Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wake Up To AIDS

Of late you don't really hear about HIV/AIDS in the UK. Slowly the public perception of HIV/AIDS has moved from a homosexual problem to an African problem. That, sadly, is not the case. The tragedy playing out in Africa is just the worst sign of a global epidemic. HIV/AIDS is here in the United Kingdom. Around 5000 people are being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS each and every year. Right here in our country. 5000! Who hears about this? No one.

And the young gay men of this country are not being educated about HIV/AIDS. Was I educated about it at school? A little, I went to a good school after all. But mainly when it came to the homosexual side of things I had to educate myself. I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I'm not a fool. I know lots of gay men who didn't even know what Section 28 was back during it's controversial existence. How many young gay men understand that every time they have unprotected sex they are playing with fire? Even I've had a lot of unprotected sex, I am very ashamed to admit. But I did get tested during my fun filled youth. If we don't act, and act NOW, then our community faces decimation. AIDS victims may not look as ill as they used to... but it's still a death sentence.

It's not just homosexuals at risk, ethnic minorities are a growing section of the population being hit. It's been 20 years since the last (terrifying) Government push against AIDS. Time to scare people again...

On a lighter note the line up for Making Your Mind Up (the UKs Eurovision artist selection show) has been announced. Forget the headline grabbing lead singer from the Darkness, read down the article. SCOOCH have reformed! Oh my GOD! Flying the Flag (For You). God Bless Them. Love you Scooch. But Brits won't choose you. :( Here is my fave Scooch song...

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Labour Is All That Stands Between Us And David Cameron

Oh as much as I complain about New Labour it's hard to not support them. With my beloved Lib Dems disappearing back into the political wilderness (Darn you Mark Oaten and Simon Hughes... *waggles fist in air*) they are all that stands between us and the evil one; David Cameron. I've met Tory political campaigners. They tend to be quite EVIL. I mean that in the nicest of ways but just look into their eyes and you'll see the flaming pits of Hell. Honestly. Try it. I dare you. Michael Howard wasn't the only one to have "something of the night" about him.

So it's nice to hear Tony Blair standing up to the Tories crazy plans to give tax incentives to keep fathers from leaving their families. You may be quite the illiberal one Mr Blair but sometimes I just wanna give you a hug.

Big Up Tall Pride!

Something was going on near Starbucks in Vauxhall today. 3 police vans and 2 police cars? JP suggested a bus ticket riot... I wonder...

Pay Day tomorrow... praise the Lord! I am now earning double what I was earning at Eurotunnel back in 2002. Let's see if I can double it again by 2012.

All the things I could do with Charles Dera...

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Monday, February 26, 2007


My companies name sounds a bit like Eurovision (if you're a little silly). JP called a customer today and announced where he was calling from and they were like "You're calling from Eurovision???"

No dear. No. But I think that gives me a good excuse to showcase another 2007 Eurovision song hailing from Cyprus.

Comme Ci, Comme Ca by Evridiki

Very good. Yoinked from Raptus Regaliter has been removed. I believe in freedom of speech except where it threatens violence or murder. The last article posted (which is now unavailable obviously) contained images of a gay man leaving a pharmacy protected from a jeering crowd by reluctant police (with a glooting title).

(Me say) Boom bye bye

Happy Birthday 2000AD - The Zarjaz-iest Comic In The Cosmos! Judge Dredd is awesome (read Necropolis and tell me it's not true) and The Ballad of Halo Jones is in my top ten best things ever.

Note to self: collect 2000AD collection from parental units.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dear Constant Reader

Well what do you know! There I was using Google Analytics for very narcissistic reasons and I discovered something interesting; since the start of February over 200 people have visited this site more than 15 times, the majority of whom came over 25 times! (today being the 25th...) So Dear Constant Reader why not drop me a comment to say hi? Come out of the closet as a come back to what you know reader!

Yesterday the kids came round and we all went to Wagamama's at Canary Wharf. Yummy. They've just left a few minutes ago. It's been a long time since they visited, was actually nice to see them.

Yesterday was also the day I choose to recognise as my coming out day. And to celebrate I upped the ante in stalking stakes. Yay! I've still got it... :) Trust me... you don't want to know!

David Cameron has come out as a Tory Social Engineer. I cannot believe that he thinks absent fathers are to blame for gun crime. I had a very absent father but I don't go around shooting people. So maybe the true cause is bad parenting, bad education and BAD KIDS. All this blaming others makes me sick sometimes. And he wants to give MARRIAGES tax breaks to encourage fathers to stay...

1) is a Father who chooses to stay in a marriage to get a tax break really the kind of man we want bringing up children?

2) will it actually work?

3) keeping marriages together shouldn't be up to anyone other than those involved. Whether we like it or not.

Tories: hands off our families!

I love Jensen and Jared...

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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Nottingham Adventure

Yesterday I got a little bit of a lie in before beginning the long commute to London St Pancras. The DLR was so crowded; until we got to Canary Wharf I couldn't move at all. Thankfully the Northern Line wasn't so bad. They've changed the layout of St Pancras again and being my usual dumb self I came out at Pentonville Road, just to make finding it more fun. I did have an interesting time finding out that Euston station is a mere stones throw from there...

Anyway... Simon, then Bonnie and Ben, eventually appeared and we boarded our Midland Mainline service to Nottingham. I've never been in First Class before but I have to say it's very nice... comfy seats, food and drink and no annoying yobs.

We got to Nottingham and dropped off our bags at the Jurys Inn before heading directly to our meeting with our suppliers. The meeting really wasn't that long and wasn't particularly controversial. I did find out some things that'll be useful for my team and it's always nice to see where the people we talk to every day are based.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and had a couple of hours of personal time. I used this watching Stargate SG1. I've always kinda liked that show but still can't see why it's as popular as it is.

6.00pm and we met in the bar. After a couple of drinks and some gossiping about one of the people at the suppliers we discovered a group of the suppliers staff sitting behind us. Including said gossiped about person. D'oh. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Had another drink there then headed off into town.

We met everyone at the Cock and Hoop (much confusion over whether it was called the Cock a Hoop or not, People didn't believe me that cock a hoop is a phrase!). It was great to finally meet Emily, our account manager and someone I regularly send sarcastic emails to (in a nice way!). It was a quiet, smoke free pub with really friendly staff.

We then headed for dinner at Piccolino. Sadly they had only pizzas due to some problems in the kitchen but the pizza I had was delicious. Mmmm... Bianca Pizza Ai Bianci. Sadly the waiting staff were of the rude homosexual description and didn't seem to understand a request for a pint of Peroni. First request got me a Boddingtons. Second request got me a bottle. Everyone else got a pint... I even pointed to the pint when I was requesting the drink!! Oh well. As you know I didn't complain and just drunk what I was given... I'm a good customer.

I tried to convince people to go to the Pitcher and Piano as recommended by my last commenter. However we instead went to The Living Room directly opposite it. A few more drinks later there and I had come to the decision that it was the most dull place I'd ever been in, filled with likely lads trying to come on to girls well out of their league. I decided to leave and my boss tagged along with me. Our mission: find a gay club. So that was why at some point after midnight we wandered through Nottingham, up and down hills, across empty roads until we reached the dark entrance to NG1. Closed. Grr. So we headed to Oceania instead...

They wouldn't let me in... I looked too young! Woo. I liked that a lot. So we headed back to the hotel bar to find the two groups ours and the other group we'd seen at the hotel earlier had merged into one. Many drinks later (just how much did I drink?) and having outlasted all but 4 other people I gave up at 3am and went to bed.

I woke up early this morning and wandered around the Nottingham Station area for a while before meeting up with the others who were a lot more worse for wear than me. We went to a nearby greasy cafe... Oh my God! The woman who served us was one of the most sullen people I've ever encountered. Brilliant! Stereotypical Northern can now be added to my list of species found. Train home took for ever.

Soooo tired. Let's all spare a thought for Prince Harry as he heads off to battle.

Not those kinds of thoughts! Dear Constant Reader, how rude of you!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Never Did Me Any Harm

Oh God. Channel 4. What are you thinking?? This show is just terrifying as we watch useless parents attempt to make up for previous failings by copying what they parents did! Now their parents are the ones who created these useless parents so I don't think emulating them is the best course of action.

Todays edition had a family of 6. The parents and 4 sons. Joe, 16, was the campest camp boy in the world. The other three were equally unique. The way these parents spoke to Joe (and the others) was astonishing.

Now when I was 16 I was the man of the house (this being the period of Mum and Stepdads break), having sex and going down the pub (only for a couple... I wasn't some young drunken ruffian). Never did my Mum have to send me to my room. Never did she have to shout and scream at me. And I never spoke back to her. Oh I sulked. But we were a team, a family, and we worked together.

So I was astonished to see Joe acting like a 5 year old and his Mum treating him like one (which came first? The chicken or the egg?). Weird! Is that normal parent/child relations???

And did parents really dress their 16 year old boys themselves in the 1950s??????????

I don't think so. Crazy weird show.

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's A Conspiracy

Let me just come out and say it; I don't like President Bush and I find his administration and what it is doing to be abhorrent to all things decent. But: This whole 9/11 "Truth" thing has gone a little too far. I watched Loose Change a while back just like every other geek out there. It was very interesting and well produced. It asked some intriguing questions. But ultimately I found it quite perplexing. Why? Because it seemed to suggest that there was some Government conspiracy (be it American or Israeli) behind the attacks. Now, with all the goodwill in the world, I really don't think the American Government is competent enough to arrange this kind of thing and ensure there were so few witness'.

Have any of you met another human being before? They tend to be quite unpredictable, rather irritating and the vast majority wouldn't be able to keep a secret that big for long. This is where most conspiracy theories fall down... humans are not just fallible, they are bloody irritatingly flawed all round.

And the way conspiracy theorists go about their arguments seem to be suggestive of an unstable personality (if thinking the CIA and FBI were competent isn't a dead giveaway...). Any opposing argument is either part of the conspiracy or they just ignore it quoting from some obscure Arabic newspaper to back up their version of events (AS IF JOURNALISTS COULD BE TRUSTED!). And just read this Digg thread. Crazy. They seem to think that the BBC is partly run by the Government... Bless them...

Our Government can barely come up with a working transport policy let alone manipulate the BBC. I really have to agree with last nights Conspiracy Files; I think people are just too scared to face the possibility that 3000 people could be murdered right in front of them by just 19 men armed with small little knives. It sure is a scary prospect, but that's the real world... people are scary... And that's why I believe that our Government and the American Governments silly, Fascistesqe anti terrorism policies are doomed to fail... you can never stop the random act of violence.

9/11: What Really Happened.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

British Pride

If there is one thing that just about every person in the world associates with historic Britain it is the Navy. Since the Mary Rose through to the Ark Royal we have sailed the seven seas and flown the flag around the globe. Now I don't think we should have any delusions about our new place in the world as a medium sized state, it's China and America's world now. But nevertheless we MUST keep our Navy in tip top condition. Why?

1) Because it is part of who we are, Britain without a first class Navy would be a bit like Germany is without it's first class army; sad, ineffective and a little depressing.

2) We are an island nation with island dependencies spread out around the world. We need aircraft carriers to ensure the continued safety of our overseas citizens. Hi to the Falkland Islanders!

3) Because ships are just plain fun.

4) Sheer darn pride. No one wants to be mediocre!

So when the top Admiral asks for more money I say give it to him. Evacuate our forces from Iraq and this idiotic campaign on behalf of the half crazed President of the United States (not forgetting Mr Blair, good intentions indeed...) and use the money saved on making sure our Navy remains the pride of Britain.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Can someone tell me how gay men stripping naked behind closed doors could possibly offend anyone not behind those closed doors? Really... sometimes I worry about that some people think about these things way too much. Case of "Doth I Protest Too Much?" in my opinion.

Last night I went out to the Wheatsheaf for a leaving do. I hate it when people leave. Good luck RJ

Friday, February 16, 2007

What Is It With My Obsession With Dates?

It's February! Which means later on this month it'll be 9 years (9 YEARS!) since I came out to myself and accepted my sexuality. Now what I keep asking myself is... why on Earth is this important? Why do I, even when I pretend I don't, look upon the end of February as some milestone of my life? It's absolutely pointless, without any relevance for my current circumstances.

Back then I was 14 years old (strangely called Jay), terrified by the realisation that all he'd been lead to believe about himself (marriage, kids) was a lie, and God was I unhappy! Now I'm a happy 23 year old with a long term boyfriend living in London and extremely happy that life never quite turns out the way you think it will.

1998 is held up by me as a sacred year. Anything that happened that year HAD to be good. Just look at the music charts. Brimful of Asha! Awesome. But it's more than a little strange this obsession of mine.

Oh well. On the 24th of February have a drink for Jae! I sure will be.

Now this year... let's try to find out the name of The Sixth Former, my first crush. He still has yet to be beaten for looks... except by Jim of course.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's Not Look At The News

Just think happy thoughts... toddler fights, gun murders, war... It's FINGERS IN YOUR EARS time! La la la la We're Not Listening.

But then again I might just be doing that because today is the day for Albania's Eurovision 2007 entry. Why are Albanian songs always so... dull?

Making Your Mind Up is due in March. I pray that the country learns from past mistakes and chooses a Eurovision song rather than just the one the country likes.

British people are racist and are terribly rude on the phone shock!
. I think you can guess what I want to say about British people as customers so I'll spare you all the rant.

Although I can see the benefits of a smoking ban I'm not in favour of one. And the idea of thousands of enforcers makes it sound like the ban is going to be rather heavy handed (and dare I say fascist...)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You're My Secret Passion, And I Have No Other

Dearest Jim,

You are my world, without you I'd still be languishing in the backwaters of Kent, alone and unhappy. Now I'm with you I couldn't care whether we go out or stay in. Just as long as we're together.

My Love Always

Jae x x

Nigeria; where is the love?
. Hating all the time will only stress you out.

Two North Americans, a Kiwi and a Brit talking about yams. Who knew that'd be so funny?

I did a credit check today. Who knew the reason I can't get credit was simply because I've never had credit?! Bizarre, but puts my mind at rest.

Charles Dera is a God.

Romania's Eurovision Entry Locomondo's 'Liubi, liubi, I Love You':

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Russian Soldiers Used For Sex

I think the title says it all really. Young Russian boys go to serve their country and are abused by an undisciplined mob of older jaded soldiers just for cash. To be submitted to prostitution must be absolutely degrading, especially when it happens when on the Governments paycheck.

I'm not against prostitution where voluntarily undertaken, but slavery is one of the most heinous crimes possible. Disgusting.

I went to Prowler Soho at lunchtime with my boss. Haven't been there in a very long time. Got Jim his Valentines card (and present, I couldn't resist. It's kinda a joint present for him and me... more tomorrow on that one).

Isn't a shame that it's always the gorgeous guys who join the BNP?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Could Be Heaven

Let us all take a moment to remember the founder of Gaydar, who has fallen to his death over the weekend.. Gaydar has brought me many hours of fun during my single days so thanks for all the fish!

OK. Today I really decided to stop letting other people in this city get to me. I have been slowly evolving into a selfish bastard and not thinking about others simply because that is what everyone else around me is doing. It just isn't me. So I've been allowing people to go ahead of me, thanking people more sincerely for things and trying not to irritate anyone else. Maybe if I do the people around me might start to change. Miserable gits that the general public are.

Ooo.. first Eurovision news of the year. The winners are beginning to be selected and Denmark has chosen a drag act named DQ with her song Drama Queen. Camp classic in the making! Watch with Jae

I'll be doing regular updates and will try to showcase every song before the contest in May.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gotta Love That Feeling

I miss being depressed. I miss being lonely. I miss sweet melancholy

I know that might sound a little strange but there really is something good about a little bit of melancholy. I got to the point a few years back where it was easier to be depressed than happy. I loved settling down to watch tv shows like Will and Grace and bemoaning my love life. I enjoyed listening to depressing music. I enjoyed having my dark little secrets. And now... nothing! Oh sure I worry, I get stressed, I feel a little bored with somethings. But no deep comforting blanket of selfish depression.

I haven't been properly depressed in YEARS. It's very strange. I was listening to the Manic Street Preachers the other day and I just got this memory of a feeling of utter dark unhappiness, and I LOVED IT. It's such an EASY emotion.

I shouldn't complain about it too much I suppose...

Who wants to be Louis Theroux?? I've just got back into watching my old favourites like Weird Weekends and I have to say that man has met some interesting people. Just watched Porn where he gets a walk on role in a gay porn movie while shadowing a gay for pay actor. Awesome.

Gay for pay? You would not get me to have sex with a woman for less than 10 grand... I can't understand the whole gay for pay thing... each to their own I suppose.

Chad Michael Murray is v. cute.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jae Gets Lost

Ah London is a brilliant city. Last night work drinks were held in the Royal Oak in Vauxhall. Sam America chose it as she said it was "quaint". Hmm... this is not the kinda pub for a work night out. It was a smokey, old men's pub. Spit and sawdust to boot. Good if you with one or two blokey mates and you want a drink. Bad when your with 20 people half of whom are loud travellers. The old men stared at us all evening. All the Brits quickly left, leaving me with the Americans and Sarina. Never again Sam. Never again.

Today I got up early and rushed into town to High and Mighty on Edgware Road. The Central Line was PACKED at 9am on a Saturday. Weird. Why do I always feel compelled to use the stairs at tube stations? I left Marble Arch a little out of breath... Rushed into and out of High and Mighty with a new shirt and coat and without a lot of money. Then I headed, via tube, to Forbidden Planet. It was closed. Reluctant to retrace my steps I headed down a side street calculating it'd lead me back to Charing Cross Road. That's when I got lost.

I've been wandering in the Charing Cross area since I was about 16. I feel like I know pretty much every nook and cranny. It's nice to know I was wrong. I wandered among weird shops "New Age Music Here" and huge flags (how big a French flag does a small shop need???). I found a little round about that was quite pretty, I discovered an entire street of large stores and was that Channel Fives HQ?? Who knows... I kept wandering until I came to Covent Garden tube station... quite a bit off course! Oh well... nice to know London always has a surprise up it's sleeve. Headed home, got a haircut on the way and now here I am.

My God it's cold today!

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Friday, February 09, 2007


You didn't believe me when I said I was going to go to the park and build a snow man at lunch time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jae Is A Happy Boy

Last night Jim came home with a present for me. It was a white Nintendo DS! And Super Mario Bros. (MY FAVE!). I am once again a Nintendo boy... HAPPY JAE!

And then I wake up this morning and... SNOW! Lots and lots of snow. Sure I had to take my hated alternate route to work as the overland trains were not running, BUT I SHALL NOT LET THAT GET ME DOWN! Snow, snow, glorious snow...

And it's Thursday... nearly the weekend. Although I shall be working for most of it. :( But it's working from home! Yay!

Oooo... and I've got Doctor Who DVDs to watch.

I may just go to the park with Sarina at lunch and make snowmen... Yeah I'm 23 going on 5 today.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Folkestone Letter Bomb

My home town is one of the seven towns to be hit by a possible letter bombing campaign.

One article piqued by interest, and my usual anger.

Nigel Humphries, from the Association of British Drivers, told BBC Radio Five Live he was "appalled" by the apparent bombing campaign.

He added: "In fact, it makes us feel a bit guilty that we haven't campaigned hard enough on the legitimate front against the things that we oppose, to do with criminalising and bullying motorists and because of our failure to campaign hard enough, somebody's had to resort to this."

Had to resort to it? Could they not live with the possibility of a speeding fine (gosh who knew speeding was illegal and dangerous!) or high fuel bills (because without driving everywhere the world would come to an end)? Was that just too much to take? Sorry but I am not very sympathetic to motorists at the best of times but suggesting that the situation for them is so bad people "have to" resort to bombing innocent people is a stretch too far!

In the world of mox: We've all wished someone dead I'm sure, but devoting a blog to the death of others should rightly be illegal.

Keep thinking happy thoughts.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spacemen Scandal!

Captain Lisa Nowak. What were you thinking?. My faith in humanity slowly fades further and further into nothingness. If you can't look up to and respect an astronaut, who can you respect??? Bloody humans. We ruin everything.

Gun crime is getting ever more out of control (obviously gun crime has never been in control but you know what I mean!). How many people, especially young black people, have been killed in the last few years? Lots is my rough estimate. What kind of people do this? What kind of people have such a crap life as to get involved in crime, especially crime involving guns? Scum? Yeah. Idiots? By definition. People who need our help? Well that's the question isn't it. God, people are so dangerously stupid.

Given my views on the human race I'm never really shocked by the murders of people. But really guys... what kind of sick creature kills a cat by putting it in a washing machine??? (perspective? Moi???) A deaf cat as well. I feel there's a good argument for a mass extermination of the lot of us.

Let's all just think happy thoughts...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Brent Corrigan Is Very Cute

Pizza Express is so yummy. Mmm... And so is Brent Corrigan. He stars in the short movie Didn't This Used To Be Fun? (a line from one of my fave movies "Jeffrey" I believe!). The trailer is below...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Islamic Homophobia

I cannot believe I live in a country where people are still able to sell pamphlets suggesting the murder of homosexuals. Do people just think "Oh well, they're Muslim, that's just what they do"? These fiends should be prosecuted!

I believe in freedom, except where said freedom impinges on the freedoms of others. So you can say what you like as long as it doesn't propose that others should be hurt, maltreated or murdered. I do not believe anyone has the right to suggest that I should be put to death just because I like cock. I am not immoral. I am not sinful. And I am getting sick and tired of saying that.

Why on Earth do these people get questioned by police but Muslim preachers who advocate MURDER get off without much of a fight?? Something needs to be done. What? Well the police need to stop trying to look good to everyone (be nice to the gays, be nice to the Muslims etc.) and start standing up for British values of tolerance (and not killing each other). Arrest the bastards, charge them and have them in court for something!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's Back

Did anyone else hate my intermediate template? Having played with Blogger Beta for a while I've decided that it has no features I want and was made simply so that all those internetphobic people out there could blog without the need to even think about HTML. As that is the case I've reverted back to my old (beloved) template without any of those Blogger Beta evil things except for that damn navbar. Grr... I wish I hadn't had to upgrade.

We will never hear the end of this. I hate how things are now in news media. This story will be dissected for WEEKS to come. And no doubt it'll end up "being the Governments fault". As always the farmers will be portrayed as innocent victims of the Government rather than victims of bird flu.

A person of interest is sought in the Bryan Kocis murder case. Brent Corrigan has made the first post to his blog since the murder. He confirms he was in the final stages of making a formal agreement with Mr Kocis over their ongoing legal problems.

Jim thinks he sold out.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Last night I was out at the Riverside for a couple of drinks with work and two blasts from the past; Maria and Natasha. I spent my time trying to persuade Natasha to come back to work with me.

Tonight went down the Wheatsheaf with work and had a good couple of drinks.

Thanks to Jim for introducing me to John Cena.

What wouldn't I give to see him and Randy Orton going at it? Hmmm...