Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Charles Dera

Charles Dera
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It's too true. I think I've finally reached the point of not understanding other human beings at all. Living and working in London I've come to see the really selfish side of people. I couldn't imagine being like them and I'm worried that very few people seem to care about how a large percentage of the population behave.

I work in customer service. Working there you soon learn that some people call in just to have an argument. I've had many customers who start off the conversation angry. And they don't actually have a problem (say it's a general inquiry). I could never, not in a million years, contemplate seeking out someone just to argue with them. It is, to me anyway, something that they should be deeply ashamed of.

Then you see those people out and about who can't seem to comprehend that other people exist. They stand on the left on escalators, they get in your way when you try to get off the train and they delight in walking very slowly in a zig zag pattern in front of you so no one else can get past. When commuting I spend a lot of time thinking about where I'm standing, walking and sitting. I think about it because I don't want to get in anyones way.

There is one man at Waterloo East who catches the same train as me home. I avoid standing near him because, despite the train having room, he will board the train and then... stop. Right there, in the doorway everyone is getting on at. There is room for him to stand to the side. Room for him to sit down. He could go to the other side of the train. But no he doesn't. And he doesn't wait to get on, he will push to the front of the crowd as the train pulls up. HE DRIVES ME MAD!

And then there's the people who don't have their tickets ready when they need to be checked. It's the same people every day. They suddenly look up and realise they need a ticket and stop, in everyones way, to search through their bag for it. I've got my ticket ready BEFORE I'm even off the train. Why? Because it means I don't need to worry about, I don't get in others way and I make the ticket collectors lives a little easier. Isn't that how we should all behave, doing our little bit to make other peoples lives better?

I'm sick of listening to my customers moaning about one thing or another. They are rude, arrogant (especially when they are wrong/stupid WHY IS THAT??) and it baffles me how these people can actually function in society.

I want to run away somewhere isolated with Jim, the Canadian wilderness for example. People scare me. I am just not like them.

attitude is back.

Charles Dera.... one person I could never hate...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ever Changing Tastes

It's strange how our tastes change so much, isn't it?

I mean a few years back I was a 100% top. Now... well things are a little different. And my taste in men changes on a daily basis. Some times I love guys like Brent Corrigan, slim and cute. Other days I just cannot get enough MUSCLE. And then some days I head off down the route less traveled and go for bears or ginger men or something equally bizarre.

And food. When I was 11 I wouldn't even eat toad in the hole because it sounded exotic. Now... I'll try most things although I'm not too big a fan of hot stuff. Easy on the chilli's.

Why not let me know about an example from your life? Ever changed your taste in men/clothes/marmite?

Leighton Stultz yoinked from Twisty Love. More of him here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

One Law For All!

As a libertarian I'd rather not have laws that protect individual groups of people. However as there is a ban on discrimination against women, ethnic minorities and the religious I feel it only fair (if not ideal) for us moxs to get the same treatment. So may I just say... in your face! No exemptions on the grounds of faith against the Equality Act!

Fundamentalists may cry about their "rights" but I didn't hear them shouting much in defense of the rights of others to discriminate against people on the basis of religion so as such I don't see why they should have the right to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality.

Had a horrid day at work, needed the picture above to cheer me up!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


I cannot believe that some people on the Just Us Boys forum are suggesting Brent Corrigan murdered Bryan Kocis. Get a grip people. Sometimes I think the internet is full of idiots. Other times I know it! (You only need to check out ANY forum site to know it yourself!).

Charles Dera in fetish gear. All my Christmas' come at once? Those rings around his arms are quite likely to feature in every one of my dirty dreams for the rest of my life!

I was woken in the early hours this morning by some moron walking down the street shouting about being lost who was throwing metal signs into the road. Grr... violent drunks are the worst.

OK. My Doctor Who obsession of the mid nineties is back. With bells on.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Doctorin' The Tardis?

This video has unlocked a lost memory. Wow... for the last 18 years I've had the first few seconds of this song stuck in my head. Now at least I have a name for the song!

I was out last night with work at the Riverside. Got very drunk, learnt things about colleagues I didn't want to know, and had an all round good time.

Men. You gotta love 'em.

EDIT: Just heard that Bryan (of Cobra Video/Brent Corrigan scandal infamy) has been murdered (see also here). Although he seems to have hurt people in the past I'm quite sure he didn't deserve to be stabbed to death. I'll be keeping an eye on Brent Corrigan's blog pending further news.

EDIT (AGAIN): LINK NOT WORK/HOME/PIOUS PERSON SAFE! Jason Curious Offers Fresh Perspective..

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Is it just me or does this guy inspire naughty thoughts?

Just back from the Vietnam restaurant. Yum.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Blogger Why Do You Torment Me So?? Snow! Yes people this morning I woke up to a good few centimetres of snow, right here in the middle of London! That's not something you see every day. So cool Work is poo at mo. I sent an email to tell everyone to leave me alone so I could get on with my project. Fat chance. My boss was away so I was in charge and work just went mad. So I had to stop my project again and help out. At this rate I'll be working all weekend. Oh didn't I tell you? I now have a laptop at work... oh how important I feel!!! So I feel a bit crap now. Thank God for Jim, he gives me something to look forward to on the way home.

It's all about faith for Christians isn't it. Christian Magistrate goes to employment tribunal.

Mr McClintock told the Mail that he only knows one or two gay people, but that his experience as a father of four informs his belief that only and man and a woman should raise a child. "The Bible teaching is that same-sex sexual relations are wrong and I agree with that. My friends include a rabbi and a Muslim woman who both agree," he told the paper.

His experience as a father of four tells him homosexuality is wrong?? What about Jim's experience as a father of four??? I hate people quoting parenthood as some kind of unique knowledge giving experience. Trust me, many idiots get to be parents. It isn't a very special institution. And with friends like that what do you expect them to think??? Bizarre. Oh let's all just get exempt from the law shall we? I think I should be allowed to not pay taxes. I don't believe in paying taxes see. I find them quite offensive. And I quote from my Holy Book (come back to what you know)
"Thou shall not pay taxes" Post 1255 Dated 24th January 2007

So it must have some value.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Gay Sunshine Day

It was snowing when I reached the train station this morning! Yay! I love snow...

Jim got a little drunk last night and while watching a movie in bed I got a phone call from some random woman who told me how he hadn't stopped talking about me all night. Aww... bless. That must of been the alcohol talking Jim!

If you wanted any more proof that humans are just a bunch of animals then check out the Devon looting story. Who gives a shit about breaking the law (and if you try to argue the case that they are just going to look after the goods you must be an imbecile!) and possibly harming the environment (by leaving open containers and unwanted goods all over the beach) they just want STUFF! Brainless morons.

Star Wars??? Sheesh! What were the Chinese thinking? "Let's be belligerent! Let's be thoughtless. Yes, let's become the next United States of America."

Monday, January 22, 2007

Weekend Shenanigans

My laptop is being annoying. I will get back to normal posting from today. So sorry... bloody computers. I love them...

Friday night I went out to the Fentiman Arms after work with loads of people. Had a good night, and was the second to last to leave leaving just Sam America and her last beau (who strangely enough is a friend of Kiwi Sam). Fentiman Arms is a nice pub but no matter what time or date I go the staff are always ferociously rude. And I am not one to complain normally.

Saturday I loafed around the house as I have no money (bloody January!). Dancing on Ice was on though. Kyran Bracken = YUM

Today Zoe came up (yay!) and we watched some Family Guy while we waited for John and Vixie to arrive (Zoe had never seen Family Guy... amazing). After they turned up and we made a side trip for some Opal Fruits (Starburst) we all headed to the Trafalgar for a drink. After that John and Vixie showed us into their own little obsession and took as to Wimpy.

Do not underestimate their obsession. John was wearing a Wimpy T Shirt and Vixie was making up Wimpy songs. Love it.

Then we went to the Gate Clock (or as John put it, the Goats Cock). Had Beer and Burger. Yay for Wetherspoon. Yay for scaring the bar maid with our Wimpy tales. Yay for three bloody fun mates.

And I love going out in Greenwich as it takes me NO EFFORT to get home. I'm already there! YAY!

And Jim's home.

It's a YAY kinda day.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blow Me!

Well wasn't yesterday interesting?

It started off innocently enough. The usual weather warnings about strong winds and my train was late because of "averse weather conditions" (in this country that could mean it was too sunny). I got to work and it didn't seem so bad outside. Then the wind really arrived. We are on the fifth (top) floor of our building and the wind whistled past the windows. Gradually it got worse rattling the windows... and then we heard things on the roof beginning to move.

Pieces of the roof began to fly down past our windows, while the shingle up there was thrown violently around. I moved seats yesterday morning and was most annoyed to find myself directly under a glass skylight. I spent the day praying it didn't give in...

As we headed to the pub at the end of the day we were aghast to discovered that the lift was out of order. Because of the wind. Madness!!

Saw Nick and his girlfriend last night, which was good. So sad he is heading home to Milwaukee.

No Jim for at least three days. What to do???

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Change

Last week I spent my time getting rid of all my responsibilities at work, training up others to replace me and generally annoying everyone. :D

After a couple of days training the new guy this week I was taken into a meeting and discovered that my role in the company was to undergo a bit of a transformation. I shall be doing much less customer service work and assisting in a major project.

I feel completely out of my depth at the moment, and it's going to be a lot of work; however I am determined to take this project on as a method to improve myself and learn about all the things at the moment that are daunting me.

Oh my God. This guy is the most perfect man I have ever seen (except Jim!). Look at that face, the hair, THOSE PECS!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Smelly Trains

Happy Birthday to the United Kingdom! May this tercentenary day be a peaceful one for every subject of Her Majesty.

My laptops power cable finally, after several months of Jim patching it back together, gave up the ghost this weekend. Hence I am late updating! A new power cable should arrive this weekend and, fingers crossed, should fit my disfigured laptop power connection (bodging has it's downsides!).

It has been rather refreshing to be without the internet at home however. I've read every pamphlet I could find, reread magazines, actually properly focussed on television programmes (Ann Widdecombe V. The Hoodies. I don't know who is more anti social... I sure wouldn't want to bump into Ms. Widdecombe in a dark alley; she'd probably tell me off for not walking properly or something. :) )

My trains to and from work yesterday were awful! The morning train had a bloke on it who smelt like he'd found a pile of smoking weed and decided to sleep in it for the night. There is nothing wrong with people smoking cannabis in their own homes. But please do not inflict that hideous smell on others!

Then as I boarded the train home I did my usual worry of "Oh I hope I don't stink after a day at work..." I need not have worried. A man got on and stood next to me and he smelt so strongly of old man that I almost puked. People moved away. I stood my ground and he got off the train 2 minutes later. Sadly his smell didn't. By the end of the journey everyone in the carriage smelt like him and I rushed home and had a bath.

I am not someone who moans about other peoples smell, looks or habits normally. But these two people were actually the worst smelling people I've ever encountered. To meet them both on the same day was a singularly hideous coincidence.

And in further comment to my last post here is a story about the support for an English Parliament. At first it sounds very fair. The Scots and Welsh have their own assemblies. Why shouldn't the English?

Well here's why: 1) for us Unionists it's just another step towards the eventual destruction of our country. 2) who is going to pay for this??? we have better things to be spending our money on than creating another level of politicians. We need less levels of politicians at logical steps. So districts for the day to day stuff (rubbish collecting for instance), counties for the more complex matters (such as social care) and then countries for the big things (such as foreign policy). NO MORE POLITICIANS!

Let's just join with France.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great Britain Forever

I may dislike Gordon Brown, and have severe reservations about his soon to be confirmed premiership. But there is one thing I can't fault; his defense of the United Kingdom.

I am a proud unionist (no, not a Northern Irish one!) and all this talk of the destruction of the union in it's 300th year is disturbing.

I am glad to see the Liberal Democrats are also defending it in the face of the Conservative (and Unionist!) Parties England for the English talk. Bastards.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said the chancellor was right to highlight the "Faustian bargain" between the nationalists and the Tories.

"They may have different motives but their actions will jointly lead to the same conclusion - the break-up of the union," he said.

Sir Menzies said he accepted the need for the Union to be modernised to take account of devolution to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

But he added: "There is much more to be gained in common purpose than by separatism."

I plead with all people to imagine our nations without each other. We would be nothing! The UK has been the most successful multinational country ever. Let's keep it that way. We have nearly 100 years over our closest competitor, the United States. Long Live The United Kingdom!

Where is Attitude? Attitude was the first gay magazine I ever plucked up the courage to buy in Folkestones WH Smiths. Let's hope it's not gone forever; this article doesn't fill me with confidence.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Someone Won! Woo!

OK. Well at least now we will have the same protections as those who are religious. It's not perfect but it's fair. You know I'd rather no protections at all but some people need them, I suppose.

Have a read of this eyewitness account of the protests.

So what rights are left for us to get (other than marriage, don't even start me off on my Civil Partnership rant...)?


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Will Christians Ever Learn?

Watching BBC news and a vicar comes on and talks about the proposed laws I've been writing about today. He tells us he loves everyone be they a drunkard, a thief or a "gay" and wants to bring the gospels to them.

One) I hate the term a gay or gays. 99% of the time those words are uttered by a homophobe more used to saying "queer" or "batty boy" than calling us human beings.

Two) he compares us homosexuals to drunks and thieves??? Did he really just do that? I am a law abiding, intelligent (humour me here...) human (and here) being who (barring my inate and highly dangerous clumsiness) doesn't cause a fuss. I am not the same as someone suffering a problem with alcohol or a criminal. I love men. I cannot change that (hey I used to try to find women attractive, no sane person wants to be gay when they first discover their sexuality, who would choose to be discriminated against and hated?).

There is nothing wrong with being (a, shudder) gay. Nothing you can say can convince me there is. I've never harmed anyone, unlike thousands of hetrosexual men who think getting into fights is a natural part of life. Why am I insulted, belittled and compared to a criminal???

If I ever meet that vicar I will have to reconsider my anti violence stance. How dare he suggest my sexuality is akin to criminality. Who the fuck does he think he is???

Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. Get religion out of politics. Get it out of public services. Get the priests grubby little hands off my tax money. I've had enough of their arrogance and want no more part of their crazed religious delusions about miracles, dead people coming back to life and an all powerful God. Keep your insane beliefs to yourself.

Hmm... I could probably be sued under those Religious Hatred laws now. Funny how the religious don't mind us gay men having to be nice to them. HYPOCRITES.

If these new laws don't pass I am going to start lobbying for an end to a ban on discriminating against someone based on their religion. Fairs fair.

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My faith in my fellow countrymen has today received a much needed boost. There I was thinking that most people were absolute bigots with little education (see what customer service work does to your optimistic outlook on life?) and then I read the BBC News Have Your Say forum on the new gay rights regulations (see my last post).

Positive, positive, positive. Oh sure they were bigotted towards the religious (but hey they are such an easy target) and they support laws I do not but. But at least I can say that homophobia seems to be at it's lowest ebb in decades.

Now what I think would be better than these new laws would be to get rid of the Religious Hatred bill. Oh but the crazies wouldn't like that...

Hug a Christian today!

I'm A Libertarian But...

... I really wish that the Sexual Orientation Regulations pass.

Oh sure I'm against it because of the fact that it compells people to act in a certain way that they may not want to. And it also means us gays can't discriminate against hetrosexuals (honestly I don't want their kind in our bars...).

But it'd be lovely to have these laws pass and see the look on the Christians, Muslims and Jews faces... Ah... I'm sick and tired of these groups getting special treatment just because they've decided to believe that there is some kind of supreme being controlling the world. I'm sure if they went around telling us all they believe in fairies we would have them all locked up for their own protection. But if they tell us there is a creator who built the world in 7 days and the Earth is only a few thousand years old, people don't bat an eyelid. They are crazy... we shouldn't allow them to go near our political process'!

I just listened to one of them on telly who suggested it would be wrong to force people to allow two men to share a double bed. Christians... most irritating bunch of people ever to follow the teachings of Christ without actually paying any attention to the bloke...

"And let he who is without sin cast the first stone..."

Christians! Listen to the man!

Monday, January 08, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Over New Year we drove to my parents. As we drove up the A20 towards Lympne a hushed "home" slipped through my lips. This began a short debate between Jim and I over where home is and he argued that you can only have one place you call home. In my case either Greenwich or Folkestone.

I disagree. Greenwich is my home because this is where I pay my rent, sleep most nights, watch telly, veg out and contemplate cleaning. The man I love is here (yes Jim. That is you!). Work is near here. This is home. But Folkestone is my home too. My memories of important times in my life are there, my friends are there, my family is there. My cat is there. It too is just as much my home as here.

Do you think it is possible to have more than one place you consider "home"?

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Up To No Good

Friday was Natasha's last day at work. :( This means I am the last person in customer service who is not a manager to have joined in 2005. I really, really have to leave soon before I go insane. I'm pretty unhappy with my job at the moment.

To drown our sorrows we all headed to the Riverside for some drinks, where I talked shit about comics and smoking. Did actually speak a little with the new girl which was good as I haven't really "clicked" with her yet.

On the way home I got bored and lazy so I foolishly took a trip to Lewisham and rather than walk home from there got the DLR. This was a mistake. Before we'd even gone two minutes a fight had broken out between all but two people in my carriage and the conductor. The two people not involved were a girl sitting opposite me and... myself!

It all started because a girl pushed onto the train as the doors were closing. The conductor told her off (trains are every 5 minutes after all) and then asked for her ticket. She didn't have one. So her told her he'd be leaving her at the next station. She argued and he said the train wouldn't go on until she left the train. This is when some drunk men (respectable, grown up guys some in suits) decided to "defend" her and started pushing the conductor.

The conductor got off the train and before we could do anything a voice came over the tannoy "This is Control. This train is now terminated." Joy... so we had to get off and go round to the other platform and wait for another train to arrive (travelling on the wrong side of the track causing immense disruption!) all because some frigging idiots were too stupid to admit the conductor was in the right. I'm glad that girl was on the train with me, as she reminded me that we were the only sane ones.

Saturday I headed back to Folkestone via Forbidden Planet in London. They had no Doctor Who magazines! But they have them in Folkestone WH Smiths. So much for greatest cult shop in the country! Anyway. Meet Zoe in Wetherspoons for lunch which was nice. Haven't been there in a long time. Same as ever except they have replaced the seating. Finally!

After that we took a trip to her flat which was HUGE and then headed to Ashford Cineworld (I know, this is a trip down memory lane here!) to see Happy Feet. I don't want to say this was a bad movie. It wasn't. However, it was weird. Okay. I can accept animals talking. I can accept them singing. I can accept them dancing. But this movie seemed to have some deeper meanings and I can't quite see whether it was a kids movie trying to be more or something more trying to be a kids movie. It didn't quite fit right. But entertaining nevertheless. Animation was awesome.

Zoe dropped me home and I had dinner with the parental units before heading back out to see Laura and Sam at (drum roll please)... the Leas Club. Again same as ever. Again changed carpet and seating (yay!). Sam brought along Mike (good eye candy) and Laura brought Zoe G (she of many drunken clubbing hugs of old) . It was a cool night that went by so quickly. It also brought my pint consumption this weekend into double figures. Eek.

Today had a fry up at home, made a fuss of Angel cat then got the train back. I am always amazed at people not know how trains work. I sat at Westenhanger station (called a station only because trains stop there... they don't do tickets, people or announcements) and watched a family of morons walk up and down the station while the mother tried to tell them all that the timetable was where she was. None of them listened. They would walk up to her, then back to the blank arrivals screen (hasn't worked since the eighties) and back again. I was just desperate to tell them that the train would get here when it got here and they should just bloody sit down. Grr....

Home now after briefly chatting with Terry from school at Waterloo East. Random. I smell of cigarettes. Roll on the smoking ban (even though I'm against it!)

Go check out the World of Mike Nutworth

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The O.C. Is Cancelled!

See here. Sob! No more Seth. No more Chrismukkah. No more dreaming up Seth/Ryan/Luke slash... Oh the tragedy!

Celebrity Big Brother. Actually looks good. It also created the funniest news story ever. H from Steps came out Now if there is anyone on the planet who has seen Steps and doesn't know H is a mox I will eat my hat. Please God! It's a bit like the Queen stating "One is not a lesbian". Poor H. He was the last to know...

And finally scientists are trying to eradicate pink sheep! I feel quite offended by this. I know I shouldn't be. It's sheep. Farmers want all their sheep to be productive, so this would be a bonus. But it feels... wrong. The idea of the possibility of people creating something that could allow mothers to choose not to have a gay child... it disturbs me. It feels like someone is close to working out how to wipe out my race... my species... my future. I know that that isn't what it is. I'm just trying to put down the feelings it inspires in me.

Straight people... will they ever give up their evil schemes of world domination?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Today my Mum and I went to the funeral of Ray, boyfriend of Zoe. He passed away over the Christmas period. So today this blog is dedicated to his memory. Every time I met him he came across as a nice, smiley and quiet guy. I don't think you could ever meet a nicer bloke. And he always seemed so brave as he fought his illness.

Zoe, remember I am only a phone call away. I am not very good at funerals, my apologies, but really anything you need or want just let me know.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Doctor Who Overload

After spending part of New Years Eve with my family I managed to spend New Years Day in a much more enjoyable pursuit; overloading on Doctor Who related stuff.

First up I caught up with all the episodes of Torchwood I had refused to watch after a fit of pique at the handling of my favourite bad guys in "Cyberwoman". Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement in quality.

Then came the Sarah Jane Adventures. Now I am going to say I am not one of Sarah Jane's fans. She has always come across as a little... weird. But even though this was a kids show it was throughly entertaining. And Joseph Millson was so hot... I can't find a picture to do him justice. But there is a pic of second in command of the totty... Jamie Davies Then after that was the final two episodes of Torchwood which rocked my socks! Who is Bilis Manger? Was that really the Doctor's TARDIS at the end? Can Owen be any more obnoxious? Why weren't there more apologies from the team to Jack after they killed him then nearly destroyed the world against his advise?? What do you have to do to REALLY (i.e. not get fired then wander back in anyway and get a hug from Jack) get fired from Torchwood??? And most importantly how does Matt Rippy get away with looking that good in a 1940s American air force uniform???

On the way to work I listened to Spare Parts, a Fifth Doctor audio adventure. Oh my God. It's good. This is so how the Cybermen were meant to be portrayed, truely terrifying! And now I just watched Vicar of Dibley and there were Daleks!!! I think I may explode..

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Monday, January 01, 2007

The First Post

Happy New Year to you, my Dear Constant Reader.

Every year it's traditional for me to make a list of things I want to achieve. Last year I failed to achieve a single thing.

This failure has made me evaluate the point of setting such a list.

So this year I've decided to have just one goal. And that goal is one that will cause friends to scoff, long term readers to exclaim "fraud" and admirers (yes I have got a few) to exhale in a rather disconcerting way (put your hands where I can see them!).

I plan to get fit.

And I don't mean get fit in a healthy, pleasant way. I mean to get fit in a narcissitic, totally awful way. I want a body to show off to people and not have them go "Put the jacket back on!"

So my promise to you Dear Constant Reader is to have a topless shot of me up here that I'm not ashamed of by the end of 2007. Simple. I can do this. I just need a little encouragement from you guys! I wanna look good for Jim, and for myself.

Now I've got to do some sit ups. That is going to be a novel experience... EEK!

And I must start to tidy up this blog, write a little better and generally get it into a condition I can be proud of.