows chewing cud..... STUPID people!

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Nothing Standing My Way? This Can't Be!

So after answering a whole bunch emails that were not junk (I never have none junk emails!) I set off for work and what I thought would be a meeting with the new temping agency. They never showed. Very professional of them. Tut! So I phoned my latest boss at my current agency who is looking for permanent work. And she told me she was putting me up for a job with a salary of........ £15900. Wow. It is in a call centre in Ashford. The hours are really long, but so you get loads and loads of time off. It would be perfect.

Transport links to Ashford are better in Lympne than the ones to Folkestone, and with the money and time off I can actually come visit people!! I am really going to try for this job. If I get it it would solve so many problems!!!!

Work was good, quiet and for once I wasn't fretting too much over my future. After work went to the cinema with Zoe, and watched About Schimdt. (Please see About Shit) It was rubbish, had no storyline or direction. It could of been good if someone had slapped the writer round the head a little more often and told him to stop faffing around!

Turns out Peter Carroll came to visit it me yesterday but I wasn't in. He is the Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate. i.e. The Boss.

I would just like to say one more thing. I am so glad I was not born straight!!! Have decided being gay is way too much fun. But we already knew that now didn't we!

Five Worst Movies Of All Time - First Draft

1. The Hole
2. Being Considered
3. About Schimdt
4. Deathwatch
5. Needful Things

Friday, January 24, 2003

Do I Look Like I Can Be Bothered To Actually Write Stuff?

This is how I spend my days off:

Jason says: oh hello.... didn't see you there!
Jason says: how r u?
Stephen: not too bad, but busy doing a write up
Jason says: sounds evil....
Stephen: yep totally
Jason says: been up to much?
Stephen: nope nowt
Jason says: neither have i... except boring stuff like sorting out my job... blah... am off to see chicago at the cinema tonight tho...
Stephen: well smart, thinking of seeing at West End
Jason says: oh i bet that is EXCELLENT....
Stephen: Hope so
Jason says: have checked my gaydar account for first time in ages.... ah, too many messages!!
Stephen: bless any nice guyz?
Jason says: an army one!! armybilad, and it would seem that the front in town is becoming a gay bar! yay!
Stephen: hang on
Stephen: noval
Jason says: ah... the poor fools.... oh well seems to be some nice people who wanna go out for drinks which is good...
Stephen: well smart, pic the fit ones, hehehe
Jason says: i only go for character, not looks stephen.... *cough*
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: don't you believe me? :-)
Stephen: I do
Jason says: thousands wouldn't
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: ah... am bored of replying to silly messages now....
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: there am all done, everyone got a reply.... aren't i good!
Stephen: yep sure are
Jason says: cool... azm bored now..... bloody days off do this to me! what to do? hoover? *laughs*
Stephen: hahaha
Jason says: am going stir crazy.... can't wait for zoe to come pick up and take me to ashford!!! am so isolated from anything fun here!
Stephen: awwwww
Jason says: am definetly going to check out the front bar now... hope it is friendlier than skuba
Stephen: hehehe will have to visit when I'm back
Jason says: yay! we can go scare the new owners.... muhahaha
Stephen: hehehe
Jason says: right have just discovered the limitations of gaydar classic..... grrrr....... double grrr.......
Stephen: hahaha whats ur profile
Jason says: jaekay
Jason says: i thought you knew.... just been having a conversation with someone who knows you....
Stephen: OMG who???
Stephen: well???????????
Jason says: he is 6'4...... paul i think his name was...
Stephen: OMG Paul Prentice
Jason says: goes to kent uni?
Stephen:Yeah, friend of mine for ages
Jason says:oh.... well now it seems very random me chatting to him......
Stephen:hehehe, god I've know him for bout a yr or so
Jason says:he seemed nice
Stephen:yeah he is, good friend n listener
Jason says:cool..... right i better go and do stuff instead of spending hours chatting to like 20 people! don't quite know what i am going to do but will figure something out! see you soon .... love ya. Jae x

Hmmm...... never did make it to Chicago, I had promised to babysit..... bugger..... but did get propostioned by cute army lad.... which is always a good thing! Zoe came round and we saw a new betting TV channel.... called AVAGO (as in Have A Go). It was sssssoooo rubbish that is was brilliant. The amount of viewers is so small the presenters seem to know them. For instance "Oh look we have a Gladys from Folkestone playing, I wonder if she knows Paul" Paul as in someone who often plays, but wasn't right then. Appallingly good.

Ian phoned. What is it with all these men all of a sudden?

The BNP have won another council seat. Anyone who votes for them is betraying the memory of all those who fought and died fighting the nazis. And that really isn't a very British thing to do now is it? (Betraying your fellow countrymen that is , not fighting the nazis [that is actually a national pastime])

Thursday, January 23, 2003


Congrats to So... and Blogging Brits as they have both been nominated for the Bloggies (thats like the Oscars for Blogs). So will you all go vote for them!!

Oh dear me..... see here. It's as we all suspected. I don't think this meets the stringent criterea of a "just war" (was it Kant who spoke of this..... Religious Studies seems so long ago!).

But these people are stupid. Hello! This man gassed his own people. He must be deposed. Just not by the Americans. Let the Europeans or the Russians sort him out.

I phoned up the new temping agency yesterday. They will be coming to the call centre to register me on Friday. I don't know if things are going to turn out okay though. It seems temps all over the company have been laid off. Hmm...... and they have some crazy new plans involving video phone. Imagine waking up to me in the morning!!

Ah..... have some 18 year old who wants to "meet up". I shan't do it as I am being very good. "What do you mean?" you all shout, "he is probably just looking for friends". Note: on every occassion a gay man has said "Hey let's meet up" it actually turns out to mean "Let's fuck". And I am in a relationship, and for once I am going to be good little Jae. *halo appears over head* But his picture does look very nice..... *halo falls and knocks Jae to the floor*

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Freedoms and Human Rights

The Government takes us further from our Socialist roots, towards some soulless money driven state by introducing this. It is disgusting that our Government is setting up an elitist university system, where the poor are most badly treated. All people everywhere should be given the same oppurtunities. It is up to them what they do with them, but they should get them nevertheless. University costs should be met through taxation. If that means 1) tax rises or 2) NO EXPENSIVE POINTLESS WAR FOUGHT FOR OIL NOT HUMANITY then I am all for it. Please note I am for the removal of Saddam Hussein for the good of the Iraqi people, but not so that the oil guzzling United States Government can get its grubby blood stained mittens on Iraqs oil fields. Knowing the US they will probably instate an undemocratic dictatorship, as they are apt to do, in Saddam's place. And hello!! Why is no one talking about finding Osama?

The American Government is attempting to curb abortion. Yet more stupidity. I am 100% against abortion, but 110% in favour of a woman's right to choose. It is a woman's right to decide whether she wants to bring a baby into this world. Any attempt to curb such a right is immoral, dictatorial, and quite fundamentally wrong.

My access to the internet is being impinged upon more and more. I use my own account now to get around parental controls that were stopping me reading your blogs. Now the Dictators of Stupidity who rule this house have moved their attempts at flagrant censorship to the computer itself, which now restricts the sites I can read on my user. They even delete my pics from My Documents (please note said pics were two head shots of Legolas!). It actually made me want to cry. Why do they pry, and censor, and control so much? Power? This has put a right fucking downer on my day..... Will try to keep positive.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Strange Relationship

I really think my relationship with Stephen is normalising. For three years we have had a very strange relationship, going from deep love to deep ambivalence. Phone calls, texts, and letters were rare. I think finally we are now headin for normal boyfriend status, where we both make an effort. Which I suppose is really quite cool.

My Dream Catcher has been nicked by Beth for her room, as she keeps "having bad dreams". Well considering that said Dream Catcher is part of my religous beliefs, I think it is rather cruel to take it. I can't just go and nick it back from a six year old now can I? So it'll have to stay. Grrrr.... she nicks everything of mine.

Check out this cool site

Monday, January 20, 2003

The Craft

I watched the Craft last night which was great. Then had a bit of an experience which I shan't go into here.

I am currently looking at a map of the world which shows how each country deals with the death penalty. Only three "western" countries now have it. South Korea, Japan, and the United States of America. Disgusting!! Even Turkmenistan and Yugoslavia have abolished it!! I think not having the death penalty is something we in this country should be intensely proud of! But no we want to bring it back..... fools that we are.....

Sunday, January 19, 2003

The Sunday Club

Firstly Stephen phoned me up yesterday to tell me about his latest piercing.... on his ear for once!! This is the second time he has phone dme in a week..... yay!!

Secondly I have reason to believe that someone has stolen Scooby and put a new collar on him (ignoring ours)... Mum says she saw him.

Work was so boring today... got in trouble as I called a customer a weasel..... whoops....

Watched Without Prejudice last night. Evil homophobic, ageist (he hates young men) bloke from first show was back on the panel. Even he was disgusted with himself after choosing a well off business man over a working class lesbian mother. Hello!!

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Walking Higher

My ache to get away from this house is so great, that sometimes I feel like screaming. This afternoon, for instance, mum cried because the house was such a mess. It was spotless. Her and Tony's obsession for cleaning is driving me slowly round the bend. There is more to life than this!

But for the first time in years I am optimistic about being free from this. I now believe that my dreams have, at least, the chance of coming true.

One day I will live with a man who will make me smile, in a modest, carefree existence. I just need to grit my teeth thru this for that to happen.

One day my family will be what I make it.

Remind me not to read other peoples blogs. Well at least not people I know as it gets me depressed. Grrrr......

Firstly..... The Salon is most definetly the gayest show in the world. Yesterday morning I watched a fat gay man (trapped in the rat race of life) get a belly massage by one girl, while her twin sister gave his boyfriend/trophy house wife a facial....... sickenly good TV.....

I went out last night with Zoe and John, and we went to the Leas Club (sorry if I ignored you Ellie... I really didn't see you, I was MT cruising you understand...) and got the best shock in a while..... Sexy Bouncer is back!!!!!! On a Friday night now...... oh those arms......

In another good move... I saw Emily of training group fame, who explained why she never said goodbye (she was really ill) and seemed really glad to see me.... which was nice.....

At work they have put up posters declaring how all temps are now laid off (so thoughtful)...... with careful instructions of how to sneakily keep your job.... hehe.....

Anyway am still in orgasmic bliss at thought of Sexy Bouncerness.......... yay.......

Friday, January 17, 2003

Nothing Standing In My Way

This is so different to my blog entry one year ago isn't it? ....... see it here

In brief: after work last night got Legally Blonde from Blockbusters and me and Zoe watched it over my place (hence the title). V. funny.

Mum and Tony have just finished a bloody huge argument over money in the kitchen. Joy.

I think I may want to learn to drive. Why? Well the other night I had a dream about Grandad and Derek (please note the following morning Grandad was taken into hospital.... nothing serious thank the gods), and I remembered how much fun I had there, and I remembered how free I felt there. And I want to try and recreate that feeling here, and getting a car would at least get me some of the freedom that I had there. Although it would go against my religious principles. Hmmm.....

Grandad and Derek....... they live in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk. It has old MGs strewn across the drive, discarded projects of my Grandads. Some of the windows are broken, and have been for years. Nothing is used to cover them. The place smells..... lived in. Not bad, quite good in fact. The sofa is misshapen from years of different bums sitting in it. Down its sides are mystery objects (that is Dereks underwear, and a few old school textbooks). Dereks room (where I stay when I visit) is ssssoooo cool. Movie posters fill every space on the walls and ceiling. His collection of movies is unsurpassed. And he has seen about every single Hollywood movie ever made. And there is at least three computers in every room.... again discarded projects of my grandad. They even have a Commodore 64 in there living room (Chuckie Egg playage!).

Best of all are their two cats.... Cat and Fluff..... they rock..... Nobody bothers too much about cleaning, or worrying... It is my perfect home. I hate this house. All anyone thinks about is cleaning, tidying, moaning, and most importantly Keeping Up With The Joneses. It is less a house more a showroom to say "Hey look we are Middle Class now, come see how much better we are for it". I suppose it is because of our working class backgrounds. Mum and Tony are way too worried about being consumerist than they are about being happy, and having a good laugh.

Now I have been positive for about 17 days now. I have not allowed depression into my head this year. In one more year my debts will be gone, and I will finally be free once more. Free just to be happy! I look forward to that day so much.

*sings* It's gonna be a perfect day.... nothing standing in my way....

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Ouch.... My Head Hurts

Firstly I must congratulate my "personal shoppers" taste...... he sent me a nice blue t-shirt with blue flame things on the arms... it rocks.... one slight problem is its hugeness...... but I am sure I can work something out....

Armed with a new top I went off to Spoons and meet up with Becky, thus had a great time. We always have such laugh gossiping, bitching, her calling me scary, me calling her a slut..... I think we planned to go out again next Tuesday as we had forgotten how much we are!!! I think however I have had a couple too many Stellas....

I am ssssssooooo horny today...... kiss me quick......

Oh yes Natalie of course I am interested. Sounds intruiging.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Could This Be The Gayest Show In The World

Reality TV breaks out....... in the form of The Salon. Oh yes, you can book an appointment at the Salon for just about any beauty treatment, and you get it free, and all you need do is be part of the show. It's like Big Brother where the contestants have to work, and interact with fame hungry members of the public, who just so happen to be having bad hair days. Junior Oliver came out *cough* yesterday. Please note. When you are not actually in the closet (this boy SCREAMED homosexual) there is no need to come out! This was after basically coming on to a naked client. "Do you work out?" (get some new chat up lines boy!) Oliver is very cute tho. At the same time Ricardo (the tranny Brazilian hair stylist) was trying to decide who he fancied more Paul, the manager or Adee. His gay client was not really bothered either way. (I think he was going out with the bloke Oliver was chatting up... thus he may have been a tad distracted).

Oh this is such hilarious TV.

Am going out with becky tonight... yay a Stella session awaits!

Hmm.... I think I have gained a personal shopper at who keeps sending me clothes plus refunds...... I can't quite fathom why any longer.... but oh well.... somebody has to wear em...

Tuesday, January 14, 2003


OK I think you, Constant Reader, and I are the only people in this country who are not paedophiles. It seems that everyone else is completely obsessed about child sex. Are we the only people who have no interest in this at all? Parents who seem to be able to talk about little else are the kind of parents I think should be removed from contact with kids. Tabloids print disgustingly graphic details to tantilise their sick readers, no doubt. Hello!! Why not look after their children, remain vigilant, and let the police deal with it? Because then that would make them responsible for the lives they have brought into this world. And most British parents have no concept of responsibility. Rant over.

Stephen phoned me last night! Wow! That like never happens! It is always me that phones him. He comes back home soon for an operation on something I can't even pronounce, let alone spell! He seems to be looking forward to having gay mates stay over, which shall send his parents round the BEND! Muhahahaha

OK news on the job front. According to an undisclosed source, there is a new agency taking over the call centre contract. And it may well be they want to employ us temps due to our experience. You see I can keep the same job, just change employers. Complex stuff.

My addiction to Zoo Tycoon is over. My addiction to C&C: Red Alert 2 is only just beginning.

Have discovered there is this boy who lives just up the road from me who has the most gorgeous eyes, and the sweetest smile. *swoon* Bumped into him in the village shop. Mmmm......

I promise not to stalk him. Honest!!

Monday, January 13, 2003

With Prejudice

So yes on saturday, after a Terminator marathon, I watched Without Prejudice again. This show makes me want to get a gun, set up a defensive wall, and stay inside it for ever and ever. This weeks runner up supported animal testing. The winner didn't. They supported testing on prisoners.... When will this madness end!!!!

Then watched The Shining..... very scary.......

Yesterday I went to work to discover all the temps have been sacked. As yet no one has actually phoned from the Temp agency to tell me I am sacked. Which is rather inconsiderate. So it is time to start looking for a new job. I don't want to be a layabout again now do I?!

And finally, sorry to keep coming back to these people..... view this and see why I think Christians are secretly Pharisees working against the teachings of Christ.


So I phoned the agency to find out where I stood, and it was confirmed, I will no longer be working at the call centre after Febuary the 9th. Fun. Where is that offer of a permanent job? Hmmm.... I do believe I have been right royally screwed.... again.... On a better note, the agency are looking for a new job for me, so hey I get to meet new people, oogle new men, and generally create Jae flavoured chaos somewhere else. Yay!

Also, my debts reared they ugly heads again, but I slapped em down with a quick £100 payment. That should shut em up. Oh there goes my savings!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Come Comrades, We Have Work To Do

Hmm..... have got a £59 refund from how nice! Plus a new top to boot!

Went shopping yesterday and bought three DVDs (Coyote Ugly, Terminator and terminator 2 [don't you just love Arnie!]), a new game (Red Alert 2, am a hopeless fan of strategy games.... stems from my desire to overthrow the world.... muhahahaha.... always play as the Soviets......) and a new book (Number 10 by Sue Townsend, as she is one of my fav authors of all time!)..... retail therapy... don't it make ya smile! :o)

Three days off work in a row comes to an end today....... it has felt so good... just what I needed....................

Friday, January 10, 2003

A Great Evil Looms In The West

Firstly, Stacey has been sacked. She leaves on Febuary 9th. :o( I'll miss her. Her sunny outlook always brightened my day. And now my selfish thoughts turn to my own job. Will I survive this latest cut?

Secondly I finally took a risk and read the most disgusting, unChristian and God less site in the world. God Hates Fags. What possessed me I will never know. But now I have read it, I am more determined than ever to erase homophobes from this Earth forever!

Again this site continues the whole myth of the gay mafia. Now for all you sane people out there I would like to make this clear... we gay men do not have secret meetings where we plot the downfall of governments/religion. We don't hide in the shadows and dream of recruiting more "children" (I quote from the site) into our evil plans. All I want is a cute boyfriend, who is a touch insane, a whole pride of cats, a nice flat, and stable job. I couldn't give a fuck about converting others to homosexuality, and when I do suggest such things it is in jest! .......

Oh fine you win, I am planning on taking over the world. We shall seduce you children into following us, via TV and school. And once we have taken over the earth we shall make everyone wear Prada, adopt Better The Devil You Know as our anthem, and create the Jae salute, a limp wristed version of the Hitler salute. God fearing Christians shall be feed to Brian Blessed. Muslims to George Bush. Oh and yes it is true. We eat babies. To read more of our cunning evil plots to destroy you comfy lifestyle read here

OR NOT!! The writers of God Hates Fags are people we should feel sorry for. Imagine being that dumb. I mean I am nt the sharpest tool in the shed. But God just IMAGINE! I expect they have difficulty just getting out of bed. They actually took that Revolution article seriously (here), as if it wasn't a rebuke of everything they themselves stand for! It seems quite obviously to be an ironic piece. If it wasn't I don't think that the writer really represents gay men everywhere now does he? A bit like saying Hitler represents all hetrosexuals everywhere.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

How Sweet!

This so backs up my belief that Samwise and Frodo are sssoooo gay. I was really annoying Zoe on Tuesday when she came round to watch the Fellowship of the Ring, by suggesting just how gay they were!

Poor Zoe had to deal with a really icy road on her way home, my road was literally covered from kerb to kerb in a thick layer of ice. :o/

Last night we watched rat race, and I bought Dogma (which so rocks). It only cost £6.99 on DVD. Bargain!

Am skiving off work today.

Mmmm.... eye candy......

OK gay sex. You would think that from a gay point of view it was simple. But oh no. Gay men obviously can't do simple.

In my surfing I have come across such sexual diversity it is amazing. That is a good thing. But it would seem that fights are erupting all over the place. The "Cockrubbers" don't like the "analists" (what a crappy word!). The cocksuckers don't like the rimmers (oh dear brand new take on Red Dwarf). What the fuck is going on?!

Hello.... whatever the fuck your into, why on Earth would you need to bad mouth what others are into? Well as someone who doesn't fit neatly into any of their categories, I am disgusted. We have homophobes to deal with and all these gay men can think of to do is bad mouth what other guys get up to in the privacy of the bed room.

So I say it loud, proud and clear....... celebrate all things sexual, all things that make people happy, and turn your hatred on those who are prejudiced against others for no reason.....

Note to self...... hit Stephen over the head with an iron if he is racist or homophobic to Lesbians again.

I am Nothing!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Time To Get My Legolas Over?

You are Yourself!

Gay, straight. These words mean very little to you. You are yourself and that's all you need to know. You fall in love with the same gender, but you believe that isn't all there is to you. Your lack of "traditional" gay pride is interpreted by many queers as internal homophobia, but in truth you just want to be your true self. Not just gay.

Take the what kind of fag are you quiz by PsychosisX!

Thanks to Luke for the quiz

Please note being gay does mean something to me. Being just plain marvellous is what it means!

Today was so tedious. Let us leave it at that.

Monday, January 06, 2003

A Comedy Of Errors

Today I felt rather.... groogy.... tis the best word I can use.

Last night I went to see The Two Towers, which rocked. Can I marry legolas please?! then off me, John, Zoe and pete wandered down to gees, and much jukebox fun. Feel into a deep sleep.

I got up, called a taxi, and the taxi arrived. I strode confidently towards it, until I realised that my steep drive now resembled an ice rink. Too late! One leg went up, the other down, and I hilariously collapsed. :o(

I get to Cheriton and the barbers, Alishas Attic is playing on the radio. "Push It All Aside". I realise that it was a year ago yesterday that I left Brighton and began my little adventure. Scary how fast time goes by now.

To cheer myself up, (remembering that I promised to smile a lot this year! ;o) ) I went and bought The fellowship of the Ring. Nothing to do with a certain gorgoeus elf I must add!

In Tesco's some rude, horrible assissant made me feel awful. :o(

work was 1) dull and 2) sad. Most of my lesbian posse have been sacked by homophobes. The rest are leaving soon, and hav been made part timers. I saw them today, and they seemed so down. :o(

Got home to find Tony had locked my babies out in the cold! Grrr..... anyway once i started to snow I found em and got em inside.

ITS SNOWING REALLY HARD!! How will I get to work tomorrow?

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Do You Really Believe That Anything Is Going To Get Better Without Me In Charge? ;o)

Firstly I saw a great/terrible show last night called "Without Prejudice". It's a game show where a group of members of the public judge five other members of the general public, to decide who gets £50000. It was good in that it was deeply addictive. It was bad as it really showed just how far things have still to go in getting rid of bigots. Some snippets "he has really big ears". "He is way too young". "He is too old". "He will just spend it on leather and *poppers* (the bloke actually said the scientific name)" (that was about the gay guy who, please note, was a father, a restaurant manager, and the most boringly ordinary person on the show)

Even Lisa Turbuck, the brilliant presenter (ok so I'd like her even if she presented "Songs Of Praise"), looked shocked by the time it was all over.

And then we have this story. I know, I know, every one is against asylum seekers. I am to a certain extent, simply because they pose a threat to my way of life. But come on!! Hello!! He comes from Zimbabwe. He is white, gay and talented (let us for the moment forget he is also undoubtedly rich, posh and feed with a silver spoon). He will be slaughtered if he returns to that hell hole of a state. Let him work at least and pay for himself, instead of forcing him to seek family friends aid.

Oh good Lord I worry about a country where our cricketeers are seriously contemplating playing in Zimbabwe. Mugabe= Hitler. Mugabe is killing his people. And we wnat to go play a team of cricketeers to whom he is patron? Blah!

The solution is obvious. I must take over the world. There we go, problems sorted. :op

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

It snowed today.... it's all melted now, but it did snow.

Thursday night Zoe came round and we watched Toy Story 2. I lurve that movie. Also I became addicted to Zoo Tycoon.

Friday I went out with Zoe, Adam and Pete to Leas Club. We saw scary rude boys loitering outside Mcdonalds as they couldn't get in. SAD! Anyway meet Ellie and Annie, which was cool.

Am tired, will go sleepy buys now.

Yay Emmsy has stayed!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Let the children lose it
Let the children use it
Let all the children boogie

I love the word "boi". Tis cool!

Boi and tis now enter my fav words list..... right up there with fabtastic, chuckalicious and kerazy!

Ok so I have decided to be as positive as I can be this year. Not to worry too much. And smile as often as possible.

hmm..... why do gay men like me? I innocently chat to them and suddenly..... bam, they are arranging a date before I can say "But I never said....." If i was some hunky studmuffin, with a sparkling personality then I could understand it. But a slight geeky tall freak shouldn't attract so much attention! Oh who am I too complain? I shouldn't worry so much about men who think I am sexy. They have friends to do that I am sure.

Whimper..... work was ssssooooo busy twas unreal. I miss sexy Dutch guy. He was sssooo fine. Oh back to lusting after a certain hunky MT. Oh he makes me weep. Nothing strange there.... lots of guys make me wet.....;o)

Sorry dirty mind gets free rein......

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

What Am Doing Without You?

I hope everyone had a fab New Year! Mine was none too shabby! Mum kindly agreed to give me and Adam a lift to John's house in Canterbury. John gave us some quite easy to follow directions and we set about following them as best we could. Stone Street was closed at several points along the way due to flooding, Mum ignored the barriers and braved the tepid waters (a slow stream and the occassionally large puddle).

We were heading in the right direction, but didn't know if we had missed our turning so we stopped at the side of the road just to check with John. As we stopped I noticed something. We were right next to Stephen's old school. Due to the roundabout way we had come I hadn't realised we were in this part of Canterbury! It turned out John lived one street down from Stephen, in a part of Canterbury I know really well!

Lots of people came to the party there was me, Adam, John, Elliot, Zoe, Laura, Pete, Sophie, Kim, and Matthew. It was good and I had a good time. I arranged to meet Stephen at half past midnight. I got to his house, knocked, no answer. His mum gave me the evils from her bedroom window. She really doesn't like me! i tried phoning, but the network was overloaded. Some fireworks went off dramatically above me, and I wandered back to John's. A little later Stephen phoned, and I went and meet him and brought him back to John's. By now Elliot, Kim, Sophie and matthew had run home.

Pete was almost comatose by the time we got back! Dirty stop out! Anyway me and Stephen proceeded to get more and more dirty and vile until we decided to discreetly go back to his house (it was about half four in the morning). Our entrance was blocked by his twin who had set up a bed in the hallway and as talking to his girlfriend on the phone, he seemed suprised to see me again after so many months/years. He he. twas funny to be back in Stephen's house after my long term ban.

Then I failed in my bid to go without sexual contact. Sorry. :op

Got back to John's just after five. I settled into an armchair, and despite the others all having shenagans, I feel asleep.

I awoke, and after a quick tidy up, we went to Sainsbury's down the road and got crossiants and pain au chocolat. Mmmmm........... half the car park was completely under a good few inches of flood. Very amusing.

Zoe bless her heart, gave me a lift back to boredom. Blah! me no like house.