Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rape - What's To Be Done?

There I was. I had just got in from a lunch at Pizza Express with Jim and Ian. I settle down to read my Observer. And I see this story. 50,000 women raped each year? And God knows how many men... how can we sit by and allow this? What can be done? I don't care about the conviction rate to be honest... how can we prevent this from actually happening in the first place???

What has happened to decency? And I don't mean that in a 1950s conservative sense... just basic humanity. When did we return to being just animals again? We are capable of so much more.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not The Whole Story - Read Between The Lines

I've been quite busy of late and I'm too tired to say anything too political, interesting or witty (ok, as if I would have anyway!).

So I'll do something that I was gonna save for my LJ... I'll tell you what I've been up to!

On Thursday there was a work night out to the Motion Bar on Victoria Embankment. Drinks were bought for by the company and so everyone drank for all they were worth. It was interesting to see more people in a non work situation, and I had a laugh, even if I was somewhat inebriated... not really my sort of place, they had a guy in the loo to hand you a towel. I'm a bit above that thank you. That's something for the middle class boring sods...

On Friday after work a few of us headed to Tooting Broadway for a BBQ at the marketing managers house. It was again a good laugh. Carissa, a Californian who sits (sat) next to me, was leaving work so that was a bit sad. She was hilarious, and fun to be around.

Wandered into the kitchen at one point and Vince and Carissa were debating the words to a Meatloaf song. I stupidly told them the words to "I'll do anything for love" which caused them to do the funniest but also the worst performance of that song I've ever witnessed...

I found out Vince was gay... possibly...

Got home, not drunk for once!, and found Ian was round... and watched the first episode of Seaquest DSV (COOL!).

Saturday... got up early and headed to Brighton. Long term readers will know of my love hate relationship with that town. Got to Brighton, bought some new shoes at High and Mighty, ate a breakfast at Burger King, showed Jim St James Street, quick stop of the pier, a meal at Momma Cherri's (as seen on Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares. The food was fabulous. The service appalling. But the food... simply heavenly), then we went to the Odeon to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (second viewing opinion... I love it. Bravo! But had too girls sitting behind me [ugly as sin] who when I sat down screamed "Oh no" until they realised I wasn't gonna block their view. I quickly told them off for being rude... I wanted to tell them that being so hideously ugly they needed to improve their manners as they really currently had nothing going for them but I'm too polite for that), then back to the pier for the arcade and the fun fair and fish and chips. Then home again..


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Umbrellas, Spawn of Satan?

Ok. I hate London when it rains. I'm not talking about the refraction
of light, or the miserable attitude it brings out (people are always
miserable!). I'm talking about umbrellas.

In Folkestone you don't encounter that many umbrellas. Most people
drive so very few people are prepared for wet weather to the extent of
bringing their umbrellas out with them. In London the daily struggle
that is the commute brings out the survivalist in us all. And the
umbrellas appear at the mere threat of rain.

I am the perfect height (well that's patently obvious) for being hit
in the eye by badly handled umbrellas. Now some people are kind enough
to see me coming and raise their umbrellas. However due the the fact
their vision is obscured they do this at the last moment thus
attempting to poke me in the eye, and rip it from it's socket in one

THis is my advice should you see me walking down the road and you are
in possession of an umbrella... aim it down!!! I have spent the years
of my adult life building up a defense against such items... a beer
gut... aim there rather than my eye! Cheers...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Your 6'9"

Imagine you live in a world where most people are a good foot shorter than you, and a few even smaller. Imagine that this world has been designed for these mini people. Every chair you sit in, door you walk under and corridor you walk down has been designed for midgets.

That is the life I lead. It used to really annoy me, then I didn't worry about it, and now it's a mild irritant. Like sitting on the trains. On trains it is impossible to sit in just one seat... I need two seats to fit my legs in. So obviously to avoid being anti social I don't sit on a train. Planes... anyone elses plane journey is fraught with stress... did I remember to pack my passport? Is the train gonna get us there in time? My plane trip? I hope I get there earlier enough to get a seat by the exit so I can actually get on the plane...

Then there's the staring. Ok.. why oh why do people seem to think they can stare at me, without me staring intently back at them?? Do they think I can't hear them when they say "Cor he's a big lad"? Yes I am and you're an ugly man but hey I kept my rude and nasty thoughts to myself.

On the plus side I can see things others can't see, I don't spend my time on trains avoiding eye contact as I can do that naturely, and people don't get in my way (as I'll squash them otherwise!).

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hells Cloister Bells

Oh wow!! Cybermen! Sarah Jane! David Tennant!!!

I'm too excited now and may need to lie down!!

See here

I love the Cybermen... who needs the Borg????

Who can fault Doctor Who? Not me!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Can you hear the people sing?

Today I've updated my baby. This blog was sitting around with a hodge podge of old html, Haloscan commenting, and no RSS feed. So along with getting a new template, I've also had a little spring clean, and added a feed to bring my blog into 2005!

Hopefully I can now move forward with getting this blog back to it's old self again!
Whoops... Part 2

BBC News reports that the shot man was from Brazil. His family explain that he ran from the police because he once lived on a slum in Sao Paulo, which understandably is a very nasty place to live and could obviously cause emotional problems and a dislike of police. Interesting considering 1) he had lived in this country for 3 years thus should of understood that he no longer lived in a slum (well in Sao Paulo at least) and 2) the day before he discussed the 21/07/2005 attacks with a friend and expressed his concern about tube travel... so he should have been aware that running into a tube station and jumping over ticket barriers while wearing a coat in summer may cause some concern. Especially when the police are asking you to stop....

Now... I find the idea of an innocent man being killed appalling. But that disgust only covers people who did nothing at all strange, such as the man who was shot dead because he was carrying a piano leg. He didn't try to run. He didn't do anything suspicious, other than hold a package reminiscent of a gun. So if this Stockwell victim had been shot because he was wearing a coat, I would be asking for the polices badges. BUT HE RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is a case of stupidity. And for once not on the part of the British Police force who acted to protect those at Stockwell station who they procieved to be under threat.

The whole argument that they were not obviously police smacks of idiocy... they advised they asked him to stop, in the name of the police.

Click here for a more balanced view of the incident than my own!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Take A Step To The Left

Whoops. Ok, while I would express sympathy with the shot man's family I still have a few questions... the day after terrorist attacks on tube stations why would he ignore police warnings to stop, jump over the ticket barrier and onto a tube train? I hope someone answers these questions as well as the usual "who is responsible for this tragedy?" In fact given the circumstances the reaction of the police seems fairly sane compared to the mans reaction... let's hope someone explains what happened!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been pondering my position as a liberal. I am someone who has sat on the left in most socially affairs debates, and on the right of most economical debates. But the increasing fundamentalism of capitalist organisations such as the World Bank has made me start to question my position. So I am redefining myself as a pinko leftie. I left my last trade union at the same time as I left TVW, I'm currently contemplating joining the USDAW. And possibly looking to joining a socialist party (one with a good distance between it and so called "communist" regimes.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Strange how quiet this blog is now, and how strangely liberating it is not to have so many readers as I used to have. I can write any old shit in here and to be perfectly honest it wouldn't matter. That's fairly cool.

Life? Erm... despite working only a short distance from Oval and Stockwell stations where there have been attempted suicide bombings (supposedly) life continues as normal. I grow increasingly tired of this country. I want to leave, move abroad to Europe or Asia, learn a new language.

of course when you are in love things like that are much harder than before. But it's well worth the sacrifice. Jim is more than I could ever have hoped for. Kind, funny, random, forceful, intelligent in an understated way and lovely. He makes up for the years of depression and disillusionment.

Off to Prague and Warsaw next month, something I am increasingly getting excited about. Went to see Les Miserables for second time this year last night. I love that show. Cept for the part about queers where the audience all laugh in a very depressing manner... as if just cos a man's queer, he's someone to laugh at...


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Vive le revolution!

For the whole course of history, from Spartacus to Solidarity, opressed people have risen up and fought for their freedom. Isn't it about time we omee-palones (and palone-omees) rose up and claimed the freedoms which are rightfully ours? Our youth are abused, our elderly denied basic pension rights, we are treated as cases for pity at the very best. We can not "marry" although hey those straights have let us have civil partnerships. Ain't that kind of them?

It is time we stopped being so god darn grateful to our straight benefactors and started TAKING what is ours... freedom to love, freedom from interference in our lives, protection from homophobes and idiots.

This story disturbs me. Something has to be done, and it's time we stopped allowing people to get away with this. Adults going to "ex gay" caqmps is one thing. Forcing confused 16 year old boys to go is SICK. Straight people... leave our kids alone! The response to the Free Zach campaign is encouraging, but not enough... where's the international outcry???

Poor Zach. I wish I could categorically join the free Zach movement although I'd like to hear his side of the story, now after all the hype, before flinging myself into the debate... but I think it shows the usual... straight people, and their "ex gay" collaborators, opressing and controlling impressionable young queers. A nation wouldn't stand for this abuse, so why do we people joined together by something even more powerful than blood (love) let our hetrosexual brothers and sisters control us so much?

And the question I ask myself? How can I help stop this stuff from happening????

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lucky Quaggot

I got offered a permanent position at my new job today. Shall I take it? Hmm.. I would really want something I enjoy...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Am An Omee-Palone

It finally happened. yesterday I heard someone using the "God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve argument" at a party I was at. I can't believe that people can be so stupid, small minded and completely unChristian. God created a world far more complicated than the feeble "Garden of Eden". He, in His almighty wisdom, created a world of complexity beyond imagining, of beauty beyond belief, and of diversity beyond simplification. He did not create Adam and Eve. He did not sacrifice His only Son just so "Christians" could discriminate and persecute. Has no one read the Gospels????? Turn the other cheek, blessed are the meek, etc. etc. i am disgusted that I seem to have a better understanding of Jesus' teachings than most "Christians". And I'm a Wiccan.

Today we remember the fallen. May the Gods bless them eternally.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor years condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Now for something completely delicious

Thursday, July 07, 2005

And Still They Came

Today was the day we had all been waiting for. All those brief seconds of worry about whether today will be the day are finally over. The terrorists have finally struck London. Oh sure the attack wasn't as spectacular but they did their job.

I just hope we can pull through, not let fear and hate overtake us like it did the Americans, and move on...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Map Of Africa

Hmm... the world today. Human beings have so much potential. When intelligent people work together amazing things can happen. Look at some of our transport systems, our monuments, our food, and our culture. It brims with brilliance. Who can walk out of Canary Wharf tube station without thinking "That wasn't half bad".

Sadly I get the impression that those who will hold back progress, who would rather spend their time moaning about the world today than sort it out, are ever increasingly taking over. The NIMBYs, and the Live8ers, and George Bush. They stand in ourn way. The NIMBYs just want a quiet life... well tough bloody luck... life is meant to be safe, quiet or secure. It is meant to be vibrant, energetic, and ever changing. The moment you stop changing is the moment that you become an irrelevance.

Live8ers... they have created a perception of a continent of victims. They have allowed people to become so deepseated in this view that they can't begin to comprehend that REAL people live in Africa, work in Africa and create amazing pieces of art, and culture. How can Africa be free when the people who are supposed to be looking out for their interests are partying in Hyde Park listening to dreary western music acts performed by shockingly rich people.

George Bush. Global warming. Nuff Said.

I hate going outside more and more these days. Stupid people seem to be multiplying... people who think that Africa is a country, that marriage is normal and not a daft socialisation, people who can't even imagine the glory of the world and who live their dreary lives never wanting more... I can't take it much longer...

I'm drowning in a sea of drudgery.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Twin Towers

Well it's amazing how a cheque in your hand can quickly change your opinion of a job. Given that it's a 50% increase in wages for me compared to my last job, I really must stop my moaning!!!

I went to the cinema last night to see War of the Worlds which was far better than I expected. More grim than I would have expected from Tom Cruise and Speilberg... And it didn't upset the classic War of the Worlds fan in me either. Tom Cruise's acting wasn't top notch but it was entertaining. 7/10. Not bad.

on my way to the bank today to cash my pay cheque, I was in Stockwell station when I found myself behind two giants. When i say giants I mean people taller than me (and I'm 6'9" after all). I practically came in my pants. Two men taller than me? Talk about the stuff of fantasies. PHWOAH!!!!! It was all I could do not to stare (I don't stare at tall people as, well... it annoys me when the ickle people stare at me...)

I have been spending far too much time on Google Maps

GOOD NEWS! Yes it's true there is always something to smile about... see below...

Spain, We Love You!
Canada, What Is There Not To Like?