Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big Brother 2007

It's that time of the year; Dermot O'Leary loving time. Mmm... that man is just so yummy. And with him comes Big Brother 8... 8! Sheesh... it feels like only weeks ago since I was wounded by Anna's second place on Big Brother 1... Darn you Craig!

House: Davina is getting slowly more insane. I feel we are watching her descent into dementia, spread out over 8 years. Worrying. House is... mad! I love it. Crazy colours, with everything just plain screwed up! What a big bed! I want that bed!

That bathroom is great... I WANT THAT SHOWER.

That bedroom is going to stink with an oven in there!

Fridge in the garden. Poor housemates. Poor, poor housemates.

Housemates: Sam and Amanda. Twins! Ditzy. Oh dear God, they are blonde... in the bad way. Bless them. Are they two seperate housemates, or are they classed as one?

Lesley: She seems nice, if a little mad!

Charley: Very Eighties.

Tracey: Erm.

Chanelle: Out of her mind. This is a weird lot.

I really wanted some men. :(

Shabnam: Very Eighties.

Emily: I feel so old. These 18 year olds all seem like babies to me. Emily gives herself 10 out of 10 for intelligence??? Sheesh talk about arrogant. Guess who she plans to vote for... the Tories. Arrogance. Tory. NEVER!

Laura: I thinking of someone from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now. Three Jae Stars to anyone who can tell me which character she reminds me of.

Nicky: I like Nicky. She seems nice.

Carole: Uh-oh.

No men. What's the point of BB without men to stare at?? Oh wait... Dermot O'Leary!!

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Blasts From The Past, Part One

An irregular series of brain dumps...

I don't know about you but I have these niggling memories that just won't go away. Memories that just go round and round for weeks then disappear for a couple of years before returning to haunt me again. Now, when I say haunt it's not because I consider them bad memories. They are actually very random and stupid. No I mean they just won't go away!

So Jae's first Blast From The Past is a scene from a 1992 episode of Taggart. See what I mean. RANDOM. Let's set the background:

When I went to primary school in Sellindge my mother decided that I could no longer stay home alone after school. Instead every day after school I went to some womans house in the middle of a sheep field. Seriously. Anyhew... her daughters were a few years below me in school but I got on with them, and they watched Star Trek: TNG every day so they weren't that bad. Things I remember: her cooking always tasted awful. One of her daughters names was Alice. And the girls were pretty much constantly naked in the house which meant I had to stare at the ceiling during breaks in TNG. Bizarre.

Somehow, and now I really don't understand what my mother was thinking, I ended up going on holiday with this bizarre family to the Lake District. We stayed in a lovely old cottage.

Actually, come to think of it, this is the setting for two Blasts From The Past's but I'll save the other one for another post.

So one evening on this holiday I was allowed to stay up quite late and I watched my first (and only) ever episode of Taggart. I've since discovered it was called "Nest of Vipers". Basically the killer used exotic animals to kill his victims. Now Mr Shadowman was still, at that point, considered not to exist sooooo basically it dramatises my ultimate fear at the time; someone leaving a poisonous snake in my bedroom who kills me just after waking me up so I can die with a terrified look on my face. So it was scary... yeah... I was messed up.

But the one scene that really sticks out is the one where the killer has a victim round for dinner and tries to kill her with frog poison on her spoon. The scene involves him licking the spoon in a strangely reptilian way. This is the scene that just won't leave my head... I cannot lick a spoon without that scene playing through my mind.

Maybe it's because I felt the actor playing the murderer was actually quite cute but had no idea at the time that that was what I was thinking. Maybe it was because I felt the portrayal of him was a little... queer? Even if he was killing women, and again I certainly wouldn't of thought this at the time. Or maybe because the rest of the show was just too terrifying for words and that scene just put the weird icing on the scaly cake.

I think I need to see it again just to try and get this out of my head... so I've added it to my Amazon Wishlist

P.S. On a completely unrelated note my birthday is on the 18th June.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Miss Star Trek

No, not the Shatner starring, mini skirt wearing original series. Nor, let me be honest, the rough and ready, Dubya-era Enterprise.

I miss The Next Generation style Trek of my youth, warts and all. I miss all the "humanity will be great in the future" lies, all the 2D characters, all the bloody niceness of the crew. Sheesh... I even miss Wesley.

Sometimes I don't want complicated storylines, I don't want heavy characterisation... I just want a story, with a happy ending and a smile. I don't want to remember the grim reality that is life. I want to dream of the stars, of a humanity free of ignorance and I want to bloody see some phaser battles! Is that too much to ask?

Battlestar Galactica seems to have disappeared up it's own arse this season but I hold out hope that Season 4 will be a bit better. Stargate SG-1 got so blotted with plot and history it practically begged to be cancelled. How could it attract new viewers when you had to know EVERYTHING that happened over the last 10 seasons???

We need a good old fashioned, nineties style Trek series that doesn't care about being "good" in the eyes of some sci-fi elite (those who take it all a little too seriously and forget that being a sci-fi fan is supposed to be a good laugh!). We need a Trek series that says "Let's be nice and have a little fun!". Jean Luc Picard, come back! Please...

In the interests of fairness I will admit I enjoyed Star Trek: Voyager more than Deep Space Nine. So I have a vested interest in lots of fluff and very little consistency... One day Voyager has hole through middle... next it's fine. They just had THE BEST ENGINEERS EVER. So ner.

I apologise for the fact this will be the second geeky post in a row. Such is life. Hope this makes up for it.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

I Can't Be Arsed: Some Reviews

For anyone who may have tried to phone or text me over the last few days, my phone has been missing in action. It has now been found under the sofa so once it's charged I'll get back to you!

Human Nature: Doctor Who 3.8

Now this is more like it! I haven't really enjoyed this season. It's been a bit... average. But this episode was actually good! It was original (as original as an episode based on a book from the nineties can be anyway!) and interesting. I can't wait for next weeks concluding part... for once, with the Doctor completely vunerable as a human who can't remember who he used to be, I actually feel suspense!!

The Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Hmm... now if you all remember I had a problem with the pacing of Dead Man's Chest. I had the same problem with this movie. It was too bloody blotted! There is a reason why we have deleted scenes on DVDs... it's called editing. I don't think they bothered on this movie.

Again I'm not saying it was a bad movie... there were laughs, there was Captain Jack "Can I Have Your Babies" Sparrow, there was action and adventure and the special effects were amazing. But I really was bored for about an hour of the movie... Try and do a Star Wars and always keep to the two hour limit!

Star Wars: Empire At War

Wow. I love this game. With the recent 30th Anniversary of the Star Wars Universe, I've rediscovered my inner Star Wars geek... and it went "Squee" at the prospect of destroying Star Destroyers.

And it was not disappointed... soon I shall control the whole galaxy... mwhahahahaha...

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds is the sequel to Eating Out

I think I'm in love. Marco Dapper is the sexiest man I've ever seen.

If I don't get my hands on this soon I will have to start a small localised war in the LA area.

The movie is a considerable improvement over the last one (and the last one wasn't that bad!). Funny, with some laugh out loud jokes, and sweet. Give it a go!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well That Was Fun

I just walked from Canary Wharf to Greenwich. And it wasn't actually far at all. The reason? Commuter chaos! Looks like someone will be waking up early and getting the DLR to work tomorrow...

Strange thing: I think I've discovered some secret society on the Greenwich Foot Tunnel lifts. I get on with all this bikers and suddenly they are chatting, greeting the lift operator like a long lost friend and generally having a laugh... all for just a few seconds before the lift reached it's destination and they all split off again.

Saw the Cutty Sark for the first time since the fire. Very sad. One lone reporter was standing next to it. When I say lone, I mean alone! She was operating the camera herself and obviously recording something for an American network... wonder who she pissed off to get that job!

Wow... I've seen a lot of good looking men today. Phew... this may be because I had to walk to and from work... there is my much needed incentive to exercise.

First person to tell me why I love this football team wins a 20 quid itunes voucher.* Spread the news!

*My decision is final!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Youtube: Folkestone

Lynwood... it was the estate next to the one I lived, and it was where my paper route was based (the largest paper route of the six from the shop I worked out of). This video is pretty much the last half of it in reverse....

Oh the memories... many hours of slugging around the route dreaming about the Sixth Former (who just so happened to live in Lynwood too...)

And the man in the following video was once my geography teacher, and used to put me in detention a lot (Reason: I once got a C. So sue me! Twasn't for anything bad) ... oh how the mighty have fallen...

I'm glad to see the Harvey is keeping up it's reputation of academic excellence:

And this guy is my favourite resident of my home village:


I've just read in the New Statesman (yeah, I try to read all sides of the argument!) that the Government is spending 21 million quid a mile on the M1 one lane extension. That's per mile. Is that not shocking? That's OUR money just going down the drain, nearly 50p a person per mile. No one else a little peeved? I'm a pedestrian, so why should I pay for someone elses road? Make it a toll road! Make all motorways toll roads. Sell them to companies/communities to look after them.

The Government wants councils to charge for using roads. Why them? They should sell them off so only those who use them (or use products transported on them) pay for them? They should not be used as yet another tax.

And wonderful... the police have flying CCTV cameras... I was just thinking the other day "You know, we've used up all available space with fixed cameras so why not create ones that can fly!". Seriously, the new guy at work the other day goes "Sheesh, you guys sure like having cameras everywhere!". In one study, based on Putney, it was estimated that the total number of CCTV cameras in the country is about 4, 000, 000 and that only about 25% of them were "legal" (had proper warning signs). That's 3, 000, 000 illegal cameras watching you, capturing your picture and keeping tabs on your whereabouts. No one else worried? Now I must say some of these cameras are private, and on private property. That's fine. But they should not be in public places where consent cannot be given.

We are taxed lots, kept under tabs lots and treated like children. The Government has made people so irresponsible. No one cares for their environment because the council paid litter cleaner will just pick the stuff up, no one cares about stopping criminals as it's not their problem the police will sort that out and no one cares if some kid next door is having to care for their sick parents from the age of 12 because it's the Governments job to care, not theirs.

People don't intervene when someone causes trouble. People act like sheep. It's time we got the Government and the Councils and those poorly led Corporations out of our lives and took back our freedoms. Time for taxes to be lowered. Time for people to take responsibility for those in need themselves. It's time for people to have a choice over who gets their money, and who doesn't.

I don't want to my taxes going to religious organisations, for instance. Religious schools shouldn't need my pink pound.

The Government should be there to protect life, liberty and property.


See the Philosophy of Liberty

Monday, May 21, 2007

Public Homophobia

More and more I'm becoming a hardcore libertarian. But even I have limits. Today on the train to work was a perfect example.

I was standing, reading my book when the two workmen in their forties behind started getting a bit loud. Their conversation goes a bit like this:

"You went to the Rose and Crown?" - 1

"Yeah" - 2

"But that's a gay bar!" - 1

"Oh really..." - 2, sounding pretty respectably disinterested.

"Yeah.... me and Dave took Mike there once for a laugh at all the gays. Fucking queers." - 1

Now my tolerance of swearing has grown of late but my tolerance for what I consider to be a direct insult to myself (i.e. the word queer when said with a sneer) is... non existent.

I slammed my book closed, turned to face these two guys, saw a couple of people back away so thought my face must have reached it's angriest, and slammed the book against my leg to get the guys attention. I made sure they saw my rainbow wrist band, gave them a look that suggested they just DIE and then turned round and went back to my book.

I didn't hear two peeps out of them, or anyone else, for the rest of the journey. Being a giant has its major plus points.

Poor ol' Cutty Sark...

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Fire, Fire!

I was awoken at 5 a.m. this morning as fire engine after fire engine screamed past my bedroom window. After the sixth or seventh siren I got up and found to my horror that the Cutty Sark was on fire.

Greenwich... without the Cutty Sark??? :s

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

42: Doctor Who 3.7

Something is going very wrong. 42 was nothing but rip off of Sunshine/Alien with a little pit of last seasons Satan Pit. And the "real time"? Stupid... completely ruined the pacing.

David Tennant and Freema Agyeman are the only things keeping this episode even watchable.

:( Me no like dissing Doctor Who but I WAS BORED!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Panorama: Scientology and Me

I've just watched the "controversial" Panorama documentary "Scientology and Me". Although I find picking on Scientology a bit silly (it's a tiny religion. Sure it may be based on lies; but then again, in my opinion, so are all other religions) I think their representative Tommy Davis didn't really do them any favours.

If I was running a religion and Panorama was coming to do an expose on it, I'd probably get my nicest person to represent my religion to them. Not the meanest, and creepiest, guy I could find. I would also not have them spy on the crew, accost them during interviews nor rudely shout in the presenters face from a distance of a couple of centimetres.

This all proves one thing to me; Scientology can't be run by very intelligent people. So let's ignore them and focus on homophobic Imams, paedophillic (yes, I'm making up words) priests and those horrid people over at the Christian Institute.

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Talking 'Bout Zombiefication

So I've finished World War Z and it was good! So good I've watched Shaun of the Dead, the remake of Dawn of the Dead and will be watching 28 Weeks Later shortly. And I think I might revisit Stephen King's "Cell".

Yeah... zombies rock! And so does Dawn of the Dead star Kevin Zegers...

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Trust In Me.

It's funny how few people really know me. Sure they know the Jae I choose to represent to them, but do they really know Jason? He who is hidden deep within? I don't think they do.

I went out last night to the American Sports Bar for Part 1 of Sam Americas long birthday celebrations. It was fun. Tamara, an old time colleague was there along with current colleagues, aquaintances and some guy called Aladdin (Meredith and I did sing A Whole New World...) . I oogled Sam's ex boyfriend who is pretty cute, checked out the new guy who starts Monday while he was still unaware of the fact he'd soon be my pupil and generally had a laugh.

Jessica pointed out how I'm a lot of people's "favourite". I sure am... "Jae, your my favourite" is a phrase I'm used to hearing. I don't know why... it's weird. I get a lot of hugs, I know that much.

Then today after work finished, and I had got over giving up my two trainees to real work (I hate that, like some mother hen seeing her chicks all grown up... I just want them to stay my babies for ever), we headed out to the Riverside. As is usual loads of people confided their secrets with me. Sometimes I feel like I'm a priest at confession. Sarina sent me a text with a "revelation" and I turned to her and said "I've known that for three weeks". Sometimes I think people see me as some sweet little innocent who doesn't really know much. Trust me... I know more about you than you think.

Never underestimate a skilled, and experienced, stalker.

Another new boy on Monday, Aussie. He shall be corrupted. Mwhahahahaha...

Old New Boy is terrifyingly like Stephen.... I can almost predict his next words and movements with a 100% accuracy. Old New Accounts Girl told me something I'd rather not know. My current favourite American told me she was gonna tell me something secret on Sunday. My head is likely to explode before Monday...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stranges Days

Today has been one of those awful days. Sadly I've had about 9 awful days at work in a row. Sad, that is, for the poor man who tried to roughly push in front of me at the ticket barrier on the way home. He was about 25, with that arrogant, cocky walk I've become used to seeing used by idiots. After one great shove from me he sure wasn't cocky any more... I was worryingly pleased to see he looked utterly terrified... I don't think he'd paid any attention to my height when trying to push in front of me. Fool. He sure paid attention after falling on his arse. I was not in the mood for tosspots who think they are better than everyone else.

That PPC I mentioned/berated after the local elections has resigned. I wish him well.

I'm reading World War Z which is an awesome book. Slight bit of horror, lots of "future history" (something I love) and written as a series of interviews of survivors which makes it a little more interesting than just a simple zombie book.

Things aren't looking too good for Harlow Cuadra.

Cuadra and Kerekes ... believed Kocis to be their main rival in the lucrative gay pornography business, and they wanted Kocis out of the way so they could form a relationship with Kocis' main pornography star, Sean Lockhart, who is known in the gay film industry as Brent Corrigan.

Brent Corrigan is a peach, but is he enough to murder someone for????

Harlow Cuadra Has Been Arrested

Harlow Cuadra (NSFW) has been arrested according to this news story. The arrest is in connection with the murder of Bryan Kocis, founder of Cobra Video and former boss of Brent Corrigan.

Harlow had recently begun a Corriganesqe blog and was claiming that there was soon to be a Cuadra/Corrigan joint production.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bowling, Bowling, Bowling

I can't think of anything to blog. So just thought I'd say I went bowling in Elephant and Castle last night, yet again the crowd has changed completely... 2 new people started yesterday and another 1 on Monday. Constant, never ending change.

I'm starting to understand why some people at work don't befriend the temps... it is painful to see friends leave, and make new ones, only for them to leave. Sam America leaves at the end of the month...

Oh well... that's life for you.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Play The Game! - Eurovision Redux

There has been a lot of cynical reporting since the results of Eurovision regarding how it was "the worst Eurovision" ever, and that Britain should withdraw. There are comments on rearranging the ESC, creating Western and Eastern versions and "weighting" the votes based on population. See some reactions here

It all sounds very bitter to me (the words "poor losers" best describe it, at least Scooch were graceful losers). And a few of the comments stink of racism against Eastern Europeans.

So there is certainly block voting. People call this "political voting". However I would be interested in seeing some stats on something that might shed some light on this phenomenon; how many visits does the band make to neighbouring countries compared to those further afield?

It is a fairly common practice on the continent for bands to tour their neighbours promoting their song. It makes sense, as the bands home nation can't influence the vote. Is this so called political voting really just a symptom of people being familiar with some songs more than those of countries further away?

I would also be interested to know how much promotion Scooch did abroad. None? Some TV slots on Irish telly? A little burst of promotion in Helsinki itself? I bet it was negligible (based on the amount of shows they did over here!). Perhaps this may explain our failures at Eurovision. What if we sent our band to other countries and promoted it heavily there?

Perhaps it's not the ESC that needs reforming but our own promotion of our entries.

Here is a modest proposal: Make Making Your Mind Up into a talent contest set over a few weeks. This would allow the British public more involvement in the selection process and might lead to them NOT choosing a gimmicky song on the night just because it's fun. They might appreciate the most talented person more if they have time to get used to them. This would also get the public on board behind the finalist having invested their emotions in the selection process.

Once selected (hopefully at the latest possible date) the finalist should then be sent to as many EBU countries as possible to promote the song, and get their name out there. They should be absent from British screens.

What do you think?

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Phantom of the Opera

It was Zoe's birthday yesterday and her mother was kind enough to buy Zoe and I tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre.

I met Zoe at Charing Cross and we immediately headed up to Seven Sisters to see John and Vixie. I thought Seven Sisters was... how can I put this... "interesting" during the night time. During the day time it sure is... something... Anyway we arrived at John and Vixies flat (they've moved, and it's got a lot more space) and found Vixie sitting on the floor making flags for Eurovision. It didn't take me long to find out she was a rabidly unpatriotic person who was supporting the Ukraine and HATED Scooch. Vixie is off my Christmas list, and just wait until she sees her wedding present... ;) As always Vixie and John were delightful as always.

After an hour or so of Pingu watching (yes, Pingu) Zoe and I headed back into town and randomly choose an Italian restaurant that 1) neither of us had been to or heard of before and 2) wasn't part of a chain. Food was nice and very filling.

And then it was off to the theatre! Firstly I owe a big thanks to Zoe's mum who, unlike most people, remembered my special requirements of needing some where to put my legs so seated me at the end of aisle. We settled in, but just as the show was starting a small drama unfolding behind us as two kindly old ladies were dragged from the theatre having turned up a day late. Bless them.

The show was wonderful, the acting good, the songs great and the set AMAZING. The chandelier was a triumph. The actress playing Christine was the same one who played Cosette in the last Les Mis Jim and I attended.

Randomly bumped into Elliot on way home, sorry I was so tired and out of it!

Thank you Zoe for a brilliant day.

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Eurovision 2007 - The Final

YAY! It's Terry Wogan time...

Semi Final Full Results Here
Britain gave Bulgaria 6 points???? Poland 3? Albania (!) 1???? Were we all pissed that day? Nul point the lot of 'em is what I say!

My pessimism is high, but I live in hope for a Euromiracle... We begin...

Bosnia and Herzegovina: It's not a bad song, but just not my thing. 5
"This is Helsinkis equivalent of a man with a nail through his lip" - Terry Quote number 1
Spain: Mmmm... D'Nash. Who wants these guys to sit on their lap? Way better than Spains entry last year... Ooo.. that blonde guy is very nice. 8

Belarus: Did he really need to dye his hair black and cut it short? Hmm no... that's lost him the contest. Shame as this is a good bit of cheese, but good as we don't want this dictatorship to win. Are those people floating in the air? Wow... the power of magic velcro... 8
Ireland: Before they start I vote boring. Usually is.... let's see... Yes... it was. Wow, I've never seen a chorus fit into the song that well... I couldn't tell where it was! 2
"I have to warn you about flashing lights in the next song. I should have warned you about this video too...."
Finland: "This is a bad tempered little lassy". Good. 8
Macedonia: I liked this one before I'm sure... Oh yes... it's that cute guy... Song isn't bad either... 8
Slovenia: Good, but not my kind of thing. 5
Hungary: I like this... 10 points.
Lithuania: No thanks. 2
Greece: Us Brits always keep a second act in reserve in case the first flops. This is ours, Sarbel was born in London. oh dear... this does not sound as good as normal... is he having microphone problems? Well normally I like the song... 8
I'm beginning to think Scooch don't have a chance in hell... I'm not fussed about the win, but a better showing than last year would have been nice...
Georgia: Some good points (the chorus). Some bad points (the rest of the song). love the sword fighting. 7
Sweden: I've had this stuck in my head for the past 3 weeks... what is he wearing around his chest? Worrying... but song is good... 10
France: Wow. Pink. Crazy... 8
Latvia: Hmmm....
Russia: I'm scared. Very scared. 7
Germany: Not as good as I had originally thought... 7
Serbia: I like this song. And I think she is nice, having watched a few interviews... 10
"They're coming to take me away"
Ukraine: They gave us Ruslana... now we have this.... crazy... fun. Not really a song though... 10
The United Kingdom: Awesome? Unsurpassed? Yes. Going to win? No... Do you want something to suck on for landing, sir?
Romania: One of my early favourites... 8
Bulgaria: 0
Turkey: I don't know what is going on with that jacket but still... this is fun. 10
Armenia: Boring 2
Moldova: She can't sing. 2

"My whole life flashs before me when that girl is there. You lose the will to live don't you?"

I bet Montenegro are kicking themselves over splitting with Serbia, they didn't even make the final!
Belarus spokesperson looks terrified (probably had machine guns trained on her). Giving points to Russia??? Surely not!
Armenia... voting for Russia??? NEVER!
Andorra: Voting for France... no votes for Spain????
Austria: Serbia looking strong... no Scooch... hmm...
France!: She is very chatty... Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia all looking good.
Denmark: Sweden??? Amazing...
Greece: 12 points for Bulgaria? I propose a war...
Spain: 10 to Bulgaria? A Europe wide war by the looks of things...
Serbia: 8 to Bosnia, 10 to Macedonia, 12 to Hungary. Can you say Balkan Bloc?
Finland: She is very excited...
Turkey: Turkey voted for Armenia? I suppose that makes up for some past mistakes....
Bosnia: Predictable..
Belgium: no Scooch... uh oh...
Albania: Oh isn't he scary? Nul point for us...
Cyprus, sorry I'm getting distracted by the tears in my eyes ;)
Croatia: Who will they vote for? Macedonia? Bosnia? Serbia? BALKAN BLOC. OK we need to Immediately make Scotland, Wales and England seperate countries so we can all vote for each other.
Slovenia: HELLO... Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia. Well they mixed it up a bit...
Israel: 12 to Belarus? Hmm... from one messed up country to another...
NOT ENGLAND. It's the United Kingdom... Silly Pink Female Thing. Shoot her.
Germany: Greece ARE doing well. Come on Sarbel!
Lithuania: All over the place...
Norway: SWEDEN! Baltic Bloc is back in business.
Switzerland: Pretty normal voting... we should all take note.
Czech Republic: Good to see Prague is in it...
Netherlands: Uh oh... it's him... He is less chatty this time. Thank God
Ireland: Come on Ireland... give us a few... please... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 points... give that country Northern Ireland as compensation!
Malta: Oh come on guys... we love you... none in the first lot. :( 12 POINTS! Give that country a MEDAL! Malta, you want to invade anyone.. let us know...
Estonia: RUSSIA??? What about the memorial? Have you no shame!
Georgia: Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia. The USSR Bloc.
Bulgaria: We are coming to get you for crimes against music!
Sweden: HELLO. I want to marry this man... Who is he? Andre Pops.. mmm... I like...
Ukraine: Hmm... USSR Bloc?
Russia: Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus... hmm.... The USSR LIVES ON!
Latvia: Oh this man is charismatic...
Iceland: I'm shaking my head...
Moldova: 12 to Romania? Hmph
United Kingdom: 12 to Turkey. We like the belly dancing...
Macedonia: This is not a time to revisit your previous success' young lady!
Hungary: Painful.

Serbia WINS! Well done them... Belgrade 2008

We didn't get nul point. Let's remember that.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest - TONIGHT!

First off I would like to beg. I am begging anybody who reads this blog from a European country to vote for Scooch tonight. Please. Tell all your friends! We need a western win, and hey the UK have been hardcore Eurovision supporters since we first entered!

Secondly, I am off out to see the Phantom of the Opera with birthday girl Zoe tonight so please see Esctoday for your Eurovision fix until tomorrow morning when I WILL be doing my usual "live" blog on the contest and results...

Thirdly, Leighton Stultz is now my second favourite Playgirl model! That link is NSFW nor for heterosexual men. If you don't know who my favourite is by now then you really haven't been paying attention.

Fourthly, God Bless Sir Terry

And finally... Who knew Jamie Bamber was a Brit??. Talk about British beef... phwoah!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Eurovision Is Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

As Doctor Who fans would say "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Check out the BBC's Eurovision site for all sorts of fun stuff... including Scooch dance moves. Terrifying.

My boss seemed devastated by DQ's early exit yesterday night. I think us here in the West are all a bit perplexed. Tomorrow will be interesting... will the plethora of Eastern European countries muscle out the Big 4 (UK, Germany, France and Spain) or will they split the Eastern votes and allow us Westerners a rare chance of glory?

I am pessimistic about Britain's chances but we can all dream of a win for Scooch. I've put my money where my mouth is and put a 2 quid bet on them... if I win I win big and if I lose I can put it down to a patriotic loss.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eurovision 2007 - Semi Final

So begins the semi traditional "live" Eurovision blog. Please note I'm at the theatre on Saturday so I will be blogging much later than usual (and trying to make sure I don't hear who the winner is until I've seen the contest!)

See info and videos here

I LOVE Eurovision presenters. They are just so darn cute!

The first postcard has a half naked muscled piece of perfection in it... this bodes well...

Bulgaria: It reminds me of one of Madonnas songs on Ray of Light but sung badly and in Bulgarian. Or maybe it's just some kind of mating ritual? He looks like he is enjoying those drums too much. 2 points
Israel: As my Mum once wrote on her score card: “Nil Point Stop Killing Palestinians!” I say... stop killing music. Oh my God... he lost it near the end... worst performance since Jemini??? Mental. Nil points
Cyprus: Love this song. 10 points
Belarus: Hate the country. Love the singer. Like the song. 8 points
Iceland: Oh my God.... revenge of the '80s rockers zombies. He's like a decomposed Dave Lee Roth. 6 points
Georgia: Not bad. Welcome to Eurovision! 8 points
Montenegro: Ooo... hello.. if he wasn't wearing those earrings he wouldn't be half bad. Erm... 8 points?
Switzerland: 12 points! I love Vampires Are Alive... been listening to it for a couple of months...
Moldova: Not bad. 8 points.
The Netherlands: Very nineties. 6 points.
Albania: This i...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Denmark: And I'm back! She's been practicing... this is a much better performance than her heat winning one... 10 points (I'm gay... let me just have this moment...)
Croatia: 8 points. Easily forgettable.
Poland: Ooo... a cage... erm... Imagine being in Indigo in Folkestone... you keep moving from there to The Beach and back again. This is what that song is like... completely messed up. 4 points.
Serbia: She can sing. It's a proper song. It gets 10 points.
Czech Republic: Czech to win just because it'll be a good excuse to go to Eurovision if it's in Prague...
Portugal: Backing dancer is wearing worringly tight clothes... nice song 8 points. Am I being too generous?
Macedonia: Hmmm.. 6 points Backing dancer... wow... HE IS CUTE.
Norway: Bless them... they just keep trying. 6 points
Malta: Mmmm... muscles... Good. 8 points.
Andorra: Aww.... now aren't they cute... a bit like Busted... alright... it's a rip off... 10 points. I'm sure this song is different to the one I heard during their heat... it sounds way better!
Hungary: You know this isn't half bad at all.
Estonia: Whatever happened to the really jaw droppingly weird songs? This is all just so average.
Belgium: Oh this is where the weird songs went! 12 points just for that backing singer who can't dance... bless her!
Slovenia: Wow...
Turkey: Turkish songs. I still love Sertab and then last years too... They haven't disappointed. 8 points.
Austria: Ooo... this has been in my top ten since I first heard it. 12 points
Latvia: A top hat? 3 TOP HATS? It sure is an interesting song...

Half time: D'Nash in a sauna... and NOW Sarbel! Ooo... YUM...

Results. Through to the final are:

Belarus. He can show me his magic potion any time.
Slovenia. Europeans. We are more cultured than even we thought.
Hungary. Eastern Europe are doing well.
Serbia. Come on Western Europe...
Bulgaria. Oh dear God. No. Just no. Will it be Israel next?
Turkey. What about Austria? What about Andorra? What about Denmark? Sob!

:( Oh well... there is still Scooch...

Bring It HOME!

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Goodbye Mr Blair

Today is a sad day; for all his faults Mr Blair will be missed. Pretty much everyone I know has said "I didn't really love him but he is my favourite politician".

What now? Brown or Cameron? Things can only get worse.

Eurovision Semi Final tonight... I'll be blogging my thoughts as soon as it finishes.

Eurovision Is Coming - New Posts Below

Who is going to win Eurovision? Who is going to flop? Why not check out this page and let us know!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today: Not Good

I didn't like today very much. Dealing with idiots all day can be draining... and today was the busiest day I've known since I started with the company. It's incredible how lazy some people are... let's just pick up the phone and ask a stupid question rather than think for two seconds. Grr...

So instead let us all stare at the sexiest man in comedy (no not Stephen Colbert!); Jon Stewart.

He so funny.

Then let's pay tribute to the ever beautiful Charles Dera... I'm still trying to forget how awful he was in those porn movies... yes I've seen sexier sandwiches... Prawn for instance... mmm... prawn sandwich...

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Victory In Europe Day!

The Commonwealth and the UN 1 Hitler 0

62 years... I still remember the 50th Anniversary like it was bloody yesterday... I really am getting old!

The Mudge Boy

Sunday night Jim and I headed to our local and during the process of getting pleasantly drunk we found our neighbours were also there and we joined their large group of mates. While Jim got to talk to the neighbours I got stuck with a scary Scottish girl ("You have a lovely profile") and her geeky gay flatmate (yes, he likes comics). Thanks Jim!

Last night we watched The Mudge Boy. This film is not to be watched if, like me, you find watching people in embarrassing situations difficult to watch.

Boy caught putting chickens head in mouth? Check.
Boy strokes other boys arm awkwardly. Check.
Boy caught by father wearing his dead mothers wedding dress just after getting fucked? Check.

I think I may have strained some facial muscles having cringed so much from displaced embarrassment.

The movie itself was quite good, if a little sedate. Emile Hirsch plays Duncan Mudge well and the acting is at a generally high quality throughout.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Lazarus Experiment: Doctor Who 3.6

Can I love Martha any more than I currently do? Yes it would seem. She is brilliant.

The episode. It was good. I think we all know the plot Dr Lazarus is old, creates machine to be young, regresses to primitive state. It was all quite good except... how many more frigging times does the Doctor need to use the sonic screwdriver to save the day? It's stealing all drama: Doctor locked in cell... uses screwdriver. Doctor hanging from cliff... uses screwdriver. Etc.

No Doctor Who next week... because it's Eurovision!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all the Leighton Stultz searchers.

A long time ago I wouldn't have believed dungarees could ever be sexy. But I've learnt that in fact they are THE sexiest item of clothing. And it does help that they are this time being worn by one of the finest specimens of male humankind of our new millennium.

And that hair. It all screams "I work hard and I fu...." well you know where I'm going with that. Yum is all I can say.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Shepway - A New Beginning For The Lib Dems?

Post Deleted At Lib Dems Request

Love America

Thursday night after work I headed to The Sports Cafe, a small piece of America here in London. I was there with Sam America, Meredith and a couple of their friends. Wow! 5 bottles of Carlsberg for 7 quid and 40 wings for 6 pounds... mmm... It was fun and I had just the right amount to drink for once.

Sam Kiwi of old school customer service fame returned from France for one day only yesterday, great to see him.

Then yesterday night (ending what has been an awful week of work) I headed out to the Lavendar for brief work drinks... brief work drinks ended up with myself, Ryan, and Jessica from work, Kallie formerly of work and Devon, the WORST Mormon in the world standing around mocking each other countries. They brought up slavery, and thus I won that mockathon. Fools! I also managed to really mock the hell out of Utah. Mwhahahaha!

Somehow I was persuaded to go to the Slug and Lettuce near Waterloo. Wow! What a classy place, full of interesting people... *cough cough*. I stayed for a drink then headed home... realising that I know way too many Americans whose drinkings places of choice consistently show a distinct lack of forward thinking (and class).

Spent whole week not going to lunch with people from my department. It was very refreshing... even if sometimes I felt like I was intruding on other peoples most intimate moments... 'nuff said.

Look at picture number 3 on this BBC NEWS page and I think we can all see exactly what Her Majesty thinks of Vice President Cheney...

"Die. Die now."

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Election Day!

So pretty much everyone in the country gets to vote today. Not me thought :( Oh well! Vote Lib Dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God... I thought my customers were terrible. I thought no one could be more dumb than my suppliers. I was wrong. Hi dearest valued team members and colleages. I once thought I was dumb and everyone else was quite clever. Oh how the tables have turned. I might not be able to hold my own in a debate but I do have a logical brain and I can see solutions to problems that no one else seems to spot... which drives me crazy as to me these solutions are just so simple.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dinosaurs - The Greatest Show Of All Time?


I was off yesterday and so spent the day watching Dinosaurs. If you don't remember the show it used to be on Saturdays on ITV (alongside such glorious shows as Baywatch and Gladiators... now that was Saturday night telly) and featured a family of dinosaurs in a sitcom setting. It was awesome!

Ethel the grouchy grandma, Baby the homicidal baby and Robbie the worryingly good looking teenager. It had adult themes (cross-eating, herbivoriousness, the end of the known world) and physical humour, "NOT THE MAMA!".

Well it made me smile at least.

"Earl, I'm going to be very disappointed if this world ends and you and Robbie are still annoyed with each other"


Remember This?

This is an interesting article regarding the original Blair cabinet back in 1997. How I miss Mo Mowlam!

Lord Browne should of grown some balls and been honest from the start rather than lie in court. Instead he allowed the homophobic Associated Press (the Daily Mail, shudder... it's for the stupid people who think it's classy, bless them) to use this incident as a victory for their own nefarious purposes. Shame on him! Honesty. Honesty. Honesty. When will these idiots learn?

The BBC have just phrased this news story on telly as if this will be the first time a Scot has been Prime Minister. I thought the reason the BBC got rid of the beloved Moira Stuart was to have news readers who knew about what they were talking about. Research. Research. Research. One quick trip to Wikipedia and wow look a Scottish Prime Minister in... 1762. Wasn't that hard was it?

Bring back Moira Stuart!

Happy Birthday Everyone!

300 years ago today the Kingdoms of England and Scotland became the Kingdom of Great Britain the state which would eventually become our country, the United Kingdom.

In just a few days the Scots go to the polls and they may elect a Nationalist government which could bring our long history together to an end. I sincerely hope that the Scottish people don't do that. I know the English are hard to put up with (I have to live with them too!) but our shared history is too great to just throw away. We are family, and we are friends.

(And we Brits are the greatest)

Long Live The United Kingdom.

And it's been ten years of Labour Government. Thanks for all the hard work Tony. Please don't leave us... Gordon or Dave? It's not a question I want to ponder.

Better the devil you know. Tories... they caused the American Revolution by being darn right bastards, appeased the Nazis, created the Poll Tax, entered the Suez Crisis and gave us Margaret Thatcher. Don't forget the Second Boer War I hear you cry! We don't want them in again, imagine the mess they'd make of Iraq. Yes... it could be worse.