Wednesday, February 26, 2003

On Hiatus

Yes thats right blog fans. I am giving it up for a while. If I continue to write on here I am just going to be hypocritical, and will just be whining.. and we don't want to hear that now do we.

Just for the record. It's five years since I first saw the sixth former today. :o( Another thing to be be sad over.

In case I don't see you.... good afternoon, good evening, and GOOD NIGHT. *bows and walks away*

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

And The Dark Cloud


That's all I can say. Who the fuck was I kidding? Happiness ain't gonna come. :o( I HATE MEN. They can all go to fucking hell. I have been hurt so badly. It feels like my heart has been ripped out. Maybe ...... wasn't all I have to say. My sun has been eclipsed.




The Dark Angel

I seem to be the harbinger of doom. Today I have dealt with 8 cases where our customers have died, and two where their house caught on fire. :o/ I am like on the bad luck line I think!!

Nothing much to report today. The family go to the villa in Spain as of Thursday! Yayness!

Monday, February 24, 2003

Eek..... I Actually Had To Work Today

Yes so it was my first day actually on the phones. I think it went alright. Apart from the start. Elina (one of my trainers) goes "OK two of you won't be going on the phones today" *Jae sits there chanting quietly "please be me, please be me"* That's David and Marino. "One of you we may want to try on some other lines as we feel you are ready for that. *please don't be please DON'T be me* "That's Jason. Bugger. I hate it when people think I can do stuff!!!

Other news MT spotted in Spoons yesterday........... I wish I'd been there.... Wouldn't be easier if I could just marry him?? Then everyone.... bar him and his girlfriend... would be happy. We need a UN resolution on the matter.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Sad News

My Uncle Claude died yesterday after a long illness. He was a member of my extended family, and a very lovely man. My thoughts go to his family.

This story is sick. Hunting for food is fine. Hunting for fun should either be done by hand or not at all. I mean killing an animal of such beauty and power with a gun is so wimpy it's unbelievable. If you want a lion's head as a trophy, wrestle it like a MAN. Don't shot it from your safe 4x4 (don't even start me on people who own 4x4s) with your expensive gun (penis extension as you've got no knob) before going back to the hunting lodge for a spot of afternoon tea and a cream bun. WIMPS!

And come on UN. Make a stand against the US and Iraq. Take the war into your own hands, and make Iraq a UN protectorate. We can't stop this imperialist war... the military scheldure has gone too far.... but maybe we can divert it and make it something good.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

It's Always The Little Things That Make Me Sad

You can tell me
I won't fall apart
So just be honest
And straight from the start
And it's so plain to me
Although the world may not see
Your smile's a disguise for
The truth that's written in your heart

More Than I Needed To Know - Scooch

My emotions are so misplaced sometimes. While people die of stravation, famine and disease...... my heart is broken by one cassette.

Imagine. It's 2000. I haven't yet meet Stephen. My experience of other gay men is limited. I feel very much alone, and the only place I am truely me is in my own room, usually writing in my journal. I am just 16.

At school we had study periods where we had to go sit in the library.... and study. I used to take in my cassette player and listen to music. There was one cassette that I must of listened to a thousand times or more. It was made for me, by a stranger whose name was Eden Kay. He didn't just give me a cassette of camp classics, he gave me an escape.

When I felt bad those songs saw me through. They took me off to the gay club in my head.

I found that tape today. Mum had hidden it away because she knew that when I saw it I'd be "annoyed" to say the least. The Twins had taped over it. With Big Willie Style. I wasn't angry, I was heart broken. Over a stupid, lifeless tape I was actually upset. I, of course, haven't let Beth or George know. Tis their birthday and I won't ruin it by being annoyed with em. But still.

I would get another sorted... but some of the songs are so... classic... *cough* that I won't ever find them!!

Anyway.... this is one very sad Jae signing off...
Happy Birthday

Beth and George are 7 today! And I think yet again my presents are loved...... there's an "I Luv Smash Hits" CD for Beth and an "Eight Legged Freaks" DVD for George.

Still need to deliver those leaflets.... maybe tomorrow....

Hmmm... I love the way the Conservatives are pulling themselves apart... hehe.... see the full story here

From the first website I ever actually liked comes the funniest pic in the world!!

Friday, February 21, 2003

Things Always Seem Better From The Outside

Yesterday me and Stacey went for lunch in Broadmead Village. This is an estate which I lived in up until 1999. I used to hate the place!! But God how I regret it!! The place is an oasis of calm just off the motorway, with trees, grass and gorgeous paths. We followed the stream (which me and my mate Jon used to dam up! hehe) annoyed the ducks, stared in a menacingly hungry way at the Koi Carp and went to the old shop where I was head paper boy. Barbara was sitting at the till. Bless her heart. She looked like one of those artificially aged people in the movies, with their grey skin, grey hair and faux wrinkles. Only it was real, time had taken hold of her. She recognised me immediatly.

"Oh Jason how you have changed, you haven't visited us in years!"

It was so nice. I had Stacey planning her future happiness there, and I was too..... so peaceful and calm and lovely. I can't for the life of me remember why I hated the place.

Last nights movie trip was great. Ben Affleck rocks. And the movie wasn't sickly sweet, it was quite funky!

Today was last day of training.... I think I have it sussed...... almost.... :o/

Thursday, February 20, 2003


I am so very tired today. I went out straight after work last night and met up with Ian at Spoons and obviously this lead to other stuff..... am very bored of being submissive, and of this relationship in general.... from now on it's dominant Jae.

Today I got a £71 rebate from the Inland Revenue.... from my Focus Do It All job (three years late!!) .... but yay!!

Work was ok..... just a quick update as Zoe and John are here and we are off to see Daredevil.... mmm... Ben Affleck......

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Fall

The first real fall of the day was that Julie, one of my fellow trainees was sacked today. For being too slow..... it took ages for Eurotunnel to fire Ben for that reason!! Hmmm....

The other "fall" was that my depression which I have successfully fended off for the last couple of months came back with avengence. A tad like an old enemy. But more like an old friend, one who I am way too comfortable with. I shall continue to remain as positive as I can.... but God... I hate being depressed!!

The "job" is going ok. I just hate the atmosphere..... it's all sssoooo not me.

Only good thing so far this week is that I have decided that Stephen, another trainee, is fit in a former school bully brought to their knees way..... mmm.... that sounds rather apt actually.....

I know I have recently been getting more and more dominant in my sexual dealings... but still this is sssooo wrong.... in a nifty way....

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Monday, February 17, 2003

Hmm..... Unhappy Jae

I started my new job today. I am training to work at the Three Valleys Waters Call Centre. And so far I don't like it. The trainers are nice. The job seems fine. The people seem friendly. But I don't like it.

Stacey and Patricia (The Eurotunnel "exiles" as Patricia calls us) are there. But I really am not going for it. It is too serious. Too strict. There is something about it I really can't like.

I think the bottom line is... it ain't Eurotunnel. It isn't safe. It isn't a known quantity.

Anyway today I am feeling a bit..... BLAH!

I wish Eurotunnel would take me back. :o(

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Give Peace A Chance

Comments are down.

The biggest political protest in this countries history occured yesterday (somewhere between 750 000 and 1 500 000 people were involved). Euan Ferguson in The Observer said of it:

"round the corner in Piccadilly, the ground shook. An ocean, a perfect storm of people. Banners, a bobbing cherry-blossom of banners, covered every inch back to the Circus - and for miles beyond, south to the river, north to Euston."

I don't want you to think I am anti war. I am not. I am just not too sure that a unilateral pre-emptive attack on a soveriegn nation by the USA, Britain and Australia is the way to go about solving problems. It would set an alarming precedent. I support a UN led war on Saddam (and hopefully other dictators and scoundrels like Mugabe, the Saudi royal family, Sharon and Bush [ok so I was joking about the last one!]) whereby should Saddam break human rights conventions or not cooperate with the inspectors then the UN forces could go in, and set up a UN protectorate and ease the country towards self determination. Surely this "coalition of the willing" would be willing to support this, and defend the ideals of peace and justice? Surely they would be more than happy to give resources, intellignce and experience to such a venture?

But anyway this march was such an expression of people power that surely Blair may now remember he is our Prime Minister and not Bush's lap dog? Bush leads the US not the UK!

For the next few days I'll be highlighting some sites I really found interesting such as:

The World History Of Male Love Library was really intruiging, and has made me wonder whether the issues of dominance and submission in homosexual relationships are rather more important than I previously thought. It has at least made me think about my sexuality in a whole new way. Less history more anthropology.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

I Have A Man On The Phone

Firstly.... Dolly the cloned sheep is dead!. Not very well reported!!

So yesterday was my last day at work. It was actually rather sad. I skipped into work, and for the first hour or so I thought nobody had remembered, which was good as I could skip on out at the end of the day.

But everyone had remembered. My team gathered round me to say their good byes, al said they'd really miss me, and they gave me LOADS of chocalate as a parting gift. Lynda gave me a kiss on the cheek, which was rather disconcerting...... Then all the supervisors said goodbye, all checking I was OK..... By the end of the day most people had said goodbye and had said how sad they were that I was going. Then finally I took my last call.... a price enquiry, put my phone on make busy, did a last minute check of my desk to make I wasn't leaving anything. I went and handed in my security pass to Cheryl, the late shift all said goodbyes and there was plenty of disconcerting kisses.....

I said goodbye to Emma, and then to Lisa (who took the job I refused) and went off very much saddened by the whole day. NO MORE EUROTUNNEL JAE!! No more LPG, TOD, CRM.

Jenny and Cheryl told me they'll miss me coming up to the help desk and saying "I've got a man on the phone" which they claim is my catchphrase (no one told me!) and the way I say it cracks em up.

On the love front. I have been offered money to beat someone up. Honestly. As in a fetish kinda way. I can't do that! Especially not for money! Can I?

I am going out on a date with Ian on Thursday.

I don't think Stephen loves me anymore.... no Valentines from him. :o( Not even a text message.

Got one Valentines. It was from Ben. Hmmm....


Yay...... a message from Ste...

"Soz I didn't reply to ur txt but haven't had any credit lately :( HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! Though admittedly belated. How's u been then; tall, dark haired n handsome???

Hope all is well at ur end, things are fairly standard at this end, n bout a month n half till I turn 21. YAY!!!!

Anyhew I will chat soon, take care

Love Ste xx"

Friday, February 14, 2003

Lets Not Talk About Sex

Before the serious stuff..... Happy Valentines Day, Dear Constant Reader. I hope love finds you today.

Thanks to a certain Luke I am now the very proud owner of 4NonBlondes "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!" which contains my all time most fav song ever........ "Whats up?" It's on right now. And making me cry. :o)

Noe for something completely different.

Jason's Valentines Address

I don't believe in the institution of marriage. It is an ancient concept created for a backward time.

We, as a culture, need to move beyond partnerships that are based solely on procreation and romantic love. That is not to say they are not very valid reasons for a partnership. But there are so many more! Marriage is denying people REAL choice.

It discriminates not only against gays and lesbians but against hetrosexual couples who don't believe in marriage, and many other forms of relationship beside. All because of some dream of fairy tale romance and nuclear families which is not a timeless concept but one that was a direct result of the industrial revolution.

Please read Peter Tatchell's article entitled "Civil Committment Pact" which details a far better, fairer way of doing things. It's wouldn't stop you from getting married if that is your thing. But it would allow everyone to share the same rights whoever they want to designate their "significant other".

Thursday, February 13, 2003

I'm Scared - Of My Own Country

This country has gone barmy. We have lived with a terrorist threat for 30 years. We are used to our train stations having no bins, the underground being closed, the Ring Of Steel around London. These measures are for our protection. But now. Now people are scared. And they are blaming the wrong people.

Muslims and asylum seekers are the first line of blame. But who next? Black people? Koreans? Jews? Homosexuals?

First They Came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller

We must not allow the terrorists to destroy our freedoms by fear alone. We must reverse those draconian Anti-Terrorism Laws. We must speak out in defence of asylum seekers, and against the crappy, slow asylum system that helps no one. We must fight those FOOLS in the right wing press who call for an imperialist war in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is an evil tyrant. But it's the West who made him that. We should not STEAL Iraqs oil to feed our pollution creating economy.

Remember Iran, Vietnam, Afganistan. Problems caused on the whole by American and British incompetence and meddling. We must fight our enemies... Al-Qaeda, bigotry, the BNP..... before we create new ones. And we must do it soon.

Further Reading


You are Marla Singer. You appear to be a cold
person deadened to the outside world who can
take care of themself, But on the inside your
just like everyone else. You seem to be a jerk
on the outside, not caring about others. But
you really do care about others you just show
it a little differently. It's hard for you to
express ideas and thoughts making conversations
short. Something has happend to make you the
way you are. probally some act of cruel
society. You try to be nice but are afriad to
get to close to anyone. You want to be noticed
for who you are and not who others see you as.
You are the voice of reason. And allthough it
doesn't seem like it other people listen to you
and respect you. but sometimes you can be a bit

Which Fight Club main character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Stolen from Mysterieux

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

What Can They Do? Sack Us?!

That's mine and Lisa's current thing to say at work.

"I think we should extend our lunch break?" "Well what can they do? Sack us?!"

"I think we should swear at as many customers as possible! " "Well what can they do? Sack us?!"

Penny was back from maternity leave, told me off for still working there and told me she could see a traveller in me (honest to God there wasn't!) and told me to travel for a couple of years, preferably Australia. Does she really want to get rid of me that much? ;o)

Had my first proper down day of the year yesterday. Felt horrible. But of course my new found positive attitude fought back, and today I have been offered two different jobs by each of my temping agencies. Not just considered for them. OFFERED THEM! Yayness... now must decide which one and disappoint one of the agencies. Hmmm.....

I went on the train to Ashford today to go to my first job interview, much funness as I lurve trains. Had my interview plus a crazy bizarre test along lines of: The cafe is open from 8.30 -till 19.00, when does it close? (Twas like the 11+ all over again!) Made way back to train station (via magazine buyage, an argument with a Big Issue seller ["No really I don't want any change" "ARE you REALLY sure sir?"] and realising I had no money.... oh well) where was followed by drunkard... all the way to Folkestone Central!! Oh well..... realised "Would Inspector Sands please come to the Control Centre" at the station actually translates as "Theres a fucking big fire, just don't tell anyone!!" thanks to a handy dandy fire drill.....

Had second interview over phone while doing fire drill at station.,....

Got taxi from station home, nice taxi man who chatted for ages which was nice. And that is how I got here..... now to complete this fun day, I need a million pounds and some bloke with nice arse.

The second part of The Second Coming (see Sundays second post) was way better... killing God to end evil? GENIUS....

Must stop using CAP letters....

Monday, February 10, 2003

A Slap In The Face

Hmm.... so there I was contemplating handing in my resignation. Ladeda. And then The Boss arrived and told us to phone our temping agency, who told us..... we were sacked.

As of Friday I have no job. I will miss working for Eurotunnel. And I won't if you know what I mean. Luckily I have suspected this would happen so have lined up a few interviews already. The first of which is on Wednesday at my old temping agency, exactly 8 months after my last trip there.

In other news...... Jacqueline (formerly Really Nice German Lady) went into labour at work... so I never got a chance to say goodbye!

Also got offered a job down in Cheriton (HOME!). Mum and Debs are about to become property barons... and why do I know people in OK magazine? Grrr....

And now have just realised who random person in my msn contacts is.... my former best friend... only after a bizarre conversation....

Jason kay says:
Hi, this is going to seem incredibly rude but i haven't been on msn in years..... why are you in my contacts?
I see dead people says:
pass, y r u in my contacts?
Jason kay says:
Hmm..... this is bizarre.....
Jason kay says:
did you ever go to brighton uni?
I see dead people says:
neva even consided it y?
Jason kay says:
just i went there for while....... and have some bizarre random contacts from there too!!
I see dead people says:
he, na, i think i may have added u 2 my contact list when u first e-mailed me, possibly, my memory is crap
Jason kay says:
but the question i must ask is.... WHY DID I MAIL YOU?! I hate it when my brain doesn't work... which is quite often.... hmmm..
I see dead people says:
lol i added my name to friends reunited, remember?
Jason kay says:
erm.... no.... what school? ah... sorry has been a long day so am really being dumb!
I see dead people says:
sellindge CPS, U dont know who thi is do u? it *******!

And finally have no Pepsi to drown sorrows.... :o( And I picked up a knife!! The worstest bad luck will soon be upon me..... NNNOOOOOO!

Has been a horrible day.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Preachy Jae

This, I think, will surfice as Mondays Post as well.

I just saw a programme called "The Second Coming" by Russell T. Davies. Davies is a man I respect he wrote Queer As Folk and likes Doctor Who. In other words he is a genius.

But this programme has made me very annoyed. Firstly: it was a pile of shit. SHIT. Good and Evil are things to big to be discussing on ITV (a channel where they warn audiences before some shows that there may be "frank discussions"). Secondly: I hate people who preach. And that was what this thing was all about. Preaching.

I try not to talk about my religious beliefs much. Why? Because I believe my relationship with the Gods is something intensely private. Also its because I try not to have "beliefs" as such. I try to have a "good idea" about things (see Dogma for an explanation!). Russell T. Davies has written something which so far has turned out to be deeply insulting and hurtful. He has gone a step too far, and trys to put words into the mouth of God. He may think he is being clever, funny and entertaining.

Truely, he is no better than those idiots who wrote Leviticus. He is a lazy writer. He is a bad writer. And his Son Of God is an INSULT to the very concept. But maybe part two will change my mind. You never know.

One bright light tho was when the announcer during the ads goes "The New Harry Hill Show is after The Second Coming". Made me smile. :o)
To Hell And Back

I was going to tell you how many C list celebs I am friends with but that will have to wait as am too stressed for that!!

Firstly heard Sam on the radio. yay!! Way cool!

Hmmmm...... having listened to so much Chicago music I can say one thing..... IT ROCKS......

I foolishly agreed to go to IKEA with Mum, Debbie-Debs and Beth. It started off with attempting to find a parking space, while mum hung her head out of the window screaming abuse at anyone who came near (she wasn't driving may I add!). Then it was sssssoooo busy in the store. Me and Debs must of tried every sofa rating its colour (too brown... too green..... too black) and comfyness ("I couldn't watch TV on this it ain't got no arms!"). At the same time I was cruising some really cute single guys but they were shopping at normal gay man speed, so I fell way behind having to allow for the slowness of the girls. Got some nice looks tho.

Made it to restaurant where we waged war on everyone, barging and pushing. Then feeling rather chuffed we made it to a table... then Beth spilled her jelly and everything went BLAH! Did make plans to move into Debs Sandgate flat when she moves out.

Then as we waited for Debbie to catch up later on I bet Mum fifty pence that Debs wouldn't be silly enough to buy a massive rug. Thats fifty pence I'll never have again! She brought out this HUGE rug and then we joined the queue for NO TROLLIES ONLY SMALL GOODS!!!! (there were only three of these aisles out of 30) despite the fact we had two trollies..... We ditched them, and I tried to persuade Debs to ditch the rug. She didn't and I ended up lugging it round. Hmph! The queue was like a million miles long. Finally we got to the front where Beth managed to smash a vase..... grrr..... then we lugged all our stuff to Debs car, she opens the boot and its already filled with boxes....

"Oh I forgot those were there"

Using massive amounts of brute force we fitted everything in (with background "Mind my orchids" from mum). we finally made it home after detour down the M2 in search of McDonalds. We find a burger king. But nobody wanted anything anyway....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............................

So after that we all need abit of tension relief.... so click here for a real treat!!

Saturday, February 08, 2003

If You'd Seen it, If You'd Been There

OK so went out last night, after busy day at work, to leas Club, where I oogled bouncer with Zoe. But we soon got bored, so we moved on (after briefly spotting Ellie thro a crowd shouting "Jason I love you"). We went to Spoons saw Becky and Terri, phoned Pete, got bored, moved onto Tescos bought Chicago album, cream eggs, and loads of pepsi max Got a phone call from Sam (gossip yay!). Got home, was very drunk, went on net while listening to album chatted to Greg, looked at porn, fell asleep.

Woo...... am tired now!!

OK everyone go visit Karen's site and say some nice things to her. She isn't too happy right now, and that is never a good thing. Karen we love you!

Friday, February 07, 2003

Thank Fuck Its Friday

Five late shifts in a row have sent me over the edge. I was actually talking to myself yesterday, and Zoe was witness to some hideous make up of new wordsige...

Here is some evidence of my insanity from this morning:

Zoe: hmmm safeway seem to have paid me about £20 too much! cool
Jason: okey dokey sounds great!! 20gbp? drinks are on me!!
Jason: no on you!
Jason: what am i saying?
Jason: aaaahhhh

And the really scary thing is I said gbp instead of £...... my job has taken over my mind!!!

Anyway got a DVD out from Blockbuster with Zoe.... Reign of Fire. Twas a tad "lame" (quoting Zoe). Hmm..... we are still waiting for "Seriously Dude Where's My Car?" with the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher. Mmmmm..... wanders off thinking about Ashton and some hot wax.....

Thursday, February 06, 2003

All That Jazz

Seems I have been paid sick leave for once!! Yay!! This is my last week working for my current temping agency. :o( Next week the new lot take over, and already they are shaping up to be..... below par shall I say.

Have not had any snacks for two days...... am beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms!! Must..... eat..... chocolate.....

On side note...... am so tired of being around straight people all day at work. Emma came in last night for her part time late shift, and I all but grabbed her, and asked her how her girlfriend was. Not having Stacey there to be silly with anymore, has caused me to look around and see only boring people. A couple of nights ago I had Roy complaining that there were too many poofs and lesbians about. Hmm.... he must be the last to know!! Some guy was in yesterday, appeared to be training. He registered on my gaydar...... must investigate further......

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

God This Is Hard Work!

OK. About a week ago I was on a site I go to, to chat and mess around. This one bloke messaged me and "Hi how r u?".

I replied "I'm fine thanks a bit blah as have just got back from work! :op How r u?"

"I'm fine"

I could tell this would be hard work. It went on like this for about half an hour till he had to go. Phew!! He has just messaged me again. "Hi how r u?"

I replied.

He said.... "I'm fine" *sobs* This could be a long day.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The Enormous Blob

I am sssssoooo fat....... ah! All this using cars and stuff is meaning my waistline if growing way too much! Must go back to walking more!!

So begins The Jae Kay 2003 Project building on last Junes successful project

1) Stop being this fat!!!
2) Continue to increase happiness
3) Ensure constant financial stability
4) Have sex with lots of gorgeous people
5) Get more gay friends!!!

Yesterday at work, I got given yet another week of lates on my rota (this means I am working next week!). Thats five weeks of lates out of six weeks of work!!! Also me and Lisa were having our lunch in the break room when we were witness to some shocking behaviour.... by our supervisors!! Sara attacked the vending machine till it gave her free stuff, among many other loutish behaviour..... tut!!

No more stacey at work! :o( I miss her loads!!

Monday, February 03, 2003

Just Another Nancy Boi

"Alcoholic kind of mood
Lose my clothes, lose my lube
Cruising for a piece of fun
Looking out for number one
Different partner every night
So narcotic outta sight
What a gas, what a beautiful ass"
"Nancy Boy" - Placebo

I went out with Zoe and John down to Gee's last night which was fun. I played some of the worst/best songs in the world on the jukebox, before Zoe and John started complaining. Muhahaha

Also rediscovered why I love JD so much. Because it tastes flipping great! Oh was also rather annoyed that "She Fucking Hates Me" - Puddle of Mud had all the "fucking" silenced out on the jukebox. Bliming censorship!

My life of hedonism I had when I was 16, seems to be returning. Sex is once again no big deal. Yet I don't really feel comfortable in accepting this life, as it'll mean giving up things I have come to love. When I was 16 it was just Jae Against The World. Random shags, drinking, and hanging out with what my family would probably describe as "bad sorts" was ok. Now I have a job, a boyfriend, a beer belly, and friends who I love. (Beer belly will definetly have to go). And yet I feel drawn to return to being a little risque. Because then I can really look down my nose at the boring hetrosexuals who deny us our rights, an act of total rebellion should I say.........

And it all breaks down at the role reversal
Got the muse in my head, she's universal
Spinning me round, she's coming over me
And it all breaks down at the first rehearsal
Got the muse in my head, she's universal
Spinning me round, she's coming over me

Does his make-up in his room
Douse himself with cheap perfume
Eyeholes in a paper-bag
Greatest lay I ever had
Kind of guy who mates for life
Gotta help him find a wife
We're a couple when our bodies double

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Grumpy Tired Jae

Oi Pete! Somebody used your phone late last night to phone me up. They woke me then said "Hi my name is William, I hear you bend over and take it up the bum. Wanna come visit?" Unfortunately after a rather bitter "No not really" my phone cut off so I couldn't berate said stupid person further..... hope it wasn't you! May come visit just so I can locate and destroy said William. Waking me up! tut!

I have been watching Back To The Future DVDs for the last few hours........ wow, those films rock!

Twas about 10 years ago this week that my old primary school took a trip to what was then the E***tunnel Exhibition Centre. Little did I know that a few days later my mum was going to run away from our house with me, and move here to Shepway district and start a new life to escape her abusive partner. And little did I know that 10 years later I would be working in that very building. Funny how stuff happens isn't it. Ah this means I have lived in this district longer than I lived in Snodland.... that's not good!!!!

In other news....

Greg has thrown in the towel. I am so not happy with that whole scenario. :-(

Big Man Restless is 31 today!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Firstly let me just say how sad I was to hear about this story. Brave people who endevour (sp?) to better our civilisation have died. God Bless them all.

OK not much to say... went out with Elliot, John and Zoe last night to Leas Club and Spoons which was great..... Elliot I hope you are ashamed of yourself and your comments about urinal politics!! Snowed again last night.

Per tu:


double mmmmmm.....