Saturday, August 24, 2002

Today I am in a happy mood, contemplating, not doing much in particular (hint hint, find me something to do!!). I am mainly thinking of Him, The Sixth Former. Tut tut, I hear you all say. I know I really should start living in the present and not in the past, but he is so.... perfect.

Yesterday me and mum had a deep discussion about what makes me depressed and she said that I should be more normal. She told me that I should stop being so snobbish about interacting with yobs, football hooligans, and the Family, just because I disagree with their views on homosexuality, race and the world. I do interact with them just not on a social or personal level, only as much as is necessary. I feel that to be nice to racist, homophobic scum would be to go against all I believe in. I may not be right in my religious/political beliefs. But I am right when it comes to who I choose to like/co-operate with. I believe that the best way to deal with fascists is to line them up against a wall and shoot them all dead....

That may be a contradiction and I probably don't believe that, but hey if racists/homophobes have the freedom to hold rallies (see the recent BNP [that is Nazis for my non-British readers] rally and the ban on an anti-Nazi counter protest) then I have the freedom to say what I want here. It is my belief that to protect the future of the children of this country the best thing to do would be to ship the Nazi scum to Sark (a backward, fuedal Channel Island) and leave 'em there to hold rallies, discriminate and whatever else floats their boat.

It is my belief that being British is all about tolerance, but only of those who are tolerant too.

Thus ends my rant, and a half.

Just when you think all hope is lost a silver lining appears..... see here

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