Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Too Hot. Can't Write

Sun make Jae brain hurt. No work. Here Kayne Lawton.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Reasons To Watch Telly 1: Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis is an amazing hottie from Home and Away and I think I may be in love. Sorry Jim. The weddings off ;) (Not really, who wants Lincoln Lewis when you've got your own ex-Navy man huh?)

Yoinked from Tottyland

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Gay Pride Posts

Given that it is Pride season, here are my pride posts from throughout the years:

My first pride was 2003 London pride. I was 20. I might have been out on the scene for years but I had somehow missed out on the events of pride. Firstly, from reading the post and knowing what happens in the future, I was a cruel and heartless bitch to Stephen that day. I want to say I was hanging with the wrong crowd but that's no excuse. Sorry Ste!!

Secondly, Gareth was boring. BORING. What did I ever see in him? He wouldn't even join the parade. Plus he spent the whole time perving over Ben, and I don't think we were quite at that point in our relationship yet if you know what I mean.

Ben, Gareth, Me and Jon

Highlights: Ben. He's always a highlight. Tina C. Free porn.

Lowlights: Sitting in Gareth's front room while he and Jon sorted through clothes thinking "What on Earth am I doing with these people??".

Brighton Pride 2003! I'm not going to lie to you. Brighton Pride (at least back then) beats London Pride HANDS DOWN! Oh look... NO GARETH. Boring.

Ben, Jon and the ever lovely Zoe!!

Highlights: Being back in Brighton for the first time since the bad stuff. Being at pride with Ben and Zoe. The glitter (honestly Jon and Zoe spent the next year finding glitter in their cars from Ben!!). The randomness.

Lowlights: NONE. It was fandabbydozzy!

London Pride and the first Big Gay Out 2004

I was in my "BLAH!" stage at this point. If readers think I moan a lot now, they should all read the posts between November 2003 and October 2004. All 5 of them. ;) Rants all of them.

Highlights: Making up for last year with Stephen. Ben. Pete, the EXTREMELY gorgeous boy. Sam Fox on stage. The suicide pact with Pete when McFly came on.

Lowlights: Grumpy Jae. Silly Big Gay Out being very boring. McFly not taking off their clothes and making love on stage which is the only thing that would have saved their act.

Soho Pride 2004: This was frigging weird. I think I dreamt it all. I certainly can't find a blogpost about it. Me, my date (a tiny but sexy black policeman called Alex) met up with Tom (my scary stalker at the time) and hilarity failed to ensue. WEIRD.

Brighton Pride 2004: (August 7th) Erm... I have no blogpost!!! Well here's the lowdown. One Mister Jim FAILED to show up because he had to go to America for work or some such excuse so our first ever meeting was postponed. Met up with Mark from Croydon who I've only actually met a few times but he used to work at the BBC and put messages from me on their sports TV feed at the bottom of the screen (made up ones of course, but he livened up Wimbledon for me!!). It was... very lonely but fun in it's own way. Remember sitting on the very long train journey home thinking life couldn't get much worse. Little did I know good things were just around the corner.

London Pride 2005

Jim's first pride!! It was low key, in a classy and good way.

Highlights: Jim

Lowlights: Not enough bags of free handouts taken. No Ben.

Europride in London 2006

It was a world cup year so Meredith, Sam America and I headed out on a gay adventure taking in football at the old Ku Bar and the pride parade.

Highlights: Half naked footie supporters stumbling into pride events.

Lowlights: Lots of queuing to see boring football to please Sam America. Not gay enough. No Ben. No Jim.

2007 was my first prideless year. Why? Erm... I had better things to do!

London Pride 2008 and my pictures!

Frankie and Christine accompanied me to pride in 2008 and I educated them in the art of blowing rainbow whistles and attaching pink Union flags to railings. And also had to help some pride stewards hold Frankie back from attacking some poor innocent Christian fundamentalists who were telling us we were going to Hell. Good times.

Highlights: Naked men.

Lowlights: Not gay enough. Boris Johnson.

So really... even though I think Pride has gone massively down hill even in the few years I've been going, I really should go this coming Saturday. Just for old times sake.

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Bug Hunt!

So there I was cleaning out Gibbs' salad bowl in the kitchen whilst Jim was starting to feed him in the front room. Suddenly there was a holler, and I came a running to find Jim standing the middle of the room as two crickets scurried to get away. I promptly joined him in a stampy dance and we managed to vanquish our worthy adversaries pretty quickly. Unfortunately this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Jim had just gotten the box of crickets out and was showing them to Gibbs when Gibbs decided he wanted to eat them NOW and made a jump at the box and it had flown out of Jim's hand and opened as it fell to the floor. Jim managed to get it closed but by that time around 30 little monsters had escaped and thus our bug hunt commenced.

Thankfully Gibbs has not moved on to these yet

Nor these...

Furniture was upturned, long forgotten mementos found (Honey Bear! The lesser spotted fork. Jim's Napa Valley Bike Tours cap), and rubbish moved about. There was much reaching under things, and nashing of teeth. We did things that I regret, it was plainly a massacre and none were given quarter. But all's fair in love and war.

The Enemy

I'm doing my part, are you?

And finally a musical interlude...

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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just because...

Yoinked from somewhere, but I've forgotten exactly where. Sorry!

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The Things You Hear

Ireland, Great Britain and other islands in north west Europe.

Overheard at a Bureau De Change in Hammersmith yesterday

American customer: "So are you guys on the Euro over here?"

Cashier: *shocked look* "No sir, we are on the pound"

2nd American customer: "Oh really? Do they accept pounds in Scotland?"

Cashier: *facepalm* "Yes, Scotland accepts pounds"

1st American customer: "Oh so they accept pounds in Ireland then?"

Cashier: *exasperated look* "No in the Republic of Ireland they accept Euro's but in Northern Ireland it's pounds."

2nd American customer looks confused.

1st American customer: "What's different about Northern Ireland?"

Cashier shoots herself.

OK. She didn't (she explained the different between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, politely and as well as could be expected [note for those confused: the United Kingdom is a sovereign country of which the countries you call "England", "Scotland", "Wales" are part and includes a portion of the island of Ireland called "Ulster" or "Northern Ireland". This country is also known as Britain. The Republic of Ireland is a sovereign country which occupies the majority of the island of Ireland. It is sometimes called Eire. Simple]). But God, how on Earth do you travel to a country and not know what currency they use? How do you make it from your arrival point in Britain to Hammersmith and NOT know that Britain's currency is the pound?

I understand not everyone is as anal as I am about finding out about my destinations, but surely the two basic things you learn before you travel to another country is 1) what language do they speak and 2) what currency they take. You don't just turn up and hope for the best!!!

Then I went and got a Cornish pasty from the West Cornwall pasty company. They are a chain.

"Are your pasties fresh or frozen?" asks one gentleman.

"Well we bake them here but they are sent to us frozen." says the shop assistant.

"Yuck" says the man as he walks out.

Who in their right minds expects a chain food place (Delice de France, West Cornwall Pasty company etc) to cook their stuff fresh? GO TO A LOCAL BAKERY!!! It's no wonder local bakery's are going under, their customers are too stupid to know what makes them special.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Brother Blues

The housemates this year are, quite possibly, the least fun and most grumpy people ever placed in the Big Brother house.

Charlie pisses me off. He does silly, malicious little childish things (like throwing water over Angel). When this upsets his victim he does the one thing I can't stand; apologises and then when his victim doesn't accept his apology to his satisfaction turns it around on them and decides they are being difficult. Sorry Charlie, people shouldn't accept apologies just to make someone feel good. If you are going to do stupid, childish things, then stand by them like a man!

Lisa is an uber-bitch. She gets involved in every argument and if anyone DARES suggest that they have a different opinion to her (like Halfwit) she lectures them on not lecturing her (pot calling kettle) and storms off like a 5 year old. And she hangs out with the wrong sorts. And she likes Sree. Ewww...

I thought Noirin might be a little ray of hope. I had hated her on her VT but the way she handled Sree endeared her to me. Sadly as soon as BB let her stop drawing glasses on her face she turned into a new queen bee and a bitch.

Siavash is just boring and rather than being an individual is a bit of a follower of the crowd.

Karly and Dogface are the sort of girls I just DO NOT associate with in the real world. Airheads who bitch and whine (a lot like I'm doing here, but I've got a blog so it's ok [hypocrite!]) and are just generally dumb.

Kris is the male version of Karly and Dogface.

Rodrigo is bland. Marcus is coasting through. Sree is Scary Sree, nuff said (WTF how did he not get nominated??). Halfwit talks rubbish.

I'm putting BB10 on probation. One more week and if there isn't someone nice in there then I'm giving up.

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Michael Jackson Is Still Dead

You'd think, considering the fact the news is still plastered with Michael Jackson headlines, that any moment something huge is going to break like Michael Jackson has come back to life. Alright already, we get it. Michael Jackson is dead. The only person in the world who didn't know was Jim and I finally told him about an hour ago.

My first ever album was Dangerous, which I got on cassette when I was about 8 years old. And I have to say I've been somewhat of a fan ever since. Not one of his scary fans, but an interested party. But I'm not crying over his death. Why? Because:

1) everybody dies sometime, it's sad but...
2) I didn't know him and I personally hold the opinion overly emotional grief about someone who you don't know is insulting to their memory and to the grief of their family and friends.

I hope he didn't feel too much pain and died as peacefully as possible. Now let's let his family grieve for him in peace and move on to more important topics like Kenyan Witch Lynchings, the approaching extinction of the cutest marine mammal ever and evil monsters.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Is Why I Love Science

Scientists spend years arguing over something, with theories for causing it becoming ever more complex. Then a couple of scientists do some research and go... "oh it was just dragonfly nymphs" (who, by the way, are evil little bastards for a frog fan like me. Eating tadpoles, the rotters!).

Check out this story about frog deformities. Were they caused by human pollution, a new disease or parasites? None of the above! Dragonfly nymphs. I told you they were rotters!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My head hurts today having suffered a major attack of stupid people both at work and commuting. Glad to be home. But...

I finally got my giant desk! It does mean I now sit in a far corner anyone from anyone (hello internetz!) but it also means I can survey my realm from my new position. My legs protested for a time at the strange new angles they could move into but soon settled down when they discovered it was the proper way to be.

In other news, have you all seen the horrific news that EVIL seagulls have learnt of a new food source... live whale! Only those of us from beside the sea truly know the demonic intelligence that inhabits every seagull. Only they could conceive of this.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Four Days Off With Jim And Gibbs

Being a bit skinty poos (as Jim would say) we've had a very quiet weekend, if slightly longer than usual due to my flexitime and holiday. Which hasn't been a bad thing, I've managed to do a few posts for Moonlight Investigation and even a few saved up so I can keep that blog going along a little better. Rushing those posts is just not possible, as I've found out.

Gibbs the Bearded Dragon is doing well, looking amazingly gorgeous and cute no matter what. Just look at him and tell me he isn't delightful?

You know, I've had all manner of pets before including tortoises and an American Bullfrog but I never thought I'd get a lizard AND think he was actually very adorable. It's not that I've ever disliked lizards, but that from my experience of wild ones, when I was younger and messing around in the Pit in Snodland, I've always felt them to be somewhat emotionless and cold which is very much not the case!!

Oh and it would seem the scriptwriters are at least considering putting Khan in Star Trek 12. NOOOOOOOOO... don't do it. Please God do something original. It's great Star Trek has been rebooted but don't then follow the same path. Let's have some new adventures!!

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Scary Sree's Days Are So Numbered

Halfwit might get on everyone's nerves but surely this week Scary Sree must receive the most votes come nominations. He has gone from being a weird, philosophising "Love Guru" to a crazy, bitchy stalker from hell in a matter of a week. His argument with Noirin the other night was a perfect example of how horrendous he is. Noirin and Sree attempt to talk about their problems. Noirin wants an apology from Sree for how he has been treating her. First he starts going on about Marcus, about how badly Marcus speaks to her. She persists and eventually, and we are talking minutes of him ranting, he comes round to make the most false, inappropriate apology in history before going off again about Marcus.

This boy is insane, in the very bad way, and very, very creepy. GET SREE OUT!!

P.S. Don't you just love how insane, in a good way, Angel is?

P.P.S. Rodrigo has gone from HOT fave to really annoying, miserable bastard. He needs to lighten up a little. Jeez.

So current faves: Noirin, Angel and Lisa (even if she is almost as moany as Rodrigo).

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Brother Breaking News: Rodrigo Latest Victim Of Scary Sree

Scary Sree has a new love in his sights... Check out this video and prepare to go "Ahhhhhh!!!"

Also in the news.... Charlie and Kris and Dogface sitting in a tree... blowing bubbles.

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Big Brother: Moany Cairon Has Left The House

The "titantic" struggle between Halfwit and Cairon is over, as Cairon was evicted from the house and showed us that he is a sulky, moany wimp. Bless him.

Inside the house things are also going swimmingly. Sree has gone from annoying "Love Guru" to psychotic stalker as he discovers Noirin does not share his feelings.

Angel has given up her hunger strike, and continues to display disturbing signs that she may, in fact, be borderline insane.

Karly has descended into her native Scottish, and I've resorted to getting Jim to translate words such as "hink" (think). Not that it's anything actually interesting as Karly has decided to go all post post-modernist on us and is an actual dumb blonde.

Rodrigo has absolutely zero personality and sadly very few brain cells. Which is a shame as he is so cute. His argument about not legalising drugs last night with Halfwit showed him up to be totally devoid of any thoughts of his own, simply regurgitating what he has been told.

Dogface likes Kris. Kris likes Dogface. Charlie likes Kris. That is about the whole of the story of the most boring love affair in the house since Darren and Marjorie the chicken in series one (to be fair that one was actually more exciting and touching). BORING. If Dogface or Kris actually had personalities and weren't just bland model types it might be a little more romantic.

Wolverine is turning into the letchy old man of the house, but seems alright otherwise. No one has so far suffered any injuries through adamantium claw incidents which can only be a good thing.

Lisa is a moany old cow isn't she? Jesus. But she's ok when she hasn't got some high horse to get on. Still liking her.

Is Halfwit really a Tory??? Surely the Conservative party should throw him out as this whole "summer of love" stuff seems more in keeping with the Greens.

Siavash is getting less interesting by the second.

So who comes out looking good at the end of this week? Noirin! Her handling of Sree has been delightfully low key, patient and dignified. You go girl!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who's That Baby??? My 26th Birthday Post

Wow. I love this picture of me. Can we have more cute if awkward looking pictures? I.e. minus the fat? Thanks Jae (to Jae)

Blue Jae!!

It's my thumb!! It's like a really close up picture of me see... ;)

Awwwwwwwwwwwww.... I was like five years old and drinking. Stephen (on the right) was a very bad influence!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things To Smile About

1) My first birthday present: The War In The Air by H.G. Wells. Thanks to Mark from Kent who randomly bought this for me!! Firstly I'd like to express my deep embarrassment for never having read H.G. Wells before, and secondly express my absolute LOVE of this book. I must immediately buy all H.G. Wells books and he can replace Stephen King as my author of choice.

2) I saw Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus the other day!!

This is the first true English language kaiju eiga (that's monster movie for you and I). Forget that awful '90s Godzilla, or that post modern Cloverfield. Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus channels the heart and soul of such Japanese epics as Godzilla and Rodan.

Sure the acting goes from very bland, in the case of most of the main actors, to extremely appalling. This movie certainly is a rubbish B movie. But it's my kind of rubbish B movie and the scene when the giant shark takes down a plane (by jumping out of the water TO CLOUD HEIGHT!) is worth every second of terrible extras giving performances that show why their day job is waiting tables.

3) As I write this Rav Wilding is on Celebrity Masterchef.

Mmm.... sexy Kentish men.

4) Hilarity of this girl being stupid. She feel asleep while having her face tattoo'd???

5) I saw James from the Apprentice on the tube yesterday.

6) I've got a four day weekend from Friday :D

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being Ginormica

Being really tall is really weird. As a kid I grew up with a very tall Mum and tall uncles and even for a while a really tall step dad. I was always the tall kid at school, always noticeably taller than those my age. Yet when I watched my ever beloved WWF around my friends house with their rather magical (for the time!) Sky TV, I always marveled at how tall the guys were and couldn't imagine ever being that enormous!

Yet I am. I don't feel it. You'd think being 2.03m high would be noticeable but you know what... it's just natural to me. I couldn't imagine life being short. Not being able to touch the ceiling? That's weird now. Not being able to easily reach the top shelf in a shop? Weird. Not being able to see above the heads of people in crowds and effortlessly know where to go? WEIRD!

But being tall isn't the dream some seem to imagine it to be:


Chairs of all sizes and descriptions are my second least favourite thing. Go find one of those small chairs they use for first years at primary school (US translation: first grade or kindergarten chairs). Now sit in one. Your knees are up around your ears (not in the good way! You are disgusting sometimes Dear Constant Reader, get your mind out of the gutter!), you feel completely stupid and it really is not comfortable. That's how I feel most days. Desk chairs, armchairs, barbers chairs (complete with a woman with scissors snapping around your face... shudder), airplane chairs, and worst of all; fixed booth chairs and fixed bench/table ensembles. I draw small crowds as they watch me attempt to contort into a fixed booth. It's not funny people!


Well doors are okay, I suppose. But doorways. They are another kettle of fish. At 2.03m my forehead is almost perfectly in line with the top of your average door. This has led to me developing an automatic ducking mechanism, but about once a week I forget and... BANG! Ouch... And it's always in the most public place/situation where every can see the shame of the idiotic giant who can't even duck under a door. D'oh


Superman/Kryptonite, Hitler/Stalin, Scientology/Anonymous. Everybody has their nemesis. Mine is umbrellas. Each rainy morning, I reluctantly step out of my door knowing that my trip to work is to be spent avoiding being poked in the eye by badly handled umbrellas. Pet hates: i) people who RAISE their umbrella to eye height when they seem me coming, aim for the stomach people!! ii) tiny people with golf umbrellas, ok... anybody using a golf umbrella when commuting. DIE! iii) People using umbrellas when it's only spitting.

Standing In Bars

I love drinking. LOVE IT. I love being with friends. But there really is no point if I'm standing. Your mouths are over a foot down from my ears and my ears are usually one foot closer to the music speakers/ceiling echoes than yours. I cannot hear you. I can only smile and drink. That's it. Sitting makes things a lot easier for me.


Being tall means I can see over everyone's heads. This helps me navigate more easily. But it also means I can see every stupid, annoying thing everyone does. I can see the pushers in. I can see each and every slow person holding us up. I can even see that the cause of the whole crush is someone standing in a doorway chatting on their mobile. You might give them a passing annoyed look, but by the time I've had time to plan their tragic accident involving their mobile phone "accidentally" ending up in an unpleasant place. This brings me on to:

Stupid People

I'm tall not blind/death/stupid. I can hear you when you whisper "Isn't he tall?" to your equally stupid companion. I can see you when you stop dead in your tracks, directly in my path and stare up at me like the gormless simpleton you are. I sometimes wonder... if I draw this much attention to myself I can only imagine how those who have some visible disability must feel. My heart goes out to them because I feel a little of their pain!

I really don't mind someone coming up to me in a social situation (at work, in a bar, round someone's house) and asking me how tall I am. But one of my least favourite things is when people do it in the street. I'm calmer now than I was... when I was a teenager I was rather nasty to those who did it, especially those who'd go out of their way to stop me when I was on my way somewhere. It is not cool to ask someone how tall they are in the middle of them doing something. It's not like it's a secret. I'm in front of them. They can see EXACTLY how tall I am. Do they really need to ask???

Other annoying things: getting clothes, being in direct eyeline with top shelf magazines (eek and yuck), seeing your feet and thinking "OMG they are in a different timezone!", submarines (I am officially too tall to navigate a publicly accessible submarine unless it's totally empty and I am thus able to throw myself through each hatch [as I used to do on the Soviet sub in Folkestone]), small cars, low ceilings, market stall urnings... etc etc...

But this is all made up for by the very cute macrophiles. ;)

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mmm.... Jerked Meat

500 years ago this year King Henry VIII ascended the throne. I know, it seems like only yesterday but 500 years ago it was. As Greenwich was his birthplace we've had a few events to celebrate, and today Jim and I randomly stumbled upon another. A celebration of Tudor life, named Henry VIII Days, was being held at the Old Royal Naval College. There was people in costume, people with offensive weapons (is that a mace, or are you just pleased to see me?), Monks selling mead and drinks called inappropriate things like "Priests Daughter" and I saw one with the word Devil in it, jerky meats sold by people off of Dragon's Den (yes I did it, I looked at them and said in my most stupid voice "Were you on Dragon's Den?" Oh the shame.) and, my favourite, people selling fudge. Mmmm... all good fun and rather tasty too.

After that we had whitebait and Staropramen at the Trafalgar (the only pub in the country to have ever held a full Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet members rowed down the Thames as the Prime Minister at the time quite liked the whitebait. Good times. Good times).

But by the time we were heading home the tourists had hit Greenwich and after such a good morning reminded me why I tend not to sample the historical delights of Greenwich at the weekend.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Brother: So Far

So we are over a week into Big Brother 2009 and I have to say... it's not all that bad. Certainly better than quite a few other seasons. We've already had arguments, a walk out, 2 evictions, relationship break ups and slime. It doesn't get better than this.

My thoughts on the housemates now we've had a chance to see them:

Angel - Angel seems to be a shy, emotionally fragile boxer. She is truly the most socially awkward housemate of all time. Her strange massage of Charlie actually made me hide my eyes behind my hands in embarrassment. She broke down in tears when Rodrigo told her to stop being so negative. Yet, I quite like her. She isn't nasty and when Halfwit's bed was stolen she was the one to get it back. Nice.

Cairon - Cairon is the polar opposite of the sort of person I'd want to associate with. Foul mouthed (in a mean way too), stupid and quick to anger he doesn't endear himself to me. Sure I understand why he wouldn't like Sree, but getting angry when Sree implied Cairon disrespects women is a little hypocritical. This is Cairon who stands around the bus stop with Halfwit and Siavash talking about which girl he wants to "fuck". He is not exactly respecting himself or the women involved there is he? Pot calling kettle Cairon. Come in kettle.

Charlie - Charlie is a very handsome guy. There's no getting around that. But whilst I believe he'd be lovely to look at, he's the sort of guy I avoid. He is vain, a little slow and does things without thinking about them. Not only did he raid Siavash's luggage for clothes, we are told by Saffia on last night's BBBM that he then damaged some of it and left a hat on the windowsill where it got crushed by the shutters. He means well and just wants to have fun but I doubt I'd be able to put up with him for too long.

Dogface - I haven't really paid much attention to this one. So I can't be too mean. But she did get a boob job which always makes me think she's a little vain. And vanity is the one thing I hate above all other things. However for making Saffia upset by "getting with" Kris, I'll give her another chance.

Halfwit - I went from hating him when he entered, liking him by mid week for being fairly intelligent and seemingly quite nice, and now I just feel sorry for him. I know he stated he wanted to do this to further his political career but I thought that was just something he said. I didn't think he was stupid enough to actually believe BB would be beneficial for a political career. But when begging to be kept in the house before last nights eviction he said he wanted Great Britain to get to know him better and I just thought... how embarrassingly naive this poor boy is. Give him a hug people!

Karly - After watching her explain the origin of modern English to Rodrigo I think Karly is my number one choice for a visit to a North Korean reeducation camp. She explained that the reason German and English are "so similar" (her words and not mine!) was because the Nazis came over during the war and that's when the languages got mixed up. Yes. She said that (paraphrased from memory). Watching her bounce confusedly between Sree (who called her a slapper) and Cairon (who wants her to be a slapper) was amusing in a really awful way. She isn't the smartest girl in the world.

Kris - This is the hunk of the house? I think not. He is more a male model sort. Alright to look at but he hardly gets the blood flowing now does he? Vanity again. Grr... Unfortunately it is somewhat apparent already with the way he treated Saffia and the way he's clinging to Dogface that he has come on Big Brother for the fame alone. Sure I'm not naive enough to believe that there's anyone in the house not looking for fame but most seem to be there for other reasons too. He is fairly flagrantly just a boring hanger on hoping for a C list career in the tabloids.

Lisa - Oh Lisa. I can imagine living with her for more than a week would drive even the most patient quite insane, I actually LOVE Lisa. She speaks her mind, she is quite sensible, and she seems like a nice person. When Karly and Dogface rudely took a token and got booze without asking the house, Lisa was the only one to make a stand and say "No... that was STUPID". Gotta respect that.

Marcus - The daddy of the house, is actually a rather shrewd individual. He saw through Sree in seconds, which isn't too hard but he did better than most housemates. But I haven't seen enough of him to form any other opinions.

Noirin - The least offensive girl in the house? Possibly. She might have come across VERY BADLY in her VT, but she's been a lot easier to like in the house. Whilst she flirts and has some fun, she doesn't seem to be as stupid or vain as Karly and Dogface. She might make it to the final.

Rodrigo - Well you know I love Rodrigo. But I've concerns he might not make it to the end. He is getting very easily upset by things (the lack of positivity, the cleanliness of the house) and even though he's only two years younger than me, comes across as a little emotionally immature. I hope I'm wrong but I think that he is up there with Angel to be a possible emotional casualty of the BB house.

Siavash - I find him disagreeable but when I think about it it's only the way he speaks and the fact he hangs around with Cairon that really annoys me. So maybe I've been a bit harsh on him. I'll try to keep an open mind.

Sree - Where do you start with this man? He's like a hippy, wrapped inside a moralising douchebag, wrapped inside an emotionally fragile boxer, buried beneath someone playing the game. He comes out with the most overbearing, snobby comments and then wonders why people don't like them. He actually said that he was a "golden person" the other day compared to the other housemates. Jesus. And he spends his time in the house thanking God and praying to God and generally getting on God's nerves about as much as he gets on mine. Sure Cairon went over the top at him, and basically bullied him aggressively, but when you act like Sree does then these things happen. He is my number one pick to go at the next eviction. God willing ;)

If you saw BBBM last night, then you had a chance to witness one of the best pieces of BB telly in ages. Sophia vs. Saffia. Bitch on bitch. It was handbags at dawn and both came off looking like utter cows. Davina lapped it up. Best bit was Saffia explaining that she didn't walk because she was upset about Dogface and Kris but because she didn't want to miss her 1 year olds first steps. Erm... then why go in the house in the first place??? Poor Beinazir gets booted THEN Saffia decides to leave? Grrr...

This blogger works for nothing but the joy of writing but always appreciates things bought from his wishlist

Alex Terasov Is Pretty

Yoinked from World Asian Beauty

Yeah. He'd do.

This blogger works for nothing but the joy of writing but always appreciates things bought from his wishlist