Sunday, September 01, 2002

:o( Embarrassed my self no end last night. Let us see: broke chair, danced badly, had nose bleed, managed to accidently phone Mum while going to toilet, thus letting her and Tony hear me pee. Numerous other things as well but shan't mention them. Grrr..... I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN.

John stayed over, and I awoke at about 8am in a chair downstairs, jumped up thinking gosh will be late for work, John informed me I had no work to go to. Chatted with Greg and then went back to bed, had bath, and then Jon (different person to John) came round for me.

Jon was looking great, wearing white t-shirt and jeans, sitting in his car (a green Laguna if interested), and smiling a sweet smile. Spent trip to his house catching up, me doing my usual stories of "fun" at eurotunnel, him doing his "One time, in the City (financial district of London by the by)....." stories.

Got to his place where we had lots and lots of good, harmless fun. 'Twas very good. Got home around half three... found large roast dinner waiting for me which I consumed quickly, was purring like a cat who got the milk.

But happiness was not to last long. Mum started going on about retiring in 3 years (she is only 35!!) and then about moving to Lympne. She asked me why I didn't want to go there. I told her it was far away and if they moved there I would just have to get my own place. This was not emotional blackmail but mum seemed to think it was. She told me that I would get depressed living on my own. I told her my depression is not caused by lonliness, that in fact somedays I wouldn't mind some space to myself. Tony stood up for me for once.

She is now sulking after her suggestion that she bought me a flat was rejected as "control freakkery" by Tony. I had only mentioned I might one day think of moving into my own place. And now I am in bad mood have stocked up on newspapers, coke and chocs and shall retreat to my room, with my incredibly out of control hair.... note to self get hair cut....

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