Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I was pleased to find my mates Cecilia's family were okay today. They live in Louisiana, and were evacuated, their house is fine tho, although the beach house is gone.

See the latest on Katrina here. Some of the looters they have been interviewing on TV are classic... "the Police told me to do it...". Priceless.

Canada. Gay marriage is legal... and now you can commit gay adultery. Come on, it's what all the cool kids are doing!!! Sometimes I can't help we lose something precious with each piece of homosexual regulation... I still firmly believe we should be saving heterosexuals from their destructive lifestyle. Not joining them.

A beginning in Lebanon for the gay community. The start of a descent in to mediocrity?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gay Men of the World... Get Informed

Ok... who didn't know you could be hung for being gay in Iran? Please do not be afraid to tell me... Now if you are straight this is forgiveable... but I am constantly amazed by how little gay men know about the countries they visit and the regimes they support...

Now there are calls for Government warnings to be better. Now if you are too ignorant to know about the suffering and pain inflicted upon your fellow homosexuals in the countries you visit surely you deserve just about anything you get? People travel to foreign countries without learning the first thing about customs, laws or basic knowledge. These people may wish to live by the seat of their pants. Let them. I'm 22 years old. I know that travelling to Pakistan wouldn't be a barrel of laughs for me. I don't need any government to tell me this. I have lost any tolerance I once had for the ignorant.

Anyhow... personally we have booked the trip to San Francisco on the 28th September... fuck work... Let's go party (and possibly find the mayor so we can hug him)...

Yesterday Jim bought me new clothes and we had lunch in our favourite dim sum place. Ooo... and then we bought loads of travel guides for San Francisco....

Monday, August 29, 2005

Jae's Gaydar Strikes Again

I predicted Stephen Gately, and yes I admit... I predicted Mark Feehily too... according to this story he's gay and going out with the delicious Kevin McDaid of V. Oh I just love being right.... Especially when there's too very cute guys involved...

And neo nazis try to ruin Manchester Pride... fat chance you bastards!

I've always wondered why people obsess over ancient crimes. Now if you were somehow related to a victim/criminal or worked on the case then I could understand. But people who obsess over cases such as Jack the Ripper usually leave me with the opinion that they are very macarbe and a little disturbed... maybe they forget that it's real life, and real girls were viciously murdered. It's not a puzzle... it's a disgusting crime!!

Thankfully I'm not the only one who feels this way... Joan Smith of the Independent

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bobbing Along

The kids turned up yesterday and we took them on a three hour cruise of the Thames, up to the Thames Barrier, down to Westminster and back home to Greenwich. I would have enjoyed it if I wasn't so damn tired!!!

Today our dreams of travelling to Osaka were ruined as we have to have the kids that weekend... looks like instead we shall go a week earlier... to San Francisco!!!!!!

Jurassic Park IV

I'll let you into a little secret. I used to be massively obsessed with dinosaurs. As a child I could name everything from a parasaurolophus (don't quote me on the spelling any more though!) to a baronyx. And then Jurassic Park came out, I read the book before I saw the movie (and not many 10 year olds could say that) and fell in love with the franchise. People say the Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 were "disappointing" but let's face it, they were pretty darn good considering they were sequels. I just love dinosaurs... So yes it's time to start getting excited as JPIV looks like it is still on the cards according to this website.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

PART THREE: Jae and Jim Take Warsaw...

We arrived in Warsaw at half seven in the morning after a 12 hour train journey... luckily Jim is a gold member at Warsaw Marriot so we could check in that early!!!!!! Had a wash, and a rest before we tackled the city's metro and headed first to the Monument of the Warsaw Uprising... a sombre memorial to one of the great acts of bravery of the second world war...then we wandered through the old town, to Old Town Square. Now considering this was all rebuilt after 1945 it looks amazing. People like to say Warsaw is ugly... they obviously didn't go to the right places. Some parts of Warsaw are awesome. We wandered slowly down past the Royal Palace, King Sigsmunds Column (every country likes to a see a hero's nice, big column...), the Presidents Palace, the touching Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, and strolled through the beautiful Ogrod Saski. A wander round the Palace of Culture (which we could see from our hotel room which overlooks it...) made us hungry and we headed to Champions Sports bar for the biggest burger I've ever eaten (800g!!!!!!).

Rested before heading to Nowy Striat and Sense Bar, where we stayed for the rest of the evening while Lukas the bar men randomly made us cocktails and added them to our tab... I have not been that drunk on very many occassions, and spent the night sleeping on the floor... I was annoyed with Jim for some reason lost in the blur of alcohol... Jim made a date with Lukas, but didn;'t keep it... slut... ;o)

Wednesday was thus a day of rest... all the previous weeks drinking and walking had caught us up and as we had done 70% of tourist Warsaw we had a quick wander, a KFC and retired to our hotel for movie watching, and then a meal on the 40th floor in the Panorama bar.

Thursday we headed across the Vistula to the Russian Market which was filled with shoe stalls... we quickly realised these were a cover for dodgy DVD sales.. mainly porn... straight porn... god darn it... a whole morning was spent there but nothing purchased. But as the day was sooooo hot most of the men were topless, and most of those men were quite hunky... so hey not biggy!!

Thursday night caught train back to Prague.

Friday we had a breakfast at Ebel again, before heading the plane station... finally got home at 7.00pm...

Today has been exhausting, but I'll tell you about that some other time....
Part 2....

This is by no means a full account of my holiday, and pictures will follow shortly, but I thought I better write it up asap, so I don't forget too much!!!

Saturday we got up and wandered up to Hradcany for some Gulas and sun... we sweated like pigs on our way up the hill as it was soooo hot!!! Wandered back down to the Valdstejnska zahrada, some gorgeous gardens down in Mala Strana. Had lunch at Atmosphere (Jim and his thing for cute barmen!!) before wandering as fair distance shopping and then discovered the joys of Albert supermarket... we need one over here!!! On way spotted a mad crossing guard guarding the Charles Bridge crossing. He was so funny shouting at any one who dared look like they might cross the road. Went to a nice bar on U jame (didn't take the name God darn it!!) before visiting a restaurant on Vaclavske nam. which I forget the name of, but they did a 1kilo steak challenge... may have to try that when I go back!!!

Finished the night off in Friends.

Sunday we headed out of the centre slightly, and made our way up the TV Tower, which isn't as ugly as people say... had lunch up there before heading back to town and Muzeum which was excellent... they zoology exhibition was outstanding... Had a few drinks in a bar named Chateau before dinner at a lovely restaurant called Don Giovanni, before drinks at Friends...

Monday had breakfast at an Ebel Coffee House where we saw crazy crossing guy again! Explored Mala Strana some more, lunch at Atmosphere, drinks at Chateau, dinner at Sandwich King and then.... we headed to the train station... our sleeper to Warsaw awaited...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jae and Jims Second European Tour Part 1

Friday: Arriving early at the airport, we managed to get priority boarding on Easyjet, due to me height, and we were pleasantly surprised with the service. The flight was delayed, and filled with stag parties making homophobic jokes about the air steward, but went okay... got to Prague, and got the taxi bus to the hotel... everything is still thankfully the same!!!!

We headed to Atmosphere, where Jim took a shining to the bar man, and had massive amounts of food and beer for a fiver. Love Prague. Then we went to Friends for a few drinks, had a meal at Karaclava, and then partied till midnight at Karlovy Lazne, where there was a crazy dancing dude who was soooo cool in a sad way...

So pleased to be in Prague!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Finally, a little out of the box thinking...

Anyone seen this story? What an idea! I've spent years bemused by well meaning conservationists. They seem determined to keep everything the same, allowing no change, or adaption. This is self defeating and will eventually lead to the end of the species they are desperate to preserve. I agree we should stop poaching, and killing. But let's not wrap animals up in cotton wool, and kill them slowly with our love.

The idea of transferring species would be one hell of a good way to kick start evolution, the short term effects are messy (as can be seen by the alien species all over the world) but ultimately nature will always find a balance if left to it's own devices. Even thought there's a 99% chance nothing will come of the idea, I'm glad to see some scientists are still pushing the boundaries.

One more sleep until Prague!!! So I shan't be posting as much... but as I will be in the Marriot in both Prague and Warsaw, with access to the posh lounge, I'll blog occassionally... but for now....

Jae Kay is Away

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

OMG He's Wearing That Top With THOSE Trousers

Well that's the usual cause of gay horror, but there's something new in town.... Hellbent the movie. As a huge horror fan, and a rather gay one, I think it looks like it'll at least be a Friday the13th Part 3 level of a movie...

Thanks to Oh La La Paris for pointing it out!!!!

hellbent... mmm....

A Womans Right

What with the strange things Michael Buerk has been saying and with a
particularly sickening Wife Swap on Monday I've begun to wonder if I'm
the only person who thinks men and women should be totally equal.

I don't mean equal but different. I mean equal. This whole gender
thing was created by hetrosexuals, who in my opinion should not be
allowed to deal with anything as they create chaos whereever they go
(see World War 2, Channel 5, and the oppression of homosexuals across
the last century). Men and women are equal, bar a few physiological
differences they are the same. All members of one race (the human
one). Why is it always a them and us thing? Why does everyone say
things like "well he is a man" and "I'll never understand women". If
you can't understand women you'd have to be a bloody useless
hetrosexual man!!! STOOPID.

Now I treat everyone the same, I hold doors open for anyone
(especially if they are cute....). I don't act any differently when in
mixed or single sex groups (cept obviously it'd be hard to find a
single sex female group with me in it, but you know what I mean!). My
Mum brought me up to respect everyone who deserves it, and she brought
me up with the view that women can do everything men can do...

Am I the only one???

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Reasons To Be Happy

1) George Bush cannot be reelected!

2) I am working a 4 day week finishing on Thursday!

3) I live in Greenwich, which is far more fun than living back in Lympne.

4) Millie has passed on (:o( ) but the families got a new kitten
called Tinkerbell!

5) I'm going to Prague on Friday.

6) I'll be in Warsaw next Tuesday.

7) I am going to Lochgoilhead in November for a weekend of
curling/drinking/oogling cute student workers (there are still spaces,
wanna come??)

8) I may *fingers crossed* go to Osaka in October, which would be soooo cool.

9) I have a wonderful boyfriend who I lurve.

10) I'm only 22, I should have a load more years of fun ahead!!! :o)

Sunday, August 14, 2005


It is now 80% certain that I will be heading to Osaka, Japan at the beginning of October bringing my total return plane trips in 13 months (October 2004 - November 2005) to 6!!! I'm sure I'll be way over my environmental quota of plane trips. Oh well... Japan! if we do go it'll be my first trip outside Europe. Awesome.

Just got back from a trip to Hemel Hempsted to look after the kids at their house. Jim made me watch the funniest movie I've ever seen... his wedding video. Really bizarre watching it tho, like looking through a looking glass to an alternate dimension. There was a slim (horribly so) Jim dressed in full naval uniform marrying a woman... crazy stuff!!!! The cameraman had spent too much time at media school... it was hilariously badly filmed.

Friday was fun, if sad. I liked Azin, she was funny. It's a shame to see yet another fun person leave... ended up with me a 3 others playing frisbee in the dark... none too bad.

Jim just came out to his Mum on the phone... OMG!!!! What an amazing step...

Friday, August 12, 2005

My Blog Birthday

On the 23rd of this month my blog will quietly reach it's 4 year
birthday! Quietly as I will be terrorising the inhabitants of Prague
rather than blogging (well they have got internet access at the
Marriott so that's not a promise).

This blog was started to be a journal of my experiences at university,
it quickly outlived that debacle and became the one constant in my
life. No matter where I was, who I was with, or what I was wearing, I
could always log onto the web and there would be my blog same as

And although the readers have changed (from flatmates to friends to
strangers to my current crazy random searchers and surfers) and most
of the blogs that were around when I started have slowly died (check
the few links I have and you'll see a lot of dying blogs :o( ). But
the blog still survives... Thank you Dear Constant Reader for

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jae's 3 Day Challenge!

Yes that's right folks, Jae has set himself a challenge!

For the next 3 days I shall be attempting to be positive, upbeat and
bloody annoyingly cheerful! Now I've gotten a few raised eyebrows
about this at work, but I'll show them!

The reason for this is I am being way too negative at the moment,
moaning and whinging like a British fool! No more!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Love The Sinner Not The Sin

I should find it hard to feel sympathy for Muslims. As a homosexual, whose religion teaches absolute tolerance, I find militant Islam disgusting. Allah who?

But, God darn it, I find myself leaping to defend their right to freedom of speech, their right to dislike Britain if they want to. I'm sorry but in this day and age treason is ubsurd!!! See here for the latest. I dislike Britain in a lot of ways... have you meet British people? They are among the most stupid group of people I have encountered. They moan and complain constantly. Sheesh, I'm doing it now!! They are uncultured swine.

Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty to love about this country, but our knee jerk reaction to the actions of a handful of individuals would be funny if the consequences weren't so scary...

First they came for the Muslims...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Three Weddings and a Punch Up

Brain dump ahead.

Thursday evening and a work night out. Got a taxi through the City to Shoreditch. The City is a gorgeous place in the evening. The architecture is amazing isn't it? Got to Shoreditch, and had a quick drink in the Lounge Lover bar. It's a very expensive, overly showy bar for the Wannabes (I'll explain later). After that we all moved on to Les Trois Garcons which is a very expensive, very kitsch restaurant which is part of the same business as Lounge Lover. The story behind it is a story of love. Long story short, this is the first restaurant in the world to be inspired by a spit roast. Nuff said. The food was awesome, and the wine and champagne flowed freely as it was my managing directors wedding celebration meal. Had a laugh, even if certain things were playing on my mind and not allowing me to relax. Service exquisite. Then back to the Lounge Lover before a taxi home.

Friday caught a train with Jim to Westenhanger. Mum was getting married!!! she had finally agreed to marry Tony. The service was held in Folkestone registry office and was great. There was only a few of us (the Twins, Jim, Martine and Nick, Nan, Billy and Fran and Rhys). Almost everyone laughed and smiled their way through the brief but slapstick ceremony. Jim and I were the witnesses (how grown up!!). We then retired to Mum's house for a small buffet and some bucks fizz with a few neighbours. Very low key, VERY CLASSY, and extremely happy. Just the way a wedding should be. After the brief celebrations were over the above named, minus Nan, headed up to Harlow and the Premier Travel Inn.

We checked in, and Jim and I had a double room. We've been in a few hotels before and nothing has ever been said but this time we got a polite but embarassing "You do know that's a double as in..." receptionist raises her eyebrows suggestively. "Yes I know!"

We quickly made ourselves comfortable in the bar and was joined by David and his mate Tim. David was getting married in the morning!! Needless to say several people got rather drunk and after having a nice if embarassing meal (the men of the family learing and cat calling at every woman in sight) we fell out in the car park where several teenage boys were waiting for taxis. The boys quickly swooped to my side to question me aboutm my height and they were generally friendly. However being experienced in the ways of chavs I understood this to be a sounding off. They were checking to see my suitability for possible fighting. They bored of me as they realised I was not fighting material (i.e. there was no way in hell they'd get me into a situation where they could start one!). Seeing that Jim was completely pissed I decide to remove him from the situation as to avoid him being mouthy and getting into trouble. I thought Mum and Martine would get their families and do the same. I fell quickly into a deep sleep in my comfy hotel room and forgot about the outside world.

Saturday morning... there was a missed call from Mum at 1am in the morning. I phoned her to see what the problem was. "there's been a fight". Now having correlated the various versions of events here is the definitive report.

The Kay family are stupid!!! A 17 year old boy (CHILD!) got out of his fiesta. Tony made some unnecessary remarks about this (suggesting it was a crap car). The kid became offended (strange huh?) and Mum got bored of listening to him so covered the boys mouth with her hand (clever move, that'll calm him down). He called Tony a fat cunt and David thought the kid had made the remark about Martine (who is David's sister). David moved Mum aside and began laying into the kid. (David is a large man and this kid was by all accounts small). Nick began to calm the situation, and things may have ended there. Now the teenagers who I had meet were at this time destroying a car around the corner. They must of heard the commotion and decide a fight was a fight. They came running around the corner and knocked Tony and David to the ground kicking and beating them severely. Mum and Martine through themselves over the men to protect them, while Tim and Nick tried to calm things down again, while spectators from the bar came and stared at the fiasco. The boys eventually left and ambulances and police were called. Tony had a bad head wound that was treated and David was a little worse for wear having been booted in the face.

Jim felt we should have been there to protect the family. I do not agree. In fact I think that my family were 1) STUPID TO HANG AROUND OUTSIDE A PUB AFTER MIDNIGHT WITH CHILDREN STILL WITH THEM, 2) were slow to spot obvious warning signs of approaching trouble I picked up within five minutes of being outside. 3) escalated the trouble by not knowing how to avoid OFFENDING people. and 4) were guilty of believing they were going to be able to beat up someone who is far fitter and younger than themselves. Note to family. Your time is past. You are old men now not boys. GROW UP! Anyway next time I shall do my family duty and remove everyone (children first) when I next spot trouble.

Anyway after listening the stories we headed to Waltham Abbey for the most boring wedding ceremony I've ever had to attend. Yawn. Then lots of staged photographs. How common. Yawn yawn yawn. Then off we headed to the ponciest hotel in the world in a small but boring village off High Wych. It was a Wannabe sort of place and the bride's family were Wannabe sort of people. They made us wait two hours there before a standard, not so amazing meal and some tedious and unamusing speeches. Dull dull dull. They made the children eat chicken nuggets and chips rather than the wedding food, which was an obvious cost saving measure which just went to show the whole premise of the wedding was not about celebrating the love of two people but about making a big poncey show of things. Some drunks at the bar (including the brides brother) made homophobic comments about me and Jim (and would have been pulverised if I wasn't so darn well mannered) and the bride upset her new step daughter. The Kay family retreated to a far corner and settled down, attracting to us other non scary members of the party fleeing the disco and the bitchiness of the brides relatives.

Wannabes. Listen up! I come from an incredibly poor family. I was lucky and became part of an incredibly wealthy family. I've seen how both sides live. They live in exactly the same way. Wealthy or poor most people have fun by going out down the pub, having family BBQ's and doing relatively normal things (although the rich sometimes do this from the comfort of their Costa Del Sol villas and yachts). The middle class Wannabes think that poncy places such as Lounge Lover and the hotel in High Wych are places to go. They think this will impress people. It doesn't. It shows you haven't got enough money to afford true luxury and class, and haven't enough brains to enjoy yourself and let yourself go. It shows how boring and tasteless you are.

Anyway I'm now home, safe and sound and so glad to be back in Greenwich!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


As long term readers of this blog (of which there aren't that many as
they all read my livejournal now!) will know I have many obsessions...
MT (a boy of such a beauty that it physically hurts me to look at
him), cats, politics, history and Stephen King.

I have a very "addictive personality" which comes out in unexpected
and rather annoying ways. Sometimes it drives me insane, literally.
One of those times is now. I won't go into the nitty gritty but I have
got a fantasy (that's all it is, a fantasy non-sexual but fantastic)
and it won't go away. I start to believe that what I'm thinking might
be true, and battle this belief throughout each day. It drives me
wild. In a bad way.

Imagine looking up expecting to see something, while the sane part of
your mind knows it won't be there... I actually spent my lunch
yesterday avoiding a fantasy by sitting in the park on my own
listening to music...

Am I the only person who sometimes feels like this? Sometimes I think
the whole worlds sane... and I'm the only insane one...