Friday, August 30, 2002

Why not try this site: Troubled Diva
'Tis very good, thank you, Gert

I am slightly tipsy and have felt so horny today. Pete even said to me "You SO need a shag". We went to 'Spoons where I eyed up all the men and Pete tried to avoid eye contact with barmaid he danced withon Monday. No success..... she thinks we are both gay so we got special looks!

Then we went to the Leas Club, met Zoe and I swooned over every guy. Right am in need of random shag.... like yesterday.. will see to it tomorrow as it is a day off on Sunday. See Pete, Emmsy and Matthew I am taking your advice.

Complete redesign of site will soon occur as now I shall have very own about pages, MT worship pages, hardcore sexy men pics (see below) etc... :o)

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