Saturday, May 31, 2003

I Actually Had Fun

There is one ultimate truth in this world. Ben is never what he seems to be. There have been very few times that me and Ben have gone out alone. Each time I realise that when we are out together he is quite fun. Just seems when he is out with two or more people he is dead quiet. Anyway we started in Leas Club, where I saw MT. I think he is on to me... he just kept staring at me in a kind of "Ah it's my stalker" kind of way. Eek...

Then we moved onto Skuba where Ben persuaded me to have some JD (see he is fun!) and we downed shots, camped it up loads (I had forgotten how much I love to do that!), had barmaid in end saying things like "Go for it boys!" every time we got an aftershock.. he he.... had a good time.

Plans.... erm.. don't know about today yet... probably seeing Gareth tomorrow...

Oh and by the by.... Canada Rocks!. Their having some supreme court stuff going on at mo, which is looking more likely that homosexuals will gain rights almost unheard of. Good for them. May immigrate he he....

Cool blog here

Friday, May 30, 2003

Dear Blog

OK so Wednesday I went out to Spoons with Becky and Ben, it was good but really boring night. Got taxi home... realised just how far away Ben lives!!! Eek...

On Thursday Gareth came and got me after work.. I left him waiting for twenty minutes because a meeting over run.. got 30 mins overtime tho.. yay! We went off down to Bar Vasa, had a great time, meal was great, Gareth was as always brilliant. We both looked like some sick lovey dovey couple, the type I usually complain about.... hmmm....

Am off out tonight with... Ben... if you do wish to save me from scariness please join me... I don't think Becky will come! Ah..... I'm going to have to talk endlessly, as Ben won't say a word and it'll just end up being really uncomfortable... aaaaaahhhh!! Will be at Leas Club...

Saw a new drink that's coming out soon, a shot of Absinthe with a chaser of a bottle of Kronenburg.... mmmmm....

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

And They Both Reached For The Gun

I don't remember doing anything yesterday.... interesting...

As you may or may not have noticed, I am no longer single. Yay!!

Erm... god I'm clutching at straws to find something to say... oh briefly became interested in Big Brother 4 last night but I think I'm over it. It was probably induced by Dermot O'Leary (mmmm....) and the rumours Federico is gay. Off out now...

See ya... wouldn't wanna be ya!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Don't Use The F-word!!

OK. I am about to swear. Forgive me. I believe in the ultimate goal of a federalist European state based on the values of equality, freedom and justice. As opposed to most people. Why? Because, quite simply, Europe could run this country far better than we can!!!!!! So ner!! Referendum now!!!! So I can at least say this at the ballot box and show every right winger how I feel.

Went out yesterday afternoon with Gareth down to Skuba which was of course lovely (more the company than the bar tho!!).

Am going out with Ben and Becky tomorrow night. Have job interview on Thursday (for another team in same company).

Busy me!!

Monday, May 26, 2003

Busy Bee

Yesterday I thought I'd be having a quiet day in with my DVDs and Millie cat. But no. It wasn't to be. Thank God!

Woke up this morning to find Nan, Uncle David, Beth's friend Amy and the annoying workmen from yesterday were in my house.

Gareth and Jon (Sandgate Jon) were heading back into town after a trip to London and I went down and meet em, had a cup of tea round Jon's before me and Gareth went down to Gee's. Very busy (that is for Gee's on a Sunday... there were at least five people in there!). Then we went for a drive up to the hills, where there seemed to be way too many walkers.... then down through some place called Hougham and up to the hills over Dover's East Docks. Very nice, thanks Gareth!! Got phone call from Sam. :o)

Gareth dropped me off in Folkestone and I wandered into Zoe's. She thrashed me at Street Fighter. Well actually it was more a cyber slaughter. Then John arrived, we went and picked Elliot up and headed for Ashford. Got to the cinema to find that our screening of Matrix was full, so we bought tickets for a later showing and headed over to Burger King. Mmmm... refillable coke.... there Elliot wearing a Tenacious D t-shirt and Burger King "crown" (you know the gold ones for children?) starting singing Justin Timberlake songs. Very scary. :o)

I discovered that I am slowly losing my mind as I kept having to remind myself I don't have magnetic powers (ala Magneto), can't create knives out of my hands (ala Terminator 2) and also can't dodge bullets (ala the Matrix). I have definetly been watching too many movies....

So we got into the Matrix Reloaded (no not the program the movie!) which was ok. Mmm... Keanu Reeves.

Got home, had no keys (the cleaner has mine now... hmmm..... annoying... ) woke whole house up, chatte don net to Luke for bit, then went to bed. Got up this morning. Uncle David still here. Amy appears to have mutated into a blonde girl, or just Beth has yet another new friend.

Can't get Cry Baby song out of my head.... please... kill me....

Sunday, May 25, 2003


OK. There is a pressing concern on all our minds. Britain's future within Europe. Here is where I stand. We must enter the Euro. We must end the "special relationship" with America. Still be their friends... just treat them as they treat us. We must befriend our European neighbours like never before. Maybe even go Catholic.

Why? So if we ever enter a song as truely awful as Cry Baby by Jemini into the Eurovision song contest again (die die baby is all I wanted them to do) we might still get some points and not look as stupid as we do right now!!!

Well done to Turkey, a fiendish use of belly buttons along with a catchy tune captured the show. And how, I repeat, HOW did Austria get so many points???

Just remember we have a cleaner now (so middle class it hurts me to say that) , and I keep leaving things lying around my room which I really shouldn't... my beautiful thing DVD, Gay Times, Will young calendar..... he he....

Thanks Zoe and coming and watching Eurovision with me... you're a star!

Saturday, May 24, 2003


I have been away for a while haven't I? Sorry just have not had the time to update!!

So Thursday, work almost sent me completely insane. Got home, got changed and then headed straight for Leas Club to see Becky. We chatted about life, love and gerbils. Don't ask! She is all loved up... bit like someone else I could mention. We made plans to meet up with Ben next week and go to Indigo *holds nose and refrains from puking*

Friday. God I have so looked forward to Friday all week. Work dragged on so much and I am going through the "I really loath customers" mood. I have applied to get off the phones and go into another team.

Then after much rushing around Folkestone to find my mum who had my keys I headed home, got changed, had bath, phoned for taxi who turned out to be same one I had on way home. I went to Central station, got stuck behind a French bloke in ticket queue, who was failing to comprehend that there was no train from London to Peterborough or somewhere after midnight. Does he really think we could compete with SNCF? Then I saw her blogginess, Emmsy!!! She was most gracious when presented with a coin stuck to station floor... and had Animal Snapz and a water pistol!! Cool! Stalked her till Dover when she got off train... *waves at Emmsy* then headed for Ramsgate and a trip to Gareths. Saw beginning of Big Brother 4. Looks crap. I am most disappointed. Did like look of Frederico... but they all look so boring. So very boring. Hopefully Frederico will spend all the time naked and speak in Italian. That might make it more interesting....

Had fab time at Gareth's who gave me a lift back to Folkestone this morning, bought Halloween and Aliens DVDs. Very cool. Got home to discover family missing and that a strange workman was fitting wooden flooring in the hall. How crass and populist. Ewww.... looks like Ikea without the meatballs....

Do you know what day it is? Oh dream of dreams... it's Eurovision tonight. Scorecards at the ready (Israel: nil point [stop killing Palestinians] as scored by Mum last year)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Ta Da Da

I went out last night with Zoe, went to the Leas Club which was dull, then went to mcDonalds (mmm...) and then Spoons where me and Zoe cooed like excited children over the new Wetherspoons News.... Zoe we need help!!

Sam joined us which was cool and he gave me a lift home.

Today.. work horrible.... grr..... didn't get job by way, altho am considering another one....

Eurovision on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2003

There's A Lot Of Pretty, Pretty Ones

I went to work today, suffering from blocked ears, and was informed of what I got up to on Friday.... must have suffered major black out or something!!!

Hmm. One day my prince will come and take me from this house and I'll never need to return here. One day. When did I stop caring about all my family?? It went from being one of the closest families I knew of to being even closer after Smelly Mels (luv ya) died, but with me feeling more isolated than ever. Sometimes I think that if I were financially secure and in my own place I wouldn't think about this lot much ever again. Cruel and shallow. But true.

I miss Melly, I miss thinking that my family respected and loved me. But I have come to realise that although I am capable of unconditional love, my love for my family depends mostly on how they treat me. If they treated me decently and with care I do the same to them. But they don't. Or I don't feel like they do. SO please Prince get here soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2003


So Friday night it was a work do, that I had been persuaded (blackmailed) into attending... it started out very boringly at the Oriental Buffet. Then it moved on to Spoons where I saw Ellie and some girl who has touched (!) MT.... worshipped her... was out with my team leaders, Mel, Julia, David, Stacey, a few others, and a random camp guy (very funny bloke!) then somehow.... I was persuaded to visit Jolsons (on way stopped off at formerly crappy pub which was now most cool... Zoe we are so going there!). From there (even more surprisingly) was persuaded into Pipers... saw Alison (childrens child minder) and Shelley from Eurotunnel... got very, very, very drunk... danced with old ladies, attacked straight guys, scared work collegues... got home about half one crawled to bed....

Didn't get up for work Saturday morning!! Eek......

Still hungover I headed for Canterbury for a night out on town (I am just none stop me!) got one of those nice new fangled electric door trains!! Wooo...

Met Gareth we went to Bar 11, the Thomas Ingolsby, Caseys, Bar X, and the Beer Cart something or other (prime cute boy central that one). Stephen joined us at Caseys (where scary old man from last time was again... eek!). In Beer Cart thingy two girls recognised me as Tall Guy as named on Stephens birthday.... scary already have a nickname in Canters!!

Stephen was ok... his normal upfront self.... some very cute bois out and about....

Got taxi back to Gareths where I stayed the night... just got home now..... busy weekend!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

So it was off to London yesterday for a trip to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. We had a slightly crazy bus driver who had a laugh that sounded like Scooby Doo, a load of jokes along the lines of "Did you hear Asda was taken over by MFI the other day..... I bought a chicken from them and the leg fell off... he he he *done in a scooby stylee*"

The show was excellent, we had great seats on the balcony (The Royal Circle) at the very front... woo.... go see the show if you haven't already...

Today was.. pay day... and I got the biggest shock of my life. For first time since August 2001 (yes ever since this blog was created) my bank account went into the black... credit... woo!!!! Albeit briefly, but twas a start!! yay!!! Now off to spend it all at Amazon and High and Mighty

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The World

Firstly, what do the Texan legislators think they are up to? First the Democrats run away scared to face the power of democracy, then the Republicans send State Troopers after them!! What kind of game do either side think they are playing at? Hide and Seek?? Grow up and get serious!

And are you just as sick and tired as me putting up with almost daily news reports from the Congolese civil war? Something major needs to be down. Millions have died in the last 4 and a half years. Even Saddam wasn't able to kill that many people in that short a space of time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003


I really can't wait to be paid... I will feel a whole lot better once I do.... 2 Days To Go....

Just found out I am still a whole inch taller than Colussus in armoured form... which makes me very pleased!!!

OK... am off to London tomorrow to see the Lion King...

Eek... gotta go...

Monday, May 12, 2003

Where Did You Go?

I just managed over 24 hours without the net!! Wow.... I am so proud of myself!!

OK, well done to the people who knew what Monk was you get a special Jae Brownie Point for being so clever!

So on Saturday night I went out to the cinema with Sam, saw X-Men 2 again. Most good....

Sunday I went up to Snodland with Mum, saw Nan and Auntie Joy. Then went to Lunsford Park Tescos, where I cruised a Tesco "collegue" and scared another by staring at him intently, with tongue hanging out as he was the cutest bloke I have seen so far this year... phwoah!!

Then got home and went to Zoe's birthday BBQ thingy... which was most good, then went down to Spoons with her, John, Jodie and Russell... drunk quite a bit considering.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May be getting this flat in Cheriton, Mum and Tony seem to have got on board my moving ambition and seem to actually be helping... result!

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I have found a great site about The X-Men. It rocks arse.... he he...

Also saw yet another episode of the strange detective show I saw round Jon's. It's called Monk. Tis most wierd in a groovy kind of way.

God my family are stupid. Uncle David split up with his girlfriend today. And suddenly it's a major drama in which Mum and Martine must get involved and obviously blame everyone.... Uncle David, Auntie Jill (ex wife), my cousins, Kim (girlfriend).... why?? What possible bearing does David and his girlfriends relationship have on their lives? All they, the people interfering, seem to care about is that they get back together and return to the status quo. News flash! Not all relationships work out. Some are meant to be short and sweet. And in any case, how long they last depends on the two ADULTS involved. I am 19 and am I the only one to see this? I hope when I am their age I can act with tenderness, understanding and forgiveness in such simple everyday situations (you'd think that no one had ever had a failed relationship before the way it's being treated).

Pam and Pete, the resident chippies in Snodland are taking over the Corner Plaice for a while. Small world! Melly used to work for them, and I can remember hours spent in their house, while nan cleaned it.

Sam offered me a part in the Lib Dem Youth wing thingy today.... most cool....

I haven't seen MT in sssssooooo long.... am practically dying here!!

Friday, May 09, 2003

Porn and Prissy Queens

I had a very surreal conversation at lunch time with Patricia and Stacey about straight porn and dildos. Now, not having seen much straight stuff I must say boys. I am most worried about you!!!! Eek... scary stuff!! And I thought gay S&M was bad enough!

I came to realise today I am the most bloke like person in my house. Scary but very true. Everyone else seems to worry endlessly about cleanng and good impressions and stuff. I don't let a pile of dirty clothing get me down. I couldn't give a shit if a guest came round and saw the state of my room. Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn?? Am I the only person who thinks theres is sssoooo much more to do than cleaning?? As the messy, smelly, lager liking person in this house I must protest!

Saw a great programme last night which was part of the Channel 4 Georgian Underworld season. It was called Queer As 18th Century Folk and was most amusing. We all know about the "Molly Culture" after "Mother Claps Molly House" but who knew about the thriving lesbian predator culture!! You go girls!!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained?

Yesterday during training we were talking about the new team that was being created, and how the ads would be in the paper today. Jackie (my trainer) goes "Jason you should apply for the new supervisor job!!" I laughed so hard I almost cried. A 19 year old uni drop out as supevisor?? :oD

But today I am seriously considering appling! Should I? As my title says... nothing ventured nothing gained. Did I say that it's 17 grand a year! A 19 year old on 17 grand a year *laughs himself silly again*

Bored bored bored.... need a major cash injection, also cute boy in my bed this minute! And fingers crossed 'bout new job thingy... am going for it.. what have I got to lose??

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just Say No

Today at work was sheer bliss. I was training most of the day, and answered only about 20 calls (that is none! in last 11 months have answered 22 000 calls!!)... yay!!

I have come to a decision. There are some guys I meet on the web, who are far too pushy about meeting me. It really gets on my nerves. And when I say "No, I don't want to meet you just yet." They say "Oh I see, you don't like me, oh dear me, my life is crap... yadder yadder yadder..." so from now on... I am just going to say "Not until I want to meet you.... or fuck off."

I go on the net to chat about stuff... mostly non-sex stuff as well (don't all faint, most of my conversations are just silly!). I don't go on there to find a shag, or to make new and wonderful friends. If I do make some cool friends and meet them.. Great!! But I have a life in the real world and that is my main outlet for friends and lovers etc.

I am sick to death of users, and low lifes and scum who mess with my head. And I don't want anyone reading this who is one of my OUT chat mates to go "Oh God he is evil... how could he say this about me??" I don't mean you!

If you haven't recieved a message in your inbox to say "You are a plonker, leave me alone" then I think you're a really cool person who makes me smile!! Loves ya all!!

I know it sounds like I am over reacting.. but you should see my bloody OUT inbox... old men after young boys mainly.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


What did I learn after my attempt at evny yesterday? That Beth is far more sneaky than I ever gave her credit for. After some "That sure is a nice notepad Beth" from me she ran and hid it.... darn it!! Shan't continue with the Seven Deadly Sins tho... I don't have the time! Did break apencil today in solidarity!! :op

I went and saw X-Men 2 with Zoe yesterday. It was ssssssooooo good. I remember reading an article about how X-Men makes a great parody of gayness. This new film sure proved that! "Mum, I am a mutant" "Have you tried... not being a mutant?" he he...

You know some people know everything about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Well.... I know loads about X-Men (not as much as some but more than enough, no one , however, can surpass my X-Men 2099 knowledge! :op). So while people go to me... "Oh my God this is where Dumbledore goes..." or "And than the elves do this...." I can go... ."Did you just see that TV in the background... it had Dr Hank McCoy on it.. he is the Beast!!" or "No Jean Grey isn't dead.... she'll be back as the Phoenix next time..."

Then we went to mcDonalds and had a quick drink at Spoons.

Monday, May 05, 2003


Shall post my envy task tomorrow... right now I am focusing on Beth's purple note pad... mwhahahaha....

OK... what to do with my Bank Holiday (other than eyeing up Beth's rather lovely notepad)??

Had to get the Independent (see piffle) again today... it is ssssooo a conspiracy to ruin my reading.... grrr.....

I did the National IQ Test night. My IQ was 129!! Woo!! That score can go up there with the time I got a Gold certificate from Mensa (did some quiz and got full marks... he he)..... how did you do? (If you didn't do it it is still avaliable on the net)

Sunday, May 04, 2003

What To Do?

Don't you just love stories like this. Gives us openly sinful people the chance to get on our high moral horse and laugh!! $50 000 for a talk?? Now that is IMMORAL!

Saw Mrs. Doubtfire today. What a bloody good movie!

There. Fill in the space with what you think I would like to tell you but can't. Ooooo... actually this is a fun game, and not just a stupid emotional writers block.... go on. Give it your best shot!

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Ooooo.... Weekend Test Shenanigans

Any one else having trouble accessing my blog?? AOL doesn't seem to like it although IE does. Very strange.

Have a look at my first Dano blog. So far it's thumbs up for this Dano malarky. Just hope all this new stuff ain't causing the problems I am having with this blog!!

You know with a Prime Minister like this I wish I lived in New Zealand.

Last night I went out with Zoe, John, Elliot and Laura to the leas Club. Laura had bought me an "I Heart New York" t-shirt back from NY city. Thank you!! Also saw Ellie there along with Alfa and Mat (eurotunnel bods).

I so should have done this

Ok I have a question for you... name me 10 leaders of countries outside the EU and the USA. Go on!!!

Friday, May 02, 2003

The Nazis Are Here

The BNP are now the SECOND biggest party on the Burnley council. Sure that only means a few councillors and there are over 10 000 English councillors. But still. It's a massive increase on NONE isn't it?? Something must be done. I don't believe that they or the Conservatives represent genuine fears about the asylum system. We are 10th in Europe for amount of asylum seekers we have per head of population. We are not a soft touch. Our benefits are punitive. And we happily let asylum seekers starve on the streets if they don't claim asylum at port.

What this is is the country finding a scapegoat. We have had the Jews, Germans, "coloureds", homosexuals and now asylum seekers. All cast as greedy, self serving, and disgusting. This is just because Little Englanders need to have an enemy without. Otherwise they might have to take a good hard long look at themselves in the mirror. And that is a scary thought!!

The Lib Dems have won Shepway tho!!! Yay!! And they thrashed the Conservatives!

I am talking politics way too much which means I need a boyfriend, who I can call funny names (like Honey Bear, and Gigglypoof), and go all goggled eyed over, and not think about anything other than him. Then I won't worry about neo-Nazis and Britain in general.

No holiday pay in my bank today... grr.... have become resigned to being poor till my pay day.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Every Day, When I Wake Up, I Thank The Lord I'm Gay

It was the fourth anniversary yesterday of the Admiral Duncan bombing. Caused by a racist and homophobic militant.

Today is the day of elections to the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and to local councils across England. I hope you all went out and voted with your hearts for something you believed in. Not just out of sense of obligation or long standing party loyalty. And also, to any readers in areas where the BNP are standing, I hope you made sure your vote was to stop them from getting in. Well voting for the BNP couldn't exactly be called a matter of the heart now could it??

Here is how I see it: The BNP are fascists. Our country fought a costly war in the forties against the fascist dictatorships of Europe and Asia, during which many of our own lost their lives. It is patriotic to support ones country. Thus support for the BNP is grossly unpatriotic. Sure I can see some major flaws with this argument. But you go round to all those people likely to vote BNP and tell them that and they'd be falling over themselves to lynch BNP candidates (please note I only support the lynching of BNP activists after a fair mob trial *joke*)

I was supposed to go out with Becky today but have cancelled as I don't have the cash to do that! Hopefully I shall get my unused holiday pay from Brook Street (my last temp agency) tomorrow *crosses fingers and hopes*

Oh it's May Day today. Yay! That age old festival where young people dance around the May Pole-iceman is surely being played out as I write.

Again, no Guardian available at Roger and Barbara's (it's the Broadmead Village shop just down the road from work. I used to be a paper boy there) ... grrr... but did give me a chance to read the Folkestone Herald whose sports pages (not of course that I ever read said pages) were filled with news of the brilliance of MT. Well I could of told them that!! It is scary how I always read the Heralds sports pages first.