Saturday, August 17, 2002

Just been out to 'Spoons. It was okay. Loads of stereotypically camp men and butch lesbians there. At 'Spoons. In Folkestone. I was shocked too.

Ended night with Smiley Laura and Caroline..... random bods....

OKay the walk home is usually uneventful. But there was a carnival in town today plus a big fun fair. So there were loads of straight bods with their drunken shags for the night getting in my way.

I really do get confused by "lads" they call me gay in the street. I agree and look at then like I haven't had sex since May (which I haven't) and suddenly they realise that not only am I gay but I am 6'8". It really is strange. It is like they lose all their senses and only realise after they have called me "poof" or "faggot"that me being so much bigger than them that I can do pretty much anything to them. It is funny when they realise their error. When I look at them with a very hungry look in my eyes. And they cower from me. Funny.

Teach 'em to be homophobic to a giant now won't it?

Am drunk by the by.

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