Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year That Nearly Isn't

It's time for the retrospective!


It was all a bit... political as the Sexual Orientations Regulations were passed, and it was a sad month what with Rays funeral and all. :(


There was snow, I went to Nottingham and we all began to get a little excited over Eurovision.


Scooch won Making Your Mind Up, we discovered Charles Dera was doing porn, and Iran kidnapped some British sailors (and got away with it).


There was an earthquake in Folkestone, Doctor Who arrived for it's third series, I began planning to leave work (still trying that one...), Kallie left work and I went to Birmingham all on my lonesome.


I caused controversy at the Shepway Lib Dems, we discovered Marco Dapper, EUROVISION!, and I scared some poor homophobes.


I turned 24, Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, we all learnt that politeness is a good thing and geez there were a lot of nice pictures that month.


Videos and photos galore as Jae prepared to go on holiday.


Jae goes to France, John and Vixie get married in Cornwall, we learnt about Bodmas and Sam America finally left the country.


What a horrible month. I found someone was using my blog in order to hurt Jim, Vy was attacked and hospitalised and it was all very horrible.


A new website caused work to become too awful for words, Vy left, I made some controversial comments about abortion that sadly lost me some Dear Constant Readers, and I went on a booze cruise down the Thames. Jim and I ran out of money.


Jim and I continued to be out of money until the very end of the month when my parents came to our rescue. Then I treated myself to presents. Work remained shite.



2007 was a year of poverty, restlessness and boredom with some lovely interludes. I hope 2008 brings better things both to me and to you Dear Constant Reader.

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Lovely Evening

So yesterday, after watching a few Star Trek movies, Jim and I headed to Charing Cross Road in search of Cacha├ža, Jim's latest favourite alcoholic beverage. Well sorry... actually it's only his favourite when part of a Caipirinha. Yes, we have gone all Brazilian all of a sudden.

After purchasing a few bottles on behalf of our local (we make other alcoholics look positively amateurish) we had dinner at our favourite Tokyo Diner in Chinatown before wandering through a fair at Leicester Square (with the scariest pendulum ride in history).

We headed back to Greenwich and the local and spent the night drinking, chatting with some mates and watching Jim drink Caipirinhas made by the Brazilian barman.

All very good.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blasts From The Past

There are some memories so terrible, so absolutely awful that your minds only sensible thing to do is to block access to them completely. Today one of those memories escaped it's incarceration... I remember the Purple People Eater movie...

God that was an awful movie that for some reason 6 year old Jae just had to watch over and over again. And I could because, sadly, my Mum worked in a video rental store and I got the privilege of hiding out back watching 1) god awful movies (Howard The Duck), 2) terrifying movies I smuggled in using an empty Flintstones Meet The Jetsons case (such as Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Slugs) or 3) weirdo childrens movies such as Purple People Eater and Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night.

There I was, a boy with a whole store of videos at my disposal, and I used that time to watch the dregs of the late eighties...

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Down Side

I think sometime in September I reached the pinnacle of my success at work. Since then I've been on a slow decline. I'm still the Oracle (I do have double the experience than the next person down in the department). I'm still the person people ask for help. But the spark has gone, and yes there was once a spark. I just can't take it anymore... the customers are not just stupid, they are now so stupid it defies description. The same mistakes keep getting made and no one pays any attention to me when I rally against them because my moaning is now considered background noise.

The more I read about the subjects I do enjoy the more I wish I was able to actually get off my arse and seek out a job I'd like.

Good news is: Mum has said she'll bankroll any course I want to do.

Bad news is: my mother has a lot of "good intentions" that never become reality.

We'll see.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well it's nearly the end of the year and Jae is quite tired. However I did get asked by a tall, black muscle bound hunk (that ticks all the right boxes in my opinion) if I wanted to play American Football with him at Waterloo Station. I had to say no that that question though... there was plenty else I wanted to do with him though!

Got asked if I wanted to join something called "United Queerdom" today. It's a Twinkleboi project so I'm sure it'll be worth keeping an eye on.

That reminds me... I must catch up with my podcasts... sadly most of my favourites have ceased to publish but I've got some new likely candidates to replace them...

Caught the news at lunch at work and watched the Benazir Bhutto tragedy unfold. Poor Pakistan, things just seem to get worse and worse over there.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Consumerism Makes Me Sick

I'm not anti capitalist. I'm not anti buying nice things for oneself. As you, Dear Constant Reader, know I love getting new books and DVDs and things.

However, I am becoming increasingly horrified by the state of our nation and it's obsession with consuming.

I can't understand people who spend their free time INTENTIONALLY queuing for consumer goods (rather than necessary ones). I can't understand people who buy things on Christmas Day. I really can't understand people who buy things online so close to Christmas (it's not like late deliveries at Christmas are unexpected hence why I bought my stuff at the end of November!).

I just logged onto my works query system to see Christmas Day emails are up 400% on last year... that's really sad. There is more to life than this rat race and yet people seem intent on just following the herd and becoming sad consumers just like the business world wants us to be.

One of the most common conversations you'll hear out in the real world is the "customer services/call centres suck" conversation. I see this as more of a sad reflection on those who call call centres than anything else. I'm a normal person, with a bank account and a real life. But I haven't been in a bank in two years (which makes me terribly scared of that woman from the First Direct adverts who claims that when she calls her bank at 3 a.m. there is someone there... doesn't that frighten anyone else? HAS SHE NO LIFE???).

And I've called a call centre only once this year and that was because they asked me to! I can't believe how many people I know who are on the phones to various companies EVERY day. What are they doing? Are they just signing up for everything that gets advertised on telly and then spending the rest of their life bugging those companies because (quelle surprise!) their service doesn't live up to that advertised?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I'm not consuming enough and thus not needing to contact companies enough. But whatever it is I just never seem to have the same customer service stories that other people do.

I pray I never become like the freaks out there who spend their lives in queues and on the phone... who never have the time to relax, veg out and enjoy their short time on this planet because they spend their time conforming to the current social norms. If there's one thing I'll always be thankful for it's my fear of crowds and my hearty dislike of shopping. They've saved me from becoming just another sheep.

My Family

That picture is of my Great, Great, Great Grandmother, Phillis Semark. After months of work on one branch of my family tree I had a breakthrough on Christmas Eve, discovering many more ancestors. It's amazing... she gave birth to a boy who fathered a girl who was the mother of a boy who fathered my Mum. And my Nan was living in the same village as her back in the forties. Thing is... my Nan hasn't any idea who she is, barely knowing anyone beyond my Grandfathers mother in fact. It's a bit weird to think my family have lost so much of our family history even though most of us have grown up with people who were part of it.

When I was growing up in Snodland (and beyond) I was taught that my family had Spanish blood, German blood, Scottish blood... we were a cosmopolitan family with a mysterious past. But I've discovered through my research that this is far from the truth. Not only is our past remarkably unmysterious but it's reassuringly dull. 90% of the ancestors I've discovered so far were born in, lived in and died in Kent. Even as far back as the 15th Century. Those who weren't came from other parts of Britain (given some of the interbreeding among my family in the past thanks to the small hamlets they lived in this brought some much needed fresh genes to the family blood line!). And what is really shocking is that those families I grew up near like the Schoolings and the Townsends weren't just neighbours... they were my relatives.

It makes me quite proud to know that the place of my birth, Kent, has been the place of birth for much of my family for most of recorded history. There's not many people around who can say that!

Christmas - How Can It Go So Fast????

Christmas Eve Jim and I headed to the locals Christmas Quiz after watching Muppets Christmas Carol and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

We had a team of six (Jim, me, Mark, Jo, Gloria and Gus) whilst our neighbours Rod and Melissa had a team of 4 right next to us. Had a brilliant time and thanks to Jim swotting up beforehand our team, the Tailenders, came third out of nine and won a bottle of wine each.

Christmas Day. We awoke quite late (nothing to do with the night before surely??? ;) ) and opened our presents. I got more presents than I've had in years. Jim got me The Times Complete History of the World, the Temeraire books: The Throne of Jade and The Black Powder War and Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 9. My family got me The Empire of Ivory, Shadow World, Lord of the Flies, Extraordinary Animals Revisited and Heart Shaped Box.

I'm told that more presents now await back in Folkestone. Woo!

After a quick nap and some watching of You've Got Mail we headed to the local again, swapped cards and Merry Christmasses with the regulars before the pub shut... with us inside... What?? Didn't I tell you we had been invited around for dinner by the landlord and his husband? ]

Yes... we had a most lovely Christmas dinner, cooked by a proper chef, with a Mushroom and Onion soup to start, a starter of duck in a crispy pancake, salmon and a Sea Bass fish cake, a main course of Gammon, Turkey, Lamb and bacon cover sausages (the lamb was so nice) and then desert of Christmas Pudding followed by coffee and wine.

We were join by Karen (a regular at the pub who provided us with some wonderful songs between courses, she has an amazing voice!), Morris, and Anna Lee (an elderly German who took the traditional Nan's role in the event).

Afterwards we all sat around watching the landlords husbands brother Sri Lankan wedding on DVD. I thought it was all going to be very awkward but it was delightful and I got the most lovely scarf as a Christmas present from the landlord. Yum!

I trust that you, Dear Constant Reader, had as wonderful a day as I did. And here's wishing you a brilliant holiday and a wonderful 2008 too!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Being boss has it's advantages, such as allowing my team to go home early... hence why I'm sitting here writing this! Ah... lovely... Merry Christmas, Dear Constant Reader... I hope you get all that you desire!

Love Jae x x x

P.S. Keep an eye out for Father Christmas!

Online Shopping And Stupid People

Merry Christmas! I've got to go to work today (sympathy please!) but before I do let's look at the following news story: Online shopping complaints rise.

Sometimes I really do worry about people and it's time I used my experience to say it's really not the retailers fault.

Firstly: I bought EVERY present I knew I had to get online in November. NOVEMBER. That's because I understand that buying online is great but if you really need the goods you must plan ahead. Did I have any problems? Nope.

Secondly: As someone who works for an online company I am consistently amazed at people who buy online. Most of them haven't a clue. Some people have been ordering items that are out of stock for Christmas. AND THEN PHONING TO COMPLAIN. "You didn't make it clear!" Actually the availability is shown in bright colours and prominent places on at least 4 occasions before order confirmation. Surely you'd want to check the availability before checking out??? It's madness. I can't wait to get to work and deal with the moaning bastards again... it's not like they have anything better to do on Christmas Eve... The customers on Friday were insane (Can I return this item, it's peeling after I washed it in petrol and metholated spirits... I can't believe you've increased your prices [actually it's the same price Ma'am as you paid 6 months ago]). FUN.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jae The Royalist

You might think that being a left leaning libertarian I'd not be much of a supporter of the monarchy. Oh how wrong could you be!

David Starkey this week suggested the Queen was a philistine and compared her to Goebbels (misquoting Goebbels at the same time, silly boy)! Say she isn't very academic, say she hasn't any idea about her own history, even say she is a "housewife"; just don't compare the Queen to a man who killed his own children (and that was the last of his hideous crimes). I used to respect Mr Starkey but obviously he is willing to do anything to promote his TV series (and books). Shame on him.

This comes in a week in which the Queen became the longest living monarch in recorded British history (but she is still not the longest serving one!) and Her Majesty also launched a fabulous youtube account.

To me the monarchy is something to be proud of; a living link to our history, a non political head of state, a figurehead for our country and a brilliant ambassador to other nations.

God Save The Queen!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

If you buy stuff off the net on Christmas Day... should be pitied. What kind of freak shops at all, let alone online, on Christmas Day???

I'm an atheist and even I see the value in having one day a year where normality doesn't exist.

Honestly... it leaves me speechless that millions of people are so sad as to want to create work for other people on Christmas Day... STOP IT NOW!

The Collection

So... Thursday was my office's Christmas party. We begun at 5pm with a few drinks (mainly champagne) in the kitchen, followed by a presentation about the company over the last year, this years superheros were unveiled and then we all swapped Secret Santa gifts. My Homer Sapien is currently engaged in getting to know the other toys on my desk at work (group picture on Monday!).

After this we grabbed a taxi and headed to Kensington. Sadly the taxi driver was a numpty so I made an executive decision and had him drop us off at South Kensington station and we had Paul use his mobiles map function to find out destination... The Collection.

I'd not really been looking forward to it. Everything I read about it made it sound very poncey. I was to be even more bitterly disappointed... it wasn't just poncey, it was obviously well past it's prime.

Upon entering I discovered the staff to be very unfriendly, obviously trained in the attitude their clientele expect from staff at a venue such as this, and then saw across the overly large bar that it was filled with the Nouveax Riche and the Wannabe Rich.

Now I mention the Nouveax Riche from time to time, but don't really explain what I mean... these are the people who have the money, but none of the manners or class one would hope of someone who should be "refined". They tend to work in the city wearing suits, buy things less out of desire or need but out of an attempt to impress others, and act like they are in some way superior to others when in fact they are quite evidently only in a position to make the kind of money they do because they have the right "attitude" (and ability to politic in the office) rather than any actual skill. No I'm not jealous, I just know some very rich people (members of my extended family included) who wouldn't be seen dead in the company of these kind of people, and would rather go down the local pub or to their favourite "best kept secret" restaurant.

Anyway... my company had several tables up in the restaurant and we sat down for food. I was lucky and found myself on the most fun table and much fun was had. The food was good but not amazing... again it seemed designed for looks and style rather than culinary excellence. And it wasn't very Christmassy, quite unlike the TVW do in Folkestone.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Since I've Been Gone...

...into a very lazy blogger phase lots of things have happened...

Nick Clegg was elected Lib Dem leader (commiserations to my choice, Chris Huhne), declared himself agnostic and selected his "Cabinet". I'm glad he included Chris Huhne in the front bench team... we've got both the candidates in strong positions so we get the use of both of their talents. The best of both worlds!

Teachers tie up children at Folkestone Academy.

The Daily Show will return despite the writers strike, praise be to Jesus!


Customers continue to call us... Don't they know it's Christmas time, at all??? Oh well... I'll just sit here pretending I'm working whilst blogging, playing with my Homer Sapien and playing Star Wars The Complete Saga on my Nintendo DS.

My gift from work!

Homer sapien!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Christmas. I love Christmas. But sadly I am going to have to admit that looking back over my Christmas posts of Olde shows I actually get very depressed over Christmas. Which is sad... but unfortunately it's happening again.

Last night Jim was telling me about a disagreement he had at the local and I said one sentence in which I tried to see the issue from the other guys perpspective, to understand why he would even be upset with Jim. And Jim took offense to that, didn't let me continue (and put the remarks in context. I wasn't blaming Jim... I was just trying to comprehend the situation.) and stormed out. When I asked him where he had gone he just sent back a text saying "You insensitive prick" and that was the last I heard from him. To be honest I don't know why I bother talking any more I only ever seem to upset or hurt people.

So last night I went for a walk for a couple of hours, and when it got too cold and I got bored of sitting on freezing benches, I returned to the local to read for a couple more hours. It gave me time to reflect that I always seem to find myself wandering in the cold at this time of year feeling less than chipper.

I tried to sleep on the sofa at home but that wasn't exactly successful and now here I am at work with projects to do, people to shout at and more work than I really have time for. And when I finish work tonight there is not much to look forward to. I might frequent the bars of Vauxhall or wander into town and see the Christmas lights or see if I can tag along with the mysterious Wednesday Club who are a secretive drinking group from work.

Yay. Another Happy Christmas in the world of Jae.

Really I don't know why I get excited about Christmas. But I suppose I'll have forgotten about how bad Christmas usually turns out to be by next year and will again get out my Christmas Dog and my Christmas smile. Until the next bad thing happens.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Blogging

It's been ten years since the term "blog" was invented. Ten years? Jesus, not long at all!

Crazy Lady At Somerfields

Jim and I went out to Somerfields to get some ingredients for his marvelous meatballs and pasta recipe. Now this is normally a stressful experience as it's always busy, and the queuing system is terribly annoying ("Form Three Lines"... well if there was space for three lines we would!).

Today's trip was worse than usual as someone had tired up their cocker spaniel outside the shop and it was barking it's heart out. The barks drilled into your brain... luckily Jim and I arrived at a checkout just as it opened and Mr Cute But Dim checkout boy began to scan our goods through (he's lovely just don't ever pay in change... you'll be there for a week). Just as Jim handed over his money a woman pushed in behind him and "asked" whether she could jump the queue as she "had been waiting a long time and my dog is really annoying everyone". By the time she'd finished the sentence she'd already started unpacking much to the queues displeasure...

Now let me just say that already she'd broken two cardinal rules of public ettiquette:

1) her dog was obviously badly trained and was barking it's head off in public causing much distress and bemusement. In my opinion she should not have drawn any further attention to herself and been extremely apologetic and unintrusive (i.e. she should not have pushed in the queue and just kept her head down)

2) she broke the most cardinal rule of British life; do not queue jump. If the British had written the Ten Commandments this would have been the first, second and third.

So when someone in the queue pointed out they had been waiting a long time too you would of thought she'd have been meek and apologetic. Nope.

"Maybe someone should mind their own business".

I'm glad I was out the door two seconds after that comment as if I'd been in the queue behind her I might have lamped her one. Or two. Perhaps a drop kick as well.

How can someone think they could get away with being so obnoxious and impolite? But as Jim pointed out it proved the rule that there is no such thing as a bad dog; just a bad owner.


So... Friday was the first real quiet day at work we've had since the beginning of October and it was actually bearable for once. After finishing up there we headed round to the Wheatsheaf for some Friday night drinks where we formulated plans to answer the phones on Christmas Eve in the voices of Star Wars characters. Oh drunken plans are so much fun, are they not?

However, in all this wonderful drinking I'd forgotten my parents were coming up to see Madness and had planned to stop by our local to see Jim and I (as if we are ever there!). After getting a text message to that effect I rushed from Vauxhall to Greenwich and briefly said hi to them and a couple of their friends (who offered to give me a lift to the TVW Christmas do as their works Christmas do was happening at the same time and place).

With them gone I settled down for a few drinks and a meal with a rather inebriated Jim and then headed home.

Saturday I caught up with some shows (Supernatural, Reaper, Kitchen Nightmares) before heading out to catch a train to Westenhanger. I got to my parents house, got ready to go out and before I knew it my lift had arrived. We stopped off to pick up someone else... Phil the local shopkeeper. He was a little surprised to see me and exclaimed "It's the two litre bottle of diet coke man!" Ah... finally the fame I've been craving for so long.

We were the first to arrive at the East Cliff Pavilion and chatted over a pint before our respective companies arrived and we split up. It was nice to see Stacey and I caught up on the goss. Sadly Henry didn't show like he'd promised. :(

The meal was nice, traditional fare. The bar was staffed by one hell of a gorgeous barman as my drunken post may have indicated. He was 6'6" (yeah, a little short for my liking but hey I'm not prejudiced) and looked like John Barrowman except sexier and moxier. I'm going to state it again... EVERY time I go back to Folkestone I am consistently amazed by the quality of the talent down there.

We finished up at about half one and I dreaded waiting for the taxi with my two very drunk fellow Lympneites... but we skipped the queue when I told the dispatcher where we were going... No taxi driver is going to turn his nose up at that kind of a fare!

Todays trip home was hellish... Westenhanger to London Victoria (bloody signal failures at Charing Cross) then to Vauxhall then Waterloo then finally home.


My home town is the source of all good looking men... As proven by the baR man i've been perving over all night.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today I'm supposed to be heading to Folkestone. It's my Mum's birthday so I want to give her her presents and it's the Three Valleys Water Christmas party, which I will be attending as always.

But I don't really want to. I just want to relax, sleep and procrastinate. Oh well... must get off my arse and get myself out there...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two Days Until The Weekend!

Wow. I've finished Temeraire and I have to say... wow. It was amazing, the best book I've read this year. I loved it, and have put the rest of the series on my wish list ready for the new year.

Tomorrow I shall give up the ghost of resistance and begin to read everyones current favourite; His Dark Materials Trilogy.

*LATER* What sad news about Terry Pratchett. He is the man who made me fall in love with reading and I'll be hoping he stays well for as long as possible.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I've finished reading Three Men Seeking Monsters which is actually a really good book. The theory it proposed, that many cryptids are in fact one and the same type of creature who use their forms to terrify and dazzle in order to feed off of human emotions, may seem outlandish but it also mentions that many cryptids are dark in form and have bright red eyes... which is almost an exact description of my Shadowman.

You never know, they might be on to something there! Although their asseration that the American bigfoot might be an emotion sucking vampire is a little off as we actually have bigfoots DNA (yeah, bet you never knew that did you! Watch the Sasquatch episode of Monster Quest) which shows it to be a creature who's DNA is only slightly different to our own. But I think the British "ape man" sightings they reported sound more like Shadowman sightings (black forms with red eyes) than a bigfoot so I can forgive them this minor point.

But anyway it was an enjoyable read even if you don't care a jot about their ideas.

I'm now on to reading Temeraire. I'm only about half the way through it and I'm already in love with the thing. It's an amazing book, extremely well written and paced. It's kind of an alternative history fantasy novel based on the premise that dragons were real and could be tamed by humans. It's set during a very different Napoleonic War.

Marvellous. I want my own dragon and I want it NOW!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Civilised Day

Friday night we introduced the Brazilian bar man to Snakebite Black. He liked it until someone told him what happened to your stomach whilst you drunk it... and it quickly got thrown away. Sacrilege!

Jim and I had a rather civilised day yesterday.

After a quick trip to HMV to spend those vouchers I got from work (I got Michael Palins "Around The World In 80 Days" DVD and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for my Nintendo DS), we headed down to our local for a pint to see how work on their Advent Window was going. Our curiosity satisfied we headed down to Pets And The City to see their Advent window, have some mulled wine and see the blessing of the shop by the local Vicar.

After this we had a really nice meal at Vietnam, although it was far more than we should have eaten it was the best meal we'd ever had there. The centre piece was a whole steamed sea bass which was just divine.

We finished off the evening back in our local with lots of alcohol. Yum.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Do you know your nativity?

So the UK lacks nativity knowledge according to a think tank. (Read that story after this post!)

So here's a little test Dear Constant Reader...

1) Where was Jesus born?

2) Who told Mary she would have a son?

3) Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee to in order to escape Herod?

4) Who was Jesus' cousin?

I got all 4 but then I did do Religious Studies as an A level!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Groundhog Year

Working for the company I work for is a lot like being trapped in a similar time loop as Bill Murray was but just it's on an annual rather than daily basis.

No matter what happens, every single year the same things happen... Christmas Trees go out of stock. Diaries get discontinued. Ok... everything gets discontinued. But no matter what... no matter how often I prophesise these events nothing ever gets changed or fixed or corrected. I suppose at least it's predictable. I know that in February things will cheer up again...

I've been working until late this week to fix the issues and I'm starting to feel like I'm not actually getting any me time. I wake at 6.30, I'm out the door before 7am at work by half 7 and then I'll leave work at 7pm and get home at 8pm. Then it'll start all over again. I hate it...

There is nothing in this world that depresses me more than serious talk of the destruction and slicing up of the country of my birth. You think the Scots don't like the English now? Just wait until they find out the English won't let them keep anything... God Save The Union.

Oh well... no matter what happens, my heart shall be forever British.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back To Work

I returned to work yesterday after a break that felt more like 5 minutes than 10 days. After about 6 months of being in one office my department has returned to it's old office, but a whole new configuration of desks. With that plus some new hirings and some people leaving and being promoted I feel like the whole department has changed completely whilst I was away. I remedied this by beginning my usual email spamming of the departmental group email. I bet they are glad I'm back!

Eurotunnel had Facebook remove the logo from my Eurotunnel group for ex employees. How petty and mean can a company be? Jesus... sometimes I wonder whether lawyers should have better things to do with their time than spend it on Facebook. Oh well... it's their legal right, mean spirited though they might be.

Today Jim and I met up for lunch, as he is now based out of Vauxhall. We decided to go to Rez's. We'd been there once before and it had been okay with Mediterranean dishes. Not exactly amazing but not too bad. We returned to discover it had changed... and was now a Thai restaurant. And wow... what amazing food! We had prawn toast and yellow curry. YUM! Twas gorgeous.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blasts From The Past, JD and Coke and Commander in Chief

I cannot put into words my love of JD and Coke. That is the drink of Gods. Sadly, as many who know me are well aware, I don't handle JD too well and must only partake of this devine liquor in moderation.

Whilst looking for a picture of JD and COke I found the following:

Is this the best idea ever?

I think so...

Seeing the full season of Commander in Chief on iTunes prompted me to give it another watch. Jesus, I loved that show. And not just because of Matt Lanter!

That show idealised the Presidency and just makes me fell all warm and tingly inside thinking about how great the world would be if America could have such a bloody awesome President. Likely? Nope. But one can but dream!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day

As the pandemic continues we should all take some time today to remember the fallen and to give either some time or money to one of the many charities out there dealing with AIDS prevention and care.

Support World AIDS Day