Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I was awoke from a very, very nice dream by a mad flower lady today. She knocked loudly on our door at 9am and proceeded to say things my tired, slightly annoyed mind couldn't understand. I said "No Thanks" in the hope that actually answered anything and shut the door in her face. I wouldn't normally do that I have gotten used to chatting with odd people. Just I was tired.... and she had ruined a really "interesting" dream involving me, eighties Arnie and Dolph Lungdren. :o)

My day off today... woohoo.... and I shall be mostly attempting to rest, relax and have a nice day. Nobody is home so I think that might be possible. Just me, myself and my blog.

Ben asked me a question yesterday while we were in Tesco's and I was staring at a cute bloke... "Are you looking for anyone right now?" I was a couple of weeks ago but I thought about it and said "No". Seems I am back to being happy being single..... not looking for a relationship, maybe sex but no relationship.

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