Friday, August 09, 2002

The mystery of the reunion solved then... with a lot of help from Zoe and Emmsy.... seems to be a quite clever advertising concept... for just £5 you have excess to literally millions of people all seeking their old mates.... just email them all claiming a reunion and you are quids in.

Work was dull... on my own again... but Ben was in on a late shift so he came and sat with me for a long time chatting and stuff. I was going to Brighton Pride tomorrow but Tracey my boss pleaded with me to work, so I am. But Ben says to me today, "Oh by the way I nicked your idea I am off down to Brighton tomorrow". Grrrr..... :o) Oh I am not angry, much....

He also asked me if I had seen Toby giving strange looks to him. Neither of us have ever talked to him although we "hang" in the same groups. I had, Toby had given me odd looks all morning. We think he just realised he is not the only gay man in the call centre. In fact there are enough of us plus lesbians to form a rather respectable GLBT association!!

Have got to have dinner, will catch up with you all later tonight..... early shift tomorrow :o( and Sunday :o(

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