Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Happened Next...

Tuesday 27 September. Someone throws themselves under a train at New Cross thus delaying Jae by two hours. Grr... selfish suicidals... do it on your own time!

Wednesday. Went on a work night out to Soho, starting at the Alphabet Bar. It was okay. If it had been in Folkestone it's attempt at looking like someones attic would have been cool. But not in Soho thank you. We moved on to some red bar starting with R where Champagne was drunk and Vince and Bonnie gave me some San Francisco tips.

Nineish we went to the Blues Bar, where I tried to pimp off some Americans, Bonnie and Peter had a conker fight (COOL!) and I said goodbye to Kiwi Sam, who I shall not see for a while. He was cool. And his replacement looks nothing like Colin Farrell (name of Andrea).

Walked Paul down to his bus. Thing I love about Soho is that it's surrounded by roads I know so no matter how drunk/lost I get I can always appear knowledgeable by leading people to their destinations. By a very roundabout route. :o)

Thursday. The day without end. Got up at stupidaclock,and headed for Heathrow, where we discovered Virgin Atlantic wanted to charge me50quid because I'm so tall! Laughed in their face. Anyway when I got on the plane found they had movedus anyway to bulkhead seats. So they lied to try and get someone to pay for something they have to do anyway. BASTARDS! Flight was eleven long hours but thanks to entertainment system (Spaced, Will and Grace, League of Gentlemen Apocalypse, Tarnation, Little Britain,and MissCongeniality 2!) helped us through. And the service waslovely and a million meals were served so Virgin, I forgive thee!!!

San Francisco. Wow! It's America! There are Americans,and big cars, and big roads, and big everything!! We got to the Hotel at 4pm local time,but that's about midnight by my body clock, so we... went out again!!! Our hotel is lovely, the room is HUGE!I'm sure the bathrooms in another time zone. Fishermens Wharf is asexpected. Tacky but fun. Had some clam chowder at Boudins, where I was renamed Tayson. Was accosted by Japanese tourists who wanted their picture taken with me. I was in a good mood,but made themusemy camera as well (pics of me with them will follow!!!). Jim got had for a $20 shoe shine on his trainers. FOOL! Saw the seals off Pier 39 and enjoyed the views to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thursday the 29th of September 2005 was 32 hours long. PHEW! It's 2am here, but I'mwide awake... ah!Fucked up body clock.

And this space bar... messed up!!!

Jae's Last Post (Probably!) Before He Takes Over The United States

Please note US Immigration agents this in no way suggests I wish to overthrow the United States Government. And I am not a Communist *throws his Soviet star with Hammer and Sickle onto floor and remembers not to take a copy of the Morning Star with him on the plane*. Oh and I'm only a little bit gay (Jae please do not take Gay Times or Attitude with you!). And don't be cheeky. And don't mention the war (1812) or the Empire. And let's leave Bush bashing to the breeders. And abortion is so out of bounds as a topic of discussion. Ooo... and hey global warming ain't gonna disappear in a week, so leave it out!

Phew just a little bit of ettiquette to remember.... ah and with my current experience of Americans here at work also do not make any jokes that could be offensive to anyone in anyway. Americans seem way too fragile, bless their cotton socks. Oh and take clean socks!!!

Hmm... ok I think I've covered everything... WAIT... no kicking SUVs...

God, this travelling to America is very stressful, and I haven't even started packing yet!

Jae Kay Is Away

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Do Yourself A Favour


Do you live in the UK? Do you want 24 meg broadband? Do you want one month free? Then go visit my mates Pauls new blog at BeThere24!!! He'll sort you out, and no he's not paying me!!!

Jae Is Going To San Francisco

Last night Sam  ( came over for a Chinese and a few drinks and got the honour of meeting Jim. Twas a nice evening, even if I had to avoid coming out to the Chinese lady ("where your brother? he brother or friend?"). Had a few pints at Richard 1st, probably our last out in the garden for the year if the weathers anything to go by!
Two days till I go to San Francisco!!! I am soooooooo excited now.  It'll be good just to have a break from work, I'm mean I've had to have over 4 weeks in a row here! Slavery! ;op

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jae Goes To Reuters Big Day

Oh yes Jim's work opened up their offices to friends and family so us and the kids dropped by...

Anyone know who's kids these are?

Jim realises it's a free bar behind him...

Step away from the rabbit...

Hmm... we lost some children and gained a gang of weirdos.


Ian's on TV!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jae Goes Wilde

Oscar Wilde wrote one of my favourite books "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

And so I'm pleased to give you this link for hours of enjoyment. I wish I could write even half as well as he could.

Jae Will Never Understand Certain Things

Gay-priest ban won't end sexual abuses, some argue. Well it's good to know there are SOME people in the Catholic church with brains.

It has been a long time coming but that's the most insulting news headline I've ever seen. You mean banning gay men won't stop sex abuse???? Oh my God! Are you trying to tell us that being gay isn't the same as being a sexual predator??? Hold the front page!

And the editor of this news site is paid real money? For real news, from a sane source, go to the BBC's version.

Honestly guys... have you no eyes to see? Most abuse occurs within families. Most families consist of (dare I say it) hetrosexuals or closet cases. You do the math. Out and proud gay men? They're more interested in fucking their brains out down the local in the dark room than abusing some pre pubescent.

What the Catholic church really needs to do is ban priests. Let the Holy Spirit do the leg work.


The remaining Holocaust survivors are starting to die. Wiesenthal funeral held in Israel

It's hard to imagine that not that far from where I am right now murder on the most disgusting scale occured, during the lifetime of my Nan. That's a blink of an eye in real terms. It is our duty never to forget World War 2 and all it's horrors, even after the last witness has died.

If we forget... then there will be hell to pay.

Jae's Campaign For Fabtastic Queers

written 25/09/05

Last night I sat reading Gay Times and yet another article about the commercial exploitation of the GLBT community and the homogenisation of the scene, when I could take it no longer. What has happened to us?

Back in 1998 when I was taking my first tentative steps out of the closet I remember the gay bars of Canterbury being full of interesting and exciting people. There were goths, freaks, trannies, lesbians (God forbid!), dirty old men and people best described (in the nicest possible way) as "what the fuck are they?". It was fun.

Now it's 2005. Take your pick of any gay bar or club in London. From Action through to XXL everyone is totally dull. Everyone looks the same whether they are all bears, or all twinks or the sad boring bastards wearing jeans AND a blazer in GAY. Conformity is the key. I haven't seen a pre op transexual in years, nor anyone I would think of as a fabulous freak.

What happened to subversion, or even simply being different to the breeders? We dress like straight people, talk like them and even follow the crowd like them. Whether it's rich tossers wearing jeans AND blazer (it's a pet peeve) to council trash chav scum we copy them!!!

I wander through the blogverse and find the same things happening, gay men who have been normalised. BORING!

So I want to know if anyone else feels like I do? Are we just going to sit back and become like everyone else? Whatever happens... we must stop the evil jeans AND blazer squad before it's too late. Let's do something about it!

Let's get back our immaturity, our insecurity, our tradegies! Being gay ain't just about shagging men!! As Judy Garland (praise be!) once sang...

Be a clown,
Be a clown,
All the world loves a clown
Act the fool, play the calf
And you'll always have the last laugh,
Wear the cap and the bells
And you'll rate with all the great swells,
If you become a doctor, folks'll face you with dread,
If you become a dentist, they'll be glad when you're dead,
You'll get a bigger hand if you can stand on your head.
Be a clown, be a clown, be a clown!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Jae Loves A Nice Start To The Morning

Email post so links may not work, will tidy up later...

A hug from Jim, a nice peaceful non busy commute to work and then a trip in an elevator with the cutest guy I've seen in a long, long time (Jim not included) ...
Short black hair, a baseball cap tilted sideways (not a chav one but a proper American baseball one), slim, wearing a short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve, with knee length denim shorts and dark trainers. Mmm... that skater boi look is sooooo good.
Monk got a mention in G2 (,,1576728,00.html) today. Love that show, people please watch it, it's back on BBC 2 October 1st, afternoon time. It's BRILLIANT!
Maureen Lipman in G2 annoyed me (,,1576480,00.html) and I shall respond to her in a long moany post this weekend which I'm sure you will all look forward to. ;op If you think customer servants are bad... wait till you meet the customers!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jae Goes To The Northern Down Under Again

Went back to Acton last night via the slowest tube train in history. JOY! Had a lovely chicken caesar salad at Sam's before heading out with her, Lindsey and Lindsey's Aussie boyfriend Matt to a pub called the Mill Hill. Pretty cool evening, and Lindsey... Matt is CUTE! Marry him immediately! :o)
Plans ahead.. probably doing something tomorrow night, Wednesday night shall be heading for a work night out in Soho to the Alphabet Bar, Thursday I shall be in San Francisco, and Monday Sam is probably coming to Greenwich for a reciprocal meal... All fun... See I'm starting to get a life!!! WOW!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I fancy doing something random. Random but cheap and that doesn't interrupt work. Ideas on a postcard (or in a comment) please!
News still slow. Which is a good thing meaning we are only operating at a normal level of badness as opposed to worse than normal (which considering how bad things normally are is really crappy).
We'll forget about the whole Basra thing. Hey we are there to support our Iraqi friends remember, by bulldozing their police stations with tanks... SAS guys please answer me this... why were you stopped in the first place? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'd Like To Thank You All!

Hello Dear Constant Reader and those just searching for porn!
Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails of late. The emails are fascinating... am I to believe that I have so many Dear Constant Readers who love my blog, and read it all the time and just happen to want to see certain pictures?
Cos guys, please don't send me butt kissing emails, I hate sycophants. If you want something you only need to ask nicely, and not talk to me like I'm a child. I'm not dissing the lovely emails. Just be honest with me, and I'll be a lot happier doing what you ask.
I am getting very excited about my trip to San Francisco. Just a little more than a week to go... ...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Antipodean Town

Yesterday I escaped the house for an evening in Acton with Sam R from work. Twas fairly cool, her house is MASSIVE! Had dinner at the local Spoons (that's like my 99th spoons ;op) and then went to the Redback which is a dodgy but pretty cool bar for those from the southern hemisphere. Everyone in Acton seems to be Aussie, Kiwi, or from small s south Africa. They served snakebite blacks and had live rock music... BRILLIANT!
Went back to Sam's for some Strongbow Super (cheap but tasty!!!) 
I think I'm becoming obsessed with Randy Orton the WWE wrestling star... WWE (when it was WWF) was more only source of male flesh before we got the internet... It should get an award for services to Gay Youth. 

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Ok so Iran wants to go nuclear. I agree any country going nuclear is pretty bad. But please will someone explain to me why Iran shouldn't be allowed nuclear weapons yet other countries should be allowed to have them?

What's our stance really saying? That nuclear weapons are bad in general? No it's sadly not. What it is saying is we don't want you to have them because we don't like you.

I'm not against a nuclear deterrant. I believe it's an important part of our defense. But we cannot hope to keep it, and not allow proliferation. We either give them up, or we put up with increased risk. We can't be two faced about this!

Brent Corrigan - The Saga Continues

Go see this forun at for the most up to date info on the whole thing. Thanks to Jim for finding it!

I would post my thoughts on it but then this post would probably get deleted by the evil Google police for being too controversial... and those of you with brains can probably work out where I stand in the whole debate.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jae Wouldn't Mind Being Pinned By This One

Wrestlers. Don't you just love them?

Jae Wants To Be In San Francisco NOW

I really, really do!

Last night wandered into town along the Albert Embankment. Met Jim at Charing Cross and had a few drinks in Retro, headed home and had another drink in the George and Dragon (I feel so dirty!).

I'm putting weight on again. Grr... bodily functions are bloody annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

News is slow, nothing even remotely interesting. So...

My favourite porn star may be underage!. Well that is under 18, not under 16. So really it's only going to shock the illiberals. I've decided for the time being to not post any more naked men, so for your enjoyment I present a clothed Brent Corrigan...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jae's Life Trundles Ever Onwards

Hard to believe I've been writing in this thing for over 4 years!! Here I am living in Greenwich with a lovely boyfriend, working in London in a job paying good money for what it is, and I am enjoying life. Certainly not where I imagined myself all those years ago. When I was really young I thought I'd end up bobbing along the Amazon in search of some weird and wonderful creatures as an ecologist/zoologist/cryptozoologist. Then I thought one day I'd spend my time helping others through life's troubles as a social worker or a carer.
Instead I'm in customer service. That's why I love life, always unpredictable, and interesting. Who knows what I'll be doing in 4 years time (when I'll be 26! OMG!)
Hmm.. so Wednesday Jim was out with Paul so I thought I'd have a nice relaxing evening to myself. I settled down in my dressing gown with Space Race and some Diet Coke. Half nine a drunk Jim fell through the door, threw some clothes at me and forced me to go down to the George and Dragon with him (yeah right, beer drinking requires no coercion). There was no stripper, just one barmaid and David (the guy whose phone number I managed to get down the Rose and Crown much to Jim's continued annoyance). Then headed to the Chinese where Jim gave his phone number to the owner (SLUT!). It was actually so she can phone him when she next makes rice cakes... :o) I love that little Chinese, lovely food.
Am starting to get quite excited about my upcoming trip to San Francisco... can't wait!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Jae's Awful Spelling

My grammar and spelling reach new heights of awful each and every day. I can tell this is the case because of the incredible amount of searches that come to my site badly spelt. Are you looking for pitures? cabury world? I'm sure I can't help you! And what on Earth is a scapper? Appears there may be some in India though if one of my visitors is to be trusted.
Note to self get some English lessons!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Things Jae Loves About The Noughties

1) being able to pause TV shows. How cool is that??? Right now I should be watching the Space Race but fancied doing this instead... so I paused it. Still freaks me out in the best possible way!
2) Google. Where would I be without Google Maps, Gmail or the new BlogSearch? Not to mention Google News
3) Internet Porn
4) iPod's
5) Blogging
6) Reality TV
7) The death of reality TV
8) Cheap flights
9) Smaller newspapers
10) The beginning of the end of homophobia in Britain.

Run Tinkerbell Run!

Yesterday was work night out as yet another person is leaving. Was cool, although the ubiqitous frisbee did appear and although I did start to have a throw my managers shouts of "Run Tinkerbell Run" soon put me off. Had some drinks in the park outside the Lavendar before the alcoholics among us moved onto Picos for a meal, which was rather nice. Chicken Peri Peri... yum!
I have to say I may well have been a little bit drunk.
My Powerbooks charger is broke, and I am having to update via email from work at the moment as obviously I only realised it was broke after my Mac switched itself off. Joy. Am bidding on another one but it's very annoying!  As I am updating via email the quality of presentation shall be even worse than normal. Be warned!
In the news... stupid people cause problems at some petrol stations... it really is true; civilisation is only ever three missed meals away from anarchy.
People who have sent me emails... I will deal with them as soon as possible!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Jae and Jim Go Mystical

Sunday, the kids were away early and we headed out to get some mushrooms for breakfast. Jim sidetracked us by disappearing into the Coach and Horses for a pint, first customers! Roll on 24 hour opening! Then we won't have to wait till eleven!
Jim then booked himself in for a Tarot reading at one of the market stools, while I went and purchased some stones for spellcasting at the local magix shop. Bought so many I got a free pouch! 
Jim's Tarot reading was funny, while he was being sorted out I was forced to chat with the readers psychic friend. Ah... she was a card. Jim's reading was fairly standard, my particular favourite part was "Relationship wise you have got what you dreamed of". :o)
As a pagan, I believe you should self divine, not rely upon someone else, but getting a Tarot reading is fun, and at only £5.00 it was the same price as my tiny piece of Italian nougat... so BARGAIN! 
The new Guardian was released today... I like it. Since I moved to London I've had to switch to reading the bland Independent, which is less anti social to read on a packed commuter train, but less fun than my beloved Graniuad. Loving the new style, just hope people stop referring to it as Berliner as it's a tad annoying, although I don't quite know why. Now all they need is to get Julie Burchill back on a Saturday, and the Editor magazine on a Friday and I shall be happy as Larry.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just Another Day In Northern Ireland

Why do we allow it to continue? Northern Ireland may as well be on the other side of the world. There you can be chucked out of your house by your neighbours just for saying the wrong thing. There rule of law is whatever someone decides it to be, hmm... the police can deal with him, and we'll deal with this thief. A knee capping should do it.

What is it all about? I used to, being the leftie liberal I am, think it was the nasty Protestants against Catholics who were just fighting for equal rights and treatment. But it isn't. It's tribal warfare between evermore disgusting and grotesque groups of people. With a whole bunch of innocents caught in the middle. Ethnic minorities, homosexuals, and law abiding families trying to survive in a province filled with stupid hatred and brain numbing poverty. It's time the British and Irish Governments did something about the constant rioting, fighting and law breaking... that's up to them obviously to work out a long term solution. May I suggest why not shut both sides churchs till they are grown up enough to call themselves Christian. Cruel but hey they might get together to fight a common foe. (Please note am not serious about that, just think it'd be rather amusing... in a warped way).

Oh and exile Dr Paisley to the South Sandwich Islands. It's the only way. I am serious about that.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jae Wants To Know Why You Want To Marry!

Kevin McDaid and Mark Feehily have gotten engaged. Hmm... I know I bang on about this subject a lot, but why do gay men want to get married?? What is it about marriage, a decrepit and pointless institution now that it's original purpose has been distorted by the idea of "romantic love", that makes people want to keep on getting hitched?

But I wish everyone who gets married well, and I will fight for your rights to be dull (well not fight, quietly support you from this armchair here). Against such adverseries as the "Verminator" who wants to veto California's gay marriage bill.

So why do you want to get married, or why do you agree with me?

I'm just going to have to face it. I'll never understand peoples desire to marry (here's a crazy idea, why not just tell the other person you love them, and spend the money on something nice), and I'll never understand conservatives.

Elsewhere... should I set up a new blog at A vblog?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Flying Giant Reptiles, Batman!

Oh yeah, did you see this story? Wow! Imagine what having one of those swoop over you would have been like! A 60 foot wingspan, imagine the sound!

Brings into perspective stories of Thunderbirds, midgets compared to these ancient goliaths!

Jae's Glad It's The Weekend

Had a team lunch today which was cool, gave me something to look forward to during the morning anyway! No plans this weekend. Just got back from Richard the 1st... just not in the mood today.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jae Gets Stuck In A Lift

I hate lifts. I used to be so petrified of them that I wouldn't get on them for even a trip up one level. It all stems from watching some old movie, where a lift falls down it's shaft and smashes it millions of pieces, when I was very young. I still find them a little "uncomfortable".

Today eight of us boarded the lift to our office. Chris pipes up "Wouldn't be funny if the lift broke down?" Two seconds later and it stops. Dead. We spent an hour in there, although my spirits were lifted when we heard a man outside "This is the London Fire Brigade". Ya firemen I thought, and kept thinking till I saw them. DISAPPOINTING! Oh well those thoughts at least kept me from freaking out!!!

Anyway I know the other seven people a whole lot better now!!

Jae Is Censored By Blogger

Good lord! All I did was publish one picture of Kevin McDaid naked and wham bam, the post is deleted as "illegal" content. I don't mind, now it gives me something to moan about for the next few days!!! Little Goody Two Shoes shows his bad side... Cor this makes me feel like a rebel.

That has cheered me up this morning...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Good News and The Bad News

California, we love you!. Now here's a good example of politicians doing their job and leading the people, as opposed to following them. No offense but our politicians have become such bland and passive arse lickers to keep their jobs that we may as well not bother having elections. Good to see some still have balls of steel!

Shame some others don't have two brain cells to rub together. Homophobes, I am bored and tired of putting up with your shit, who the fuck are you to tell us we can't do what you can do??? Grrr...

And when will some men learn? Women are your equals. Get over it!

And I thought the Bible said give unto Caesar what is Caesars. I think the Council Tax is grossly unfair. But let's vote out Blair, not break the law guys!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Goodbye Multicultural Jae

Over the last year the debate over the merits of multiculturalism has raged without end. I would always have labelled myself a multiculturalist. As a pinko, leftie liberal I believed that everyone should be allowed to live their life as they wanted, and subscribe to whatever culture they wanted to. But my beliefs are based on a very important concept of "And ye harm none do what thou will". That concept is the central tenet of my lifestyle. That is why the concept of community and of family becomes daily more remote and downright dangerous in my estimations. Communities and families control cultural mores, destroying freedom.

Allowing all communities total freedom to live their own "cultures" is wrong. I've come to believe that now. How can I believe that men and women are totally equal, that gay men and women are equal to hetrosexuals, that sexual morals are less important that safe sex, and still support communities that support forced marriage? Or Death to Homosexuals? (Old story but I think it illustrates my point!

So I solemnly promise that I shall not tolerate the intolerant, defend the indefensible, or put up with other liberals disgusting support of hardline Muslims, nor Christians support of their fundamentalist leaders. Time we defended our liberal democracy against those who seek to spread their malicious culture, and undermine our freedoms... even if they are Scottish

Little Shop Of Horror

I have had the theme tune to Little Shop of Horror stuck in my head for the last two days. I just can't seem to shake it. It's very annoying! It's even more annoying because it's the kind of song I feel like breaking out into a dance to, but this would not be too wise a move when on the 08:08 Charing Cross service! :op London commuters are highly territorial, any infringement of their space is met with a very stern look indeed!
Went out last night with a few people from work to the Lavendar, played various drinking games and a good time. Why is it, whenever I'm a little worse for wear, there are always delays with the trains going home??? God... I hate waiting at train stations when I'm rat arsed. Never a good thing!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Quiet Day In...

So Saturday we decided to have a quiet day in. We managed it till about two when we got hungry and went in search of food. Our search took us into town and to the Walkabout near Temple. I forgot football was on, and was momentarily suprised by the huge crowd in the pub. It was cool, but I hate football and there was no chance of food, so after a drink we headed up to the Strand, had a browse through the BBC Shop (a trip down memory lane!!) at Bush House before another drinks at Kudos.

I like Kudos, I think it is quite a cool little bar. I've had a few nice days in that place. Finally food was found in Tokyo diner. I can never understand why that place isn't packed to the rafters, cheap and delicious food served darn quick. Yum! We had dessert at the Haagen Daz restaurant on Leicester Square. Double Yum!

Went shopping in HMV and wandered around the Trocerdero. Had a few drinks in Comptons and GAY. Saw Josh Rafter (saw Brian May on Friday night and Jim was at the gym with Graham Norton on Thursday... go us!) Then we headed to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see a preview showing of a Few Good Men, with Rob Lowe and John Barrowman (PHWOAR!). Yes that John Barrowman! Captain Jack in Doctor Who... love him. It was very good, and a lot more amusing than I would have imagined. Having not seen the movie, I can judge it on its own merits. Go see it!!!

Then headed home via Burger King.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Jae Goes Out

Wandered to Charing Cross from Vauxhall station, as couldn't be bothered with trains. Was a gorgeous walk along the South Bank.

Went out with Jim to Retro Bar last night, had a few drinks and played loads of quiz games on the machine. Won Nothing. :o)

Had a Pizza Express, then went to the Edge on Soho Square before heading home. Nice to get out and about in town for once.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thank God For Hurricane Katrina

Christians spend little time in spreading hatred and their appalling biblical knowledge, and understanding is almost laughable.

God hates gay people so much he'll happily destroy the lives of thousands just to stop us having a party.. OR NOT!!!

No wonder I gave up Christianity when I became old enough to understand that most Christians are a little bit scary.

Hurry Give Us Money!!!

Oh yes. I feel bad for the people of New Orleans and the other areas affected by Katrina. I really do. I cannot imagine how awful it must be for those who are trapped without hope of relief.

But I nearly broke something when I heard President Bush asking for relief money from the nations of the world. Erm... hands up to the nation which only begrudingly gave money to the 2004 tsunami? Erm... which nation has just spent loads of money liberating Iraq when they should have been looking for Osama Bin Laden? Which nation is the richest in the world? I have many American friends here in Britain and I feel awful saying this but.... the poor of New Orleans didn't just magic themselves into existence. They are Americas self made problem. It's time America cleared up its mess.

Maybe in the future you will look after the poor, and the unfortunate. Maybe in the future you will not allow a situation in which the most needy are the ones who can't escape oncoming disaster. Maybe in the future you will make sure President Bush isn't on holiday all the bloody time.. it's only 8 years of his fucking life. He can relax all he wants after he's finished!!!! He sent the troops away, and left your homeland unable to respond to disaster.. remember that.