Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Have I Learnt Today?

1) Despite being in Hammersmith instead of Vauxhall now, my journey to and from work is only 10 minutes longer.
2) Not all elevators smell of piss, it's just the one's at Euroffice and multistory car parks.
3) Neither my trainer nor my fellow trainees know what voyeurism or kleptomania are. (Yes, this is related to my new job!).
4) As long as I work hard, I don't think it'd be hard to be one of the best people in that office. None of them seem to know how to talk to customers.
5) Marks and Spencers do nice sandwiches (yes, another one to Hammersmith over Vauxhall; there's a choice of shops and delis to go to for lunch)
6) South Londoners talk. And talk. And talk.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Trip To Folkestone And The First Day At The New Job

Saturday Jim and I headed down to Lympne to see the parental units. It was good to see them, even if Mum and Beth have to spend a lot of time with their horses. Saturday night and the family went out to a friends for dinner and Jim and I headed out to Kalala for some nostalgic reminiscing about what we used to do when we were dating. After a lovely dinner we headed up to Skuba to see if Folkestone's only gay bar was still fun.

Alas, it would appear the heterosexualisation of the bar has progressed to a level now beyond rescue and Skuba has lost it's unique selling point and seems rather sad. It happens to lots of small town gay bars. First the gays arrive. Then straight women begin to come as they feel safe. Next the straight men follow seeing easy pickings. The final stage is the straight couples who now feel safe about coming. There was probably a 10% gay population, if you count the staff. And really as a normal bar, Skuba doesn't compete well... it's gayness was what saved it from mediocrity.

But Henry and Sarah were there! Which was great and it reminded me that, once I'm settled in my new job, I should spend a weekend visiting much missed friends.

Today was my first day at Plan B. I was very nervous but the trip there, despite being twice as long, was more relaxing than my old commute. And when I turned up I found there was two other new starters and we immediately formed a "New Starters Support Group" and stuck close together. These groups never last, but they are good for seeing you through the training period. Plan B is a good place to work, people seem friendly, but quiet which is all good to me. Of course it's early days and I'm still in the new job excitement phase so my opinion might change.

I found it hard having to keep my mouth closed when I saw people doing things I thought were wrong. 6 years in my industry has made me somewhat opinionated on good customer service but as the new boy it's not my place to question others way of dealing with customers even if I think it's rude and abrupt.

The head of the department took the three of us out for a coffee at the end of the day just to say hi and I felt that he was an extremely positive and easy to deal with sort of guy. Not pompous, not stupid, and absolutely devoted to the good works Plan B do in London. It's a not for profit organisation so it sits much better with me than the previous commercial companies I've worked for.

The trip home was a hour long but absolutely lovely. No stress unlike the old commute home. Fingers crossed that continues. I've had a good first day.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Incredible Hunk, Volume 1, Issue 9

I'm not the world's biggest smoking fan, but you wouldn't find me complaining if this came out of my bathroom.

Yoinked from Sexy Muscle Dudes.

Jim and I are off to the parents for the weekend. Be back soon.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mmmm... soda.

After returning an item to Argos Jim got a gift voucher and so after perusing their catalogue for ages trying to think of something we needed he decided on... a soda stream! I know this is sad, but as a child I always wished I could have a soda stream. All my friends had one but we just couldn't really afford it. Now my dream has come true, although I admit to being less enthusiastic this time. I'm sure I will perk up though when we get the coke flavouring.... YAY!!

On the televison front I am now addicted to Ninja Warrior. It's brilliant combining all the excitement of the Eliminator round from Gladiators with the joy of half naked, fit Asian men plus the strangest commentary ever that sits between the sarcasm of Craig Charles from Takeshi's Castle and the reverent tones of a football commentator. Although when watching the female competition the commentator turns into a dirty old man... which is also amusing! Who needs Dog when you have Ninja Warrior!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad News

I did not get my Plan A job at Shell. D'oh! They said they liked me, and I interviewed really well but that as there was only one job there was someone they preferred. So on Monday I shall trudge off to work at Plan B (as they shall now always be known) in Hammersmith... that means traveling on the Underground. At rush hour. *shudder*

Speaking of which on my way back from the Plan B interview I was accosted on the DLR by two gentlemen who inquired as to my height. I took off my ear phones, told them (biting my lip so as not to give the measurements in metric which is my current favourite way to annoy the "How tall are you?" crowd) and put my earphones back in. They seemed quite put out that I had deigned not to speak with them, but what did they expect? If you start the conversation off with "How tall are you?" I'm not likely to react well, and unless you are either very interesting or incredibly attractive I am unlikely to continue to converse with you. I'll politely answer your question, don't get me wrong, but I will think less of you.

If they could just have said "Hello" or "Excuse me" I might have been slightly more polite to them.

David Blaine Does It Again

I stopped paying much attention to David Blaine a long time ago but, with another stunt completed, does anyone else ever feel his stunts are always a little bit of a let down?

I just don't think he has any sort of showmanship, the stunts are never exciting. All power to him for what he does, but really how much duller can he be?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jae Gets A Job Offer

Plan B has offered me a job with the words "love" involved in relation to my interview. Good news, but I'll hold that as second fiddle to Plan A. They are going to get back to me on Friday.

Fingers crossed for plan A!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Interview

So today I got feedback from last weeks interview which was "It went really well but we won't be making our decision until the end of the week." Grr... I preferred my way of doing it... do quick round of interviews, choose best candidate and hire them straight away before they get offered another job. But it is a huge company so I suspect there are a lot of HR procedures to go through before I hear whether they want me or not.

Today I had another interview, this time in far away Hammersmith. It was for a fairly large organisation working for a good cause, and I think the interview went ok. I don't really want the job due to the distance and the fact it's just a dull call centre job, but it's a Plan B.

My new blog is really taking off and yesterday managed more visits than this blog and the other place combined! Plus Google Ads are actually making me some money so double happiness. :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Ever Happened To Gay Jae?

Over the last 8 years or so I've gone from being a newbie chicken on the scene, to being a scene queen and now to being someone who hasn't stepped foot in a gay bar in this country for... well... years! I think last time might have been 2006 in the old Ku Bar to watch the World Cup with Sam America. If it was more recently then not by much.

I've stopped buying Attitude, AXM and even my beloved Gay Times (I'll admit to buying it more recently but beyond reading Terry Sandersons column, I didn't really read it). I barely read any gay centric news stories any more. I stopped feeling part of the "gay community" around about the time when they all rolled over and gave up when civil partnerships came out. It made me realise that my political and social beliefs were obviously not in line with the majority of other people in the GLBT community. I wanted true equality and maybe even something better for all people regardless of sexuality. I still think Peter Tatchell's concept of partnership freedom is more in line with my thinking. They just wanted a practical solution to their immediate problems, and didn't give a darn for using our unique position to make things better for everyone. That's when I realised the whole "gay community" thing is a lie. We are just like everyone else, with our own agendas and with our own fair share of stupid sheep people.

That is what makes me even more angry at homophobes who see some sort of gay mafia conspiracy in every move for greater rights made by GLBT people. Forgetting for a second the sheer stupidity of the initial concept, they simply haven't got a flipping clue about how diverse we are. They make blanket accusations of gay men being sexually more active than heterosexuals (LIES) and that gay men are effeminate... which is amusing as they probably don't realise how many quiet gays there are out there, living without bothering anyone, unnoticed. They probably work with them, are friends with them and even related to them... and they just will never know. And that's when my rage disappears and is replaced by laughter. Because that's why they will never win... they don't even have a clue what a GLBT person is.

Anyway... what was I saying at the start, oh yes... I've lost my gayness. Jim might still say I'm camp (and who am I to argue??) but I no longer really consider myself gay. I'm now just a man who likes men. Sure I'll still hang in gay bars if I get the opportunity, I'm not making any changes in my life. But I'm bored of the gay label. I'm not gay, I'm just another human being. I just happen to think that men are the most gorgeous thing. Ever.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Do So Many People Hate Brent Corrigan?

As you, Dear Constant Reader, know I'm a Brent Corrigan fan. Not just for his gorgeous body, but also for his entertaining blog plus I'm eagerly awaiting Another Gay Sequel (which I'll buy once I've got myself a new job).

So I'm constantly amazed at how much bitterness and hatred this one boy can generate. Just take a read of the comments on this new gallery and on this interview over at Queerty. Ouch! Has a larger group of unhappy, moany old queens ever been gathered in one place before now? I think not, it's a new record! This sort of thing is the reason I don't read the mass market gay blogs, and I'm quite happy reading and commenting on all the less bitchy better quality personal gay blogs out there.

Brent Corrigan is a self promoter, he does need to earn a living! It seems stupid to make out that self promotion is evil when pretty much every blogger out there is doing the same thing and surely just by commenting on a blog is an attempt to promote your own point of view? They accuse him of exploiting his looks to get ahead. Erm.. guys I hate to break it to you but that's what got him this far, he has a porn background after all and if you've got it (and boy he's got it!) why not use it! And finally they have a go at him for being a porn star when he is currently in the process of mixing things up a little bit and trying to break into more mainstream acting. Give the boy a break!

I just hope that after the last few years he has grown a thick enough skin to let the insults roll off.

Never Underestimate The Sneakiness!!!!

So gorgeous, but it does remind me... I learnt the other day that my parents cat Tinkerbell was run over and killed the weekend we were down there. :( Poor thing, she was such a darling. Thankfully I wasn't too attached to her as she was the replacement for Millie who died after I'd moved out (R.I.P. Millie cat, I miss you!!), if it had been Angel... it doesn't bear thinking about.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Second Interview, Fingers Crossed

So I had my second interview today, this time on the Strand in the offices where the position is based. I walked in to find marble, marble everywhere! It was an absolutely gorgeous building and the offices I needed to go to were on the Mezzanine floor. Anywhere with a Mezzanine floor has to be good!

I think it went well, I fluffed one or two questions but only slightly fluffed so fingers crossed!!

P.S. All is forgiven London the amount of hot boys (well hardly boys... these guys had pecs bigger than I am) around Charing Cross today made me happy.

Why can I never turn up on time for anything? I am always ludicrously early. This week I've made a conscious effort NOT to turn up early so instead of getting there say over an hour early, I'm getting there 40 minutes early instead. Must try harder as London is useless for finding a free space to sit and read. Usually I find a park but this week my interviews have been during the lunch hours and the parks have been totally packed out.

I've been freaking myself out with ghosts stories. Must stop that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worried Of Greenwich

Oh I am actually very worried about my job interview tomorrow. I really want the job, it looks great and to be honest it's one of the biggest companies in the world so the chances of moving up are far greater than they were at Euroffice.

Yesterday evening I popped up to the Sports Cafe in Piccadilly (you, Dear Constant Reader, may remember my many adventures there last year) to meet up with a few folks to bid adieu to Arwen and Fred.

I'm addicted to the latest series of The Restaurant. Are the guys behind Sorbet and Seasons really that stupid? D'oh!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Keep Swimming

I had a job interview, which went very well and I'm going for second interview there on Thursday. It's for an evil mega corporation but who needs morals when one needs money!

Should be popping out to see the lovely Arwen and Fred for a little while as they pass through London on they way to Canada.

Erm... that's it really, current obsession: the unexplained which may be to do with my new blog all about the weird, the wonderful and the paranormal. That has already begun to generate a little Adsense money and hopefully might be a good way to increase my Amazon Associates sales through links to further reading on the subjects I discuss.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You Sitemeter

This weekend Sitemeter unveiled a new platform

Thankfully they decide to revert back to the original as I, for one, couldn't stand the new look or layout and had stopped checking my stats there. It was only by accident whilst about to remove Sitemeter from my site that I discovered it had gone back to the original version.

I've been using Sitemeter for 7 years and it would of been a shame to stop.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe

I finally got round to seeing the new X-Files movie the other day. I had read the reviews that stated it was a disappointment and that compared it to one of the many monster of the week episodes of the X-Files. I thought "I LOVED the monster of the week episodes". I hated the conspiracy stuff and really, really loved the good standalone episodes such as the two Tooms episodes and "Home" from Season 4.

So I watched it, bearing myself for a mediocre film that I, as an X-Phile, would still love. Sadly even I, Jae "I liked Crocodile 2" Kay, could find little to enjoy in this movie. It was boring. This wasn't a monster of the week episode, this was just bad!

The love stuff between Mulder and Scully never did anything for me, and this movie shoves their relationship down your throat. The missing FBI agent story had me interested to start off with but went so slowly that by the time her predicament was explained I was not really interested anymore. And then we find out the reason for her kidnap is hardly supernatural and more pseudoscience... boring.

I wanted torchlit hunts through woods, I wanted Mulder to be happy and Scully to be constantly concerned and sceptical, I wanted some completely crazy explanation for the whole movie and I wanted it to end with a carefully worded report from Scully detailing why she was having none of it. I.e. I wanted a monster of the week episode and all I got was this crummy movie.

I desperately wish this wasn't the end for the X-Files but I also don't want the good times to be overshadowed by anymore rubbish and I thus, sadly, pray that they never, ever bring Mulder and Scully back. Thanks for all the fun, but it's time to move on.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ann Widdecombe Really Must Be In The Wrong Party!

So Tories have been handed a pack containing vouchers for a lap dancing club (the Rocket Club in Birmingham) near their conference venue. To be honest this sounds like a very Tory thing: supporting a local business, with beautiful women. Sex and business are Tory MPs main concerns last I checked (I mean we all remember Baroness Young, she was always thinking about sex although that was more man on man action than "up to 50 of the most beautiful girls from around the world").

But nobody told Ann Widdecombe this:

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, a former shadow home secretary, told the Sunday Express: "I can hardly believe this is true.

"I know the Conservative Party is supposed to be modernising but do we have to throw every value out of the window?

"Can you imagine what our old ladies are going to make of it if they turn up there by mistake?"

Two things:

1) Male Members of Parliament, especially Tory, are world reknowned for their love of gorgeous women. This is not modernising. It's keeping the status quo. Modernising would be not having these leaflets in there!
2) I love the idea of "innocent" old Conservative women turning up at a lap dancing club and encourage the distribution of such leaflets to them under the proviso cameras are set up there to capture their reactions for the world to see.

Honestly Ann, what party did you think you had been in all these years?? Your own backbenchers shouted "melons" when female MPs got up to speak!!

Labour's Barbara Follett - one of the 1997 intake and one of "Blair's Babes" - says it is not just verbal abuse the female MPs have had to deal with.

"Sometimes when women got up to speak, some of the men - not thankfully on our side of the House - would put their hands on their chests, wiggle them around and go 'melons'. It was like a school boy type of humour," she said.


...that I'm an unemployed bum, this weekend has been fiendishly lazy. If I were to say I've spent the last 48 hours doing absolutely nothing, I'd be understating my laziness.

I've got interviews next week so there's not much hope for the continuation of this laziness.

Just found out Rav Wilding is from Canterbury and lives in west Kent meaning Orlando Bloom now has competition for sexiest Kentish (FAMOUS) guy. We all know there's a fair few undiscovered hot guys living in Kent who'd blow those two out of the water...

As Kent has now lost it's place as Garden of England due to the high level of chaviness and the non-existence of England, perhaps a new title is in order. I propose "Kent: Land Of The Hotties". Sure I'm biased but after traveling a little around the country I have to say the talent is best in Kent.

Kentish Pride! :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And Now A Word About Our Sponsors

Yes, it's my first ever "buy this product post". But I'm not going to be too pushy as the guys behind the product asked me to be unbiased. That I shall try to be!

We all get emails about "penis enhancement", suggesting quick cures and amazing results. I'm sure like me these either go into your spam folder directly or make a quick exit into the trash folder. Well when the guys from Peloop.com sent me an email asking me to write a post about their product, I thought "hell... why not?"; it's a blow against the spammers out there every time we support a legitimate business.

The peloop is a male enhancement product, and if you go to their website you'll find all sorts of nifty explanations (and videos) explaining how it works... basically it's designed to assist the bloodflow to everyone's favourite body part. It's well designed and comfortable so it doesn't get in the way!

So for the best in male enhancement pay a visit to www.peloop.com

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Incredible Hunk, Volume 1, Issue 7

Kenzie was one reason to watch Celebair, but they sacked him. So let's not watch it and instead dream of Kenzie.

A Milestone

Today this blog should receive it's 300,000th visitor. Who knew that my little blog would get so many visits. Thank you everyone!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Incredible Hunk, Volume 1, Issue 6

Reasons to watch Crimewatch:

1) Render assistance to the police in solving crimes
2) Slobber over Rav Wilding, the sexiest man on telly.

Anti Anti Spore

Spore is a game that I am currently enjoying playing. I'm not going to pretend I'm not slightly disappointed by how easy it is, but that is more than made up for in the amount of different things you can design and do in the game. The possibilities aren't endless but they are close!

Steve has pointed out this blog. It's a "Christian" website devoted to insane ramblings and hatred against Spore on the basis that it is unChristian and supports evolution.

Now for any "Christians" who might come moaning on this blog about creationism being true and evolution "not being proved" please take a moment to read An Index To Creationist Claims and leave me alone. Thanks.

I don't mind you having an issue with Spore on the basis of it's lack of depth or, in your opinion, poor gameplay. But really... when you start to attack it because it supports evolution then you have lost your mind. It doesn't support evolution, it uses a vague, pretend form of evolution as a way to advance the game. If you are going to suggest it somehow supports evolution I'd say... no it doesn't! If anything it's all about creationism, the player acting as a God to create a world according to his own vision.

But it was good for the lulz. Complaining about the idea of "superior" species on other planets the blogger says:

"God would never create something better than himself, it is not possible as God is perfect in every way. And once again, I reiterate that man was created in His image."

So either what he is saying is that humans are just as powerful as God which would kind of render His omnipotence impotent as you can not be omnipotent when others have the same level of power as you. Or what he is saying is that God is able to create species in a facsimile of his image but without the divinity which would mean that superior species could exist in other parts of the universe and still meet that criteria. Or this gem:

"It seems Will has suddenly switched gears from evolution to creation and is trying to say that in 18 days, Spore users did what God did in 7. So all of spore users add up to 38% of God. Unbelievable."

Are you seriously trying to tell me that you believe that God spent just 7 days creating the Universe as it is now? What a lazy bastard! I wonder if these creationists know that by expressing a belief in a simplified creation they are undermining the complexity of their own God? Surely a God, all powerful and all knowledgeable would use a system more complex than simply calling things into existence to create our universe. Evolution could easily be accepted as a wonderfully complex and detailed tool used by God to create the world. Sadly the Christians lack the imagination to believe in a God of such depth and prefer their God to bow down to their pathetically low intellectual level.

Muchos FAIL awaits you over at that blog. But also a lot of LULZ! But I do feel sorry for the blogger. He's just there expressing his silly opinions and people have been rather mean to him in his comments. His beliefs can defeated without descending to the level of name calling and personal attacks

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Incredible Hunk, Volume 1, Issue 5

Jeremy Simpson is the name of today's hunk. There are things this picture does to me that I cannot go into in detail right now, but needless to say... YUM!

Yoinked from the wonderful and nearly safe for work Dangerous to Know

Police In Congo Arrest Goats

Thank God the Deputy Minister of Justice is a little more intelligent than some of his police force. Whilst inspecting a jail he found a cell full of goats who had been arrested on the charge of allowing themselves to be illegally sold by the roadside.

The mind boggles at what sort of idiotic police officers they had working that day. Goats are property, not people!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pub Night Out

Jim and I, Jim more than me, are frequent visitors to the local for drinks, random conversation and, more often than not, dinner. Well we kind of mixed things up a little last night by going out to town with a few folks from the pub. The occasion was Karen's birthday, and we met her and Denis at the local. We headed into town to the Porterhouse and had a few drinks while we waited for Graham and Hillary (also from the local).

Our original plan of going to a Mongolian restaurant was scuppered as the Mongolian restaurant had disappeared so we took a walk up to Soho and had dinner at CÔTE. It was good, I had rilettes to start and steak hache for main followed up by chocolate fondant for dessert. Yum.

Now Londoners out there... do you consider a walk from Covent Garden to Soho to be a great distance? I don't, but some of our party were making out it was the furthest they've walked in a long time. :s That sort of distance is nothing... I sometimes walk from Canary Wharf into Greenwich just for a change so I really don't understand people who think a 5 minute walk is a long distance.

Jim managed to get some of his American colleagues to get me some Reese's cups. Not the big ones they now sell in shops all over the place but the small ones that I so crave. Mmm... thank you Jim... P.S. Jim should you be reading this later today I apologise for eating all of them as that is what I intend to do right now...

Monday, September 08, 2008

What Is It With Doomsday?

The BBC has a great article about those convinced the world is to end, and more specifically those who think the world will end this Wednesday.

I'm never going to say never. The world could end in a minutes time. Or at least the human world might end if there is some form of accidental nuclear war. But I also think that believing the world is going to end any time soon is an exercise in self delusion, and to say we'll end it is human arrogance. People are so convinced about the all encompassing powers of humanity that they forget we are just starting on the road to true scientific discovery.

Global warming for instance is often portrayed as an end of the world scenario. People have actually insisted that all life on Earth might be extinguished. No, no, no. We might die. All our favourite animals might perish. But the Earth and life will continue and eventually we will be but a distant bad memory. Human arrogance never fails to astound me. The fight against Global Warming must be stated as "Bad for our current way of life, and for all we hold dear" and not as a Doomsday scenario. As soon as you mention the end of the world most people turn off and think "Crazy". They do this for good reason.

Many have made predictions for the end of the world and have been quite rightly mocked. How anyone can still be a Jehovah's Witness is beyond me. And these crazy people still exist out there. Just take a quick read over at Rapture Ready (go on, it's amusing if you pretend that these are not real people with real lives. Otherwise it's just depressing). These people don't just think the End of the World is coming but WANT IT.

I'm quite prepared for my life to be in the hands of some scientists who have not just researched what they are going to try but made it public for further scrutiny. That is far preferable to putting our lives in the hands of the naysayers and Doomsday believers out there. Roll on Wednesday when either science is advance a little, nothing happens or we all die. Two out of three are pretty exciting options so I like those odds!

The Incredible Hunk, Volume 1, Issue 4

An oldie but goldie from Sexy Muscle Dudes

Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Spore

Oh dear God. I'm addicted to Spore. It's so good. For a person like me, who is obsessed by God Sims and loves zoology, this is the ultimate game. LOVE IT.

I didn't know Neil Matthews is standing as the Lib Dem PPC in Folkestone and Hythe!! Sam you must keep my up to date with important developments like this, he is your father after all! Good luck to him! I'll make sure I pop down to help out with his campaign.

Otherwise... poverty continues. :( But I do have a solution... just need a nice round £100 pounds before I can put my (evil) plan into action... mwhahahahaha. Watch this space.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


So Jim returned from a trip to Lewisham with... Spore! :D I cannot contain my excitement.

I've been waiting for Spore for a long time and it doesn't disappoint. Simple, fun and addictive. I made some wonderful creatures before it came out using the Creature Creator but... the in game creation system is more akin to adaption and thus the results are quite a bit different!! I'm sure next time I'll create something a little prettier than what I've currently got.

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 16

Jim was meant to go flying today which was worrying me a little. I'm not a big risk taker myself and dislike the idea of someone I care about doing loop the loops in something that appeared to be little bigger than a Cessna. Thankfully due to the bad weather the whole thing was canceled and Jim brought back a McDonald's breakfast. Double mmm... Although I did feel bad for Jim as he had been looking forward to it.

Rachel won Big Brother which, given the high quantity of bastards in the house this year, was actually no bad thing. Out of the last 5 I would have preferred Sara to win as I think Rachel was far too forgiving of Darnell and Rex's atrocious behaviour but hey ho. At least Rex didn't win, which shows being an evil bastard does not pay!

I've updated my links to the "new" Blog List facility on Blogger. However... I experienced technical difficulties and I know I lost a couple of links at least. So if you were on my blog roll but aren't there now, let me know and I'll put you back on.

Plus any blogs with no posts for 6 months will now be deleted (except for Dubberley.com as I've been linking there for most of this blogs existence and I shall not be changing that link for love nor money [ok for money I might right now...])

On the money front... bugger. ;) I need about £100 to see me through until my next pay cheque (check for those in America). I'm thinking selling some things on eBay may be in order.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Jason Begs

Dear Constant Reader,

Please ignore this post if you wish, it's not obligatory to read but I'll make it brief! However my current financial situation is, how can I say, precarious. Thanks to having to leave my last dodgy job I'm now buggered whilst I look for another. I know in the past you have bought me gifts through my Amazon wishlist (which filled my heart with glee!) but now I ask that should you be able to afford to, and should you feel kind enough to spare the cash, I'm happy to accept any donation!

That's PayPal account jaekay@gmail.com

Pathetic I know... sorry... normal service resumes tomorrow.

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 15

So yesterday... I went into work after I was given an impromptu day off on Wednesday (because the other guys couldn't be bothered coming to work) and decided to bring up the subject of a "contract". Sadly they were not able to furnish me with one nor were they willing to make a goodwill up front payment to me to keep me from thinking they were up to no good. As I had no redress should they not have paid me, as I did not have a contract, I told them where to stick their job and left. Hurrah!

Jim and I spent most of the rest of the day down the pub getting more and more pissed. I don't know how many pints of cider I drank but it was.... quite a lot. We spent most of the evening discussing the fast approaching end of the world (day for your diary there folks... ;) ) and other such silly subjects.

Mmm... currently enjoying some Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs. YUM!

The gorgeous Mario Maurer is currently promoting Pepsi in a very, very cheesy advert...

Told you... pure cheese.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stop Press

Today I resigned from my new job. They were going to mess me around and, as you Dear Constant Reader may remember, I've been there before back when I worked at Faulty Towers.

So I am an unemployed bum again. Woo!

What were those idiots thinking when they refused a soldier a night in a hotel? D'oh!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gladiators: UK Vs. US

So the first series of the renewed Gladiators finished on Sunday with a Legends Return special (old Gladiators vs. new Gladiators = FUN!). Now they've started showing the American version ("patriotically" named American Gladiators. Does everything need to be called American? Do the viewers not think it a little patronising that the networks think they might think the show wasn't made in America??).

What a difference. And not a good difference.

The new Gladiators on Sky1 is fifty times more exciting (and less annoying) than the American version.

Firstly... the dark studio on the American version with godawful lighting and too much smoke puts me in mind of a dirty back street club rather than a TV show studio where they actually want people to be able to see what is happening. They have set up about 5 billion (a conservative estimate) cameras around their arena (and on their contenders) and like to flick between them relentlessly so you never really get to see any of the "action"... which brings me on to my second problem with the show.

It's slow. Powerball has no power. They treat it like American Football rather than a bloody Gladiator event. It's soooo boring compared to the fast paced British version. They called Duel, "Joust" (not to be confused with the British Joust event) but they can use their sticks to POKE each other. Hardly a feat of strength. In Earthquake they are allowed to do WRESTLING moves on each other. What a cheat. I don't know why, I suspect the angle of the cargo net might have something to do with it, but by the time the contestants get to the cotton reel (which has a ROPE on it. Cheats.) on the Eliminator they are so tired that they then proceed to drag themselves slowly around the rest of the course. The Travelator is longer than the British version but...


Yes, a rope. Shockingly rubbish.

The Gladiators themselves? Useless. Absolutely useless. They are all muscle and no athletic ability. Can't catch the contenders on hang tough. Can't win at duel. They need better Gladiators. Also... our Gladiators are so much more attractive.

And the contenders. So arrogant. I couldn't even begin to feel sympathy for them.

And, let me just say, thank God for John Anderson as our ref....that man has more charisma in his little finger than the American ref.

Our Gladiators is a cross between exciting action, good athletic showmanship and a little bit of cheese. Their Gladiators crosses total cheese with terrible camera angles and not much else.

Go Sky1! The American version proves Sky1 has got things right.

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 14

Things I've learned today:

I am faster than a bus on Charing Cross Road.
Charing Cross station is the hub for all those hot south east London men to congregate in at the end of their days toiling on constructions sites... generally in ripped clothing, with a little bit of dirt smeared on their face... OK... I'm stopping there....
There are more churches in London than people.
The people I work with are annoying.
There's another comic book shop near where I work. Bonus.
A dripping wet naked man still turns me on. Note to all.. if I use the words "dripping wet naked man" in a link from now on, you can bet your bottom dollar that they won't be safe for work (NSFW!!) but all the best parts will be covered up so for the not so prudish but still prudes out there you needn't worry about surfing over to links I provide on my blog. I've only once linked to a fully exposed naked man in a post, and that was the gorgeous Bel Ami model Mark Aubrey. Oh and we all remember the Kevin McDaid fiasco... better forgotten (also to those searching for pics of Kevin McDaid please stop leaving comments or emailing me asking for them... it's been a few years and I'm bored!). But I won't link, in a post, to fully naked men ever again...

I'm reading The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. I know, I'm 30 years behind the times. But God, it's fascinating stuff. Really makes a lot of sense, and has made me view the theory of evolution completely differently and only served to reinforce the fact that creationists truly are wrong.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Interlude Three

Jim has started an email "relationship" with Spartan from Gladiators.

Jae is not amused, but uses the opportunity to shamelessly post a picture of the most handsome man on Sky1 (when the competition is Ross Kemp, that might not mean much but still...).

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 13

New job. New laughs. I won't say much as I don't tend to right about the place I'm currently working for... for obvious reasons... but I will say this:

My chair was built for a child.
The other people in my office (for which read the whole company, for which read 3 other people) don't do any work and appear to be doing this all as a hobby.
I got away hours early as the boss needed to close the office and go to Bristol.
I work two seconds away from a comic shop.

That is all.

Oh yes and I was brutally attacked licked to death by a giant Great Dane on the way into work. I want a Great Dane, they remind me of an over excited pony. I want one so much. And a cat. And a tortoise (I love tortoises!). AND another cat. Etc. etc. etc.

And some old man stopped me in the street and said "6'4"?" to me. Not even a hello or good morning. What is it with people who stop me in the street and their general lack of proportion (and lack of manners)??? 6'8" is somewhat different to 6'4". Idiots.