Monday, April 30, 2007


Yes, that's right people... it's been a while but I went bowling in Elephant and Castle tonight. People have come and gone since last time but it was still loads of fun... and Kallie turned up!

I hate that so many people have come through my company in the last two years... I miss them all.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

First They Came For The Women

And then they came for the men. I think we should have a new TV show Queer Eye For The Islamic Guy in which a group of gay men visit mosques and make the imams dress in unIslamic clothing and look fabulous.

Here's Jae's Dress Code For Men:

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You thought an earthquake in Folkestone was a bit strange... wait until you watch Scooch's Flying The Flag video!

Come on UK!

Evolution of the Daleks: Doctor Who 3.5

The two part Dalek story draws to a close and I can now put my opinions on it down. It wasn't that good.

I loved the New York setting. I loved the Doctor and Martha. I loved the flying Daleks.

But... why are the Daleks always trying to infect humans with the Dalek factor? It's an interesting plot device, but it's been used since the sixties! It's time for one good non human infected Dalek story. Dalek Sec was totally silly. The Solomon speech was predictable and so was the punchline. We've all seen Deep Blue Sea ok? Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Oh well... Daleks looked good at least...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dave The Dolphin To The Rescue!

Dave The Dolphin, Folkestone's adopted mascot, tried to warn beachgoers of the impending earthquake (presumably so they could go get their cameras ready and sell the video to BBC News).

See the full story here.

Earthquake in Folkestone?

Earthquake or Explosion?

Just checked up on my family who say they are fine. Mum was in the bath and the shaking began and got worse, it lasted at least long enough for her to get out and be out of the bathroom so that's a fairly long tremor. Everyone there is fine, some of my aunties and uncles home have damage, and ornaments have fallen over.

See earthquake details here.

Mum is heading to Maidstone but says huge search and rescue trucks are heading down the M20. I hope everyone in Folkestone is safe and well.

Remember 1580!

UPDATE: Have heard from friends and family, looks to be fairly minor structural damage, as always the people of Folkestone are spreading rumours about all sorts of crazy stuff and some have taken to their cars to see the damage around town. Just what the emergency services want... TRAFFIC! The people of Kent are sometimes very annoying...

Last night I headed into work (I had the day off!), collected the girls from the suppliers who were down for the day and escorted them through London to their hotel in Regents Park. Waited there with them in the bar until half 7 when we headed out to a restaurant to meet back up with the rest of my department. It was Bertorelli Covent Garden.

The service was appalling. It was slow and the waiter who took our orders didn't serve them so the waiter who did had to guess 1) what the food was and 2) who it was for.

By midnight as we headed into a shifty looking club I gave up and went home. A club with bouncers and queue is so beneath me. No thanks!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Stop At Il Bordello

Yoinked from Hunk Next Door

After a horrible day at work yesterday I headed to the Thomas More pub near Tower Bridge and met up with Jim, Paul and Jane. After a couple of pints we wandered into Wapping and to my favourite restaurant, Il Bordello. As is traditional I started with Bruschetta before moving on to spaghetti and meatballs. As always the portions were big enough to even defeat Jae The Bottomless Pit. Amazing place.

We finished off the evening with a couple of pints at the Captain Kidd pub. Alpine Lager is the only lager on tap there and it's not the nicest lager in the world. But it does have great views across the Thames.

Poland's President Prime Minister (it's easy to get those two confused!) says it's not in society's interest to have more gay people. To be honest it's probably not in Polish society's interests to be ruled by two brothers either.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Correction

I've had a comment regarding my second to last post stating the report I quoted was wrong and directing me to this forum for further details.

So the report said the councillor has been accused of heterosexism, unintentional bias against those who are not hetrosexual, by the LGBT group. That is what I stated in my post.

The forum shows a letter... which shows the LGBT group said he had been unintentional biased against others.

The only difference I can see is that they have a problem with the word "accused". Instead they say they pointed to him as an example of unintentional bias; i.e. they weren't accusing him, they were stating that it was a FACT that he was biased.

OK... this is just silly. Homosexuals have families too. I think this is a clear case of the LGBT group being biased against families, those who wish to own a 4 bedroom house so they can hold orgies and the general public. I think they need to go on a course regarding tolerance. Can't have people being biased against other people that might lead to a free society.

As a libertarian I have a problem with 1) partisan councils dictating housing policy, 2) people who believe that just because someone elses views are different to their own they must be wrong and 3) that people don't have the right to be utter bastards. They do, and the best way to sort them out is to stand a nice person against them in a free election and see who wins. Not to try to silence their views because they conflict with our own.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim

My Love Forever! x x x

Today I'm mostly missing Bangkok... and the Balcony. And Tee the rent boy. And the Skytrain. And the Paragon. And the Paragon cinemas Nokia screen. And the lunch hall.

Oh Colin, don't look at me like that...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Of Our News Presenters Is Missing

Moira Stuart, what has the BBC done with you?

Moira Stuart is practically Britain, crafted into the shape of a human. She has been a news presenter since before I was born... I've grown up used to her advising me on what fate has befallen us that particular day. She is an institution.... we need her back!

Too old at 55?? The BBC should be ashamed...

Guardian article on her disappearance


I find it awfully painful to link to an article in the loony Scotsman.. but needs must. I saw this story in the Private Eye. This is disgusting!

Cambridge Councillor John Hipkin (Lib Dem) said:

"We keep getting developments of one and two-bedroom houses. I wonder whether this is putting huge pressure of a contraceptive nature on this city.

"People presumably start off single or young marrieds and have children, don't they? Where are they going to go?"

Seems reasonable to me (although I think the council should stop trying to dictate who builds what where). What happens? He gets a complaint from the Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual Group. A complaint of "hetrosexism" (this is descried as "unintentional discrimination" against the LGBT community).

Sorry but I've been a homosexual for quite some time now (23 years?) and yet I've never found the concept of homes for families insulting (except where it's built near me... families = strange children = annoyance, eek.. maybe I'm guilty of homosexism!). Someone on the LGT group needs to get their priorities straight... we need to fight to keep the rights we have, fight to ensure we get the sex education we need and fight for true freedom.

We don't need to pick on some elderly councillor for some remark that has nothing to do with sexuality!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

That Bangles song is one of those key songs that I have in my head which illicit an emotion... but I don't quite know why and, to be perfectly frank, I don't really know what the emotion is... hmmm... Nostalgia maybe?

Today I had a job interview... but I was the interviewer. Never done that before. :D He got the job.

Late home because of a meeting, got caught on the train by the accounts manager who outed me on the train as an uber geek; he saw my Buffy comic and it went downhill from there.

All's quiet on the gay news front... never a bad thing.

The sexiest companion of the Doctor.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who Exactly Is He Hurting?

The "Moral Minority".

First they tried to make it illegal to make fun of religion. Now they are crying foul over making fun of your own life!

Navy rejects criticism of captive. Operator Maintainer Batchelor was caught making light of his time as an Iranian hostage. And people thought it was an insult to his colleagues in Iraq?? WTF? The man gets taken hostage, gets home and lets his hair down and we scold him for it?

Get a grip people, really who gives a damn? He's only 20 and just wants to have fun, he might not be the most media savvy person in the world but that's just who he is.

Now honestly... yet more controversy over a gay club opening "near a school". Can anyone explain to me what is wrong with this? I walk past a gay massage parlour EVERY morning and a couple of gay clubs that let out at about 6am. How many gay men have I ever seen go into or out of them during the day? 0. So what do these parents think is going to happen? I see more gay people on the train than I do around those places.

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A Recap

Since the first post on Thursday, August 23, 2001 I have posted 1345 times.

I've lived in 4 different houses. Worked 4 different jobs, and attend university for a time.

I've been to France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, the USA and Thailand. I've been curling in Scotland, and I've slept rough in Paris.

I've had three boyfriends, and quite a few one night stands.

I've attempted suicide. And found redemption.

I've lost my religion.

6 years. All noted down and available to me at a click of a button. Nothing makes me feel quite so old more than reading back through this, my online autobiography. My birthdays, and pride festivals, and holidays, and random adventures.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Daleks In Manhatten: Doctor Who 3.4

Good points

1) It's on Earth, but it's not modern day (or past) London! The Tardis is finally getting put to good use.
2) The Daleks were back. Doomsday was a Dalek letdown to be honest. But here we have them being evil and Daleky. Woooo...
3) Martha
4) Good supporting cast and characters. Solomon is great, in DW it's rare to see a good, strong black character. Mickey was a bit common for my liking. Solomon was more salt of the Earth.

Bad points

1) Tallulah
2i) The big reveal was ruined by the current cover of Radio Times giving it away.
ii) The big reveal was a bit shite. "I am a Human Dalek". Ooo... I'm so not scared. Shoot him in the head... and he dies! Whatever will we do??
3) Not enough Doctor.

Overall it was good but sheesh I didn't like the ending; it was a bit too silly...

Articles of Interest

Dinesh D'Souza, Atheism, Virginia Tech - at Daily Kos

Libertarianism is a Revolutionary Movement - Is anyone else worried that American political debate is so much more intelligent than British political debate?

Ted Nugent on Gun Control

I was discussing my America-centric way of life yesterday (with some Americans...). I watch the Daily Show (and the Colbert Report). I catch the O'Reilly Factor as often as I can (amusement purposes only!). I know what "Pleading the Fifth" means. I understand the joys of Reeses Cups, and the strange pleasure of the occassional Twinkie. Other than Doctor Who and the Apprentice (British version, I don't care for Donald Trump) I only really watch American shows. Am I the only Brit who knows about the War of 1812? Oh, America. I love you so.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mate 'Em

Have to make a decision about work this week. No really... it was an ultimatum from my boss.

Work night out was okay.

Home now... it's a marathon weekend so I won't be leaving the house... it'll be too crazy outside with spectators...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've been to Birmingham today; on my lonesome. Had to go see one of our suppliers and train them on a new system. Journey up was ok, not exactly comfortable in the torture chamber that Virgin classes as a seat, but ok.

The journey back was hell. The train was 20 minutes late. I had to stand all the way from Birmingham to London Euston, the Tube was hot and the DLR had a man on it who randomly stuck his tongue out at me.

A 4 hour round trip for a job that took me no more than 45 minutes. I like being out of the office but that was silly.

Doesn't Brent Corrigan just get cuter...

Simon Cowell gets in to a Virginia Tech storm. I don't think it was his words Simon was eye rolling at, but his audacity (or even more likely nothing at all!). Anyone who decides to pay a tribute to the victims when they are competing for Americas votes deserves an eye roll at the very least. It's called capitalising on someone's tragedy. Disgusting. Keep your opinions to yourself until you are voted off, or you win. Using the blood of Virginia Tech students just to get ahead in a gameshow is awful.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Darkest Depths Of My Soul

Dear Constant Reader. You know I am sad. And I don't mean unhappy. I mean I have some depressingly geeky interests. Buffy, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Eurovision and money collecting. Yes I collect money (coins and notes). Spank me now for I have sinned in the face of coolness.

But today I am the happiest man... because I've taken possession of a one dollar Confederate note. It's suitably worn and just the right shade of brown. A piece of history... money from a defunct country. Oh I love it so...

Watching The Panic Room. Anyone remember what my phobia is?

Note it is not men.

The Horror

The true horror of the shootings at the Virginia Tech has now been revealed. And what a horror. 33 dead. 33 lives wasted.

Guns and people; two wrongs don't make a right.

Ismail Ax. Where on Earth did he get that name from?



One of the victims was Liviu Librescu. He survived the Nazis. He survived Ceau┼čescu. But he couldn't survive Cho. It would appear he died a hero, keeping the murderer at bay until his students had escaped to safety. What Cho Seung-hui has done is too disgusting for words. What Librescu did makes him a hero and a martyr and long may his name be remembered.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Many Die In Virginia

Mass Shooting: The American Disease. Sure us Brits had the horror of Hungerford and the Dunblane tragedy. But sheesh! So many people die over there from gun attacks. Over here one guy gets killed and it's national news. There... it's just the norm! While I was in San Francisco I heard of at least 4 people being shot dead within the city limits. In a week!!

Nothing good comes from a gun.

My thoughts are with those at Virginia Tech.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bright Summers Day

Yesterday Jim and I headed to Hemel Hempstead to see the kids. We went to the park to fly a plane, had mussels cooked by Becka and had an okay day. I really do not like places north of the Thames. If I go to Sussex, or Cornwall, or bloody Clapham I don't mind as much as just going north of the river. Strange.

Today is a lovely day and Jim and I have already taken a walk across Blackheath to the village and had lunch in O'Neills (which was gorgeous) and ice cream from an ice cream van. Blackheath is pretty if a little up it's own arse.

Too hot for my liking today. I prefer a stiff breeze and the need for a coat. Usually I accept the heat without complaint due to many half naked men being around but alas... not today...

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Gridlock: Doctor Who 3.3


Now this is more like it! The episode is set in a dystopian future in which New New York has been devastated by a plague, leaving the citizens scrapping an existence below trapped. However their computers convince them nothing has changed and they continue to live life as normal. This has lead to Gridlock on the motorway as the exits have shut and the traffic just goes in one big loop. A 23 year long traffic jam... hell on New Earth!

Living below are the Macra, sustained on the exhaust fumes, who pick off those foolhardy enough to use the fast lane.

Martha is kidnapped by a couple who want to car pool so they can use the multiple occupancy fast lane (2000AD eat your heart out!). Doctor lead fun ensues.

And in the midst of this the Doctor meets two old friends and finds out "He is not alone".

This episode is not only the 727th (meaning Doctor Who now has more episodes than the entire Star Trek franchise) but probably the best of the season so far. I'm not too keen on the Face of Boe nor of the continuing references to Rose (Adric died and the Doctor barely mentioned him, for shame!) but the story was great, Martha is a brilliantly strong companion and David Tennant is awesome. An elderly lesbian couple and the Doctors drop through (yes through) the cars added the necessary wackiness.

Travis Oliver sure added a certain something as well...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kallie Come Back!

Yesterday was my favourite Canadians last day of work. So as is standard we all headed to the Riverside for Kallie's goodbye drinks. I positioned myself perfectly but then my chair broke (one word; embarrassing). So instead of staring longingly at the man of my dreams I sat next to Kallie, Sarina and Kallie's friend Devon (henceforth known as the Worst Mormon In The World). Not that that was a bad thing.

Devon turned out to be just as funny as Kallie so I had a good night even when the last people standing were myself, Paul, the Worst Mormon In The World and a very drunk Kallie. After a brief period of drunken sobbing on my shirt by Kallie I finally got to go home.

I'm glad she isn't leaving the country just yet as I am going to miss her so much.

It's one of the things I hate about my job. I see so many great people (mainly from North America) come and go. I just get to the point of being good friends and then the immigration system drags them away from me.

Did I say I had a great web chat with Nick the other day! It made me remember how much I do miss him as well.

Nick, if you read this I will say one thing; Kallie REALLY misses you! She still carries that styrofoam cup around. You know the one!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Women buy cats at an average price of £127 against mens average price of £41. Two things worry be about this statement.

1) People BUY cats??? You can get them for free practically everywhere, they breed... oh how they breed. I've been a proud grandpa to many litters of kindles. You have to give them away to get rid of them all! Only people who are going to actually show their cats at cat shows should buy them, and that's because they need pedigrees. I'm just hoping that when they say buying they mean "donating money to the cat rescue home".
2) I feel that £41 figure for men represents the male cat fanciers love of cats, whatever they foibles, rather than cheapness. The £127 figure suggests a lot of women buy their cats for superficial reasons. BAH! Long live cats with character!

Why the cat story? Because I saw this picture... awwwww....

I love our sister nation, France. But sometimes the French baffle me. If someone says that you can be born gay that is a good thing! They agree with us gays! Leave them alone!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ask Jae

Want to ask me a question? Want to know something about me? Want to put my knowledge to the test? Now is your chance... comment, comment, comment!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Insight

During my trip to my Mums a couple of weeks back I discovered my Nan's view on my sexuality. According to Mum she thinks "it's just a phase".

It hurts a little to think she believes that but then again she does believe that God is an alien after reading Chariots of the Gods so maybe I shouldn't worry too much.

I think it quite amusing when people dismiss my sexuality as a phase or, even more amusingly, as a choice. My sexuality is just as valid as yours, so bugger off and leave me alone!

Rafael Verga... yum! If my sexuality was some kind of illness why do I find every single part of that mans body attractive? Surely if my brain has gone a bit wrong I'd only find parts of him attractive and still find some female bodies appealing? It wouldn't be the exact polar opposite surely? Unless my brain was meant to be routed like this. Which, of course, I think it was... yummy men.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hyde Park To Home

Trying not to think about work. Trying not to think about work.

I went to Hyde Park for a picnic yesterday with Paul, Kallie and Steve. It was cool, although weird things that happened:

1) Kallie wandered off into some bushes to our left and return from our right. Freaky

2) A gay couple came and sat near us with two puppies. By the time they left said puppies were wearing t shirts.

3) Three gay guys walked past wearing very little clothing and looked a lot like they were in a Pride March... Hyde Park Pride??

4) Everyone was wandering around with oversized sticks.

After that we wandered through London all the way to Leicester Square and we had some drinks there before heading home.

A good day.

I am not at work. I am not at work. I am on a deserted island with Brent Corrigan and a rugby team. They have Staropramen on tap. I am not at work.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Phase 1

I've just realised I haven't told you something Dear Constant Reader! And well I need to get some thoughts down as well so now is probably the best time to let you know.

Last week I decided to leave my job. And to ensure that I actually went through with it (you know my usual half baked, never see through planning style) I told everyone. That way it'd be more embarrassing to stay.

I first thought I was leaving the job because I hated it. But that's not true. I hate the person I've become while doing the job (and sadly outside of it).

There are things I liked about myself that I've lost in the last two years. I never used to swear. I'd swear occasionally but only if very angry. It was a good warning system for those who knew me that now was the time to leave the immediate area. Now I swear far too much. It's very unpleasant. I don't like it.

Then there is the selfishness that pervades the environment I work in. I don't think it's unique to the company I work for, but something universal across all corporate office environments. People are there only because they want to be richer. End of. Money has never been my favourite thing. In fact, money and I haven't been on speaking terms for some time. I feel this selfishness breeding in me. I ponder my next pay rise, wonder about the next promotion and even sometimes feel jealous of those who are doing “better” than me.

Don't worry Dear Constant Reader I haven't completely gone down that road just yet. Those are but fleeting emotions at the moment. My main emotions are still amusement watching these wannabes and gladness that it isn't me having to brown nose. I am still Jae after all!

But I don't want to go any further towards becoming a corporate drone with no soul. Life is short and I've got things better than money to hold my attention.

And being in customer services yet again has driven my internal hatred of others to new and terrible depths. I'm glad I've been able to get out of thinking everyone is better than me. I know that is absolutely not true. But now I'm heading away into thinking everyone is worse than me. I get really stressed in public places because of “the idiots” who can't walk properly, can't talk properly, can't etc...

I need to get into a job where I am helping others, learning to like other people again, learning that not everyone is scum.

I have realised several things about myself thanks to the last two years:

1)money doesn't entice me that much. Give me a pay rise, it will make me happy for a day. It doesn't have a lasting affect.
2)Promotion is not something I care about. I think I've let myself fall into the same trap that forced me to accept a place at university; the feeling that I am on a conveyor belt heading in one direction and I just have to stay on board. We are all brought up to believe that moving up the career ladder and earning more money makes you a better person. It doesn't. Money doesn't make me happy, and I'd rather be a better person than a better employee.
3)The only thing that will make me happy at work is making others feel good about themselves. I can't feel happy when being overtly selfish. My brain points out the selfishness of what I am doing and ruins it for us both. So the only way to be happy is to help others, thus tricking my brain into thinking it is being selfless while actually only doing it because it makes me feel good. Mwhahahahaha. Jae 1 Brain 0
4)I truly hate consumerism. The whole thing smells. I don't want to be part of it anymore. I hate people wanting, wanting, wanting. I hate having to be nice to rude people. I hate having to put up with people saying stupid things and not correcting them because I want their money. Also, as a sidenote, I really must stop reading moany blog posts about bad customer service as it makes my blood boil and makes me just want to shout “It's a bloody ! If you wanted it to work like that you should of made it yourself, stop complaining and relying on other people to serve your every want!!” Communism was bad, but it had some up sides.

So this week I write a Plan (Amaechi inspired. Must not read autobiographies, they give me ideas) about what I want to achieve with my life, and how I want to achieve. I don't want to sell my soul (mainly because I've already sold it to Elliot for 5p many years ago) just to make ends meet.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Shakespeare Code: Doctor Who 3.2

Episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 3 was on last night; as usual it ticked all the boxes. I am really beginning to love Martha. I will admit it took me a long time to accept Rose as a companion (probably because I am an old time Doctor Who fan with all the preconceptions that brings). But Martha I've taken to quickly. She is very much a strong woman, and when someone is in danger she's running just as quickly as the Doctor to help them. This is probably due to the character having a medical background, it wouldn't really be believable to have her standing to the side ineffectually when someone collapses in front of her.

The story wasn't bad either. Shakespeare as played by the rather dishy Dean Lennox Kelly to great effect. Only let down was the sci fi explanation for the witches, couldn't they just have been witches rather than aliens from the beginning of the universe. And note to self: never take a vacation to the beginning of the universe it sounds like an horrendous place, with the Racnoss and the Carrionites among the inhabitants. Eek!

I just loved the ending when Queen Elizabeth turns up and starts screaming that the Doctor is her mortal enemy and chases Martha and him back to the TARDIS, much to their confusion. It's nice to see that kind of thing from time to time, the Doctor has met pretty much everyone so he is going to be recognised occasionally!

David Tennant was his usual genius self.


Now people (Jim stop reading here, I forgive you!)... after the episode I went onto the the Gallifrey One forums and had to resist leaving nasty messages for people. Some suggested that having pissed off both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria the Doctor only needed to annoy the current Queen to get a complete set. I think that said people think that England and Britain have only had three queens. If we ignore the Scots (sorry!) there's been Empress Matilda, Lady Jane Grey, Mary I, Elizabeth I, Mary II, Anne, Victoria and Elizabeth II (I'm sorry but Queen James I doesn't count!). Considerably more than 3! Cretins! Others asked whether Victoria was an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth I (and yes they really meant that, they said something like is Queen Elizabeth descended from that Queen the Doctor pissed off last season). I can forgive not being able to place your own country on a map, I can forgive not knowing about the War of 1812 or about the role of our Empire in the second world war. But I cannot forgive not knowing the Kings and Queens of England and Britain. Does it really take more than a minute to check this stuff on Wikipedia??? No... so no excuse... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Who can name all the monarchs since Henry VII? No cheating!
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shakes Head In Horror

I can't bring myself to write a proper post but let me just say two things:

1) how can it take someone 10 minutes to work out how to use a cash machine?
2) am I the only person who can name all the monarchs of this country since William the Conqueror? What was everyone bloody doing during Primary School history??????? (The Doctor met Queen Elizabeth this episode and I am horrified by some of the stupid comments at Gallifrey One).

More on the Doctors latest adventure tomorrow...

Friday, April 06, 2007

At The Car Wash

Today. After some Hot Cross Buns Jim and I went to the hand car wash in Lewisham, just under the railway bridge. Jim had recommended it as it is staffed by some lovely Polish blokes. And it was indeed eye candy heaven. First off we were treated to a good scrubbing down my a large armed hunk before some cute slim guys cleaned the insides. We stood behind them so that were out of the way (and had a good view of their arses). I would have paid just to visit, the superb cleaning the car we got was just a bonus! That large armed bloke is going to be in my dreams for quite some time!

We then headed to Tesco's. Dear Lord! Does anyone ever think about other people? Trolleys just thrown into the trolley bays (I tidied them up), people just spread out across aisles with no thought for others getting past and others just standing around as if Tesco's was some kind of community centre for the intellectually challenged. My number one rule in my public life is to think of others in every action I make. Whether it's where I stand on the train or having my money ready when I reach the checkout I think life is so much nicer when you try to not cause trouble. Hell truly is other people.

I have just checked out all the Democratic candidates for President's political views and I don't like any of them! I am glad I don't live in America and have to decide between that abysmal bunch or vote Republican (eek... I just felt my stomach turn in revulsion).

Not that things are going to be much better over here. We've gonna have (probably) Gordon Brown versus David Cameron. Talk about a rock and hard place. The Lib Dems it is for me again (being a card carrying, but reluctant member). Just wish they would get off their arses here in Greenwich (and get Lynne Beaumont as their PPC in Folkestone, she rocks!) We need a Libertarian Party!

Dream ticket: President Al Gore and Prime Minister Menzies Campbell. Imagine the good things that could get done with a team like that! Let's start a transnational campaign for the Gore/Campbell ticket!

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Britain - How Did It Come To This?

Does anyone else feel like Britain has allowed itself to be fucked over by the Iranians? They abducted 15 naval personnel, used them for their own purposes, made a show of strength and then released them "as a gesture of goodwill" (i.e. We fucked you over, and don't forget it). What did we do? Nothing.

Now I don't blame the personnel for cooperating with their captors. According to our Navel Correspondent Jim, this is standard operating procedure. What I do have problems with is the anaemic response from the Government and the dangerous loss of face for the country.

People are congratulating the Government for avoiding a conflict by not being aggressive. What I don't think they grasp is that a conflict has been avoided for now, but the loss of face we have suffered means it's more likely other countries will take the piss and eventually a conflict will occur.

Let's look at our history. After withdrawing from the Empire and the Suez Crisis Britain lost it's way in the world. The lack of a will to show we would defend ourselves left the Argentinians with the opinion that they could just invade the Falklands and we wouldn't do anything about it. Nearly 1000 people died because of our failure to make it clear we would use force to protect our people.

Other countries have seen that an aggressive action against British forces will not be punished in anyway. Have we punished Iran at all? Diplomatically? Financially? No. Has Iran's standing increased? Yes. They are shown to be a strong, no nonsense defender of their borders (let's not get into the whole debate over where the Brits were).

Now the idiotic people of this country are moaning about the conduct of the captured men and women. Who cares? They did what they had to to ensure their survival. I would expect nothing less. What really matters is what our Government didn't do, the shame of what Iran has done to us. This focus on the people rather than the politics is just another symptom of this countries twisted logic that will ultimately lead to some despot fucking us over big style.

Oh how easy it used to be

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Homosexuality More Dangerous Than Smoking

Or more like how statistics mean nothing.

See the news story here, and the full report here. So the report is based on many things but the headline grabbing part is based on statistics from Norway and Denmark. Interesting statistics indeed... however let's say a few things about them.

1) We don't get given a breakdown of causes of death... for all we know being gay just makes you more likely to be beaten to death than married people. I'm not suggesting that's the case but how can we judge what the statistics mean if we don't have that info. For all we know all the gays were smokers!!

2) OK, I feel that the studies not properly weighted. There were 333, 336 hetero men + 353,483 hetero women (Denmark) against 561 gay men + 91 gay women. Then there were 110, 031 hetero men + 117, 833 hetero women (Norway) against 31 gay men + 6 gay women. Even going by the 1 percent of the population figure bandied about in this report the representation of homosexuals was well below their actual presence in the population versus heterosexuals used. So I don't trust these figures one bit. Why not actually do a survey of gay men against heterosexual men rather than married men versus partnered ones. What length of time were these partnerships versus the marriages? Marriages are known to have health benefits but I suspect you need to be in one for quite a while for these benefits to take affect... Denmark didn't legalise registered partnerships until recently... etc etc...

3) Using Washington Post and Washington Blade Obituaries to assess the general population is a bit like using the Who's Who guide to formulate general economic policy for the whole population.

I'm not even a mathematician and these are the problems I've spotted after one reading of just this part of the report (I read the rest but didn't pay much attention).

Christians... get some science!

Thanks to Garibaldi Gay

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Know Someone Who Is On Telly!

RJ, formally of work fame, is on the Real Hustle right now... so cool... You didn't get scammed mister, they were far too nice to you!

John Amaechi's Man In The Middle

I'm currently reading John Amaechi's autobiography "Man In The Middle". It's bloody good! He comes across as a very sweet, and clever, guy.

It's also pretty interesting reading about another guy discovering his sexuality, something that seems to have happened very late for him (in my opinion anyway!). I finally admitted to myself I was gay when I was 14, and couldn't imagine having gone any longer without dealing with it. I suppose he did have a bit more to think about, being a mentor and a basketball player all while studying at uni! When did you finally accept your sexuality?

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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Falklands Anniversary

25 years ago today Argentina invaded a group of islands thousands of miles away from Britain in the misguided belief that we would abandon our countrymen who lived there. We did not, and we turned their act of aggression into a national reawakening from the slow death we had been suffering since the end of our empire.

There are many who say that we should never have fought the Falkland Islands War. They saw it as an act of outdated imperialist aggression, carried out by the Thatcher Government to save face. I will not deny that I'm sure Thatcher thought about how good it'd look to win a war but we must consider other factors. 1) the population of the Falkland Islands DID NOT want to be invaded by the Argentinians let alone become part of Argentina. 2) Argentina was a dictatorship at the time, and since that dictatorship fell we have discovered it committed many atrocities. We went to war in Iraq for less. 3) An invasion is an act of aggression, which must not be allowed to go unpunished. 4) This was a blatant disrespectful act against our nation and allowing that to go unpunished would have just have given the impression other countries could do what they wanted to us.

I love reading historians views that if Thatcher had only told the Argentinians we would fight back if they invaded they would never have invaded at all. The idea that a country should need to be told there would be consequences for invading another countries territory is a little absurd and shows how stupid the military dictatorship in Argentina was. And how dumb our country and America have been of late!

Let us remember those who gave their lives for the Falkland Islanders freedom and let us not forget that the Argentinians still claim the islands. Bastards. You'd think the thrashing they got would have been lesson enough. If they're not careful we'll have to send Max Hastings back.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Smith And Jones: Doctor Who 3.1

Doctor Who Series 3 begun last night. It was good. But it wasn't anything spectacular and I'm starting to worry a little about the series direction.

Firstly Freema as Martha was awesome. I have a feeling I'm going to like this more grown up companion that she is portraying. She was strong, clever but suffering from a severe case of "family". Loved her. On a side note is "Did I mention it's a time machine?" the Doctors favourite chat up line? He used it on Rose and now on Martha. The saucy fellow!

Secondly. The plot was ok. Sadly it suffered from an extreme case of silliness. I love silliness, but I think the Doctor is meant to be the silly one. The plot is meant to be somewhat serious. Can I really believe that the Earth was going to be destroyed by a converted MRI machine, while the villain will survive because she is standing behind a screen?? We've had way too many of these idiotic plot devices over the last two series and at first they were sweet. But it's time to get serious, kids are not dumb! Start treating them, and us old style Dr Who fans, with a little respect. The straw was an acceptable wacky touch (DW is lovably wacky) but the MRI machine was one step too far.

Loved the Judoon and I liked Florence Finnigan (although I spotted the Doctor blood swap plot as soon as I realised what she was doing with Mr Stokers blood). I'm a bit worried about The Shakespeare Code, it looks a lot like Tooth and Claw (it's even the second episode of the season again!). If RTD is going to insist of quotas of certain types of episodes he could at least move them around in the showing line up just to make it look like he isn't??? Love you RTD, but try to shake things up a bit before everyone starts to be able to predict the plots.

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