Monday, August 19, 2002

I think I have cold. Well actually I hope I have a cold and it isn't tonsilitis (and if it is Pete, I would run away if I were you... :o) )

Over the last few days I have been deleting all my other blogs.... on all those different publishing tools... Goodbye Diary-X and my other blogspot blogs...

You see I didn't think I needed that many, so I thought I would concentrate on just this one. That was until I got to my Xanga site and in a fit of madness upgraded to Premium (can you tell I have been paid?). So I am now one man, two blogs. What I am going to say on each to avoid saying things twice is beyond me. But anyway check out my Xanga blog here. I will occasionally link to posts there to show my pictures... etc... It is easier than loading them on Geocities.

Right I am off to watch Predator and Terminator for the ninth time this month.... what do you mean I am an Arnie obsessive?! As if.....

UPDATE: Just got a letter from the NHS East Kent Clinical Psychologist. I know things with me seem fine right now. I feel content. But I am not naive enough to believe things will stay that way so my appointment is on Friday 6th of September, and I will be going. Finally something constructive to make me better after four years of mental hell.

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