Monday, August 12, 2002

I live most of my life in a fantasy dream world of my own creation. I do not see these fantasies and dreams becoming reality in this country. And I don't feel that this country has anything left to offer me. Many of the people (and Constatnt Reader I don't mean you!!) are unfriendly, nasty and boring. Sure there will be people like that everywhere, but this country is so small that we have a higher concentration of them. And I am so very bored. So here is the plan. After my debts are paid and I have saved enough money I am going to move away. I have a large savings account that will help me.

Where shall I go? I have the right of domain in Europe, and also thanks to very close family links in Canada as well. I am a road movie freak and a loner, drifter esqe person, and I think whatever happens I am going to draw on that for inspiration.

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