Thursday, August 29, 2002

I feel extremely petty and bad for what I am about to say but, I am going to say it anyway.

When I went to France on Monday I bought a box of cereals. Cereals you can't get in this country, and that I have a fancy for. I had one bowl. Today I find they have all been eaten, Mum has been giving them to the kids. I know I sound terrible here.

But I pay a hell of a lot a week for a room smaller than most peoples cupboards (literally!! Pete will confirm this [although his room is smaller]). it is a crippling amount. So I expect some sort of privilege.... like privacy and respect for my stuff. But no. That £40 does not get me any favours other than a roof over my head. When the kids get McDonalds... I don't. When I get myself something.... I have to get everyone else stuff.

Yet another symptom that I am being taken for a great big, expensive ride. If the amount wasn't so constantly draining on my resources I would move out. I could get my own flat for a couple of quid more. But it takes out so much that added with my debt repayments I have little left to spend. Ggggrrr....

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