Friday, July 31, 2009

Jae Writes A Book

So Jim has written his own opus magnum My First Bearded Dragon, and thus I thought it's about time I get to writing a book. Fact or fiction? Hmm... I'm thinking one of each ;)

So this weekend I shall begin work on my own little piece of literary rubbish. Caveat lector is all I can say!!

Josh Ohl is such a cutie! Finally can put a name to that much loved face.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Compliment

Today. at lunch, I was sitting down to eat my prawn salad, banana and mixed nuts when my boss looked at me and went "Have you lost some weight?". I haven't seen much of her of late and all she has seen of me is my profile in the distance should she glance across at my far flung desk (you do not know how gratifying it was to have the company of a new starter who was watching me work... I would have been grateful for his company even if he wasn't a ruggedly handsome bit of rough from Australia. Grr... [Grr meant in the good way]). So I was pretty pleased someone had noticed a little change (I've been on a semi diet for a couple of weeks before I properly started on Sunday). :)

Spurs me on to lose a little bit more...

Nuf still hasn't relinquished her first meal so I'm guessing that trap is probably going to die. Even that small locust must of been too much for her. Although the trap still looks perfectly healthy... perhaps it might be alright.

Gibbs is still as cute/handsome/drop dead gorgeous as always. He's like a really lazy, miniature dog. I love watching him run around the living room when he is out, the way he runs is so funny. Not as funny as the way this beardie runs, but I wouldn't put poor Gibbs on a wooden floor; it'd be like us running on an ice rink!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tube Train Etiquette

I often sit in the priority seats on the District line. Mainly this is because my legs are so stupidly long that if I sat down in the ordinary seats I'd cause a great deal of inconvenience to others. Mainly I stand but if I do sit it'll be in the priority seat.

Of course sitting there comes with certain responsibilities. If someone comes on and mneeds the seat, I give it (and usually, unless I'm really not paying attention, without them asking). So today this couple got on the train with their young son (4 or 5). I offered my seat to them as I thought the Mum could sit down with her son on her lap (I just offered the seat, not instructions on how to use it though lol). She acted as if I'd just offered to punch her in the face, gave me an evil look and turned her back on me. Not five seconds later the boy was crying because he was unsteady holding the pole standing up and the father had to pick him up. The two parents then spent the rest of the journey giving me evils, the "I want that chair" look so common on the tube. Well I was a little pissed with the way she'd looked at me and so, seeing the boy was more than happy in his Dads arms even if his Dad wasn't so happy about it, I resolutely sat in that seat ignoring them completely.

Was I wrong? I feel bad about it now but honestly I offer the seat, get a rude rebuff and then when suddenly they realise they need it (something I could of told them!) I'm the one who they give evils to??? Grr... Still, feel bad about it though. God darn my inability to feel truly evil and enjoy it.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 3 In The Diet House

So.... OH MY GOD MY HEAD HURTS!!! A major headache came over me yesterday evening and is continuing 24 hours later. Strangely the last time this happened was when I got rid of caffeine, sugar and bread from my diet. Weird. Based on previous experience I should be ok this time tomorrow.

To be honest the last two meals I've had have not only be healthy and heavy on vegetables but absolutely delicious. This diet isn't all that bad!! (Note three meals now, my blogging was interrupted by a very welcome dinner).

But on the plus side, my sudden increase in intake of water has resulted in my skin becoming all lovely and soft. *strokes self happily*

I haven't seen tube boi in weeks!! WEEKS!! Thankfully there was a total tottyfest on the tube home today, with two muscular Italian men sitting right next to me. With big arms. I was most amused.

In case some of you may have not noticed I'm totally obsessed with Twittering right now. At least I can claim I was on Twitter way before most people, it's the silver lining on this great big cloud of sad bastardness.

Happy times, Dear Constant Reader!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jae and Jim Go On A Diet

No, Dear Constant Reader, we're not back on the orange diet again (and let that be the last time we mention that diet or even that particular type of fruit!!). And really when I say diet it's more a lifestyle change than anything: we are going back to basics.

That's how we found ourselves at a checkout in Tesco's Lewisham pushing a trolley that looked more like a Harvest Festival basket than a weekly shop.

Upon getting home I threw everything that was in the fridge out and replaced it with veg, fish and fruits. Before you think this doesn't sound that drastic, I'd also like to mention one thing: I'm having no more Diet Coke!! Or fizzy drinks of any kind. Jim even poured his Irn Bru down the sink. It's that drastic.

For new Dear Constant Readers, and those not paying attention, Diet Coke is to me what air is to other people. This is going to be very difficult. Very difficult indeed.

Things are not helped by the fact Tom, one of the "new" housemates in Big Brother, has left the BB house. He was the only totty in that house and it's going to be difficult to watch from now on, having to listen to Noirin and Marcus is enough to drive me to chocolate.

Wish me luck!!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Strong Shoulders Are The Best

Jim got home from Boston last night, and to celebrate (and deliver duty free cigarettes for Karen), we headed straight down the local. There was a New Bar Man on (friend of Cute Bar Man) and I was most pleased for he has the most pleasingly large shoulders (with acceptably large arms to boot). Plus cute guy who was at least 2.1m walked in and made me go "Phwoah". He was delicious, and even Jim (who only has eyes for Cute Bar Man usually, and me of course :p ) was rather besotted.

A good night was had by all. Except those who were trying to avoid being perved over by the two gay guys in the corner (note: we had off duty Cute Bar Man and Brazilian Bar Man sitting with us, so we can't be all bad... ;) ). OK... New Bar Man did not help the situation by massaging Cute Bar Man. What is it with straight guys these days? Such teases... *not complaining*

Just been out and got a Gibbs a nice new stand and light for our living room floor. That way he can stay out of his viv a bit more often (he loves being out and about in the living room). We went down the local for lunch after shopping and they have a new menu. Absolutely gorgeous Sri Lankan food. Really nice curry and a lovely set of starts. Numnumnum.

Talking of numnumnum, have you seen what has happened to Kenzie, of Blazing Squad and Celebrity Big Brother? Here's a picture of Kenzie from the past, all slim and cute. Niw here's a picture of him as is (via Tottyland):

I quite liked him how he was but you will not hear me complaining about this change!! Wowsers.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Name Is Gibbs

And I will be winning your hearts tonight...

Look at how cute Mr Gibbs is!!! LOVE HIM!

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I'm Just Glad I'm Gay

That is all. Life is so much easier.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Worry Not All My Posts Will Have Half Naked Men

Just the good ones ;) I'm becoming reluctant to post these pictures any more due to the silly flagging policy. There's nothing indecent about these pictures (unless you are a real prude, I've seen more nudity than this at work. If half naked men upset you, it must be very difficult for you on hot days!) but I've seen many gay blogs disappear behind the Blogger warning page. Alas...

So Jim should be back tomorrow/Saturday morning from his work trip to America. I've really missed him this week, and Gibbs has too (I can tell as Gibbs keeps jumping out of viv, sitting on Jim's chair and looking all lost before sheepishly returning to his home). Hardly surprising as Jim cuddles Gibbs to sleep. This is why I love Jim.

I'm just waiting to complete my registration for the local dentist (yes, Dear American Constant Reader, I haven't been registered to a dentist for years!) as I think I've broken a back tooth. Hurts like hell :( Also not feeling so good so off work to boot.

Plus I've foolishly been researching Shadow People. What was I thinking??? It only upsets me. Anyhew, another of my ramblings.. on to today's entertainment (both blogs are flagged Blogger blogs, so it's apt I use them today)

Yoinked from Tottyworld

Yoinked from Stunning Sexy Guys

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Memorandum Updated: The State Of MY Blogosphere

The blogging world has changed so much since I first began blogging way back in August 2001 (not that I'm suggesting it changed because I started blogging!).

3 years ago I did an "In Memorandum" post in which I lamented those changes in a "Remember the Good Ol' Days" type post. I thought I'd revisit it.

Firstly time to update the links (is there a name for collectors of dead blogs?? Other than 4 letter ones!!! ;O ) to those who have fallen, as since that post was made many of them have disappeared into the cyber ether. Let us have a 21 gun salute as we do roll call:

True Porn Clerk Stories - Hilarious

Somagod - Intelligent

in the Closet Boy - The first blog I ever read.

- Complicated, confusing and it's damn shame his blogs are gone but his title page still shows just how brilliant Dusty was. And still is I suppose if he survived his teenage years.

Just Like Heaven still eludes me!! Grr...

As does Gregita

Sister Mary Matthew although the connected Pink Sheep is still going as a forum. Sister Mary Matthew had such wit!

In sad news Blue Roses has gone the way of the F*cked Blogs. I used to love her Sims obsession and her worrying slash fiction regarding N*sync. I especially liked when the two obsession met up. Weird but so much fun! Speaking of F*cked Blogs, there was once a website devoted to chronicling the "deaths" of blogs and mocking the overly dramatic last posts for our amusement. That too is now dead. Irony.

Princess Ari was still going back in April.

Which just leaves Deb. Blogging seems to have the sort of casualty rates last seen at the Battle of the Somme!!

But... good news!!

and Mister Alan have both reappeared. Perhaps there is still hope for quality personal blogs out there!

So secondly, I have sold out. Yes, there are ads on my blog. And I'm an Amazon Associate. And I'm making money (May was my best month yet when I made over $100 from one link ad alone [which I bet you didn't even notice did you Dear Constant Reader?!]). Not much, but a little. Let's be honest I'm so tired of living a 9 - 5 existence I'm willing to do anything to try to break out of it. I made my promise to a tramp in Brighton that I wouldn't join the Rat Race well before I wrote that post and I think my promise to him is thus more important. Of course it's a pipe dream but anyways... let's not get any more depressed than we need to right now! :D

Finally... I still haven't found any blogs like those that are listed above. I just looked through my reader and whilst there are plenty of blogs I read religiously (including some of yours Dear Constant Reader!!) there are none that I read... emotionally, if that makes sense. And worse this very blog has become the same as all the others... monochrome, emotionless and faceless. And who do I have to blame for that? Me. This blog has become less a personal diary and more a scrapbook of random jottings, news stories and half naked men. Half naked men can stay and links to news stories can stay too but I've got other blogs for writing and opinion. This blog is meant to be all about ME! And that's why I used to love those blogs listed above... because they were all about the people who wrote them and that was awesome. I never used to have anything interesting to say, but it always seemed a lot more interesting than the stuff I write now! I will try to improve and keep off topic posts on one of my other blogs (of which there are so many I can't fail to find a place where it will be on topic!!)

Oh nearly forgot, there is one blog I LOVE, which I think keeps to the old fashioned ways of blogging I so adore: i am bossy. She deserves adoration, flowers and allsorts of nice things for she makes me smile, and makes me sad. Usually at the same time. Which is good :D

Cor that feels better... can you tell I'm missing Jim? :p

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The Squeaky Gate

Our next door neighbours are "dodgy". Not anti-social behaviour dodgy, but certainly up to something. Whilst this is a cause of mild interest it's never really been something that's bothered me much as at least they keep whatever they do quiet and unobtrusive (except for that time the police came and cordoned off the crossroads our house sits on, but that was more fun drama than annoying ASB).

If they are so quiet how do I know something dodgy goes on next door? I hear you ask. Well there is always at least one occupied car sitting outside their house at all times of the day, as if they were waiting for someone who had gone into the property. Not much evidence, but enough based on the way the people in the car never make eye contact with you.

All well and good. But I've spent the last few days off work at home and I am growing increasingly grumpy. Why? Because every 5 minutes (NOT AN EXAGGERATION) the frigging front gate is opened by one of their frequent visitors and issues a rusty squeak. I'm sure there must be some WD40 around here and if this goes on much longer I'm going to go out and fix that bloody gate. Grr... the sound of the gate is going right through me.

I have never noticed it before, so either the gate has only just started squeaking or I'm just more sensitive.

NOTE: Whilst writing this blog post, which took me 8 minutes, the gate has sounded 5 times!! 5!!!!!!! *breathes, reminds himself there are more important things to worry about than a neighbour's squeaky gate, moves on*

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nuf's First Meal

So whilst feeding Gibbs his terrifyingly large locusts today...

I found a tiny little one in the tub, and I thought "Aww.... cute." This thought was quickly followed up with "The guy sure looks like plant food to me." Yeah... owning a carnivorous plant makes you a little sick....

So I've given Nuf her first hand fed meal. I know, from the corpse of the aphid in one of her traps, she's had a meal sometime in the past, but this is her first "hand fed" one.

I feel sort of bad for the poor locust trapped in her large trap on the right of that photo. With Gibbs it's simple You give him the locust. He eats it there and then and the locust doesn't suffer. But with Nuf, that poor locust is probably still alive in there. :( Poor thing.

But in good news Nuf certainly looks a lot better than she did in her first photo. According to what I've read it's pretty common for Venus Fly Traps to experience really quick growth when you first get them. It's not really known why, but probably because they are in a different environment to the "industrial" places they were bred in. So nothing I've done, but still good to see her with so many new traps.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Proper Totty

It's been too serious around here recently so I thought I'd bring the tone down a little...

John Micklow. Yum. Yoinked from WickedGayBlog

Marcel. YUM. Yoinked from Daily Buff Boyz

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Culling Seagulls Is A Silly Idea!

A lover of seagulls I am not! These birds appear to be filled with a demonic intelligence hellbent on making human life on the coast a misery. Having watched (from a safe, cowardly distance) seagulls attacking grown men who strayed too close to their nests, I can tell you they are not to be trifled with.

Gulls 1 Humans 0

But, of course, that is simply how it appears to us. Seagulls don't WANT to live near us. They just do so because we are so stupid and provide them with no reason not to seek the easy opportunities we give them for food. What would you rather do? Catch food out to sea or simply wait for some idiot to throw out their leftovers?

So when I see a news story like this it gets me a little annoyed. "Cull the seagulls" cry the townsfolk in a similar fashion, I expect, to how the townsfolk of Salem screamed "Kill the witch!" all those years ago.

Seabirds have shops owners in Shepway and Thanet in a flap because of their unusually aggressive behaviour. Some are snatching food out of visitors’ hands and from al-fresco diners’ plates, while others tear open bin bags, leaving streets strewn with litter.

Unusual? Unusual as compared to this former behaviour perhaps but not unusual to anyone who lives in the area. They've been doing this for years!! Crazy idea here: DON'T LEAVE BIN BAGS ON THE STREET!!

Giovanni Ioannou, of Le Cafe Ganmac, in Folkestone’s Sandgate Road, said this week that birds hang around his cafe “like thugs”.

He added: “If you don’t get out and clear the tables quickly, they hop up and eat as much as they can. I don’t like it at all. A gull got inside once, through the back door. It was as if the bird had planned it. They knock plates and cups off our tables and smash them. Too many people are feeding them. You see them getting scraps and they’re becoming tame. Something needs to be done.”

Really? So if you leave dirty tables, seagulls will come and eat at the remains of some messy persons meal?? What a surprise! Don't leave dirty tables and the seagulls will go elsewhere! They wouldn't come into town if people were keeping food safely out of their reach, and then those silly folks who feed them would not get a chance to do so.

The problem is also seen along the coast in Thanet. Gerry O’Donnell runs the Tollgate Kiosk in Ramsgate. He said: “A few days ago I made toast for my wife, set the plate down and turned my back. Seconds later, a bird bombed out of the sky and grabbed the toast. It’s frightening. One customer told me a bird snatched a full ice cream out of her daughter’s hand, leaving her in tears.”

A bird who steals toast and ice cream. Terrifying indeed. I'd be more scared of buzzards myself.

If we change our disgusting habits, of leaving our rubbish out in the street in bin bags (didn't Shepway issue bins for this very reason about 10 years ago??) and leaving food where they can easily grab it, then the seagulls will go elsewhere for food. A cull will not solve the problem unless you wish to eradicate the entire species, for if we don't change they shall simply come back again. A cull would simply mean less competition for the gulls that remained. It's the silliest idea I've heard in a while and I'm ashamed it comes from my home county.

P.S. The gull population is probably too large, thanks to our leftovers, so by removing that food source we would, in effect, cull the seagulls too (so everybody is happy except perhaps the seagulls)

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To The Pets Of Old: Millie Cat

By the time I was 10 Mum and I, through a series of misadventures, found ourselves living in a former monastery in Sellindge. For the first time in memory we had no pets. We began working on my step dad Tony immediately, nagging, begging and moaning to be allowed a cat. He lasted a couple of months, but even he had to give in under our relentless barrage. Luckily (yeah, totally unplanned) at the moment he relented my auntie Melly's cat Sophie's kittens were ready to be rehomed and we went and collected our black and white kitten and brought her to her new place.

Millie's full name was Millie Wall P***** (my parents surname) after my stepdads favourite football team, in consideration of the fact he had allowed us to get her.

Millie was never a real kitten. She was always rather reserved, quiet and unobtrusive. If she didn't want food, she didn't want a fuss. Millie and I were thus soul mates from the get go. She was never a lap cat, nor, until competition arrived, bothered with sleeping on the bed; instead she enjoyed lying on the top of the couch, just behind my head where she could be close but not too close. She also loved lying on the top of the kitchen wall units surveying her realm and harboured a deep and never ending desire for salmon.

She acquired her taste for salmon from the fact that every Christmas my step grandad would send us a hamper. Included inside was a large salmon, and we just weren't too enamoured with it. Not thinking correctly we gave it to the cat (not all at once of course!). This was a very foolish mistake. From then on she refused to eat anything else if there was a Christmas tree up in the house. Weird, I know, but as soon as the Christmas tree was up, it was salmon or NOTHING. She was a particular fussy eater and not shy about informing you through dirty looks when she disapproved of something presented to her.

She had one set of kittens, 2 of whom became my Great Aunt Joy's beloved companions Annie and Chloe, who have become giant and over pampered cats who defy the laws of nature and continue to stalk Snodland at the grand old age of nearly 16.

When we got Angel Cat, Millie threw a hissy fit and left the house. Despite posters and searches she didn't turn up for two weeks. When she did turn up it was by sneaking back into the house, giving an inquisitive Angel a paw round the ear and then settling in to her usual place behind my head on the sofa. Angel would spend the rest of Millie's life desperately trying to be friends whilst Millie would spend it growling menacingly whenever Angel approached.

After Angel arrived Millie began a small war for my affections which got to the point of Angel and her fighting over who was sleeping on my bed. This fight would eventually end with them both doing so on either side of me so I couldn't move an inch.

Sadly Millie died in 2005 after I moved away from home. My most abiding memory of her will always be her endless ability to get fed. She must have eaten six times a day. Mum would wake up and Millie would meow at her for food and get it. Mum would go to work, and then I'd wake up. Millie would meow at me as if she hadn't been fed and I'd moan about Mum being cruel and leaving her hungry as I fed her. I'd head off for school and then my step dad would wake up and the same thing would happen again. She'd do the same in the evening. It took us a long time to realise what she was up to. Sneaky little thing.

To Millie. With Love.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jim Has Left The Building

Jim has headed off for a week in Boston, Mass. leaving me, Gibbs and Nuf to huddle together pining for his return. He only left a few hours ago but miss him already.

Gibbs misses his Daddy too.

Watching Coach Trip and not looking forward to the dentist tomorrow. I think I've got a broken tooth. :s Dentists are always so judgmental (says Jae as he swallows ever more Diet Coke).

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mistaken Blogging Identity

This little blog of mine has been going for nearly 8 years (next months my blogaversary). Some might ask why I set it up. Fame? Fortune? The adulation of a million Dear Constant Readers? Nope. I did it because of two things:

1) I have kept a personal journal since 1998, and had a lot of problems with keeping them private.
2) I felt the best solution was not to keep them private! Hence why for many years the subtitle of the blog was "What is more dull than a discreet diary? One might as well have a discreet soul! - Henry Channon 1897-1958"

But of course there's the difficulty. It'd be a bit arrogant to go up to my family and say "Here's my diary, read it and weep!". And really I wouldn't mind them reading it but preferably I wouldn't want to know about it.

The solution came in the form of an article in the Guardian Tech section on the 23rd of August 2001. I was introduced to the wonderful concept of a "blog" and thought "Oh yes, here's my medium". I wasn't trying to be a published author. I wasn't trying to be famous. I wasn't trying to save the world. I just wanted a place where I could keep my journal, where I could update it from any computer and where I could at least live the concept of a non discreet diary.

And since then many blogs of mine have come and gone. Dreaming of Chong Nonsi (nee Ahhhh! It's Uni Time, Block 33, come back to what you know and Dancing with Myself) has been the only one to stay steady.

Of course now there's also Moonlight Investigation, Jae's Second Life, Walk This World With Me and a number of others. There are adverts, and blog traffic exchanges and links galore. But the ultimate concept is not to do anything but have a place to write down my thoughts. If you, Dear Constant Reader, were to stop reading this I would continue to write here and on those other blogs. Although then you, Dear Constant Reader, can never leave as you were even around in my pre blog days, gotta love figments of my imagination! ;)

So it irks me somewhat that some people believe I've set out to change the world and that any of my blogs have an agenda beyond dumping rubbish from my brain. When I rant I do not do so because I think it will make one iota of difference. I do so, so that I can operate in my life without ranting at others in person. All those mean people on the tube you see every day? They need a blog. The media are always mocking blogs, laughing at those they believe are screaming for change and not making any. I KNOW based on my 8 years of blog reading, and blogs come and go with a depressing regularity, that there are those who write political blogs because they believe that somehow they shall make a difference. Some even seem to (like Guy Fawkes or Liberal Conspiracy). But that's not why most people, in my experience, blog. And it's not why I blog. So if you see something on my blog that offends you, upsets you or you disagree with feel free to comment and tell me. But don't make the mistake of believing that I say things with an expectation of them actually happening, don't suggest that I am somehow so full of self importance as to believe that someone will give one flying fuck what I write. Insult me, belittle me, but just don't suggest that.

My blogs are not for you, they are for me. That's my one conscious concession to selfishness. You are all very welcome to come along for the ride, I love all those who've ever taken the time to read my blog. Just do so with a little pinch of salt, and remember: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT I SAY. I am just Jae, a 26 year old guy from Greenwich who's sphere of influence is limited mainly to my tenants and whether or not their tap gets fixed today or tomorrow0. I'm hardly going to shake up the established social order of my own flat, let alone the world! So try to keep things in perspective and not get too angry when you leave a comment. Manners are free.

RANT ENDS (and you are so lucky I choose this rant today over yet another "How to use the bloody train" rant which I think even you, oh patient one, have grown tired of)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Brother: So Very Dull

So why do I keep watching? Yes, Dear Constant Reader, you thought I'd got bored of Big Brother weeks ago and had stopped watching, didn't you? NEVER!

So what's happened? Hmm... Scary Sree has left the building, Angel also made an exit and thankfully great big bully Kris was kicked out this last eviction night. Sadly, despite this deadweight being lost, there is still no one I actually like in the house. Thankfully new housemates arrive at the end of this week (after a week of visits by housemates of the pass! Woo!).

But until then let's see what we have left:

Rodrigo. He looks cute but I've always been sceptical of him because of his VT stating he went to church every day. What sort of person goes to church EVERY DAY?? Someone without a life. Rodrigo is far too tightly wound and highly strung and gets annoyed over the stupidest things. If only he'd smile sometimes and stopped whinging I'd be behind him all the way.

Charlie. He's just a stupid gay. One of those boring queens who read Heat magazine and think having a life means going out to clubs. All the time. His inability to see the evil that was Kris makes him my least favourite queer of the series. Oh wait...

Lisa. Wow. She's miserable! Does she ever stop not liking other people in the house? The fact they all look to her as the wiser older housemates bemuses me completely.

Halfwit. He's moved on from awkward outsider to smug, arrogant inner circle plotter (alongside Marcus) who is guilty of all the things he used to protest against with Kris. Grr...

Marcus. He's taken over from Halfwith as the awkward one. His chasing after Noirin is borderline terrifying and makes Sree look positively reluctant! I cringe everytime he comes on.

Noirin. I just wish she'd grow some balls and be honest with Marcus. God girl, stop leading him on by not telling him enough is enough.

Dogface. Nothing. She may as well be a bag of air for all the personality she has.

Karly. Unintelligent, loud mouthed chav. I 'hink she cannae win.

Siavash. He doesn't believe in evolution. Sorry, but that's all I need to know.

Bring on the new housemates!!!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gibbs The Bearded Dragon and Nuf The Venus Fly Trap

Gibbs is very settled in now. Jim and I tend to leave his vivarium open when we are in, and he often pops out to see what's going on, and returns normally without any fuss. He has shed again this weekend and is now an absolutely gorgeous orangey colour, and far happier for getting out of his old skin. He has a great personality, lovable to Jim and amusingly suspicious towards me (he'll happily sit on me, but he also regards me from his vivarium with a look that seems to ask "Is it going to eat me?"). Honestly he has livened up the living room and is absolutely a joy. And it's been great to see Jim go from an eager buyer of a bearded dragon to an enthusiastic carer. He loves Gibbs so much, he's even wrote a book and made a website about him!! Check it out at My First Bearded Dragon (if I can't plug my other halves stuff on this blog, then what's the point?!)

Nuf is not doing so well and that is entirely my fault. She needs more light. She NEEDS more light. I have a strict budget and will need to wait until the end of next week before I can get her some grow lights. Whilst most carnivorous plant growers would look at me in disdain for admitting this, I think this looks quite snazzy. Will it be enough light? Doubt it based on the Carnivorous Plant FAQs. But nevertheless I shall persevere.

Now... if only Jim would let me get a Praying Mantis... okay.... maybe that is one step too far!!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth

This last week on BBC One, we have been subject to a 5 day extravaganza of Torchwood. And it was amazing. If you are reading this and don't want spoilers my advice is for you to stop reading articles entitled "Torchwood: Children of Earth"!!!

Each of the 5 episodes was more thrilling than the last. We begin with Jack, Gwen and Ianto visiting their families and friends as a new crisis in which all the worlds children become conduits for an alien intelligence (the 456). Jack introduces us to his daughter and grandson. Gwen discovers she's pregnant much to Rhys' delight. Ianto visits his sister and her husband and comes out. But the Government don't want Torchwood around as the crisis deepens, and attempts to kill them all. There the adventure begins. During the course of this adventure the British Government agrees to give up 10% of the worlds children, we discover Jack was implicit in an earlier such deal, Jack's family are taken hostage, Torchwood blackmail the Government with video footage of Cabinet meetings, Ianto dies (*SOB*), Gwen and Rhys desperately fight to save a group of kids as the Government begins to bus children to army bases, Jack is rescued from a prison and finds a solution... which leads to him sacrificing his grandson (and horrifying his daughter) for the good of the rest of the world. It ends with Jack heading off into the great beyond leaving a tearful and distraught Gwen and fractured Britain behind.

It was an intense, exciting and ultimately depressing tale leaving nothing sacred and leaving you on the edge of your seat. This was a story about the nasty nature of humanity, the dark choices that face those in positions of power (be they an awful Prime Minister or Captain Jack) and the only character from Torchwood who both survives and maintains her goodness is Gwen.

Will Torchwood continue? Part of me desperately wants it to, because I've always been a fan. But part of me thinks this ending is too final, too awful and too clear. Any attempt to have another season would probably end up cheesy and boring. But I'd love to be proven wrong!!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

A World Without Men? Bless The Stupid Journalists

Some scientists find a way to create something pretty damn close to a human sperm and the media (and foolish idiots) start imagining a world without men. Well here's the pictures guys, if we were able to find a way to ensure a healthy genetic diversity (which we probably would given humanities amazing ability to solve problems eventually when we finally really need to [but not before!]), within a few generations women would start to disappear too. Women are not some divinely separate being from men. They are one part of how humans evolved through procreation. Without the need to find a mate their bodies were very quickly begin to adapt to a new reality. A few hundred generations? There would be no men, no women, no humans. What would be left would be a new species. That is the crux of it.

Based on this sample of opinion on the blogs most of the bloggers mentioned are either terrifyingly sexist (I'll never understand why it's ok to be sexist against men) or those worrying sort of wimpy men who see the emasculation of men in every news story (they seem to believe their penis gets a little smaller each time a woman turns out to be just as good as they are. Sadly it's always been that size). None seem to have grasped the basic scientific principles behind sexual reproduction and it's affect on evolution. Bless them.

A world without men would also become a world without women. Now can we move to something more interesting like new salamanders

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Another New Home For Brent Corrigan

NSFW!! Yes, our favourite porn star Brent Corrigan has got himself a new URL and a new look for his site. Check it out here. It's all gorgeous and new media filled with keyword clouds and Twitter. Plus lots of gorgeous flesh.

And of course his ever fabulous journal is still about (here) so don't stress Brent Corrigan fans!!!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Readers Of A Sensitive Disposition Look Away Now

Historically speaking I think of myself as a very lucky child. I was born at the end of two significant times in world and British history, the Cold War and the Troubles. With the Cold War I was obviously too young to notice anything less than the fall of the Berlin Wall. But I do at least remember that, and knowing that something rather big had happened. But I sadly wasn't too young to remember the terror campaign of the IRA.

In Northern Ireland the times known as the Troubles were complicated and featured a two way conflict between terrorist organisations (and the RUC, British army and Irish security forces). The ramifacations for the "mainland" were quite different, especially down here in the south. And my family who were around at the time, whilst not stupid, were not politically or culturally as aware as they are now. We didn't understand the whole Catholic/Protestant conflict, nor were we too bothered with the concepts of nationalism nor unionism. All my family let on to me was that there was an organisation called the IRA and they killed people like us. They might hide a bomb in a suitcase or a bin, and you'd never know until it exploded. Even after the Good Friday Agreement I still treat bins at railway stations with unwarranted wariness.

Sometimes I wonder if everyone has gone mad when I look at coverage of the 7/7 attacks and the "increased security" caused by it. Doesn't anyone remember the Ring of Steel? Even in Maidstone (the "big town" nearest me when I was young) there were often closed off areas due to bomb alerts. If Muslims think they are treated badly by the police, they should remember how Irish men were treated during the early nineties (at least in Kent!). They couldn't even work in construction in Folkestone when I moved there without being accused, behind their backs of course, of being IRA spies monitoring the construction of the Channel Tunnel. The local news spent, roughly, the next 8 or 9 years after the local Deal Barracks bombing featuring at least one story on the subject daily. I was only ten when the Warrington bombs happened but I remember a great deal of upset even in our distant little corner of the country.

Of course most of this is the ramblings of someone who remembers that time through the eyes of a child and it should all be taken with pinch of salt, but it is a subject that has been on my mind a lot recently as I've met a lot of people who seem to either not know of this time (most, but not all, being born abroad so I forgive them) or have completely erased it from their mind. And then Jim introduced me to a programme called "Deadliest Warrior" and that's how I found this...

For those two bored to watch, that's a video of what would happen if the IRA and the Taliban had a five a side death match. Words fail me. They really, really do. I listen to an awesome podcast called Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, and in his current series on the Eastern Front of the Second World War he neatly started it by mentioning how he never got angry emails when he talked about the Punic Wars because it was too far removed. But when he talked about something like the Second World War he did get angry emails because there were still people around to listen to his show who can look at their arms and see the tattoo they were forced to have in the death camp they were assigned to. I wonder if the programme makers ever had a single thought even approaching that idea. I thought the programme featuring the Apache versus Gladiators was a little "too soon" on the Apache front, but the IRA vs. Taliban really took it too far. Can I please be allowed to massacre the programme makers using only cocktail sticks fired from high pressure cannon? Because I think that's the only proportional thing, in their eyes anyway!, to do given their complete and disgusting lack of thought for how wrong their show is.

Glorifying the violence of humanity is not something to be proud of. This show is deeply disturbing.

Too yucky even to dwell on any more...

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Elizabeth Taylor; I Doth My Hat To Thee

Whilst these words were said on the publicly accessible Twitter service, I still think Elizabeth Taylor hits the nail on the head on how I feel about most public grieving "whoopla"s as she calls them.

Jackson's long-time friend Elizabeth Taylor has also declined the opportunity to speak at the memorial.

"I cannot be part of the public whoopla [sic]," she wrote on Twitter.

"And I cannot guarantee that I would be coherent to say a word."

"I just don't believe that Michael would want me to share my grief with millions of others. How I feel is between us. Not a public event."

What is it about people that makes them get so upset about someone dying who they didn't really know? It's pretty much what I moan about in my "I Hate Princess Diana" post.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Nuf The Venus' Fly Trap

So Nuf has settled into her new home and whilst it hasn't been as sunny as she'd like (although I'd prefer less sun myself!) she is starting to come out pretty well. First feeding of the year tomorrow I think just to get it out the way.

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Mmm... Now Here We Have Jae's Perfect Man

Pictures are so much easier than content...

... especially when they are extremely pretty and yoinked from Daily Buff Boys

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Jeffierce - Thai HUNK!

Today I'm missing Thailand, so I thought I'd bring you a Thai flavoured treat! (Happy Independence Day for my American readers!!)

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nuf The Venus Fly Trap

When I was younger I used to hate being taken to the local garden centre. No, not for the usual kiddie reason of it being "boring" (trust me I used that excuse for just about every other shop!) but because it was full of the most marvelous things that I desperately wanted but could not afford (nor could my Mum at the time, despite much begging on my part!).

The pet section had terrapins, tropical fish, budgies, rabbits and allsorts but our own home menagerie (imagine a petting zoo with goats, a tortoise, 2 large dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, a fish pond, a fish bowl, 2 hamsters and whatever I'd dragged in after a walk with the dogs) was already overflowing and I always left without anything feeling disappointed.

There was a section even more exciting, a small shelf for "exotic" plants populated with some cacti (which Mum did let me get YAY!) and the carnivorous plants. That was when I first laid eyes on a Venus Fly Trap and have wanted one ever since. So the other day I finally got round to ordering one from a nursery whose online store is appropriately named "Little Shop Of Horrors".

Today it arrived. I'm going to let it settle before I photo it, in case it dies an ignoble death early on.

A new addition to Jim and I's budding menagerie!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RIP Mollie Sugden AKA Mrs Slocombe

Mrs Slocombe has passed away, there has been no news regarding the whereabouts of her pussy. Famous for her time in Are You Being Served? she has been one of those television characters that you just can't help but love!

Not since Her Majesty, the Queen Mother passed away will a lady be so very much missed by us all.

Farewell Mollie, you shan't be forgot!

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