Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Oh So Quiet...

All week I have been in charge of the office, which has meant taking complaint calls and dealing with queries from other departments but it's been interesting. However today... is soooo quiet. Gosh... I've jsut dealt with my last official thing I had to do today and there's still at least an hour and half of this.

Gay Ex Soldiers Given An Apology

Yay! Good to know at least it's recognised that the anti gay policy in the army was wtong. However...

Robert Ely, had reached the rank of Warrant Officer Class One in the Parachute Regiment but was thrown out of the services 21 years ago when his sexual orientation was discovered.

He said: "For me, compensation now is the only way to end it. In the past I haven't been a person to want compensation. Now I do. Now I do."

Compensation for being thrown out of an organisation that openly banned gay people??? Now I'm all for people trying to break the mold, but he didn't spend his time in the army fighting to change it, if he had I might think differently about this. He went in knowing the armed forces were homophobic and then EXPECTS compensation because they threw him out, after he spent his time there working as a loyal part of an unfair system. Well we could all have done that couldn't we! Greedy.

I might go and try and get married in a church like a heterosexual in the hopes that one day it'll be legal and then I could demand compensation from them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Refreshing Change?

I'm not talking about the fact the Tony Blair has stood down in favour of Gordon Brown. No I'm talking about Mr Blairs final PMQs. Cordial, polite, good humoured? David Cameron being... nice? Rev Ian Paisley THANKED someone? What next??? The world has gone mad!

And when every MP in the house stood to applaud Mr Blair I thought maybe I'd slipped into a world of grown up politics and decent politicians. I give it a day.

Well we have a new Prime Minister and soon we'll have, what is looking like, a brand spanking new cabinet with most of the old guard gone. I'm glad the Prime Minister is making bold changes, it might breath some fresh air into our Government and get things rolling again. What a great day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Happy Post

Jim moaned about me being depressing yesterday and the posts have been a bit serious of late. I'm not depressed, far from it, so today let's have a laugh! If you see something funny on your interweb travels why not share it in the comments?

First up... I came late to vlogging, just as I did to podcasts... but I've discovered them in a big way now that youtube has gone UK. And my first favourite vlogger is whataboutadam who is just a bundle of fun...

I'd forgotten about Um Bongo! Do they still sell it? I must find out...

An amusing Doctor Who joke... warning: for geeks only ;)

Current Hunk Of The Month is the gorgeous, the sexy and the clever Mr John Barrowman

Stunning Sexy Guys has a great picture of Scott Neal, Ste from A Beautiful Thing.

I would be overjoyed that the Labour party has gained a Tory refugee except Mr Quentin Davies record on gay rights is not too good. He gets a strongly against rating on They Work For You. Is that the kind of person Gordon Brown wants in the party? I hope not! But anyway... mwhahahahahha at David Cameron. :D

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Blasts From The Past, Looking For Love

A series of posts about those memories that just won't get out of my head. I hope writing them down will help exorcise the demons...

1998. Dear Constant Reader... that year just crops up in my life so often it's unreal. It is, quite simply, the year I was born. There would be no Jae without 1998. And for all it's goodness as the year I realised I was gay, the year I was deeply in puppy love with The Sixth Former, the year of SAGA work experience (ooo... topical) and more; it was also a year of great depression.

I had few friends outside of school as I had moved away from them (the very next street...), my geography teacher placed me in detention for weeks over study leave (mock exams) for getting a C on my coursework, my parents found out about my sexuality the day after they found out about the detention making a bad experience oh so much worse, and I was just plain unhappy with life.

So I fled into music videos, watching MTV for as many hours as possible before I got thrown out of the house every evening to wander Folkestone (yes my parents believed forcing me out of the house to wander Folkestone alone would somehow cheer me up). And this was one of the videos that just stayed with me. At the time I thought finding someone to love would make life better. And this song kind of confirmed it for me.

Thanks Karen Ramirez.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brown and Harman To Lead The Labour Party

Gordon Brown, in a shock announcement, is the new leader of the Labour Party. Harriet Harman has been elected Deputy Leader.

From Wednesday Mr Brown will be our new Prime Minister. With Tony Blair's resignation I've been seriously considering my partisan loyalties. I am a fee paying member of the Shepway Liberal Democrats, and I intend to remain one (for my sins). However... I believe that our national leader, in calling for a general election to confirm the new PM (because obviously no one expected him to take over from Tony Blair at some point...), is taking liberties. The Tory Party are only at the beginning of their slide back down the polls after the Cameron boost of the last few months. We cannot risk them getting in to power just because some people haven't had time to work out Mr Cameron is all spin (he makes Tony Blair look like an honest man!) and hot air.

Underneath that lies the stone cold heart of a Tory. He'll have all the fun sucked out of life before you can say "Margaret Thatcher LIVES!" If you want to know what a real Tory is like just see this headline on Private Eye. Wogs and Woofters indeed. I'd like to hear him try to say those words near me.

So on a national level, and here in Greenwich, I will be firmly supporting the Labour party, until such time as I feel the Liberal Democrats have remembered that allowing the Tories back in is far more dangerous for the country than a couple of years of Mr Brown.

The good of the country comes before party loyalties.

Speaking of which... the November the 9th Society has abandoned it's old website and rebranded itself, somewhat disgustingly, as the British First Party. They recently finished ahead of the Liberal Democrats in one local election.

Now what is quite disturbing (and considering who they are it takes a lot to get more disgusting) is that they've gone from being a self confessed Nazi Party of Britain with swastikas and "Zionist conspiracies" to having a political front whose leaflets mention nothing about their Nazism and their website tones it down hidden by all the multimedia goodies. It's very misleading and obviously a desperate attempt to get more votes dishonestly.

Here's my opinion... once a Nazi Party always a Nazi party. As you know I'm a British patriot, someone who believes whole heartedly in our union. But I also remember that this union would not have continued to exist without the assistance of the constituent races and peoples of our former Empire and Commonwealth.

Where would we be without the Poles who flew in the Battle of Britain? Without the Indians, Africans, Canadians, Australians, Chinese, New Zealanders etc. etc? As always throughout history our country is inhabited by people of every nationality imaginable from descendants of the Celts, Saxons and Vikings to Poles, Punjabis, and African-Caribbeans. This is as it's always been and always will be.

And something else I remember, we had an enemy back then in the war who was intent on neutering us and destroying our heritage. Who were they I hear you ask? Why they were the Nazis! The very people whose policies this "new" party and other fascists emulate.

A vote for the Nazi party is a traitorous one against all those who fought in World War II to protect our liberty.

Remember this duplitious party next time you go voting and make sure you keep them out of office.

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The Sound Of Drums: Doctor Who 3.12

Another exciting episode, making the last half of the season twenty million times better than the first half.

The Master is, no shock here, Mister Saxon and Mister Saxon is the Prime Minister (of "Great Britain"; Jae is not amused, he is PM of the UNITED KINGDOM. RTD either explain or get it right!). Upon election (after support from Ann Widdecombe, trust her to choose to support a mad man!) he promptly kills off his colleagues, announces first contact with a new alien race the "Toclafane" and infuriates the American President.

The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack are defenseless to stop his plans, yet unknown, but avoid falling into his trap; Martha's family (due to the idiotic actions of her mother) fall in the Masters clutches instead.

Aboard a U.N.I.T. craft the President of America greets the Toclafane and is promptly dispatched as Mister Saxon reveals himself as the Master to the world and frees 6 billion Toclafane through a rift from parts unknown. He ages the Doctor to an old man, "kills" Jack (temporarily of course!) and forces Martha to flee.

Martha teleports away with the words: "I'm Coming Back!"

Ooo... now I know who the Toclafane are (god darn my nosey self!) but I won't tell (and that way if my sources are wrong I won't look foolish!). But who is Martha going to come back with?? And will the Doctor ever be the same again?

John Simm makes a truly excellent Master, with just the right amount of Time Lord zaniness.

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A Weekend

So it's been two years since this blog was reborn. For the 4 years before that I'd only had 30,000 readers. Since then? Current stats show a further 180,000 have dropped by seeking gay people in Folkestone, shags in Ashford, cruising grounds in Detling, Kevin McDaid pictures, Brent Corrigan, Charles Dera, "Faulty Towers" (guys it's FaWlty Towers, get it right!), and "cute guys". Thousands of comments have been posted, links from national newspapers received and even a Blog of the Day section in the London Lite.

Thank you to everyone.

Yesterday we popped to Tescos to get some food for the day (with a quick trip to the Polish car wash to oogle the guys get the car cleaned) but upon returning home we were invited into the garden for a few drinks with our neighbours (who were gardening). Thus the food was forgotten and we hung around in the garden drinking Staropramen and sheltering from the rain. After our neighbours cooked up some Tacos we headed down to the local for a couple of drinks.

The bar was empty when we arrived except for one bar fly sitting at the end. As we arrived he asks "Where's Dennis?" before shouting to Dennis that there were some people at the bar. He then repeated this about 20 times. And I mean repeated it, exactly the same each time. By the time Dennis, the landlord, appeared we were in hysterics. Well I was. he he... you had to be there.

Jim had a dream last night about me sleeping with Brent Corrigan... not a bad one in my opinion...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Enfield To Spamlot

So… yesterday was the longest day ever. And I’m not saying that because it was Solstice. I woke at 6 a.m. as I normally do however as I wasn’t going to the office I kind of felt a bit lost. I managed to fit in internet surfing, a full on proper bath and I read some of my book.

After a few hours of this I finally got ready and headed to Liverpool Street station. Sarina and I were off to meet a supplier in Enfield.

What a town! Amazingly ugly. We got off at Enfield Lock station and wandered down to our supplier along roads of horrid looking houses flying St Georges flags in the garden. Eww… really people that flag is just ugly. Fly something beautiful and patriotic such as the Union Jack. Now that’s a flag to be proud of.

After finishing up with the rather friendly suppliers we headed back to London. I headed home, moped about and then headed out to Thursday Wing Night at the Sports Café. A tradition now, and it’s got to the point I’m able to say hi to other patrons who are also there every Thursday. Sat with my usual crew (Meredith, her friend Amanda plus a couple of their mates), despite a lot of people from work being there. Why were people from work there? Because it was a Sam America organised trip to Spamalot night!

We hurridly finished off the wings and we left. Being a stickler for not being late I was soon with the lead people. My foolish, naïve trust in others took over and I followed them as they went the wrong way. Halfway along I was like “Where are we going??” And that was when the usual response was received “We don’t know”. Grr… MUST NOT FOLLOW OTHERS. I need to start taking the lead and arguing my case.

We got to the theatre with just 2 minutes to spare. Yes. 2 minutes. Everyone who knows me will know just how happy I would have been at that moment. NOT VERY.

We took our seats, 4 stories up thanks to our wonderfully cheap balcony tickets. I felt like I was watching a street fight from a skyscraper. And I sat in the front row before discovering that I was just too cramped for words. I was lucky as no one was sitting behind me so I moved back one. I could still touch the floor with my feet from my position on the second row. Yes that’s the floor in the first row. Tiny seats! But at least I was more comfortable.

The show was ok. If you want to go and waste a couple of hours watching an enjoyable show, feel free to go. However if you wish to be properly entertained and want to go home with the songs and jokes still ringing in your head, give this a miss. I suggest you just watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail. It is a million times superior. I left the theatre with “Every Sperm Is Sacred” stuck in my head. That song was NOT in the show.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Section 28

Today marks 7 years since the abolition of Section 28. It's amazing how much this country has changed for us homosexuals in those 7 years. I'm not old but even I remember how different things were back then compared to now.

What is worrying as people my age are the last ones to remember the discrimination that was once rife. I remember talking to Ben a couple of years back and he didn't even know what Section 28 was and I just thought how weird that was. Now I realise that a lot of gay guys that I meet are like that. They don't even realise the age of consent used to be 18 (let's not even start on 21)!

Sometimes the church and the American media portray homosexuals as a militant, politicised group. If they knew the truth, and knew how out of protest practice some of us are, they'd be able to overturn pretty much all our protections in a couple of weeks!

It's weird that I pine for some substantial opposition. Maybe I'm just in the mood to bash some bigots.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It Must Be Bunnies!

I must get my Buffy collection from my parents as Jim gave the kids his one. :( Miss Buffy. OH MY GOD. The comics are so good.

Actually... I really do miss Buffy. :(((( The fact it's finished makes me feel so old. It was my youth!

If you can watch the following clip and not want to have sex with Nicholas Brendon then you are a stronger person than me... And that soundtrack is awesome...

God... Must stop before I post too much Buffy...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Much To Report

Jim has gone away for another couple of days and life is generally dull at the moment so I have very little to tell you. However...

Pakistan takes things to a whole new level of wrong.What are they on?

The High Commissioner to Pakistan "was summoned so that Pakistan could protest against Britain's "utter lack of sensitivity" in knighting Sir Salman, the foreign ministry spokeswoman said."

Erm... we lacked sensitivity in giving him a knighthood? What about Pakistanis BURNING an effigy of the Queen, the Union Jack and saying it justified suicide attacks? Did that lack sensitivity? Did that stink of brutality, disrespect and backward thinking?

I believe in free speech and Sir Salman should not have to live a life of fear because some small minded bigots find his works "insulting to Islam". That is bad enough. BUT BURNING AN EFFIGY OF HER MAJESTY???

I think the Pakistani High Commissioner needs to be called in to discuss that. Maybe he should explain these insulting actions to us, because I sure don't understand. We knighted a world reknowned writer. They burnt an effigy of the leader of the Commonwealth, Queen of multiple Realms. Which country is "insensitive"? Which country shows a distinct lack of perspective?

God I hate stupid bastards, especially ones who've got religion

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blasts From The Past: Happy Birthday by Altered Images

If they were me and I was you/Would you have liked a present too

I don't know what it is about this song but it just seems to stick in my head. Especially the lyrics above. I can never remember the bands name who sung it but the song still just goes round and around. It doesn't remind me of anything in particular beyond the eighties, and I always think of Red Dwarf when I hear it (the singer C.P. Grogan was in Red Dwarf as Listers love interest). Bizarre. Get it out!

So today is my fourth 21st Birthday! Yesterday my Mum, Tony, the kids, my nan and Debbie Debs came to visit and we had lunch in our local. Jim foolishly paid for it... it was supposed to be my birthday treat from my Mum so she isn't too pleased... Jim... she's sending up some money for ya.

Depressed today as can't go to Manchester with Jim this week. And I'm at work on my birthday. I should of taken the day off. Question is: will they forget my birthday for the third year running?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sicko: It Even Made Me Stop And Think!

Disclosure: I Like Michael Moore

As a libertarian I think the Government should keep its nose out of peoples business. However I also know that, like all beliefs, libertarianism has its limits. Personally health care is one place that libertarianism has no place. Why? Well if my neighbour gets sick with a disease I want to know that they are taken care of quickly and well because 1) I'm not a cruel bastard and 2) I don't want to catch whatever they've got. I don't want to have to worry that they might not be able to sort it out themselves and thus their problem would become my problem (be that through charitable human sympathy or through catching the bubonic plague).

Although Michael Moore's movie painted a rather too perfect picture of the NHS, it did at least remind us that we have it way better than the Americans. Could you imagine people being thrown out of hospital, while sick, for not having enough money???? Just thrown out! Children dying because they were "at the wrong hospital", i.e. one that wouldn't treat them at all. What kind of country is that? What kind of doctors live there, that would allow patients to go untreated????

It was amazing to see Americans in Cuba crying and sobbing because they couldn't quite believe that things could be "free" (we all know how they are paid for but, trust me Dear American Constant Reader, you sure feel like they are free when you need to go to a hospital in a panic!).

Imagine having to sell your house just because you needed to pay THE HOSPITAL! Sheesh...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Utopia: Doctor Who 3.11




That was good. That was so good.

The Master is back. In order to survive the Last Great Time War he hid himself away with a chameleon circuit, just as the Doctor did during Human Nature. Clever boy. Next week he becomes Prime Minister (a day after Gordon Brown!) and it looks like he's going to kill the Cabinet (boo!) and the President of the United States. He really is an evil bastard... leave the Cabinet alone!

Captain Jack is back. He can't die. He lives eternal thanks to Rose. This means no one is safe... from his wandering hands! Oh John Barrowman, I want your babies.

The poor Doctor, he is just so unhappy at the moment. Martha, bless her, joined him at such the wrong time... she has been treated so badly, I trust the last episode of the season will have a ten minute apology to her from the Doctor.

I can't wait for next week!!!!!!!!

Jim Is Back! And Other Stories.

Jim got back from Boston today bearing gifts. I am now the proud owner of some Levi jeans. Yum! With a 38 inch leg I don't often get to wear brands, and being a jeans obsessive (acceptable legwear= jeans, jeans and jeans) I am now very happy. I've also go some Reeses cups, Hersheys Kisses and some Peanut Butter M & Ms. Loving Jim.

Thursday night, after a drink in the Wheatsheaf with Sarina and Ollie, I went out to the Americans Sports Cafe for what is becoming a weekly tradition; Wings Night. Yummy yum yum yum. I went with Sam America, some of the usual random mates of Meredith (Amanda being the only one whose name I remember), some Aussies and some Kiwis. Had a good night, saw Tamara! She promised to see me again Friday night... liar!

Friday went so slowly... and the end of the day drinks were held in... the kitchen at work. Fun. Or not. The lights in there are so hot, it's unpleasant. But I did see Kallie which was great!!!!! I miss Kallie...

Here's some pics...

As Kallie herself would say; "How freaking adorable???"

Jess and Tiffany


Phone war with Sarina.
Cyreta with the ever popular frost beer mug.

Kallie, Tiffany and Jess

I had to employ Rachael to take this pic but I finally got Jessie on camera... mwhahahaha

Shola hasn't realised I'm taking pics yet.

Yes... that is Winston Churchill in the background.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

FBI Tries To Fight Zombie Hordes

We all knew this day would come. I've been planning for this day for weeks. The zombies have begun their attack and we must prepare our defenses....

The FBI has been trying to tackle networks of zombies for some time as part of an initiative it has dubbed Operation Bot Roast.

Why on Earth did they not warn us before??? We could of stocked up on supplies before the obvious panic that is now about to begin...

Many people fall victim by opening an attachment on an e-mail message containing a virus or by visiting a booby-trapped webpage.

Stephen Kings Cell wasn't that far off the mark, however on this occasion the fairly dumb are going to be the vast majority of the first wave victims. Sheesh... board up your windows people!

In a statement about Operation Bot Roast the FBI urged PC users to practice good computer security which includes using regularly updated anti-virus software and installing a firewall.

For those without basic protections anti-virus companies such as F Secure, Trend Micro, Kaspersky Labs and many others offer online scanning services that can help spot infections.

Remember if you encounter a victim aim for the head!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love You All

I received my first presents for my birthday today! Thanks go to the wonderful Zoe (a very Dear Constant Reader) and to Joshua in Australia for Hot Fuzz (was that even on my wishlist??? Maybe in my head it was...). LOVING IT! You rock.

Just had lunch with Sam America and Meredith who both leave the country before August. :( They were two of my first friends in London, and even if I have on occasion professed annoyance with Sam, I didn't really mean it. It's bad enough having to make new friends every six months when the last lot all return home but these two have been here for two years (in fact Meredith has lived in London longer than I have). It just doesn't seem that long ago we were all wandering around Greenwich together...

I miss Jim!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The One Good Thing Thatcher Did

Margaret Thatcher. Those two words are ones I usually say with gritted teeth. I am just old enough to remember the end of her time in office. I remember the Poll Tax riots, and the anti poll tax graffiti. I remember how bloody awful the country was back then. I think it's bad now, but I remember the terrible poverty in which she left a lot of people in Snodland.

But there is one act that we should all remember her for... the fight back against the Argentinians. Tomorrow is the 25th Anniversary of the liberation of Stanley and today the Baroness gave a rallying call to the armed forces and the people of the Falklands. Oh my God... she looks and sounds terribly aged. I wasn't best pleased with her suggestion of a connection between what the Forces did in the Falklands (turned back an act of aggression by a foreign power) and what they are up to now (engaging in an occupation after completing a war of aggression against a foreign power). But the rest of it is spot on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's All About The Fire

Jim and I have some TV shows we both love... Monk, NCIS, Supernatural. Then there's the US version of Hell's Kitchen. Oh my... this is car crash television at it's very best.

After the first two seasons I thought I was used to the over dramatic editing and to watching stupid Americans (I'm not saying all Americans are stupid, just those on this show!) talk back to Gordon Ramsay (surely they could of just read his entry on Wikipedia to know this is a bad idea??). But this season has upped the ante on bizarreness...

First off... what is it with these men??? Each season the men come across as weak hypochondriacs. This years main culprit? Aaron. He cried before the first service began. He has fainted, collapsed and just been a mess throughout the first two episodes. Get him out!

Secondly... the girls are so bitchy! Do they think this will somehow endear them to Gordon, he who has final say over who stays and goes? Joanna never stops with her bitchiness. Does she appreciate anyone helping her? NO! And Julia spends all her time moaning about no one letting her help them and so has no time left to... help them. And Jen... does she think acting tough is the same as being tough?

Thirdly... the editing is getting silly and quite misleading. At one point in the first episode we are lead to believe Jen had collapsed when in fact she'd simply bent over. Stop it, it all looks really fake... let the real footage speak for itself a bit more.

Finally... the teasers are just too exciting... ambulances? The phrase "Don't die on me"? I can't take it, I need to know what has happened... please...

Jim just called me... from some shop in Boston... I could clearly hear the staff in the shop... I know phones have been around for a hundred years but still it astounds me (simple minds...) that I can hear someone in another country... Maybe my sense of wonder just never went away like it has in most people...

Talking of a sense of wonder...

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How Rude Are You?

Think about how you deal with people today and be honest with yourself... how rude are you?

The first email I received today, in response to my polite email informing someone that their credit card had been declined and they should contact me if they wished to continue the order, was "IF YOU VALUE MY BUSINESS CALL ME NOW".

I didn't decline their card. Their bank did. I'd be happy to call if they wanted me to (as a purely online company obviously our first form of communication is a less intrusive email). But I don't get paid enough to deal with that kind of email. Honestly... what is it with people? Where did they learn their manners? Why can't I be allowed to hurt these rude people to teach them some manners? And why can't I be paid even more to do even less? These questions perplex me...

It's my birthday in six days! AH! 24... 24... 24... That age haunts me... it's the only age I've never wanted to be... *BEGIN SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION* My Birthday Wishlist in case you didn't know what to buy me (or even incase you didn't realise you wanted to buy me something at all, which you do... I know you do... ;) ) Come on... give me a break, people have bought me things in the past so I might as well put this out there. And it only happens twice a year (birthday and Christmas).*END SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION*

Monday, June 11, 2007


So… yesterday Jim left for America in the morning. I shall miss him this week, I hate it when he is away. Sleeping alone is just no fun.

After a couple of hours of intense procrastination (I almost went down the shop to get breakfast but it was just too much effort) I got ready and headed via the tube to Charing Cross to meet Zoe. I managed to time it just right and got there only a few minutes before her, which is pretty good for me. Normally I’m waiting around for days because I get worried about being late!

After meeting her we headed to Leicester Square and had a meal at Garfunkels. Twas nice but we had to rush off to South Kensington to meet John so missed out on profitta rolls. Most distressing.

Met John outside the Natural History Museum. There was a slight queue at the security section, only a few minutes long, but this asian lady with a pram kept trying to push it. She must of hit my legs ten times trying to “sneak” in between me and the other two. When she realized that 1) I have no sympathy for queue jumpers and 2) I have no sympathy for people wielding prams dangerously near to my legs she gave up and pushed in twenty people ahead of me. Times like that I wish I owned a gun.

We were distraught to find out that the Blue Whale and the entire large mammals section was closed. .Read this to find out why this would distress us so!

Instead we went on a wander around the dinosaurs section (where I got distracted by half naked men, and bored as they haven’t changed that exhibit in about a million years… only so many times you can get excited about 5 year old stuff). We then saw the not so large mammals (such as Polar Bears… tiny things them) and the reptiles, and plants. Just when we thought the excitement couldn’t continue we found a giant baby. That section was just disgusting… graphic depictions of heterosexual sex. Shudder. It’s just so unnatural.

After that we wandered around South Kensington until Vixie arrived. Then we wandered around South Kensignton some more. Then some more. A little bit after seeing a one armed Christ and I was hallucinating ice cream vans we arrived at High Street Kensington. I love walking. I just hate walking when it’s hot. Ok… I just hate it being hot full stop. I like to make my office at work into a functioning model of Antarctica each morning when I arrive.

We had a drink in a pub called the Goat Tavern. Then we wandered some more. Joy. Finally we arrived in Earls Court where we found a delightful Chinese restaurant called The Dragon King. The food was gorgeous! And cheap. They didn’t give us chopsticks though. I think they thought we were common. Bless them.

After that we headed home.

I had a horrible headache so after trying to watch telly I gave up and went to bed. Foolishly forgot to close door so woke up two seconds after falling asleep in a cold sweat. Closed it but didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Darn headache/phobias. Grrr….

People are dumb. Today at Vauxhall station I encountered a man who was tapping the Oyster Card part of the ticket barrier with his ticket and until I taught him where to put the ticket he seemed deeply confused as to why it wasn’t working

Sunday, June 10, 2007

High Street Kensington

John, Vixie and Zoe



US5 are a band I've never heard of before. There I was catching up on the wonderful Tottyland when I came across the following video...

For some unknown reason this piqued my interest in them... Richie Stringini is the cute blonde one and he sure has a colourful media history...

See these blogs for more on him and his robust heterosexuality...

Then there is Jay Kahn who makes me go... mmmmmm....

Needless to say I might be checking these guys out a little more...

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blink: Doctor Who 3.10

An interesting "Doctor Lite" episode. Sadly it suffers the same problems as "Love and Monsters" and Torchwood's "Random Shoes"; the main characters are missing. The Doctor MAKES Doctor Who and without him things can be a little dull. And poor Martha gets relegated to Girl In Background.

If we forget about that for the time being it's quite an interesting premise, having creatures that can't attack you unless you look away (hmmm... sound familiar?). Sadly I just didn't feel any "atmosphere". I wasn't scared at all. Shame.

But let me just say this would beat series 2's "Love and Monsters" hands down. That episode is the one I'd like to erase from my brain... this one was very watchable at least!

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Blasts From The Past, Dumpton Park

A series of posts about those memories that just won't get out of my head. I hope writing them down will help exorcise the demons...

In 2003 I went out with a bloke who lived in Ramsgate. Ramsgate is on Planet Thanet. For those without Kentish connections, Planet Thanet was (and probably still is) one of the centres of Chavness in this universe.

I visited most weekends, leaving on the train straight after work on Friday and getting back to Folkestone on a late train on Sunday. I'd usually get off at Ramsgate station and walk the 20 minute journey to his house.

After he dumped me (collective boos would be appreciated now, Dear Constant Reader) I had to return to his house to collect some things. That day I got off, and on, at Dumpton Park station which I had belatedly discovered was on his road (trust me to find out just when I didn't need to!).

Dumpton Park is a tiny little station hidden in it's own man-made valley behind some trees. It is the lowest platform I've been on in this country and you practically have to throw yourself on to the train.

And so we get to the Blast From The Past... the words "Dumpton Park". Due to the fact my commute to work goes along the Waterloo East and Charing Cross route into London, which is also the route down to Folkestone and on to Ramsgate, I tend to hear announcements for a train to Dumpton Park almost daily. And every time I hear the words at the end of the announccement, "Sandwich, Ramsgate and DUMPTON PARK", my mind goes back to that horrible Novembers day in 2003.

I'll be glad the day they cease operating trains to that bastard station so I never need hear the words again.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Big Brother: Homophobic?

When are we going to go back to having ordinary, boring homosexuals in Big Brother? Anna, Brian and Josh were brilliant, unique individuals who were great fun and people the gay community could be proud of.

Ever since we've had BB choose camp/lesbian walking stereotypes... Marco, Kitten etc...

Now I don't believe that there have been no other kinds of homosexuals to pass through the BB auditioning process. So why do they just choose the stereotypical people???

Now we have Gerry, a Greek flamboyant type and Seany a freaky man who doesn't like camp men. Sadly I think he may be one of the Rude Boi types who think copying heterosexual styles is fashionable.

As I've said before I think camp, flamboyant men are the guys at the forefront of gay politics, as they are the most visible, and thus deserve nothing but respect. I can be very camp at times, just ask Jim! The Rude Boi types deserve our deepest sympathy. But when is Big Brother going to put in someone with a unique, fresh personality??? Would that be too challenging for the viewers? Why not just put someone in there that conforms to every homophobes view of gay people? 1) camp bloke and 2) has lots of casual sex. So much easier I suppose.


Yesterday was a horrid day. I was feeling well to start with, then I arrived at work at my usual early hour to find that I couldn't get into my office. After waiting for others to arrive and finding out my boss wasn't going to be in I gave him a call and found out someone had locked a lock I didn't have a key for and I had to go to Clapham Junction to get some keys off of him.

Finally opening the office up I then had tons of work to get done, work I'd normally have done in good time because I'd have been in far earlier.

End of the day and I headed off to Wimbledon Park as head Cheerleader for the company team in a charity Dragonboat race. Drunk myself silly.

After eyeing up a gorgeous Zimbabwean I bumped into Debbie Debs and Leigh, my mothers two best friends. Such a small world isn't it?!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My mum's two best mates appeared. In wimbledon. Bizarre.

Jae is at the park

And i'm in

After a misadventure in clapham i've finally opened my office. It was not my keys, the builders closed a lock they shouldn't have. Evil.

Jae can't work the key

I'm locked out of the new office as the key won't work.

Tories Riddled With Homophobia

Hazel Blears, one of the Deputy Prime Minister Candidates, has said that the Tories are homophobic. She says this because a third of them wouldn't go to a Civil Partnership ceremony, even for a friend.

Now I don't doubt that Hazel Blears is correct. The Tories are homophobic and most of them are generally all round mean. This is why I don't like them. However her reasoning is a little off.

I'd have problems attending a Civil Partnership. No offense to those happily Partnered Dear Constant Readers but to me those who support this sexual apartheid are selling their freedom and equality for the false hope of happiness.

Marriage or nothing in my opinion. I'd prefer nothing as the Government should be keeping it's nose out of personal matters such as weddings.

Bloody Tories though... grr... they brought us discrimination and Section 28 to make sure our kids didn't get the education we wanted for them. Yet I know so many gay Tories. Sometimes I think people forget about the past too easily... bloody uneducated homos.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Today was my two year anniversary of working at my company. Two years! Which means it's a few days over two years living in London and a few days shy of two years since this blog was reimagined in a Battlestar Galactica stylee. ;)

When I restarted this blog I'd had only 30 000 visitors in 4 years. Now I've got over 200 000! Which is a pretty impressive increase, in my opinion. Thank you, Dear Constant Reader, for sticking with me as I've settled in here in London.

To pay you back here is yet another half naked man (it wouldn't be my blog without it!)

Charles Dera. What would we do without him? Mmm... in a dressing gown... he could wear an old sack and I'd still like him.

Charles Dera is one of the men driving traffic to my site. He joins others such as Kevin McDaid, a former boy band member who did porn, Brent Corrigan, he who is most delightful, and Leighton Stultz, he who is mostly unhappy to have his pictures shown on blogs. I believe this may be because he doesn't like the gays. Poor boy. Who else is going to look at naked pictures of him? Who does he think reads Playgirl? Women? Bless.

In fact those four men take up 9 out of the 10 most searched terms to my website (charles dera porn, kevin mcdaid naked.... these variations add up). The other term? Well it's come back to what you know, of course!!

Mmm... Marco Dapper...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rule Britannia

Some ministers (Ruth Kelly, shudder) have proposed the idea of a bank holiday celebrating Britishness! As you, Dear Constant Reader, can imagine this makes Jae very happy. For anything to do with 1) working less and 2) promoting Britishness makes me smile!

Sadly, as always with the English, there are some boring, misguided people going on about how we should have St Georges Day off instead. Here is why we shouldn't:

1) St George is the patron saint of England. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone in our country to celebrate together rather than focus on just one, annoying, nation?
2) St George was from modern day Turkey. Now I have nothing against Turkish people, but really he hasn't done much for us in the past so why the bugger should we have a day devoted to him??? Not exactly pride in one's country there!
3) All this Saintly business is very Catholic in my opinion. I haven't got much against Catholics (except a friendly disagreement over everything they believe) but again... Christianity isn't really that important to most people these days. I'd rather not have to celebrate a day for a Christian Saint. After all Jesus already has several days devoted to him, so the Christians aren't exactly needing another one!
4) The island of Great Britain has been here thousands of years. The cult of St George hasn't.
5) Britain once ruled the largest empire ever known to humankind. Sure we did some awful things during that time, but we also achieved wonderful things. Time we remembered our past glories and dreamt of future greatness. And it wasn't England alone who ruled the world. It was the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish too. i.e. THE BRITISH!
6) I love Britain. So ner!

I say we name it Britannia Day, and have it as part of a long weekend with one of the two May bank holidays either celebrating VE Day or the Dunkirk Evacuation. Those were our finest hours after all! Or on Winston Churchills Birthday. Oh Winston, we love you!

And no it shouldn't be on the day of the signing of the Magna Carta... I think people who ask for that are missing the whole point of the Britishness part of the day.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blasts From The Past, The Glo Worm

A series of posts about those memories that just won't get out of my head. I hope writing them down will help exorcise the demons...

One of my first memories is one that just won't leave me alone.

There used to be a chip shop on Tonbridge Road, Maidstone. I don't know if it's still there but I remember it used to be covered in brown tiles, and it was pretty small.

This must of been when I was only 3 or 4 and I had been taken to this chip shop by some old lady. I have very little idea of who she was (a mother of a boyfriend of my Mum?) but I still remember where she lived. Every time I drive by her road I crane my neck down it to see if I can see her house. Another Blast From The Past there!

Anyway... I was in possession of a hard plastic Glo Worm at the time and it was my favourite thing in the whole world. So good that I played with it on the ledge by the window while waiting for our chips.

Why does this moment stick in my head? Because I left the Glo Worm there. To this day if you put chips in front of me my concentration goes out the window...

I remember that losing that Glo Worm was as traumatic an experience as a 3 year old could have without the need for the authorities to get involved. And so every so often I find myself thinking about that Glo Worm and whatever did happen to it.

Strange really that 20 years later I still wonder about a toy I can only ever remember playing with on this one occasion. I like to tell myself that the Glo Worm was found by an adventuring toddler who took in on amazing journeys around the world before retiring to Spain. You never know...

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Family of Blood: Doctor Who 3.9

As you know, I've been a little disappointed with Doctor Who series 3. It's just been far too silly. I LIKE silliness, and even I've thought it was all too silly and predictable.

Well... these last two episodes, Human Nature and Family of Blood, have impressed me no end.

We have a scathing anti war message, complicated emotional stories and a Doctor defenseless. But none of these concepts drag on, nor bore you, as we also have a determined Martha, creepy scarecrows and non stop action. One scene has the boys of the school shooting down the scarecrows with machine guns and then, just when you are thinking this is not very Doctor Who, Mr Smith (the Doctor in human form) orders a retreat and runs away. He might bring death and destruction where ever he goes but the Doctor does not enjoy it.


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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Jae Has A New Phone!

Yes... after 3 years of having the same phone and 4 years of the same SIM I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a new phone, and a contract! 15 quid a month with 3

Why 3? Because no one else would have me!

I've got a Sony Ericsson K610i, and I love it. It plays music, takes pictures, BLOGS, and does video chat.

So expect some moblogging, with pictures on location! ;)

Should I encounter Marco Dapper, for instance, you'll be the first to know...

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Politeness Missing From Society

It looks like Louise Casey, the PM's respect czar (why have we started spelling it that way?) reads come back to what you know! Or at least my previous post was rather well timed.

She agrees that politeness is missing from society, however I'm not so sure about her solutions.

I believe politeness is not something people should have to learn. It is so self evidently better than not being polite that it's simple common sense. If people have to be reminded to be polite then it kind of misses my previous posts point. And if people have to be reminded to be polite, and would otherwise not be, then there is an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with (in my opinion said issue is some peoples stupidity and we can't do much about that!).

Putting up more ugly signs won't help and if people are learning how to act in society from soap operas we may as well just give up right now.

"Ms Casey said a rise in single-parent families and less church-going and neighbourliness were all possible factors in falling levels of politeness."

Ok well this explains things. It also probably explains her support of ASBOs. She's a bit mad. I was brought up in a single parent household. I'm polite. I'll hold on to my rubbish until I find a bin. I'll hold doors open for people. I don't go to church, neither does my mother nor my grandparents. So that isn't the problem. The lack of neighbourliness is a symptom of the lack of politeness in society rather than a cause.

Perhaps we need to stop BLAMING things and starting blaming the people who aren't polite. I hate how no one ever wants to blame the individuals, it's always someone elses fault. "It wasn't the criminals fault that they stole a car, it was all because they'd had a tough life." Am I the only person who thinks that everything is the individuals responsibility?

I blame peoples beliefs in Freudian psychology which seems to blame other people for individuals faults. If you commit a crime it's your fault! If you are stupid it's your fault! People need to grow some balls and take the flack for their actions.

If I have to watch another reformed criminal trying to sell their book on telly, while claiming that their past was all because of such and such factors, I may just head down to the TV studio and bash them up. If you were a criminal and are reformed, brilliant, but it just sounds so dumb when you tell us a sob story about how you fell in with the wrong crowd and blah blah blah. Be a man and just say "I was a bastard, but I'm over that now."

I'd have a little more respect if people did that.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Whatever Happened To Class

Sometimes I just cannot understand other people. Any of them.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but the company I work for has a high turnover of staff. The size of our Facebook group will attest to that. Sometimes the team I’m in works well together, and sometimes it doesn’t, it just depends on the type of people we have. Right now we have a group of people who seem to be getting on with the jobs ok-ish but God they drive me bonkers. No this isn’t going to be a “I hate my colleagues” post. I’m just using them as examples.

Working for a customer service department is never fun. But it’s better than just working in a call centre. I used to do that job. One of my pet hates was having a customer come on the phone and before they’d say hello, they go “I’ve been on hold for 5 minutes! It’s appalling”. I’d apologise but in my head I’d be thinking “How rude. Doesn’t this customer know I’ve not stopped answering calls all morning. And by adding that statement they’ve extended the wait time of someone else by 5 seconds.” Ok actually I was thinking “ARE YOU FUCKING CALLING ME LAZY???” but you know what I mean.

It’s just rude, unnecessary and pointless. Want to make a complaint? WRITE A LETTER! It’s just the correct thing to do. Phone complaints are pointless!

Anyway… back to my story… some of my colleagues go through to our suppliers who, unlike my current company, can’t seem to answer their phones in less than a year. And the first thing they say “Sheesh, I’ve been on hold for a long time”. Then they are surprised when the supplier is reluctant to help and is rude. No matter how long I’m on hold I will always make sure I politely greet the person who answers the phone, after listening to their greeting. It’s manners. Simple manners. My mother didn’t need to teach me these, as they are pretty simple to understand. If you are nice to someone else, they are more likely to be nice to you. Things are done more pleasantly, and problems occur less often.

But what really annoys me about this is the customers have an excuse for being rude. 1) they tend to not even bother to contemplate “manners” and 2) they have money on the line. I’m not saying these are valid excuses, but at least they try to have one. What excuse does a customer service agent have for being rude to a customer service agent? I’ve heard my colleagues talking to call centres for personal matters and, again, they have no phone manners whatsoever. I just cannot fathom it.

Whatever happened to class? Everywhere I look no one seems to give a damn about anyone else, nor about living a nice, peaceful life. People I meet seem to CREATE stress for themselves. They anger far too easily, they talk to others like they are pieces of shit. They treat service personnel like personal slaves (which means the money I pay companies goes up to pay for their STUPID QUESTIONS to be answered and their selfish needs attended to. Annoying).

Am I the only person who worries that people behind me might need to get past, that standing in the middle of a walkway would not be the best idea and that the absolute worst thing that could ever happen is for someone to think you had been rude to them.

Because I’m polite to people, but not overly friendly, I get all sorts of special things. I get credit at shops (that don’t do credits). I get my orders seen to before anyone else (for instance I am sometimes forced to tell the bakery lady that the people in front of me should be served first). I get loud Hellos and Goodbyes at most of my regular haunts. I couldn’t tell you these peoples names. I don’t speak to them beyond Hello, Can I have and Goodbye. But because I’m polite and never cause any problems (i.e. have my money ready at the checkout, bizarre!) I get treated like a king! Sometimes I get my food orders free. How about that! It doesn’t take much effort, in fact it takes considerably less effort than causing a scene.

I’ll never understand other people.